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It seems that in the last of the cold weather, the Cold War has returned. How can that be? History repeats itself, which is a fancy way of saying that unless you change the conditions of a situation, it does the same thing time after time.

Our modern world has not materially changed since The Enlightenment.™ We are still using the same format that slowly took over everywhere: the middle class rules, the bureaucracy administers and manages, the working classes labor, and some people get insanely rich in the process and then go off, Gatsby-Ahab style, into visions of grandeur that destroy them.

Above all else, this terrifies people: the thought that humanity has reached a terminal stagnation where nothing ever gets better than what we have, which seems to get worse every year as red tape, taxes, speech restrictions, corruption opportunities, and low-quality products multiply.

When Francis Fukuyama wrote The End of History and the Last Man, he tapped into this fear in the early 1990s, with people fearing that they would never escape modernity; Samuel Huntington answered him with The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order which suggested that the NWO had become over-ripe and was about to fall, replaced by a world of tribalism.

This came after an era where the “free world” found itself struggling with the Communist bloc, a network of nations headquartered in the Soviet Union and China which aimed to take over the world so that its system of Communism could operate without competition.

Defenders of the free world pointed out that in the West, you could make choices about your career, property, speech, thought, and action while in the Communist bloc, following the Asiatic tyrant model pioneered by Genghis Khan and Darius, all methods were controlled centrally and deviation was punished, often with death, itself frequently a semi-arbitrary punishment for removing those who were not enthusiastic enough about the program.

People now have forgotten, but those who lived in the Communist bloc generally slaved away in near-poverty for products of dubious value, struggling to afford inferior versions of the cars, computers, foods, clothing, and medical care available in the free world.

Once the Soviet Union started its terminal dive into oblivion, the West realized that nothing stood in its way of the pursuit of modernity (liberal democracy, civil rights, market socialism, fiat currency, and diversity) worldwide. After all, our model had won; now we too could use it to take over the world, much as we did after each World War.

The US grew after all by being the last man standing after crises that devastated the rest of the world. We sat out the Napoleonic Wars, dodged the Boer war, intervened late in WW1 and WW2, using troops from other nations as our cannon fodder while we focused on bombing German industry into dust while allowing the Nazis to devastate the rest of Europe.

When George H.W. Bush proclaimed the “New World Order,” he meant that liberalism had won in the West with permanently entrenched socialist-style entitlements — similar to what the Communists promised their people — funded by free market capitalism. This became consumerism because the Keynesian circular Ponzi scheme gave more money to citizens to spend, creating an economy driven by consumer outlays.

At this point, the “free world” became much less free. This started with diversity, manifesting as Political Correctness, or a series of punitive speech codes that penalized noticing the inequality of different groups or individuals.

This proved entirely consistent with democracy which, based in the idea of equality, tends to punish the successful in order to raise up the “underdogs” who cannot raise themselves because they lack the ability. The simple politeness of not bullying the less capable merged with the American idea of equality as synthesized after the civil war, creating a system which gradually transferred wealth, power, and status to outsiders like minorities, transsexuals, homosexuals, women, and the disabled.

That in turn created a society obsessed with failure, since the only way to get ahead in this system was to find some claim to being a victim and exploit it. Even more, it began draining energy and wealth from those who were productive so that it could give to those who were not, engaging in the same spiral of self-destruction that took out the Communists.

We have to ask, now: are we still “free”?

It seems we are mostly slaves to the system we created by voting for more equality. Our free speech no longer exists, thanks to the soft totalitarian system of allowing social disapproval to censor those who mention inconvenient observations.

You cannot any longer set up shop somewhere, start making money, and then enjoy it. You are caught in a vicious cycle of working to pay for property taxes, high taxes generally, insurance, and the red tape and credentialing of a system that now centrally controls most aspects of normal life.

“Freedom” itself is a proxy for a lack of interference by those who would control us for our own ends. We began adoring it as a way of getting rid of the British, who viewed their American colonies as a wealth producer for the homeland, and not worth funding in themselves enough to keep the raiding larcenous Amerinds at bay.

We do not need “freedom”; we need function. We need a working society which includes the ability for the good — productive, creative, attentive, realistic — to rise over the bad. In such a society, everything always improves, even if some people who contribute nothing get pushed to the side and die out.

It turns out that basing a society on equality creates insanity, producing a herd of delusional, oblivious, and narcissistic people who chase equality like a totem, talisman, or graven idol and in the process, leave reality behind.

Without reality, they lose any anchor to anything but ideology and money, turning them into crass opportunists with declining mental health. Dependent on government for direction, they know only jobs and products, and have no concept of culture.

Diversity made everything worse, including starting with the Irish providing would-be tyrants with a voting base that could be counted on to demand free stuff from government, knowing it was being taken from the majority and was making them weaker, allowing these groups to feel powerful and contemplate seizing control.

The “free world” made itself unfree by trying to include everyone and make them equal, a pathology that endlessly pursues a symbolic ideology even as it takes us into the void.

