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Self-defeat and Zionism

Some prefer to view the universe as a dismal place with no organization to speak of. From my experience, it’s a self-organizing and highly efficient system.

However, it is not oriented toward protecting us from ourselves. It is a logical system, which means that if you step on a land mine, it explodes — even if you’re a nice person with a lot of potential.

This tendency makes us fear it. We would prefer an anthropomorphic God or the secular Equivalent, a moral society which makes laws to protect against “injustice” and “inequality.” We must all be equally important.

Yet that emotional and social tendency can lead us away from the important task of designing a human civilization which makes sense of its world, and then maximizes its own effectiveness by using the natural laws of reality.

A new report from the Anti-Defamation League raises concerns about a conservative student group, which it says has ties to white supremacists and a plan to expand at universities across the country.

The student group—Youth for Western Civilization—says it’s not a racist organization. Its stated mission is “to organize, educate, and train activists dedicated to the revival of Western Civilization.”

But the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish advocacy organization, says in its report that the student group uses “Western civilization” as a euphemism for “white culture.” – Chronicle of Higher Education

This cuts to the core of it: two nationalist groups are competing and one is sabotaging the other.

The ADL is barking up the wrong tree. If the last century showed us anything, it is that each national group (Jews, Germans, Italians, English, American whites) needs self-rule and a vigilant sense of self interest, or it will be assimilated or destroyed by larger, less sensitive, and less distinctive groups.

It’s the few who rise above versus the aggregate masses.

Jews/Israel and whites/Europeans are a minority in this world and to put it bluntly, the majority hates you guys. It hates you for what you have that it does not.

North Asians and other “favored” ethnic groups also find themselves in this position, but no one is quite as large of a target as Jews and Europeans. When you succeed, you become resented, especially if you don’t have a clear upper hand.

In other words, the only salvation for Jews — and whites — is to embrace the principle of nationalism, which is the idea that each ethnic group rules itself, segregates itself from others, and builds a society based on its own culture and heritage.

Our globalist society wants us to buy the kumbaya that national borders don’t exist, ethnic/caste and class distinctions don’t exist, and that We Are All One who are going to live together in pacifism.

This lie shows up every few centuries when the real thinkers are dead or sleeping. If it were that easy — but I won’t insult your intelligence wasting space to debunk obvious illusions fashioned from social impulses.

One of the most profound Jewish thinkers to ever live, Theodor Herzl, expressed the principle of nationalism succinctly:

Herzl concluded that anti-Semitism was a stable and immutable factor in human society, which assimilation did not solve. He mulled over the idea of Jewish sovereignty, and, despite ridicule from Jewish leaders, published Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State, 1896). Herzl argued that the essence of the Jewish problem was not individual but national. He declared that the Jews could gain acceptance in the world only if they ceased being a national anomaly. The Jews are one people, he said, and their plight could be transformed into a positive force by the establishment of a Jewish state with the consent of the great powers. He saw the Jewish question as an international political question to be dealt with in the arena of international politics.


He included detailed ideas about how he saw the future state’s political structure, immigration, fund­raising, diplomatic relations, social laws and relations between religion and the state. In Altneuland, the Jewish state was foreseen as a pluralist, advanced society, a “light unto the nations.” This book had a great impact on the Jews of the time and became a symbol of the Zionist vision in the Land of Israel. – JVL

In Herzl’s view, internationalism — the diaspora, multiculturalism, diversity, immigration or in other terms Jews being in any land except a Jewish homeland — was the cause of anti-Semitism.

He saw that diversity was the cause of strife, not racism (which was itself a consequence of diversity). When a minority population lives alongside a majority, Herzl realized, the two will inevitably distrust each other through the frequent values/ability conflicts that occur.

His solution was too direct to be simple, but it was honest: create a Jewish majority land and the problems of diversity — call it multiculturalism, ethnopluralism, pluralism, diversity, anti-racism, internationalism, the melting pot; all of these mean the exact same thing — vanish.

White Nationalists, if they’re intelligent, will recognize the exact same thing: diversity is an unworkable policy. Our ideology is not opposition to blacks, Jews, Hispanics and Asians but opposition to diversity.

Even that is only an incidental viewpoint. The fundamental ideal of white nationalism is nationalism, or that each ethnic group should have its own land, self-rule, and the ability to conserve and develop its language, customs, values, heritage and culture.

