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Search for Utopia Continues

The more one sees of this world, the more important it becomes to be cynical about attributed motivations. People see conspiracies everywhere, while a sensible view is that people are consistently motivated by the same things.

This varies with character, of course, and therein is the taboo. Good people want to save the world from killing itself; bad people want to kill it to rule it. What makes good and bad? Good are realists, bad are narcissists.

Further, we can see humanism as “group narcissism.” A bunch of narcissists get together and decide that they want to stop others from calling them narcissists. They come up with an idea that makes narcissism disappear.

They disappear it by moving it into a cloud of other bad behaviors and demanding that we tolerate all but the most extreme (murder, assault, theft). When our previous goal of doing good becomes replaced by “tolerance,” narcissism fades away into a background of other neurotic and borderline behaviors.

In my view, this starts once permanent civilization gets established. At that point, civilization becomes the power in our lives, not nature, and we embark on “politics” or the art and science of motivating others to work together for the benefit of all.

Early societies do this by selecting their best people and essentially enslaving them in lifelong roles as administrators. There is no rest for someone who sees his role as sacred and its success as vital to his social status.

With politics, however, we get into a complicated argument over what should be done in order to keep the herd together and to manage everyone. At some point, buying people off by giving them “freedoms” replaces the goal of doing good.

That moment — that single moment, that first thought, and the new concept spoken in words — means the death of civilization has begun. Instead of working together, people are working for themselves, and selling it as “good.”

This means that people start using words as weapons to rationalize, justify, and explain-excuse their conduct as being good because it makes others happy, instead of that it produces actual results.

The focus therefore turns to problems instead of goals. Things that people complain about take over from the bigger picture. The search for Utopia kicks off because people see problems as larger than the good already present in life.

If like me you detest precedent because it means a pile-up of things that we do simply because they are compromises from the past that we are afraid to point out are fake and silly, you may see why this error is so pervasive.

In the quest for Utopia, people adopt illusions. These tend to be contrarian and ironist, since this lets them accept the basics of the system while rebelling against it in a quest for personal power. These are rationalizations.

These illusions work for the benefit of the system — despite being “rebellion” on the surface — because all of them work to further break down ideas into very simple fragments.

That benefits those whose goal is to fragment society by liberalizing its rules, standards, and goals, then instill individualism in everyone in order to disconnect them from anything but themselves, making them into a fungible mob.

The fungible mob responds only to the lowest common denominator acts by warlord-style leaders: threats of pain, and gifts of free stuff from government. This makes them easy to control, bouncing between political extremes.

Third world style warlord-leaders manipulate this by pitching them a basic idea of “do what you want, no consequences, externalize costs to society, and receive subsidies.” People buy into this for the same reason they play the lottery or purchase sale items that they do not actually need.

Once you start down the path to Utopia via equality, there can be no getting off that road until you stand up and say that equality is an illusion. However, the greatest resistance faces you in doing that.

People in the current time will blame just about anything other than equality because they know that when equality goes, the rest of modernity falls as well. Democracy no longer makes sense. We have to see diversity as death. Class warfare becomes treason. Meritocracy and bureaucracy will stand revealed as toxic.

Consequently, people fight the quest against equality by either trying to find the NAXALT of equality, in other words selecting some types of equality that are good in contrast to the “bad” ones, or by inventing cope theories.

The term “cope theories” refers to any sub-narratives, conspiracy theory or mainstream, that explain bad things as good so that you do not have to change your position.

For example, right now people are foaming on about the US having biowarfare labs in the Ukraine. This just shows you how little people know. Since the 1990s, US firms and military agencies have opened these across the third world.

You stick such a lab in a place where it is cheap to operate and you have plausible deniability, like Africa, China, and Eastern Europe. This enables you to work around US laws that make certain types of medical experimentation illegal.

No one wants to say this, but multiple governments are working actively on biowarfare programs, something they suspended back in the 1970s when it became clear that they were going to unleash a monster.

Your average biowarfare program today focuses on a different goal, namely ways to cripple populations for long enough that an invading army or economic crisis can defeat their nation. This is not the news.

However, people want to believe that Putin is not merely a Eurasian tyrant expanding his terrain. They want to believe that he is the white knight who will save them from modernity. They want to think that this war is about biowarfare labs.