History does not arc, as Barack Obama suggested, but tends to cycle. Over time, illusions become revealed and then collapse.

This does not mean that Russia-China are good, or a good alternative. They serve their own interests which generally involve Asiatic style tyranny, and have demonstrated their incompetence and instability.

In particular, coming out of the Cold War the “new” Russia faced one challenge from observers in the rest of the world: prove you are no longer the Soviet Union.

With Vladimir Putin “doing Soviet stuff” in Ukraine, that illusion has faded away. The new enemy is the same as the old enemy, and allied with another old enemy, China, who just seized Hong Kong and wants Taiwan next.

Citizens of democracies are slowly waking up to the fact that while we slept with fond dreams of tokens like equality and freedom in our heads, the bad guys have gotten power and now threaten us, both externally and internally as BLM, Antifa, and other diversity-driven movements burn down our cities and make corrupt regimes like Chicago, Houston, California, and New York where the diversity vote ensures constant theft and waste.

People in the West are sick of too much civilization. We long for the 1980s where the problems of the inner cities stayed there and we could live without endless red tape, political correctness, and burdensome taxes.

The same problem that has dogged the West since The Enlightenment™ and the French Revolution, an addiction to the false god and deceptive symbol of equality, now threatens to consume what is left.

Do we rise from the ashes, throwing aside the ruined and keeping the good, so that we can become great again, more like early Rome or Athens than the sad sack that America became after the Civil War and Europe became after the Napoleonic Wars?

Again, people are tired of too much civilization. They like a society where the herd and its government do not have a blank cheque to transform everything and everyone with wealth transfer and a dogma of progress.

In this way, the rise of Russia-China is fortunate because it now reverses the sides of WW2. We are increasingly the ones who do not want equality; the Communist side wants more equality.

This forces us to confront the classic White people mistake of solipsism, created because our big brains get skull echo from any concept that is simple enough to appear complete, and instead start turning our focus toward realism and being good.

Can we make ourselves good again? To do so, we have to defeat the social threat of egalitarianism, but also look within and start aspiring to excellence, goodness, and success outside of an egalitarian, government-funded and diverse context.

We are ready for the 14A to fall so that government loses its blank cheque. If that happens, America will re-segregate, Europe will follow, and minorities will find their homelands more appealing than staying in the waste pool produced by the failure of diversity, which has not been working for them anyway, as BLM-charred cities and constant terrorism shows us. They, too, are miserable, and they too are victims of diversity.

If the equality subsidies stop, suddenly social hierarchy and culture appear again, and we all recognize the inherent need for tribalism much as Samuel Huntington did, at least partially.

Open societies like egalitarian democracies make people crazy. They replace a concern for reality with a demand for validating everything we do through ideology, a process known as rationalization.

We are shifting from a tolerance-based society toward a reward-based society. In the latter, those who achieve things are rewarded and no one else is; in the form, everyone is equally rewarded just for breathing, and quality declines.

Societies like these are no longer strictly driven by popularity and economic reward through consumer approval. They demand cultural goodwill, which means doing not simply what earns money and makes the crowd gleeful, but that which achieves actual results that we can say are good.

In this way, we are leaving behind the manic egalitarianism of the Communists and moving more toward where America was before the Civil War, and Europe was before the Napoleonic Wars forced the adoption of egalitarian systems across the continent.

We have a chance here to get out of the sickness that has blighted us for years, decades, and centuries.

In the Post-New World Order, having your tribe together matters more than anything else because we see (now) that every other group wants to conquer us, take our stuff, kill our men, rape our women, beat our kids, and seize our lands.

They will do this legally if they can through methods like the 14A and refugee laws, and when that stops working, move to hot warfare, as we saw an inkling of with the summer of race riots that BLM, Antifa, and the DNC visited upon us.

It seems to me that humanity is on the edge of moving on to something else, simply because what we are doing now exhausts everyone and makes them miserable, which makes them mean. I remember being shocked by Nietzsche’s admonition to avoid the diseased and miserable, but he has a point: people in pain or doubt tend to be unpleasant. In this society, people live in subtle and pervasive misery and have become nasty as a result.

Democracy has failed because given equality, people behave like cattle, and the Crowd takes over, demanding “freedom” from reality so that they can indulge their inner narcissistic, egotistic, individualistic, and solipsistic desires. This makes them go slowly but inexorably crazy.

If you want to be in the right in the public eye, just control the narrative by banning anything but what leads to what you want concluded as good. If you want to be right in history, do the civilization thing: make prosperity, reward the good, punish the bad, and aim for excellence.

As we move on from democracy, we are looking more toward a realistic world instead of a “free” world, as the people who give out “free” stuff array themselves against us.

While everything looks bad out there, to me this seems like the inevitable consequence of our past bad decisions, and the failure of those decisions provides us something golden: opportunity.

We have seen what does not work, yet again, and can add more things to the list of stuff like Communism and rent control that fails time and again. We can now stop doing those things, and move on to what functions, and being good again.

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