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Inverting Civil Rights

The world finds itself racing toward an inevitable confrontation because the first world has made itself bankrupt by pursuing egalitarian and socialist ideals from within a capitalist system.

This was the last stand of Leftism, since by itself it fails, but once it admits capitalism, its endless need for free money to pay for socialist entitlements causes it to go bankrupt and cannibalize itself.

In the name of paying off the benefits, we have neglected our infrastructure, imported diversity, taxed everyone into near poverty, and reached the point where the good life is available to only a few.

All human systems invert themselves this way. Once they get established, people start conspiring to take what exists in order to buy off the lower echelons, since this way the group holds together and can be used as a tool by narcissists.

At that point, a civilization no longer works toward the good, but focuses exclusively on the bad, and not surprisingly becomes bad in the process. You get what you tolerate, and where you focus your eyes, your feet go.

An inverted civilization heads for failure because it has given up on having a goal, and naturally turns toward cannibalizing itself. Things that initiate or accelerate decline: diversity, individualism, loss of faith, and loss of culture.

Our civilization chose civil rights as the means to its suicide. Inverted societies always choose some form of egalitarianism because this induces the large audience of clueless people to support them.

Watch this group. Later on, when the inverted society heads into full collapse, its tyrant-leaders demand “protection” which is an excuse for them to have a private army. The goodthinker Useful Idiots always support this.

For us to get out of the tyranny of human rights, we must invert the inverted by pointing out that if we get equal treatment, that prohibits wealth transfer, which steals from some to give to others.

Those are the programs after all which have made our societies bankrupt. Even more, doing this points out the illusion of human rights, which like the Big Lie equality are based in absolutes applied in a relative system comprised of trade-offs.

As traditionalists point out, ancient societies did not have “rights,” but instead preferred paired duties and privileges. This instantly creates hierarchy just as it does in military and business, with those with more responsibility having more power, status, and wealth.

Among other things, this sequesters wealth, power, and status in the hands of those who are least likely to abuse it and gain nothing by trying to accumulate more.

We on the Right are getting nowhere because we refuse to target the Big Lie, the elephant in the room, the dominant paradigm, and the illusion of our age: equality, which itself is collective individualism, protected by civil rights.

It is time to start laughing at civil rights by pointing out that it is paradoxical and therefore, if we extend it to its logical conclusion, it inverts. If we are all equal, you cannot take from me to make others equal.

Conservatives have been tip-toeing around this for some time. We all whisper about the comedy of equality, which is as ludicrous between social classes as between ethnic groups or individuals.

We must say the quiet part out loud. We are never going to get popular by advocating what the Left pushes; people will just turn to them. We need to reject civil rights, the 14A, and the Big Lie of equality in general.

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