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  • Anti-immigration conservative set to win back power in Austria

    People are tired of the constant failure brought on by diversity, and they want to see something else from our future besides the toxic brew of consumerism, bureaucracy, and globalism that became the new boring endless normal in the 1990s. We want to escape modernity. Beating down the civil rights dragon that the Left used to destroy our cultures in the postwar period is the first step, and electing anti-immigration conservatives sends a strong message to outsiders to stop coming. In this way, we can get out of modernity with a minimum of fuss and risk.

  • Graham: Pentagon Review, Not Trump, Delayed Ukraine Aid

    Hysterically, this latest Leftist neurotic “scandal” turns out to be as much of a “nothingburger” as the previous one. When will they ever learn?

  • San Francisco neighbors erect boulders to keep the homeless away

    Government not only fails to do something about the homeless problem but encourages it in a city where people are spending absurd amounts of money simply to survive. Residents work around government by installing boulders where the homeless camp out. Maybe next these residents will question their high taxes, expensive schools, bloated bureaucracy, and so on, and realize that the many — the not-wealthy and less-capable — are voting away the money of those who can do more with that money than would ever occur to someone else. Democracy inverts society by having those who have the least competence on an issue make decisions that control it. Naturally, we get insane results like homeless camps in wealthy neighborhoods, which seems to be the new California Way.

  • Labradoodle creator says it’s his ‘life’s regret’

    Man mixes dog races, produces a horror, and years later comes to regret it. Maybe in another fifty years people will understand that racial and ethnic mixing of humans was a bad idea too. In particular, they will start to see that even white ethnic mixing produces a ton of birth defects and congenital health issues, and that merging radically different things of any type results in a loss of specialized ability and degeneration of competence. The grey race will be thoughtless, robotic, oblivious, brainless, and neurotically obsessive.

  • Labour to scrap controls on immigration and hand foreign nationals the right to vote

    The Left shows that its agenda is simpler than thought. They want to destroy whatever power system exists and replace it with a crowd. This crowd will then demand the lowest common denominator, instead of wanting expensive things like successful societies and learning, and whoever gives this to them gets the power, wealth, and social status. Nice, open-minded suburban Western Europeans gave Leftism the benefit of the doubt and were “open-minded” about it, but it turns out that it is not an idea but a pathology and that it destroys societies. When you see crazy headlines like this and wonder, “How did we get this far?,” recognize that Leftism is a trend and so it aggregates and builds upon itself, always getting more extreme, until finally you see the endgame. We are seeing the final destination of ideas that people were tossing around in the 1800s but could never visualize, since they do not read history or work in the creative visualizing of complex structures, generally. Now we can see. Now we see. Send these people to Venezuela and torch their passports.

  • Census: Inequality grew, including in heartland states

    The wealthier love high taxes because it creates a nice hard dividing line between them and everyone else. If you have a lot of money, especially in things you own versus income, spending two-thirds of your income on taxes does not present a problem; you still have plenty of money left over to do whatever you need, namely buying up land, businesses, stocks, patents, and other things that will make you even more money or even better, make money for your business that you can then borrow against and make even more. Your wealthy want to live in gated communities so expensive that the rest of us do not get within even a hundred miles of the place except when we clock in to work as cleaners, contractors, janitors, cooks, and waiters. As sad as it is, the ideal of modern society resembles an old age home crossed with an opulent version of a college dorm, where the wealthy live in a little managed paradise far away from the rabble and its compulsively disgusting, avaricious behavior. Not surprisingly, when Obama raised taxes through Obamacare, he pushed us past a breaking point. Now the people who can pay the high taxes and still afford $5/lb organic tomatoes live the good life, and everyone else is a slave to the wheel of high taxes. Of course, that keeps the little idiots from starting revolutions or unionizing or any of their other self-destructive tics.

  • World postal rates overhauled after US quit threat

    Another subsidy for China falls. “But it’s good for business! We can purchase more items from China and drive the economy!” say the cucks, tucking suspicious checks into their pockets outside the Chinese embassy. “Drive China’s economy, you mean,” says Trump, restoring competitiveness of American-made items. Now Americans just need to fix two things: the high cost and low quality of our items. Both of these happen with the crushing of unions, which is going to happen through automation faster than law, unless someone finally figures this one out. In democracy, however, you always bet against sanity and intelligence; when your government model is “memoryless rule by a committee of random proles,” expect outright stupidity and insanity every time.