By necessity, that means excluding all other ethnic groups. (No, we’re not talking about one guy having a Chinese wife; we’re talking about mass migration in any form. This is not a license for thugs to beat up people for being different, but a shared value system).

Unlike internationalism, which promotes a single world population and thus spreads around the problems of humanity, nationalism proposes we work in parallel to find solutions and then spread those.

Nationalism has further advantages:

  • Identity. When a group has an identity, infighting is reduced and a clear goal emerges: our job is to be who we are, and that trumps all else.
  • Equality. People who evolve under similar circumstances have similar abilities. Ethnic groups vary widely not only in average ability, but in the traits they have accumulated for the type of civilization they create and thrive in.
  • Values. With a national identity, and thus a national culture, the values system embedded in that culture comes before political dogma, commerce or even individual drama. There is a sense of unity and purpose.
  • Trust. This sense of unity and purpose leads to trust: everyone is pulling in the same direction, for the same goals; further, each individual knows that according to that culture’s values system, certain acts will be rewarded and others punished. There is no mystery about how to behave to succeed.

If you scan over the past 5000 years of history, a clear pattern emerges: with nationalism, we have stability and some tribes reaching new heights of culture, learning and health; with internationalism, we have mediocrity, instability, infighting and corruption.

In Herzl’s time, Western Europeans feared Herzl’s ideas because those ideas were popular with Eastern European Jews. Like Europeans, Jews are divided by class and caste as well; as a result, anything popular with the underlings is viewed with suspicion, because the appetite by underlings for “equality” is well known, as are its destructive effects.

Modern Jews fear nationalism because of what happened in Germany 1933-1945. A strong nationalist movement arose; part of its public ideology included blaming Jews for the ills of Germans. The result was that in Germany Jews were used as slave labor, and outside Germany, many were executed by Germans or by native populations who had come to resent them and their connections with the Communist party in Russia.

The sad result is that today both Jews and Europeans are alienated from the solution to the problem they both face, which is diversity providing a pivotal point for the degradation of their civilizations.

While it may not be clear whose fault this is, one thing is sure: European nationalism will not recover until it rids itself of white nationalism.

The Holocaust represents a division between nationalists to this day. One side refuses to apologize or admit wrong, citing obscurity about the details; the other side uses it as a flag of victimhood and as a result, will not approve of those who bear the social order that could save world Jewry.

However, there’s an even more fundamental division within each of those sides. In particular, among Europeans, the white nationalists immediate alienate everyone they encounter.

White nationalists not only want to avoid confronting the sadness of the Holocaust, but want to endorse continued persecution of Jews and hatred toward minority ethnic groups. No sane-thinking right person will endorse people who behave in such a matter.

Let me be even clearer: the white people who are moving upward in this society, cruelty is considered bad form. Even more, while they may endorse soft solutions like reparations in exchange for repatriation, they’re not into genocide. Or race hatred, cruelty and false superiority.

White nationalism is blighted by people who want race equality for the same reason Eastern European Jews did: they want to rise in the social order on the basis of being included for being white alone. (As noted elsewhere, that desire is a form of racial Marxism.)

Even more, white nationalists tend to present themselves as morons. They advocate non-solutions like harming minorities; they have no ideas beyond that, or any way of helping the broader problem of Western cultural dissolution.

Furthering their alienation, white nationalists are ruled by dogma and the loudmouths who support it. When you cannot be realistic, instead adhere to an increasingly fanatical worldview, and exclude anyone who does not demonstrate allegiance to this false god.

When you see white nationalists organizations of any kind, you will notice a silent majority while a few loudmouths command most of the attention. These loudmouths will immediately claim that anyone who is less extreme than they is false; it’s the same way teenage hipsters keep their social clubs clear of outsiders.

As a result, from both its illogical ideology and the social rejects who populate it, white nationalism is a total failure — but sadly, up until now it has been the only option for nationalists, so it has obstructed the formation of healthy nationalist parties.

The fact that communism was wrong didn’t prevent Lenin’s Bolsheviks from seizing control of Russia in 1917, nor did it prevent Mao from ousting Chiang Kai-shek from Beijing. Revolutions are pointless if they end up replacing broken, unjust systems with different broken, unjust systems.

And there we run into our first problem with white nationalism – it doesn’t confront the core of what is wrong with the West. White nationalists are right that multiculturalism and ethnic infighting are serious issues, but they don’t recognize that the tribal soup that America, Britain and other white nations are drowning in is not the cause of those nations’ decline, but a symptom.


