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Stephanie Klein: The Prostitute With A Heart O’ Gold

Yet another personal drama blog, and with enough readership, this idiot gets money thrown at her by publishing companies for whoring herself around NYC like Sarah Jessica Parker’s character on Sex And The City. She’s getting paid to write about her personal drama and experiences because enough people seriously have nothing better to do than to figure out what boundaries Ms. Klein is going to push on that particular day.

In typical, disgusting fashion, she has no problem discussing the most personal relationships, including a failed (surprised?) marriage and an abortion. We really need to hear about her experiences with the hook of death?

Story about Stephanie Klein’s blog can be found here.

“IT’S addictive,” Meredith Balossini said. “There’s compassion. There’s want. There’s misery.”

Ms. Balossini, 28, an executive secretary from Prospect Park, N.J., wasn’t describing a hot summer beach read but a blog about the trysts, triumphs and heartaches of a young New York City woman named Stephanie Klein.

Stephanie Klein’s Web site is illustrated with photos of her, her friends, her dog and newspaper mentions of her publication deal.

Since Jan. 20, 2004, Ms. Klein, a 29-year-old art director with freckles and long red curls like Botticelli’s Venus, has been blogging about the intimate details of her life, from her affinity for rainy days and grilled cheese sandwiches to her sexual escapades, including one that involved a stranger and a can of Pam cooking spray.

Today the blog has an international readership with fans who recognize Ms. Klein when they see her gallivanting around Manhattan and the Hamptons, and who find parallels to their own lives in her candid, freewheeling stories.

According to Technorati, which ranks blogs based on “net attention,” or the number of people who are linking to them, Ms. Klein’s blog has a rank of 2,132, meaning that of the world’s more than 13 million blogs, there are only 2,000 or so with more inbound links than hers.

“That would put her in the top 1 percent of all bloggers,” said David L. Sifry, the founder and chief executive officer of Technorati.

Ms. Klein’s blog is a voyeur’s playground, with many photos of Ms. Klein, her friends and the swanky places they go. But the allure is muted by accounts of Ms. Klein’s childhood summers at fat camp, the husband she says cheated on her when she was pregnant, her subsequent abortion and her ongoing quest for love. Nothing, it seems, is too private not to share with readers.

Modern people really are that sick and neurotic that they feel the need to trace the steps of a woman who lives a fantasy life, ignoring any of the world’s problems and making a profession out of getting laid, drinking a lot, and whining about her personal drama on a popular blog. This is exactly why we need strong leaders to tell us what to do instead of what we jokingly call “democracy”, which is really just the most effective form of totalitarianism ever created.

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