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Pipe Meditations (October 9, 2019)

We are setting the stage for 2020 now. The year starts in just three months, one business quarter, and this means that the time to the election shortens with every day. Like all big events, it will be upon us before we really know it.

It shows us that we are well and truly entrenched in Late Stage Democracy, a time where the main agenda becomes denial of how far the system is cratering. Our system will end in default, for the most part, but also a fug of pollution, ethnic strife, corruption, impoverishment, and crime.

Democracy, like other egalitarian systems, derives from individualism, or the idea that society should facilitate the individual in pursuit of his desires, instead of asserting an order into which all individuals act together toward furthering order.

That “order” means more than civilization itself, since it includes a moral order, our substitute for natural selection in Social Darwinism, and the improvement of people by making them more attentive to reality. It provides a framework for the individual to excel in unity with civilization.

Successful civilizations produce a waste product in the form of people without internal mental or moral order, and these tend to band together to demand individualism so that they are not subjected to order, found wanting in their response, and downranked.

They form a collective to demand that society subsidize them and not judge their decisions for being unrealistic. Around here we describe this mentality as Crowdism:

The dirty little secret of the West’s collapse is that it has come from within. The extent of our modern disease is revealed by the fact that when we think this, we immediately try to blame either everyone, or no one. We are afraid to blame a process and [instead] implicate certain people as its methods.

Morality of this type has been with the world since its earliest days; it is not a new invention, merely a less successful one, thus one that was until recently alien to our societies because many generations ago we transcended it. It is a belief system based on appearances: emotions come before logic, personal boundaries come before the necessity of doing what is right for all, and abstract divisions of “good” and “evil” regarding intent come before a realization of the effect of any action. In short, this is a belief system which manipulates by preventing certain actions rather than by recommending others, and it attacks before any action is ever committed.

[To understand this] we must go to folk wisdom, in which it is recognized that what people would not do as individuals they will do as a mob.

The belief, whether known in language to its bearer or not, that the individual should predominate over all other concerns is Crowdism. We name it according to the crowd because crowds are the fastest to defend individual autonomy; if any of its members are singled out, and doubt thrown upon their activities or intentions, the crowd is fragmented and loses its power. What makes crowds strong is an inability of any to criticize their members, or to suggest any kind of goal that unites people, because what makes for the best crowds is a lack of goal. Without a higher vision or ideal, crowds rapidly degenerate into raiding parties, although of a passive nature.

Crowdism strikes anyone who values individual comfort and wealth more than doing what is right. People of a higher mindset leave situations in a higher state of order than when they were found. This requires that people form an abstraction describing how organization works, and create in themselves the moral will to do right, and thus embark on a path that is not accessible to everyone: the smarter and more clearsighted one is, the greater likelihood exists that one is realizing things that an audience of average people have not yet comprehended. For this reason, Crowdists hate people who leave situations in a higher state of order than when they were found.

In short, a crowd does not exist except where underconfidence unites people who, being unable to lead on their own, find solace in the leadership and power of others. They want to be in control, but they are afraid to lead, and thus each person in the crowd delegates his authority to others. The crowd therefore moves not by choices, but by lowest common denominator, assessing each decision in terms of what all people in the crowd have in common. Predictably, this makes its decisions of such a base nature they can be guessed in advance. A crowd derives its momentum from the need of its members coupled with their fear of their own judgment.

Crowdism is not a decision any more than cancer is a design for a new organism; it is the lack of decision, of goal, of design. It is not random, however, so unlike chaos, it is a predictable and rarely-changing order. Some would call it entropy.

In this election cycle, Trump delights people while Leftists specialize in enraging or creating hatred. This occurs because Trump is creating new spaces for activity out of old and hopeless ruins, while the Left is defending their order despite it having created those ruins.

This shows us the difference between people with an internal sense of order and those who depend on external order for meaning in their lives. People who tend toward order inside also like to create it externally, but not as a means of substituting for a lack of inner order.

In other words, those with internal order project that outward, where those with internal disorder require something tangible and external in order to create a simulation of internal order.

What we are seeing with Trump is a cultural shift like after the first Reagan term, when the country moved to the Right simply because this offered a more rewarding formula: develop internal order, and live in a world that does not try to change your inner order with its own control formula.

None have seen this in Trump yet, but it is the good manager behind the good salesman. He is making his people feel better and gain greater clarity by leading, or presenting a sensible example. He acts by gut instinct from a deep love of order, and people are emulating it.

