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  • Epstein visited the Clinton White House in the 1990s: Report

    No one is surprised. While this does not prove that Clinton was involved in the dubious activities of Mr. Epstein and his pedophile island, it does tell us that the Clintons are connected to dubious people and willing to lie about it. Might be a good time for a subpoena. All we need is one conviction or contempt of court decision that can throw one member of the Clinton Foundation in jail, and they will turn around and start singing about the other members. Rule by terror only works until a bigger terror is encountered, and the Clintons still fear the DOJ despite having many “friends” inside. At some point, critical mass can be reached, and the thought of that haunts their dreams (pushing aside, we assume, visions of nubile interns dancing in the sun).

  • Lifeguard, man injured in attack by group of teens at Mayfair pool, police say

    “Growing up it was safe, many moons ago. Today I don’t know anymore,” said neighbor Michelle Colosino.

    There you see the fundamental transformation of America by diversity that the Left began in 1965. They want to erase us, but it turns out that everything good about America is now gone, which is causing this place to collapse just at the time when it needs to be strong against its Chinese and Russian invaders.

  • Scotland’s leader tells UK PM Johnson: we want an independence referendum

    Good idea. Without the rest of the UK to carry them, the Scots will experience the dark side of Leftism and quickly head to the far Right. Let them cut themselves free and pay for their own Nordic-style social welfare net, and then inherit the full blast of social problems created by it, with no one to bail them out.

  • Right-wing mayor of Mussolini’s birthplace pushes to open dictator’s crypt to public all year round

    The fascist and national socialist leaders of the past would lie contentedly in their graves except for the fact that the Left, by failing in everything that it has done, has fully resurrected them. Diversity has failed, and that means that Hitler and Mussolini are proven correct. Liberal democracy has turned into Soviet-style nanny states with censorship and political persecutions as the norm. The entitlements states have gone bankrupt, the militaries of the West are massively weakened, and social order has collapsed. In fact, all of the stuff that the most hardcore of the Right warned about has come true under Leftist rule. The next-level realization is that Hitler and Mussolini did not go far enough (and in some areas, went too far into pointless stuff like The Holocaust™). We need an escape from modernity, not the ultra-modernism offered by the fascists and national socialists.

  • IBU strike shuts down Alaska ferries

    At a time when the state faces budget problems, the unions demand more. As usual, ordinary citizens are held hostage by the terror of strikes to vital services. We need to end legal protection for unions so that lawyers can simply replace those personnel.

  • China loses five million jobs in trade war

    Trump is winning his trade war. China needs us more than we need them, and we need to be self-sufficient and make everything that we need anyway. The quality of products from China is often dubious, and its manufacture and transport creates massive amounts of pollution. We would do better to find alternative materials that we can source locally, raise the cost of the product to include recycling it when it is done, and then focus on building things to last again. The rise of Chinese manufacturing in the 1990s flooded the USA with disposable junk that was inexpensive but needs to be constantly replaced, producing a massive excess of landfill, expense, and of course the weakening of our industry. Then again, no one has addressed the fact that union activity in the 1980s drove American manufacturing offshore, and our increased taxes and regulations — which also raise costs to no benefit — have further pushed us into the world of diversity, H-1Bs, and globalism.

  • US fertility rate falls to ‘all-time low,’ CDC says

    Healthy, sane, and happy people have families. Alienated and isolated people do not. Our parasitic divorce laws, destruction of social trust through diversity, high cost of living, boring make-work jobs, and constant political instability have consequences. If you want a root cause for opioid addiction, school shootings, incels, and every other form of our social decline, look toward Leftist programs such as affirmative action, unions, entitlements, high taxes for tax-and-spend wealth transfer, Keynesian consumerism, pro-female quotas and divorce law, socialized medicine, and political correctness.

  • Trump was not exonerated by my report, Robert Mueller tells Congress

    Clever use of language obscures the reality of this situation. Mueller — who botched the Steven Hatfill investigation — went looking for evidence that could support charges or impeachment of the president. He found none. By saying that Trump was not exonerated, Mueller is flipping the burden of evidence from “innocent until proven guilty” to “guilty until proven innocent.” This is why conservatives rightfully distrust him, and why he looks ashamed of himself at the hearings.