All of this is cope to avoid facing the obvious truth: Russia and China have formed an alliance against the West, which they see as weakened enough by subversive liberalism and democracy to fall.

The biowarfare labs are just the latest media talking point by which we can avoid seeing the obvious, which is the collapse of the world order under Western liberalism. Russia-China is not an alternative, but an enemy.

Most likely, there are two groups in our society: people who take equality at face value (losers) and those who recognize that it is cope-hope (winners). This is what happens when democracy makes government more important than reality.

The winners make deals internationally because that is where the money and power is. They set up biowarfare labs for Big Pharma to test its products, rope in the Chinese and Ukrainians, and drive up stock prices with new mRNA vaccines.

Each time there is a boom of trend or panic, they profit from it by waving golden symbols at the losers, who promptly panic and sell or get greedy and buy, at which point the winners run off laughing at the suckers who believed equality was real.

We knew we would get to this place because societies are defined by what they stop doing more than what they do. The society that replaces ineffectual behaviors with functional ones will succeed over those that do not.

The West created a world empire based on the Keynesian system of governments borrowing money, distributing it to citizens, and then claiming economic growth on the basis of higher consumer spending.

Russia-China wants to challenge this world order but remain unwanted because their own systems are even less functional. These two countries want to seize power so that they can hide the failure of their own economies.

Even worse for them, this is not the first time that they have failed. Even more than Communism, their third world lifestyles and populations mean that they will never be wealthy, but they can fake it long enough to take over, they think.

This means that we are caught between two groups of incompetents. The West, addled by Leftism and diversity, is more functional than the East, which wants a Genghis Khan styled tyranny and existence in poverty.

Ironically, Joe Biden and friends aspire to the Eastern model because they come from the Tammany/Pendergast school of American machine politics where you keep the population starving and then hand out money whenever there is an election.

You stay in power that way, Biden thinks, and this appeals to people like him who are smart enough to be cunning but not intelligent enough to predict that in the long term, this will fail because it will kill the goose that laid golden eggs, namely the Western genetics that enable high-wealth, high-trust function.

Democracy always produces people like Joe Biden, just like Eastern genetics and culture always produce tyrant-emperors like Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. To rule the third world, one must wield the iron fist and a heap of gift money.

As democracy goes further along, the rationalization from the fundamental idea of equality reaches a fever pitch until it is all that we talk about. In late stage democracy, ideological goodthink becomes more important than being functional.

We can see this playing out in how American Leftism has become shrill and intolerant, centering around the issue of equality for the marginalized only:

Overnight, the network’s entire orientation had changed. Every segment was about race, and when it wasn’t about race, it was about gender. The stories were no longer reports but morality plays, with predictable bad guys and good guys. Scepticism was banished. Divergent opinions were banished. The pronouncements of activists, the arguments of ideologically motivated academics, were accepted without question. The tone became smug, certain, self-righteous. To turn on the network was to be subjected to a program of ideological force-feeding.

They want more equality for the diversity, women, transsexuals, and homosexuals because these groups have trouble in a functional society. By increasing equality, they smash the majority culture, and therefore can liberalize further.

Liberalizing further wrecks every institution, which means that there is only one way to get things done, which is to work with the political machine. Tammany Hall and the Pendergast Machine did exactly the same thing.

Most of the world operates this way. In Southern Italy, if you need something you go to the local mafia don. In South America, you apply at your local cartel. In Arabia, you find an Imam. In Asia, you talk to your local triad.

This applies whether you need a visa, loan, promotion, or protection. The warlord gives all, and by the reflexive principle, takes away from everyone else so that no one has what he can give, making him all-powerful.

In the West right now people blame just about anything, especially capitalism or politicians, but no one looks at how our ideology of equality necessarily leads to this inverted Utopia.

The Left is obsessed with race because civil rights kicks open every door to Leftist power. The voters unite upon the idea of more liberalization, which to them means fewer obligations to behave, and hands over power.

Even more, working against racism, poverty, and discrimination gives the warlords a bulletproof cover story because they cannot be criticized. No one wants to criticize anti-racism programs because the critics will be assumed to be “racist.”

If you set yourself up as the protector of the people, the people will attack any enemies or competition for you.

