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  • Trump asked Ukraine leader to look into why investigation of Biden’s son ended, text of call shows

    The hype over this one has blown past all reason. Trump was asking Ukraine, in the context of sending them foreign aid, whether they were facing an ongoing corruption problem regarding the Biden investigation; he asked why it ended, not for it to be started, and suggested that Ukraine work with the American Attorney General to resolve it. The Left has tried to twist this into Trump manipulating a foreign government to look into his opposition, but Biden is unlikely to be his opposition. Even more, this looks like strategic behavior on the part of the Left, who would love an excuse to get the aged and white Biden out of the race at the same time they focus public attention on Trump in order to prevent him from replacing the dying Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Supreme Court before the election. The Left wants to run a brown candidate, but needs the white “normal” Leftists to attract donor dollars, and if it can get rid of Biden and then Warren with successive scandals, it can get back to the hard work of nominating Harris. While most of America seems tensed up over this new “scandal,” remember that it joins collusion, emoluments, incapacity, conflict of interest, and other excuses that the Left has mustered as reasons to un-do the 2016 election. If they impeach, they are going to lose; if they fail to impeach, they get what they want, which is some media hype and removal of Biden, who is clearly implicated in this scandal. Like the Bill Clinton impeachment, the current attempt is a symbolic act more than reality. This too shall pass.

  • China’s ‘horrific’ treatment of Uyghurs condemned by US and more than 30 countries at UN

    America should stay out of this issue, which is a moron fascinator because it emulates our WW2 propaganda, for the simple reason that it contradicts our narrative. We want nationalism, or that each nation is defined by its founding ethnicity and can preserve that group. Worrying about the Uyghurs is like worrying about the Palestinians, in effect defending a “victim” group that wants to cease power from the founding ethnic majority. Let China do what it will with its Muslims; we have other reasons to oppose China, and these need to be brought into the public eye instead of focusing on this symbolic but irrelevant issue.

  • Southfield City Clerk charged with 6 election law felonies

    Election officials — low-level employees — can easily fake absentee ballots, and these are mostly likely how the Left is generating its votes from the elderly, insane, criminal, dead, and non-existent. Private officials representing the party fill out the absentee ballots, conning people into voting for the “right” choice or simply filling them out in a different ink color, and then the public officials rubber-stamp these ballots and alter the data as necessary to make them legitimate. Despite assurances otherwise, this is how the Left steals elections.

  • The rise of the hippie conservatives

    These are an extension of the Crunchy Cons. Conservatism went libertarian in the 1960s, but conservatives have always cared more about social order and civilization, both of which require intangibles like existential concerns, leisure, joy in life, and self-discovery. Moron fusionists in the William F. Buckley model denied all of this and conveniently drove youth away from conservatives, who they saw correctly as robotic imbeciles demanding hard work, Jesus, business instead of culture, and defense. Conservatism is now correcting and getting back to its roots, which emphasize organic life instead of the artificial existence created by utilitarian modernity.

  • Greta Thunberg has collected funds for Antifa-supporting organisation

    It turns out that all Leftists support the same thing, but try to play themselves as moderates in public. Antifa is a Communist organization; your garden variety Leftist wants full Communism but wants to get there by inches, while the honest ones are ready to take the leap (and destroy civilization, but that is another story, at least in their minds).

  • Pompeo announces new Iran sanctions in UN speech, targeting Chinese entities

    China has been supporting Iran in order to increase the chances of proxy war. This would enable China to send weapons, advisers, and money to Iran so that America would be drawn into another protracted conflict with no end except “exterminate all the brutes,” damaging America politically and allowing China to support our Leftist parties to further overthrow any reason, common sense, and realism in American leadership.

  • AI equal with human experts in medical diagnosis, study finds

    We should call AI what it is: machine learning. If you have enough sample data with before and after columns, computers can pattern-match better than humans, and flag unknown patterns so that humans can do the hard analysis. Ironically, automation may replace upper middle class jobs before any others, in part because all of us would feel better having a machine without bias or distraction looking at us instead of a flaky, possibly tired, almost certainly a little bit mentally unstable modern human. We can see this displacement happening already in the UK, where wages are being depressed by the entrance of the machines. We always had too many people in the workforce, and now, we are going to see the “long costs” of doing so. Industry suffered under unions, government, and flaky workers for too long not to want to replace them if it can.

