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The Political Singularity


As the countdown to the election of rapidly approaches, the enemy scales up its attacks, intensifies its hatred, and screeches more loudly its lies.  Each day, it seems, bring forth a newly attempted scandal from the Democrats, and a new emboldening toward frankness and bare honesty from Trump, recently unleashed from the designated loser the Republican party. 

Every day brings a further dulling of the left’s attack words (“racist”, “sexist”, etc), so they push them harder.  Trump’s mere presence has caused the left to rally and focus their energy reserves against him in a way that unmasks them, leaving them more vulnerable to counterattack, and may deplete them.

If we extrapolate the escalating energy levels of these high intensity political forces, we find the conditions and possibilities of November 8th to be unpredictable in a wide range.  The old political equations break down at these energy levels.  After that date, anything could happen — coup, death squads, foreign invasion, nukes, Kekian revelations — anything. Order will be suspended

We are approaching the Political Singularity.

In that moment, we will leave behind the familiar order where liberal democracy is on top. In this order, anything egalitarian is right and whatever is most egalitarian wins. In the new future, self-interest replaces egalitarianism. Globalism falls to nationalism. Good intentions die in the face of practical, common sense defense of the objectives of each person and his tribe.

The modern time has equated social order with equality. This is in fact an absence of social order because it removes all hierarchy but the equal political role of all people, except for appointed leaders who lie and steal as they see appropriate. People cannot conceive of an order outside of this framework.

And yet, we step into a brave new world. The political assumptions that defined 1789 and 1968 are no longer valid. We will have to re-invent civilization from its roots in order to have it prevail, and this terrifies us because for the first time in our lives we are relying not on precedent but our own judgments, based on our knowledge of the world.

While this is terrifying, it is also wholly refreshing.

Our whole lives we have been forced by social pressure to work within a narrow frame of what is acceptable based on what has been done in the near-past. Ideology, which is a type of pretense, guided us not by giving positive examples, but by raging against any choice outside the dominant trend. We were trapped and our results ended up bad because we could not change their founding assumptions.

On November 8, regardless of who wins, the antiquated order of liberal democracy dies. People no longer trust government, media, academia and special interest groups to provide us with answers. We are casting aside the old rule book, and re-inventing what it means to be civilized.

In that moment, many illusions die, but we will also face a task harder than any we have faced. We must look to the results of each type of action and make hard choices about which are better than the others. There will be no textbooks, news articles and think tanks to guide us. All we will have is our desire for a better civilization and our knowledge of what principles achieve it.

Since its earliest days, liberal democracy has faced criticism from those who noted that it resembled mob rule. Now we see the end results of that herd domination: endless debt, failed institutions, corruption and third world disorder among our previously-orderly societies. Liberal democracy has failed.

Instead, we must look to a new dawn. The old assumptions have died. We are now painters with a blank canvas before us with only knowledge of golden ages past to guide us. We know that modernity — egalitarianism — ends in ruins, but what will we appoint in its place? This is the political singularity: we are back to square zero and running out of time.

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