WNs like to blame these and other problems on the Jews, and while I acknowledge that they’ve had a disproportionate, malign influence, the fact of the matter is that the ideology that wrecked the West, liberalism, originates from whites. (Note: for the purposes of this essay only, I will regard Jews as a separate entity from whites.) The intellectual forbears of modern liberalism and its offshoot ideologies like multiculturalism and feminism were all gentiles – 17th and 18th century thinkers like John Locke, Thomas Paine, Mary Wollstonecraft, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Adam Smith. The Jewish establishment in the modern West is merely a vector for a white-created disease of the mind.

And even if we accept the premise that Jews and Jewish influence are primarily responsible for the mess we’re in, that doesn’t absolve whites from blame. The Jews didn’t invade America, Britain or any other country en masse and forcibly take over their institutions – they were invited by the natives. Prior to their emanicipation in the 19th century, Jews were despised and persecuted everywhere they went, and had little to no influence on the societies they settled in. That’s why the neoconservative description of the West as “Judeo-Christian” should make educated people laugh – Jews had about as much influence on pre-Enlightenment Europe as the Gypsies. Jewish emancipation was a product of liberalism, as the first European state to grant them full legal rights was revolutionary France in 1791. If Jews have fired the bullet into the head of white civilization, whites themselves are culpable for letting them touch the gun to begin with. – IMF

At the root of Western problems, we have a core problem: a society divided against itself.

The masses want to destroy the elites, and have mostly succeeded (in most cases by replacing them with false elites like Kate Middleton, Paris Hilton, Al Gore, Bono, etc.).

Western liberalism is the ideology of the conflict between the many have-nots versus the few haves.

Its sacred ideology? That we are all equal.

The truth that requires maturity? That people end up with more than others by being smarter, more organized and more capable.

There are always exceptions, but those don’t prove the rule — that’s wishful thinking. The rule is that the wealthier man is more organized, capable and focused than the poorer man. Statistically, the wealthier man has a higher IQ and thus is probably more intelligent than the smarter man.

I grew up in a divided community, split between the blue-collar, the suburban and the destitute.

Who made it to the suburbs? The people who got good at something: good at school enough to get a college degree, good at some profession or specialty, and finally, good at being organized so they did not waste money and disciplined so they invested that money in the future/

Who stayed in the trailer parks? The people who found jobs instead of specializations, who wasted their money (most frequently on cars, electronics, entertainment and booze) and who were so perpetually disorganized they lost possessions, were constantly playing catch up, burdened with debt, etc.

Who held themselves back? Blue-collar pride is a great way to retard your development in life. If you make excuses for your own non-performance, and scorn the professionals and upwardly mobile people, soon there is one path open to you.

Who won out? The people who found a happy balance. There were blue-collar people who spent their time making comfortable homes in the cheaper neighborhoods; they went to church, saved their pennies, weren’t ostentatious and made good lives for themselves. In the suburbs, the people who stayed focused and did not become neurotic. In the trailer park, those who left — and speaking of exceptions proving the rule, we’re talking about maybe one in a thousand.

Poverty is not a sentence, it’s a result. Get organized and effective and you rise out of it. It may take a few tries, but you’ll get there.

Whine about how unjust the world is, and you’ll stay there, even if you overthrow your government and murder every “rich” (really: upper half of middle class and above) person you see.

The reason why the beauty of the white Aryan woman may perish from the earth before this century is up is not because of the Jews, or the blacks, but because of white people themselves. It was whites who let third-worlders swarm into their lands, forever altering the demographic makeup of their nations. It was whites who gutted protections for workers and transformed the economy into a scam designed to bleed the middle-class dry and make the richer even richer. It was whites who conjured up feminism, driving a wedge between men and women, driving down the birth rate and leaving immigrants and illegals to pick up the slack. Every problem whites suffer from is self-inflicted.

I laugh every time some joker complains about “miscegenation.” Interracial marriage rates in the U.S. are so low they’re practically nonexistent. According to the Census Bureau (Table FG4), the largest group of interracial marriages, between white men and Asian women, accounts for a grand total of 530,000 marriages. In a country of 300 million people, that amounts to a drop in the bucket. The white race isn’t going extinct because Sally the Seacow is shacking up with Tyrone the Thug, or because Ned the Nerd is getting his two-inch knob polished by Lin Ming Chung – it’s going extinct because whites aren’t marrying and having kids, period.