  • Germany mulls funding massive €800 million reforestation effort

    Here is a radical suggestion: leave half of the land untouched for nature. If we are using it now, bulldoze everything there and remove the rubble. Let rain hit the land. Seeds will land on it from the breeze or the leavings of birds. If you just leave it alone and keep people away from it, it will turn into forest, because forest is the nature of nature itself. But first, we need to clear away people and their fences, roads, and meddling. It will be less expensive than we think, but there needs to be more land set aside than we think, and this does not mean just the unusable areas.

  • Humankind Did Not Live With A High-Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere Until 1965

    Coincidentally, everyone got super-stupid in the 1960s. Could it be that our pollution is making us retarded, and this explains our terrible decision-making since that time? Maybe it helped destroy us, but we went down a bad path with democracy, or the “appearance is more important than reality” style of government, and that alone explains our imbecilic insanity. However, pollution may have influenced other factors like degree of panic and health problems, accelerating our decline. Maybe we should turn Mount Rushmore into a giant headstone with an epitaph for Western Civilization, perhaps something catch like “mob rule = moron tyranny.”

  • Army warns soldiers to be ready for potential violence by incels at ‘Joker’ screenings: reports

    Incels — weaponized hikikomori — are what happens when sexual liberation, women in the workforce, entitlements from government, unionized labor, bureaucracy, ecocide, and other democratic decisions come together to make life into a mundane hell that is existentially and morally destructive but no one will say so in public. We are driving people mad, and they are lashing out. In the meantime, who cares about the latest movie and its “profundity”? This stuff is low grade compared to the classics of literature, and simply serves to spread a doctrine of fear, doubt, and negativity toward life. If an off-course Russian nuke hit Hollywood, America would experience a renaissance of happiness.

  • Millennials Continue to Leave Big Cities

    This is just white flight for a new generation. In the cities, you pay high taxes to support the diversity, send your kids to diverse schools, get mugged on the street by other ethnic groups that hate your guts for your skin color, and have to deal with leaders elected by the multiculture who seem to always be Kwame Kilpatrick levels of awful and corrupt. Run away to the suburbs, where you can keep more of your income and not get assaulted by the diversity; this works until well-meaning moron Leftists, acting as they did in the city, demand more schools and free stuff, and then the diversity shows up to take advantage of it. We are building neighborhoods today so that they can be ghettos in twenty years.

  • Chinese students’ association loses status at Canadian university after protest of Uygur activist’s talk was allegedly coordinated with Chinese consulate

    Slowly, slowly the “open society” of the West comes to realize that people from foreign lands are agents of those cultures, whether formally or informally. The only solution is to keep them out. History rewards benevolent xenophobia, and punishes both diversity and racial scapegoating.

  • Berlin bans rappers from pro-Palestinian rally for songs praising murder of Jews

    At some point, we will have to face the fact that our society is in paradox. We cannot both have free speech and many different conflicting special interest groups; one will use public pretense (sorry, “morality”) to suppress the rest. At that point, the supposed advantages of diversity disappear, and it becomes a free-for-all with each group trying to win by any means necessary.

  • Minimum price ‘cuts drinking by half a pint a week’

    We play this game over the generations. Politicians see lots of drunk people, so they cut back on alcohol, and all these people immediately flock to drugs. The next generation sees this horror and starts thinking that cheap pints of beer make more sense than cheap hard liquor or cracking down on drinking. The whole point of the pub was that you could go there to get cheap beer, so you went there whenever you wanted beer, which meant that fewer people were drinking alone and going into a dark cycle of alcoholism. The bigger question is why, since The Enlightenment,™ Europids have been drinking and drugging themselves to death? Happy people do not do that; good systems do not produce miserable people. We have a bad, suicidal even, system that we labor to keep afloat because we fear what came before and after, despite there being some better options in there.

  • At Least 70 Countries Have Had Disinformation Campaigns, Study Finds

    Social media is paid advertising. In an open society, anyone can buy that advertising. The companies will do as little as possible to squash it, which is why they are beating up on the side that buys less advertising (conservatives, especially Dissident Right types). An even bigger question arises concerning democracy: if buying votes is as easy as buying ads, this means that people are not voting with their brains and morals but their raw animal reactions. Advertising proves that democracy cannot work, and this means that we have to move on.

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