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Stress And Rationalization

In every kitchen, there is a miscellaneous drawer, and it usually has more items than any other drawer although they are smaller. These are things which do not categorize easily, including stuff of unknown function, at least in ours.

Every few months one of us has to clean the thing out, which results in the transfer of objects we cannot identify into a big box marked STUFF THAT FELL OFF THE HOUSE. Fasteners that fell off boxes, replacement bolts for sofas, openers for specialized packages, novelty lighters left in the big chair, random pens and markers, and keys to unknown locks all fall into the box, to be retrieved only as needed (which seems to be: never).

Leftists seem to follow the same pattern. They are not defined by what they are, but by being miscellany, and needing something simple to believe in that answers all questions. The goal is equality, anything against equality is bad and responsible for all evil, and we fix the world and make ourselves socially important by fighting the lack of equality.

You can tell from looking at a group of them. The more they attempt to look different on the outside, the more they are cryptically signalling that there is nothing significant on the inside. Generic people, with generic concerns, they have found “meaning” in ideology.

Since this never works for them, they rationalize it, or backward justify the results they got as the results they wanted, and then repeat it again, looking for that little charge of emotion and feeling good. If it feels good, do it, and worry about the consequences tomorrow, unless you can shift them onto someone else.

All of Leftism consists of shifting the consequences onto someone else. If not stealing tax money to fund the useless just so that Leftists can feel that they, too, would be accepted despite their own levels of uselessness, it seeks to “validate” all behaviors so people do not feel guilt, shame, and ineptitude for their random and miscellaneous acts.

Since The Enlightenment™ when the first stirrings of Leftism really took hold of the intellectuals in the West, the miscellany has been pushing for fewer standards, distinctions, and roles among people.

Their goal consists of a giant mass of equal people, each doing something unique and meaningful as assigned to them by a centralized symbolic ideology, working together to force equality on the world. Someone else will do the hard work of feeding them and keeping civilization running, or not.

We now see the results of such a society. We are dying out, and not for the reasons that you will hear anywhere else. Western Civilization is dying because of stress. Not stress as in performance stress, but the stress that arises from the utter futility of life here.

No one wants to face that all our problems have a single root in this fatalistic stress, which comprises several parts:

  • Jobs. Work all day doing nothing necessary, essentially babysitting fools if you are in management or the professions, so that you can pay the taxes and high costs required to get out of the ghetto. This provides an excellent control mechanism because not only has social mobility become inverted, because one rises only to avoid the average, but people fear saying the wrong thing or they get fired from their jobs and blacklisted by search engines. If the Soviet Union had thought harder, they would have invented this one.
  • Family. The days of nice chaste (or at least quasi-virginal) boys and girls meeting next door to fall in love, start families, and live in love forever have gone away. Instead, you get the picked-over remnants of a predatory dating and casual sex scene, who find themselves unable to make long-term commitments. As a result, family is extended dating before the divorce, children are seen as an impediment to freedom, and women depend on jobs for a sense of power that shatters homes.
  • Culture. Conservatives try to get all “corn pone” and endorse country or free market rap, but our culture serves itself now through novelty and the bizarre, not quality. The proles choose who gets their fifteen minutes of fame this week, and all of it sounds the same. Movies are political lectures, modern art is a freak show, books are navel-gazing emotional trips, music is painfully simplistic and similar, and all of it seems aimed at the lowest common denominator.
  • Public. We no longer have communities, but live in hotel neighborhoods. You do not know others, which is good because you probably do not have the time to interact, anyway. Every public space that is not housing seems covered in graffiti and advertisements. Cities are dirty. There are no places to hang out that do not involve buying something.
  • Government. In theory, we have a government of the people, but really it belongs to those who know how to work the system. This means that we are ruled by bureaucrats, who seem to have invented democracy and all of the “needs” that it anticipates which are invariably filled by making a new bureau, hiring more bureaucrats, and then ineptly but equally enforcing law through it.
  • Ecocide. No one feels good about being human. Everywhere we go, we wreck our natural world and leave behind heaps of landfill because people (who, exactly?) like to buy stuff and throw it out. We are expanding in population with no stopping point, consuming everything in our path, and not doing anything excellent, amazing, beautiful, real, or great, which makes us wonder if we have simply become technological parasites.
  • School. Kids grow up fearing the adult world. We place them in little boxes, force them to memorize stuff of dubious value and engage in activities which have no relation to the real world. They are graded on this, and those that are most conformist go on to the next level, with the reward of riches for doing even more boring stuff, after which they get to retire with a lot of money but, having spent all that time at jobs, having forgotten who they are or what they care about. Only television remains.

“Stress” as a noun means a constraining force or influence, and this has become an intransitive verb for the sense of being compelled to do something that is unnatural but having no options. We feel the stress of being part of a system that does not work, yet we have no other options, so we conform.

No one likes himself in this type of situation. We are a conquered people, conquered by the system created (“in theory”) to support us in realizing our visions. It seems that the only visions people retain are the ones which fit within the system and decorate it but never fundamentally change it.

We are forced to rationalize this as good because we fear even more incompetent outcomes like we see in most of the rest of the world. The majority of humans live in disorder and with disorganized minds, so we cling to the modern West from fear of falling into ghetto or third world living.

To live an easy life in this system, you have to simply begin the process of rationalizing. You stop thinking about what other options exist, and look what is there on the shelf, whether for food, jobs, housing, education, or lifestyle choices.

You pick a few things, recombine them a bit to seem unique, and you have a modern life. This reduces the stress, but begins eating away at your soul. Like citizens in the Soviet Union or members of a cult, people who do this find that they have delegated their most critical thinking to the group.

When things go wrong, they simply justify the outcome as about what they expected. When the vote goes ill, they comfort themselves in being part of the majority. When life seems empty, they just cram stuff in the void like gadgets, alcohol, antidepressants, television, and sex.

The modern West has created a perfectly soulless society, entirely wrapped in its own concerns and looking exclusively backward, never seeking to achieve qualitative improvement. It too has delegated its thinking to the thoughtless herd.

At the end of the day, all of us remain in the saddle between these two options. The painless life is soulless, but continuing to struggle is exhausting. If you want to know why people are not having enough children, this is a good place to start your thinking.

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