And if you think the Ice People will put aside their differences to unite against the Sun People and other assorted wogs, you’re dreaming. Familiarity breeds contempt, and whites hate each other way, way more than they’ve ever hated any minorities. It’s been like this ever since the fall of Troy, nevermind the protestations of Nordicists and other pan-European ideologues to the contrary. People who love to wax dramatic about tribalism seem to forget that the strongest tribal hatreds are between peoples in geographic proximity – meaning that different tribes of whites, blacks, browns and yellows hate each other FAR more than they hate the “others.” – IMF

White nationalism is doomed because white people are never going to unite behind a thinly-veiled class warfare movement. White nationalism is the people making excuses for their poverty wanting to pull down those above them, and this is why they can’t give up The JewTM as their target: Jews are disproportionately wealthy, and the impoverished loudmouths want them dead for that reason alone. White nationalism is just a convenient method of expressing that.

White tribalism is about class warfare. Western Europe leads the pack, with Southern Europe behind and Eastern Europe trailing that. Which populations are most distinct? Which are most aggregate? Think that one through and you’ll see who wants to take over from whom using racial Marxism.

Even more, white nationalism represents an old archetype to the Western mind — the dogma or faith that if obeyed, makes one part of the in-group that will conquer and murder others through sheer numbers, not skill in battle:

The liberal vision of American citizenship being “faith-based,” as OneSTDV puts it, is straight out of the Protestant playbook. Specifically, it’s a secular version of the doctrine of sola fide, one of the most important doctrines (if not THE most important) separating Protestantism from Catholicism. Sola fide is the idea that salvation comes through faith alone, and formed the basis of Martin Luther’s dissent with the Catholic Church:

The doctrine that salvation is by faith only. The term emerged as a consequence of Luther’s translation of Rom. 3:28 in which he added the word “alone” to the phrase “man is justified by faith [alone] apart from works of the Law” (NASB). He was severely castigated for this, but Erasmus defended him. The translation is justifiable in view of the only alternative, namely justification by works, which Paul expressly repudiated. The Council of Trent (1545 – 63), on the other hand, vigorously opposed Luther’s translation and all that it implied by declaring: “If anyone saith that justifying faith is nothing else than confidence in the divine mercy which remits sins for Christ’s sake, or that this confidence alone is that whereby we are justified, let him be anathema” (Session 6, Can. 12).

Implicit in solafidianism is the doctrine of divine monergism, which declares that man’s salvation is totally dependent upon God’s activity and is in no way conditioned by the action of man. Man’s choice of sin has rendered him incapable of spiritual action; he is spiritually dead. Unless rescued by a source outside himself, he would eternally perish in this state. God has taken the initiative by restoring mankind to himself through the death of Christ (Christ’s passive obedience to the law), which removes man’s guilt, and by imputing Christ’s righteousness (which he achieved while on earth through his active obedience to the law) to those who believe. Saving faith is not an innate quality of fallen man but a gift of God (Eph. 2:8; Phil. 1:29) communicated through hearing the gospel (Rom. 10:17). The ordo salutis (“order of salvation”) is God’s activity in grace from inception to consummation. Understandably solafidianism is opposed to Pelagianism, semi – Pelagianism, and synergism, all of which attribute justification or the apprehension of it, in one way or another, to the action of man.

Sola fide stands in opposition to Catholicism’s concept of salvation by good works.

The liberal and neocon conception of the U.S. as being defined not by common ancestry, but by a set of ideas that one simply has to believe in, is the reason for their support for mass immigration and open borders. Of course, running a country is a bit different than running a church. Letting millions of illegal aliens run amok and not forcing immigrants to culturally integrate is sending America straight down the tubes. – IMF

Julius Evola writes about how Christianity has confused the exoteric and esoteric. Exoteric means external in origin; an exoteric religion makes you swear allegiance, and then it is presumed you know the mysteries within. An esoteric, or internally-focused, religion requires that you learn these truths for yourself and then and only then declare yourself to know the mysteries within.

White nationalism is entirely exoteric. Sign up, shout the same dogma the loudmouths endorse, and you’re good to go. Even better, that gives you an excuse to murder anyone who is not as dogmatic as you. Shades of France in 1789 and Russia in 1917 are not accidental.

