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Understanding “Oikophobia”

As political paradigms shift, we discover new vocabularies for understanding the world. It turns out that we probably needed this terms long ago, but formalizing them created problems for those who appeared to be enduringly in power at the time, so they were bypassed.

For those trying to understand our present social dilemma, it proves useful to know the term oikophobia:

“Oikophobia,” a hatred of one’s native country (and of one’s fellow citizens) is the most remarkable proof that our elite class have become hopelessly degenerate.

If you are a native-born American — and especially if you are white — Democrats consider you infinitely inferior to Ilhan Omar.

The elite of both parties seem generally agreed in preferring immigrants to native-born Americans, the Republicans beholden to corporate interests that want cheap labor and the Democrats seeing immigrants as future Democrat voters.

Expanding on that, oikophobia is a hatred of origins. If you hate your country, fellow citizens, and culture, you basically hate your roots. Just like people who hate themselves usually hated their families first, if you reject your roots, you end up hating yourself.

This means that oikophobes have a duality of loathing. They externalize their self-hatred onto their society of their origins, but also have an intense self-hatred, which manifests in a desire to basically destroy everything.

Oikophobia arises from several underlying pathologies:

  1. Dogma. Ideology consists of thinking about how the world “should” be but cannot be in nature. In order to force this unrealistic and unnatural thinking on others, all previous structure must be destroyed and replaced: family, inner self, culture, heritage, race, religion, customs, standards, and values. In order to justify destroying those, they must first be hated, and then the group can feel comfortable in vandalizing the functional to replace it with the narcissistic and idealistic.
  2. Misery. Modernity creates misery; people in this society are existentially miserable, but since they cannot articulate why or an alternative, they cannot express this fact or a desire to change it. When you hate the life you live, but cannot think of something better, you end up hating yourself and the origins — familial and social — that condemned you to this fate.
  3. Competition. People have a desire to rise socially, and the best way to do that is to be iconoclastic and ironic so that people see you as “different.” Complaining about things that everyone knows is a sure way to get more popular, and it is also makes you seem like you have a creative, intelligent, and new plan, which makes you look like a leader. Hating your society gives you a foot up in social circles.
  4. Resentment. Everyone wants someone to consider beneath them, and finding reasons why your society is bad — a precursor to the process of hating it — enables you to invent a theory about why you are above those around you. Even more, if you can shatter their confidence and contentment in their society, you will feel a sense of power.
  5. Anarcho-fear. People fear standards, rules, and most of all, social hierarchy. To get around this type of framework, most people will argue that it is unjust, unnecessary, or outright bad. If you want to live in a state of anarchy, you must argue that order is bad, specifically the order from which you came.

The Left falls prey to all of those. They intent to change society through “social engineering” so that it can finally be equal, and that means that whatever its state of nature is must be bad and therefore — in the minds of the ideologues — must be destroyed.

None of us can afford to mistake their meaning. They want every bit of classic America up through the early 1990s destroyed, erased, and obliterated. They want you bred into a uniform grey color. They want all your traditions, religion, holidays, and favorite foods to go away.

They want to make you into a blank slate onto which they can imprint their ideology, and through whose rootless masses they can rule forever. You are not simply a group with whom they disagree; you are a target, and they intend to eliminate you.

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