With programs dedicated to ending “racism,” poverty, and discrimination, government has produced a blank cheque for itself because no one wants to stand up and criticize these things for fear of being called racist, elitist, and mean.

That is how herds operate: they create sacred golden calves, then demand obedience to those, and eliminate anyone who fails to join the herd. This compares to mafias, gangs, prison tribes, cults, narcissistic parents, codependent relationships, and bullying.

For this reason, you will find people blaming innumerable scapegoats — technology, capitalism, Judaism, Caucasians, “fascism” — instead of seeing the obvious, which is that equality breaks up civilizations.

This finally takes us to a place where we are threatened by reality because it reveals we are unequal, therefore turn out society into a censorship machine:

As long as the Nexus as a whole is not perceived as a safe space, our newsroom will not properly represent the diversity of our campus. This applies to all sections, including us here at opinion.

Starting from the idea of individualism and freedom, we rationalized our way to enforced equality through human rights, and now have come to the conclusion that in order for every human to be equal, we must suppress any contrary data.

This pattern repeats again and again because it follows the fundamental ideal of individualism: suppress all but what the individual wants, and if that means quashing reality, do it quickly and firmly with the power of the group.

Every tyranny known to humankind has been multicultural. Diversity provides the best overall cover for any tyrant wishing to abolish culture; he simply acts to protect the foreigners, and in doing so, erases the majority culture.

Without culture this group has no values, and they also become atomized and granularized, in addition to being domesticated and infantilized. The rationalization process that began when civilization became permanent, and therefore took over from nature, is complete.

During the process of decay we hear a lot about the haves-versus-the-have-nots. In an egalitarian society, you are never wrong to choose the have-nots and mobilize them against the haves. This allows you to steal even more.

Like diversity, class warfare represents a form of permanent strife, and so we can add wars on drugs, against poverty, for anti-racism, and to end any series of non-consequential crises — domestic violence, drunk driving, gambling, Satanism — to the list of cover stories we can use.

These conflicts further liberalize society by breaking down rules and making the individual more important, something that reaches its furthest extension with human rights. At that point, the individual is more important than social order.

In turn this liberalization through conflict creates an insecurity spiral of perpetual internal strife:

In the parlance of security studies, an insecurity spiral ensues when the choices one country makes to advance its interests end up imperiling the interests of another country, which responds in turn. The result is a potentially vicious cycle of unintended escalation, something that’s happened many times before. For example, Germany’s attempt at the turn of the twentieth century to build a world-class navy threatened the naval power on which the United Kingdom depended; in response, London began to bulk up its own navy. Germany responded in kind, and soon, the scene was set for World War I.

In this case, the analogues for the countries are different social classes and ethnic groups. You cannot make life better for Blacks without harming Whites, especially through affirmative action programs; you cannot make life better for the poor without harming the non-poor.

This is true, despite the libertarian ideal of a rising tide lifting all boats, because the lower group cannot raise itself up owing to genetic differences, which means that the only aid for them must be taken from others.

Government loves free stuff through wealth transfer entitlements programs created in the name of non-criticizable anti-poverty and anti-racism initiatives because government passes on the money and takes its thirty percent off the top.

Most of that goes to government workers and the private sector people whose jobs were created by the necessity engendered by laws passed by government, such as those who are experts in filling out a particular form or getting approval for certain licenses, but the ten percent on top goes to the big guy in the form of kickbacks.

We know this is the case because this is how Tammany Hall and the Pendergast Machine worked over the past two centuries, and surely if we caught a few, many more operate, including now at the national level.

History repeats because certain methods work, and in democracy the political machine works. Yet no one will criticize democracy, because to do so will implicate equality, and that will in turn criticize individualism.

If we attack individualism, it means that each of us must give up on the idea that he is King, God, and CEO of some all-important role, and instead accept that he has a place in the natural order and must bow to nature, gods, culture, and logic.

This humbles the human beast. He would rather be humiliated by a democratic government and keep his idea of himself as the sole author of his fate than accept that democracy, individualism, and equality (D.I.E.) have destroyed his future.

Almost everything you see in the news or are told to fear serves one purpose alone. It is there to distract you from the failings of democracy, and keep you panicked, traumatized, and insecure so you keep supporting the warlord machine.

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