The average upwardly-mobile white person has learned enough from history to fear inclusive movements. They will give them lip service in public, just like they will pretend to be liberal at the office so they do not engender anger. But they don’t trust them, and with good reason.

“Everyone is included” is a cheap way to make sure you raise a mob that will then destroy your enemies in the name of some false ideology. When the French aristocracy fell, did anyone profit? Surely: a whole new power structure was adopted, making fortunes overnight. The same was true in “Communist” Russia.

We need a different approach:

(13) Conservatives largely agree with us on immigration, affirmative action, racial double standards, gun rights, free speech, multiculturalism, and political correctness. We must start there.

(14) The polls clearly show and the agenda of the Obama administration reflects the hostility of progressives to White Nationalists on every single one of these issues.

Fantasies of “leftwing White Nationalism” aside, White Nationalism will inevitably be a rightwing movement, as the only people who agree with us on the major issues are rightwingers. We must accept this.

(15) Thus, White Nationalists will have to target conservatives and moderates. We have to narrow the gap between White Nationalists and White conservatives and moderates.

Essentially, we must turn them into White Nationalists, without neutering their effectiveness in the process.

(16) I pointed out above that White Nationalists won’t organize as White Nationalists in the real world. I observed that we can only organize in the real world under some other label. The sensible label to use is “moderate” or “conservative” to take advantage of the forces of blind partisanship.

(17) In order to lead people to White Nationalism, we must start where they are at today, gain their confidence and establish our legitimacy as leaders, not harangue them from the fringes of society. Organizing and leadership must take priority over rhetorical radicalism. – OD

White nationalism is self-defeating and will never go anywhere.

At this time, Zionism is self-defeating as well — it cannot clearly state “We want Israel as a state for the Jewish people” without being compared to the Nazis, and it makes fear of Nazis a central part of its reason for being.

The ghost of 1945 haunts all nationalist movements and destroys them from within.

Here at Amerika, we propose a different approach:

  • Recognize the scope. Our civilization is collapsing after years of delusion. We will need to rebuild so we do not descend to third world levels of disorganization, kleptocracy and unhygenic practices. This has zero to do with diversity; diversity is a symptom of our decline, not the cause.
  • Unity between nationalists. One group needs to admit the Holocaust, and the other group needs to forgive. Our goal is the same: self-rule for our respective nations. We should work together, Jew and European alike, to establish nationalism as the principle of a new world.
  • Embrace tradition. The root of conservatism is conserving tradition against the forces of mass popularity and commerce. Conservatism is the only force that will adopt or even endorse logical ideas. Liberalism is a mass mutual pleasure society that hopes to induct enough people into a lie to avoid having to ever face the truth.
  • Attack the real problem. Our problem is not Jews, blacks, Asians and Hispanics. It is white liberalism arising from white class warfare arising from the discontented white masses. Diversity is a symptom, as is civilization downfall. We need a social order that not only removes power from these masses, but gives them a more constructive world that boring jobs, bread and circuses, and liberalism.
  • Responsibility. We need to get rid of the loudmouths, vanguardists, racists, haters, anti-Semites and true extremists. Skepticism toward other groups is fine; hatred is a not a responsible political or social act and those who adopt it should be viewed as defectives. Besides, most of these people are federal informants already.

The above is the basis for a logical course of action.

We embrace all others who understand that nationalism is the right way for us to organize humanity. That includes Jewish, African, African-American, Asian, Hispanic and other nationalists. If you are a nationalist, you endorse a world order where each ethnic group separates and gains self-rule, and that is what all nationalists desire. You are thus an ally, even if you want nothing to do with people of my ethnicity.

In particular, I think ex-“white nationalists” — if you read this article and think about it with honesty, you’ll soon be a former white nationalist — should extend an olive branch to our Zionist brothers and sisters. We share a goal and we have suffered enough through the same horrible last century.

In addition, Jewish Zionists should re-consider their opposition to European nationalists. The ADL and others will do this if given an assurance that European nationalists will not simply repeat the lugubrious last century and embark on another stupid Holocaust.

We share a goal in common, Jew and European. We could stop sabotaging each other and work toward that end.

If we intend to actually accomplish our goals, instead of simply talking about them on the internet, we will need to stop our self-defeating behaviors and adopt new ones that are likely to succeed. As conservatives, we recognize that achieving our goals is the only measure of success.

The universe is a logical place, and if we behave logically, we will achieve the results we desire.

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