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Sex As Control

Control is a psychological state, a method of wielding power, and a philosophy. It can be used in any context and most commonly is intangible, meaning that you cannot point to a specific thing and say it is control. There is evidence of it like ripples on the surface indicating fish below or a healed wound hurting before the rain, but no one will ever lay hands on it.

You can recognize control because it manifests as a need to manipulate others directly for self-referential reasons. The person in control is not leading a group to accomplish an objective, but master of closed-circuit power, which means enforcing obedience upon a group by making them embark on actions whose only goal is the perpetuation of control.

A need to manage others directly and to have them do exactly what is told, as opposed to a decentralized or brachiated system of leadership, forms the basis of control. Instead of giving individuals a goal and having them collaborate toward it, control hijacks the goal and makes itself the goal like a parasitic organism would, and so each person must do exactly what it is told.

Without control, people set objectives and then work individually toward them with what they have, and are rewarded unequally for their differing abilities to achieve those objectives. When people panic at this state of inequality, they inexorably demand “equality” instead, or having everyone serve basically the same role. Control always arises from democracy, mob rule, cult behavior or gang mentalities.

People find control comforting: everyone is accepted so long as they do one thing, and they are accountable to control and not to reality, so they do not even need to be successful in their aims, only obedient. Everyone is accepted equally under control except those who defy orders, and those give the mob a reason to unite for a lynch mob witch hunt. Life as a herd is psychologically easier than struggling to survive.

Control requires an equal group doing the same things with any internal status variations being symbolic. With control, all that matters is the uniform obedience by method, not by goal. Everyone must think alike. This is how control maintains its power, and since its real goal is perpetuating itself, all other actions are pretexts.

For example, in a control state, war happens frequently not because the foreign objectives are important, but because wartime terrifies people and motivates them to contribute labor and obey authority. Some actions are made criminal so that anyone can be guilty at any time, causing people to turn on one another to get into the good graces of those in authority.

Most significantly, control regulates appearance. People must be able to look up from their tasks and see others obeying and none dissenting. They must witness, on a regular basis, the human sacrifice of those who failed to uphold the pretexts of control. This keeps them constantly incentivized to obey, and thinking that it is their own idea to do so. This makes them feel free while enslaved.

Control accelerates because it benefits from human failings. When people make small mistakes, they can be destroyed, which means they must either immediately beg for forgiveness in exchange for some other act, such as informing on others, or face oblivion. Control also uses human lusts, desires, emotional reactions, passivity and confusion against them by luring them onward with false promises and real threats.

For example, consider the use of sex in the Soviet Union as a control mechanism:

The official line is that promiscuity is bad, but exceptions are made for whatever advances control. This binds the individual to control both by granting a forbidden pleasure, and making it a shared secret that puts that person at the mercy of control, lest the rules be enforced against him.

Our society has — during its Leftist descent — encouraged open sexuality but also an increase in penalties for rape, as well as a loosening of standards for what is considered rape. It would not be surprising if this violent sexuality were encouraged among those in the inner circles, in whatever breadth of depravity can be summoned.

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