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  • ‘It’s not a wall. It’s a fence’: Maxime Bernier says he will keep illegal migrants out of Canada

    Even the Left-wing parties are now discussing ways to keep immigrants out. Infinite demand coupled with finite supply means that the wealthier countries will be utterly destroyed by third world immigration, which means that ninety-five percent of the world wants to migrate to the places occupied by the remaining five percent.

  • Undocumented immigrant charged after teen’s kidnapped in Cedar Falls

    When you have no legal controls over who comes into a country, you get the worst people coming across because they can. If you really want to avoid this problem, simply avoid immigration and focus on growing your heritage population, since it is not incompetent — far from it — and might benefit from having large families and selective breeding for better traits, instead of the lazy solution of simply importing more warm bodies.

  • Wikipedia Editors Attempt To Delete Sci-Fi Author Pages They Deem Right-Wing

    Wikipedia — revenge of the crowd against the naturally competent — ends up getting caught again deplatforming conservatives and editing their profiles to include lies. This should surprise no one, because this has been the nature of Wikipedia since the beginning. For example, note what you can find on InfoGalactic that is banned on Wikipedia. If the internet is to thrive again, centralized information control sources like Facebook and Wikipedia need to go away.

  • Small cities seeking to get annexations OK’d just ahead of new law

    Very few public sources will discuss the property tax crisis in America. Like the EMTALA-related hospital crisis, it slips under the radar because mention of it conflicts with the Leftist agenda, but if you look carefully, you can see that American towns and cities are raising property taxes to pay for schools to “educate” all of the new immigrants. This means that the productive are paying more for the less productive, as is also the case with Obamacare and other entitlements, but now we are demanding that people pay up to three percent of the value of their homes per year to fund all these shiny new schools, school psychologists, administrators, security, tard wranglers, speech therapists, and ESL teachers. Free public education has become the exact same sort of parasite as the other entitlements, much as its detractors warned when it was first proposed. For a very high cost, you get people to preach twelve years of propaganda at people who understand very little, and then your own only hope of retiring becomes selling your home at a high price, so prices go up and we repeat the cycle again. The West has become a dragon eating its own tail, generating wealth only to tax it and then depleting the good in order to fund the rest. It cannot continue, and in fact is failing very rapidly despite a tacit media blockade on mentioning this.

  • School board member insists online posts about Tlaib, Omar were anti-Sharia Law, not anti-Muslim

    Man points out the obvious: criticism of another religion or culture, or even of members of that religion or culture, is not bigotry against it. Instead, it is the open dialogue that we were promised. Simply being part of a minority or special interest group does not mean that everything you do is beyond criticism. The fear of being called “racist” is receding rapidly as people realize how it has become a carte blanche and blank check for acting in the interests of your group against those of the majority and even other minority groups. Diversity does not work, cannot work, and will destroy us if we persist in following this pleasant illusion into oblivion.

  • College student admits trying to smuggle nearly $1 million through San Antonio

    When you import Mexico, you get Mexico’s problems here. Better to just keep them in Mexico so we can visit if we want that sort of thing.

  • Hong Kong police ban ‘anti-triad’ protest

    Leftist governments, in bed with organized crime? Impossible.

  • Police handcuff black boy worshipping at church because he ‘looked suspicious’

    Black kids are dealing drugs in the area, so police detain a black kid who is going into a church. No word on whether drugs were found. It is possible that both were true: he was entering church, after dealing drugs. Such things have been heard of.

  • The violent rise of India’s cow vigilantes

    Cow-respect signals being Hindu. Diversity does not work so well in India, either, where Muslims commit frequent terror offenses such as the Mumbai attacks of 2008. Going back to the split with Pakistan, the half-Indian half-Arab Muslims of the region and the fully Indian Hindus do not get along so well, so this is an ethnic conflict more than a religious one. The only solution is to repatriate all Indian Muslims to Pakistan, and even that may not hold. Diversity is a death trap, and the only escape is to make a clean break and repatriate the Other. For India, this may eventually mean conquering Pakistan and relocating Indian-Arab hybrids to the middle east.

  • MGM will redesign its uniforms after a complaint of Holocaust imagery

    Yellow shirts with six-pointed Sheriff badges trigger people. Hypersensitivity is a sign that people have lost all real purpose and meaning in life, and are just looking for a reason to be important through being victims. It helps no one, least of all those who, by redefining themselves as victims, lose sight of their own positive goals.

  • U.S. blocks U.N. rebuke of Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes: diplomats

    Diversity not working well in the UN, either, as a few Muslim nations engineer an official rebuke of Israel for blowing up abandoned illegal construction near its border wall with the Palestinian area, which seems to specialize in digging tunnels, launching missiles, sending fire balloons, and emitting suicide bombers. Everywhere it is tried, diversity has failed and is exhausting whatever party is more responsible with the constant need to address the intractable problem.

  • German daycares under police protection after plans to stop serving pork

    The mass-circulation Bild newspaper first reported about the daycare centers’ proposal, saying the decision to make the changes came from consideration for two Muslim children.

    Two children might object to pork, so a part of the national cuisine of Germany is removed from daycare centers. In a sane society, you simply make alternative provisions if you are a tiny minority, but under diversity, every minority group becomes weaponized into claiming its standards as the norm as a means of subjugating the majority, simply so that the minority group becomes more powerful. This is not illogical; the tragedy is that it is logical. However, it also means that diversity is paradoxical and will never work.

  • Former SS Soldier and Unrepentant Nazi Karl Munter Faces Trial in Germany for Holocaust Denial

    Asked about the Holocaust, Munter disputed the figure of six million deaths, exclaiming, “But there weren’t that many Jews in our country!”

    He has lived long enough to see that while national socialism had problems, it was a response to bad Leftist policy like diversity and the attempt, culminating in WW1, of Leftist democracies to take over Europe as a means of paving the way for Communism. Leftism is a mental health disorder. In the meantime, German authorities have blundered into giving more airtime to the anti-democratic position, just as the far Right rises in response to the total failure of all post-WW2 Leftist policies. This time, let us find a middle position, and avoid both Holocausts and diversity, which is a Holocaust of ethnic Germans. Jews need to go back to Israel, and all other non-German groups need to go back home as well. Diversity does not work. Send them back!

  • Chinese troops can be deployed to restore order in Hong Kong, says Beijing in warning to protesters

    China keeps revealing its true intentions. It wants to seize all prosperous areas in order to keep itself afloat, which tells us that it is sinking. It turns out that without the one-sided trade agreements engineered by the Clintons, who took donations from Chinese government linked sources, China cannot sustain its imperial ambitions. This means that war is inevitable.

  • Replacing Dairy Fat with Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: A Food-Level Modeling Study of Dietary Nutrient Density and a Healthy Diet Score

    The term “micronutrients” will appear more frequently as researchers discover that traditional foods like meat and dairy are high in these, where our substitutes are not. This in turn both dooms the idea of the “green” vegetable-based diet, and points out that our mass-produced convenience foods are not providing the full nutrient profile that we need. We are starving ourselves through prosperity, which is a typical modern paradox which reveals how we have produced a fake world to replace that of nature, without adopting necessary mechanisms like natural selection and understanding the complexity of cause and effect.

  • Sky Islamic channel Peace TV faces ban in Britain for saying gay people are worse than pigs and magicians should be executed

    Somehow, it comes as a shock to people that diverse cultures are actually diverse, or not just lighter-pigmented versions of the same anti-culture created by modern utilitarianism. This forces them into a dichotomy: either diversity is good because other groups are different but this means that we cannot have a single standard for everyone, or other groups are not different and therefore, there is no reason for diversity.

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