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Over at Alternative Right, the half of the original that split into Radix and Alternative Right, Colin Liddell writes about the problem of neo-Nazi tropes in the alt right.

Liddell takes a sensible “middle path”: we need extremists to push the Overton Window further to the right, but cannot afford to be swayed by emotion derived from the appearance of effective action, as it supplants the real thing.

Only a fool would deny the seductive power of Nazism and Hollywood-style neo-Nazism. Like the Left, these folks have a simple idea and provide us, most importantly, with some target that we can visualize destroying. This appeals to the same human mental trope as squeezing zits or taking purges, which is of excising the evil and leaving the good.

Our enemy however is intangible: civilization decline, most recently through its handmaidens liberalism, equality, individualism and pluralism.

It is tempting to desire murder for those who are the symptoms of this decline. Rage at other ethnic groups, including powerful ones, finally gives us a clear task: just wipe these guys out, and all will be well. But this ignores that the problem we face is of our own making, arises from our individual desires, and will not go away even if we slaughter every Other on earth.

In addition, our people — Western Europeans — dislike emotional outbursts, cruelty and instability. The Neo-Nazi and White Nationalist vision promises all of these. Witness for example a recent outburst from Frazier Glenn Miller, a man with whom many of us have interacted, and who I respect, when he shot up a Jewish Community Center:

Miller was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder in the April 2014 deaths of Reat Underwood, 14, and his grandfather, William Corporon, 69, outside the Jewish Community Center of Kansas City in Overland Park, as well as Terri LaManno, 53, outside the Village Shalom assisted-living facility. None of the victims was Jewish, but Miller assumed they were when he shot them.

He also was found guilty of aggravated assault for pointing a shotgun at a woman and asking if she was Jewish, and of firing into the JCC.

A former Ku Klux Klan grand dragon, Miller has been unapologetic about the shooting, in which he said he was trying to kill as many Jews as possible. During his trial, he waived the right to an attorney and argued the jury should find him not guilty because his shooting spree was a “patriotic attempt” to “defend my people against genocide.”

These events drive our people away from us and into the arms of the Left, who promise pacifism through universal inclusion and therefore, in theory at least, a path away from such horrifying stuff.

In Europe, the far-right parties that are rising are the ones who reflect sober, logical and realistic directions. Germany has seen the AFD replace the more neo-Nazi-themed NPD, and in France, Marine Le Pen and the Front National have advanced by discarding her father’s more Nazi-friendly attitude. In Hungary and Poland, far-right parties have taken power by focusing on practical concerns instead of ideological and emotional appearance.

We have one massively powerful ally on our side: our vision is realistic. We cannot lose sight of the goal, which is to have a thriving civilization, by limiting our thinking to the methods that are emotionally satisfying to us. If this quest were as simple as murdering a few million people, it would have been done already.

Witness the failure of Hitler. Instead of displacing Bolshevism from Europe, as his followers wanted him to do, he ended up entrenched in ideological wars and being more efficient at removing Jewry than fighting the conditions that brought them, gypsies and degenerates to Europe.

The rejection of anti-Semitism and other extremist methods is based in both practicality and morality. Our people are not murderers and we hate injustice. We do not want to be associated with such things. But even more, those things will not solve our problem — they will remove a symptom or two, but leave the cause and the rot intact.

The Alt Right has risen to power because people want an escape from globalism, a Leftist project that has revealed itself to be a nightmare. They also recognize that for us to have gotten to our current state, something very fundamental in our society must be broken. These are the two mandates of the Alt Right: end globalism/Leftism and restore the greatness of Western Civilization.

Focus on methods can confuse our pursuit of this goal. While it makes no sense to exclude the extremists from among us, and while we benefit from their hyper-masculine approach, it also makes sense to ensure that all of our activities exist in service to the goal. If we go too much into the world of appearance as Hollywood Nazism demands, we will forget our goal, and settle for a short-term fix instead of solving the problem, at which point it will begin rising again and bring us right back to our current position.

The Alt Right has a chance to Make Western Civilization Great Again. To that end, we need to strike at the root of the problem and the neck of the Hydra, not swat at flies or slash at serpentine heads. Hollywood Nazism takes us off-track and drives away sensible people that we need on our side.

At the end of the day, the question presents itself: do we care more about results, or feelings? Coming from a Leftist time, most are inculcated in preferring feelings, but the only way for us to solve this problem is to reject feelings and emotions and focus instead on hard logic and historically-proven results.

After all, if we kill all the Other, we are still left with a dying civilization and the parasitic mental state spawned by equality. But if we kill equality, and the root of our civilization decline, we can then peacefully repatriate all of the Other and move forward with our honor and sanity intact.

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