  • Tony Buzbee among victims in Houston burglary ring with a Monet, millions in artwork stolen

    Diversity crew steals ugly modern art from prole-turned-king trial lawyer, and everyone is shocked not at the usual crime, but at how dysfunctional every aspect of this story turns out to be. No healthy civilization cares about this junk art, allows people like this to ascend to leadership, or permits this amount of crime to become “normal.”

  • Decline in German business morale fuels recession fears

    The Germans had a cozy relationship going which enabled the rise of total incompetents like Angela Merkel to power. The Americans provided defense, so politicians could dump money into entitlements programs, and the Americans also imported much of China’s output, enriching that country so that they could buy BMWs. Now that the USA has slammed the doors, China no longer has all that excess wealth, and so they are buying domestic. This is a win for the environment, but means that the days of free money in Europe are over. That in turn is driving the incompetent Leftists from power as people realize that all of the post-WW2 policies and programs of the Left have not only failed, but created even more problems and a widening abyss of debt, unpaid infrastructure, unpaid R&D, and failed military power.

  • No shower for 23 days: U.S. citizen says conditions were so bad that he almost self-deported

    When your ethnic group stages a de facto invasion, expect to get caught up in the dragnet, and also expect your hosts to finally wake up to the scam. Trump continues the pincer strategy: making it more expensive to get here, and less profitable to be here. Ideally, we can convince the Hart-Celler immigrants to self-deport and recapture our government from these imported foreign perma-Leftist voters.

  • Accusations fly at human rights hearing into transgender woman’s Brazilian wax complaint

    Freedom of association is back on the menu. People want to be able to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time. Otherwise, we are forced to deal with the crazies, and it is abusive to our employees as in this weird, perverted case which sounds more like revengeful sexual abuse than a normal request for normal services.

  • Has College Gotten Too Easy?

    The high cost of affirmative action slowly reveals itself. In the 1980s, when colleges began really fawning over minorities and poors, they found that too many of them were failing once they got there. Their first solution involved the creation of Black Studies, American Studies, and Chicano Studies departments, but it looked bad when every minority had a degree from those. Consequently, they started informal grade inflation so that everyone could pass, and that then spread to the rest of the student body. As a result, college in the mid-1990s became a free-for-all (brilliantly satirized in Tom Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons) of partying and casual sex, and students not only learned next to nothing but also did not engage in the healthy college activities of learning normal socialization, discovering intellectual curiosity, and finding their own moral standards in the classics of the past.

  • Young people in UK abandon TV news ‘almost entirely’

    The decline has been driven by audiences moving away from traditional live broadcast channels, where they might watch a popular drama and leave the channel on during the evening news bulletin, towards watching catchup content from streaming services.

    The broadcast news format worked when there were few channels. Now that there are many options, people are going to whatever is easiest or least offensive to their existing opinions. This shows us that the “informed voter” was always a myth and democracy is simply a propaganda war in which those who preach the most gratifying — usually scapegoating, revengeful, and simplistic — information win, and those who insist on fact, rigor, logic, and historical knowledge lose. Democracy is a self-consuming mob, driven by its need for individualism, that gradually erases anything which does not fully support its quest.

  • Principal files $5M lawsuit claiming Ann Arbor schools discriminates against whites

    The lawsuit alleges the district “constructively terminated” Blick on April 26 when it forced her to take leave, in part because of her race, and also because Assistant Principal Taneia Giles, who is black, wanted Blick’s job.

    Nine days earlier, Dicken Elementary School Principal Mike Madison, while at a dinner party for district principals at Blick’s home, “cryptically announced” Blick should take medical leave until the end of the school year and then “hide out as an assistant principal at a middle school until the dust settles,” the lawsuit says.

    Special interest groups advance their own interests alone. Diversity cannot work because each of them is working to promote its own members, and that requires displacing others. Society is in fact a zero-sum game; then again, so is life. Each decision made excludes others. This is how we mature and figure out what is important. Diversity, like pluralism, is an attempt to evade this maturation process.

  • Italy hits out over migrant failures – ‘We are not your refugee camp’

    No one wants the refugees. They did at first, when they thought that it would be possible to tax these refugees and therefore continue the entitlements state that Europeans enjoy. Government largess has made them lazy and dependent, much as conservatives said that socialist-style programs would. Now that the refugees have made it clear that they, too, are in Europe for the free stuff, that whole plan has collapsed, and whoever dodges the refugees gets to keep his country.

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