  • Charts show China’s explosive consumption of four critical commodities

    Thanks to Leftist policies originating after the Chinese funded Bill Clinton in his campaign for election, China has become a consumer of much of the natural resources on Earth, and now has swollen to an unsteady one and a half billion people. Nothing good will come of this, but at least Bill and Hillary got their millions.

  • Black mannequin was dragged by rope at Nevada high school football game

    The report states that students tried to buy a gray mannequin online but couldn’t find one, so they purchased a black one.

    Diversity is unstable and ready to fall as it consumes our national discourse yet again.

  • Granada town rallies round beauty queen after racist criticism from Vox

    Right-wing party points out that having ethnic Moroccans represent Spain in a beauty contest is abolition of the Spanish identity. This freaks out the usual neurotics, luvvies, and Useful Idiots, who promptly throw a prolonged passive-aggressive tantrum. If Spain sends its Leftists to Venezuela, they will already know the language and fit right in.

  • Busch Light cuts ties with Iowa Children’s Hospital fundraiser following discovery of old tweets

    Guy gains fame for beer stunt, then has his name and future destroyed by the discovery of politically incorrect language in his Twitter feed thirteen years ago. It turns out that these tweets were lines from a television show and the reporter that broke this “scandal” also has some nasty stuff in his Twitter timeline. Diversity does not create; it only destroys.

  • Children as young as SIX are to be given compulsory self-touching lessons that critics say are sexualising youngsters

    Trusting government with sex education proves to be a bad idea. Next up, we will see why trusting government with education is a bad idea generally, since you get daycare plus indoctrination minus all the difficult skills that children learned two generations ago before the Left took over education.

  • The Amazon is still on fire. Conservation groups blame illegal logging and criminal networks.

    It turns out that Bolsonaro had nothing to do with these fires; rather, criminal groups violating his laws did. If you got a “good deal” on Brazilian wood for flooring in your townhome, you may be funding this process.

  • Why Ann Coulter loves to hang out on the Upper East Side

    And while she still gets love from Trump superfans in NYC (there’s more than you think, she insists), Coulter remains cool on the man, who she has laced into in recent months over lack of progress on his long-promised border wall and other issues.

    “We’re doomed,” she said when asked about him. “That may be the title of my next book. “F–k it, we’re doomed.”

    Oh come on, Ann. That is where all of us on the Dissident Right started out thirty years ago (or longer, for some). We realize that democracy is a death spiral and diversity is its chosen method of genocide. It is time to start thinking forward. Leftism got everything it wanted from its outbreaks in the 1900s, 1930s, 1960s, and 1990s, and now we are seeing all those problems fail, make society a dysfunctional wasteland, and spend us into insoluble debt. Leftism has failed; inherit the new dawn.

  • Review: The 2019 Jeep Gladiator pickup is extremely cool, smartly designed and incredibly capable

    It turns out that, when gas stays cheap, Americans trend toward bigger and bigger vehicles. The Fiat brand has struggled, recently canceling its iconic 500 hatchback, while Chrysler’s legacy Ram and Jeep truck lines become even more important profit centers for the company.

    So much for the informed consumer. People want giant chunks of steel around them in order to protect against the insanity out there. Fix the insanity, and people will go back to driving normal cars instead of thinly-disguised armored personnel carriers.

  • China-based academic says Australia is naive to rely on US, after Morrison’s comments on trade

    People are recognizing that China is not kidding when it says it wants to take over the world. No one will want to be drawn into the World War to End All World Wars, but it is going to happen. The best solution comes in the form of being actively militant and prepared, but that means that Western societies can no longer afford socialist-style entitlement programs. We are going to revisit the Mongol, Avar, and Persian wars where the socialist, bureaucratic East attempts to destroy the hierarchical, transcendental West. Should be quite exciting.

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