Trump reminds me of a guy I knew in college. He sat in the lounge watching television all day, strumming on this cheap acoustic guitar that he had. We thought he was just a loser. It turns out that he was thinking all the time, forming an intense relationship with the degrees of the scale and developing a melodic language of his own out of that. When he graduated, he started writing interesting material and went farther than anyone else in his degree program.

We see Trump as this caricature, a guy who spends all day watching CNN and Tweeting, but in reality, he seems to be thinking a great deal behind the scenes. He comes up with his own language instead of using what everyone else is saying, in part because he knows that it will not work for him, but mainly because he wants a fresh perspective. He goes back to the roots of power and studies those, instead of starting several layers of abstraction above it with the endless discussion of theory and ethics that has blotted out all questions of functional leadership.

That attitude fits with someone who wants to escape from the crowd. He wants to learn it all on his own terms, and then apply it for something other than the collected hallucinations of the group, since humans are self-deluding by nature, and in groups they form echo chambers to confirm those delusions, leading down the path described above as crowdism.

Leftists do not understand this because they are not interlinked with the world. They see it as a substrate, something they exploit for their personal desires, and their methods are simply means to this end, as are all the people they meet and the objects they encounter. Since their minds are disordered, they fear death more than anything else, and so they focus on having a power in life that makes death seem trivial, when in fact they have simply brought death into their thinking and are spreading doom through their disorganized and therefore self-centered, solipsistic thought.

Leftists look alien: Nancy Pelosi, Justin Trudeau, Paul Ryan, Jeremy Corbyn, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden all look Asiatic. They do not look Western European. It is as if Genghis Khan never went away, but returned in the form of 5% of the DNA of all Leftists, still with his urge to conquer and dominate because of a lack of inner purpose, meaning, or delight in life.

The Left knows that they are part of the white disease, which we might identify as the condition of being intelligent enough to master the world without the depth of thought necessary to understand its deeper patterning. This usually happens after class warfare destroys a civilization; people think in terms of two-dimensional categories, linear causality, and universal absolutes. The nuance required to perceive structure instead of appearance has left them, since they rely on having the right appearance to move up within the centralized ideological system.

Our ancestors knew this disease well. They realized that having a big brain meant that one had moved up from our primitive origins, but that new challenges awaited, namely how to discipline that big brain to keep it from issuing forth distractions and illusions.

We can call the white disease hubris, which is its ancient name, and it refers to arrogance against the order that is both inside and outside of the self. This order combines the logical, natural, and divine, and when we live by it, we live well and with clear minds.

On the other hand, when we deviate from it, we create a world ruled by human social opinion, and in that there are no certainties. People start out at an “equal” level, which means that everyone is no one until they offer themselves up by being entertaining, obedient, conformist, or join one of the little cults — Leftism is one — that infest dying societies.

This creates an intense competition for social mobility that makes people hateful. They hate each other and want revenge because no one has a place that simply works for them, but must like a slave serve and “prove” their worth to some external force. The internal is simply excluded.

This shows us the fundamental human cognitive error, which is rationalization. Instead of choosing what is right and doing it, we select from what is available and then argue that it is what we need or wanted. When the group rules via central authority, this is the only option available.

Groups ruling through central authority is an ancient Asian invention. They also invented bureaucracy, because this is the only way to keep a group in line when it is mass mobilized into a mob. Instead of motivating people to do what is right, you control them by limiting the methods they can use, and this requires lots of little bureaucrats, but makes the people into tools of their leaders, a form of tyranny.

The West adopted this inversion through individualism. Instead of acting toward the order that made sense, we acted toward what the individual thought he wanted at the time, and then rationalized that as being “good.”

This fits within a species of cognitive errors:

  1. Backward cognition. Instead of data in search of a thesis, or collecting everything and then drawing conclusions about it, we use a thesis in search of data, which means drawing our conclusion and then selecting from the data only what supports it.
  2. Causal error. Every effect has one cause because the action and response has already occurred; every action, however, can have multiple effects or a range of effects (think of tossing a ball randomly in the air; the toss is the cause, the effect is where it lands). Humans like to think instead in categories, where the effect and cause are assumed to be the same and the objects in those categories to have uniform, equal properties.
  3. Quantity versus quality. To determine quality, one finds a pattern to a situation, and looks for the best expression of technique that brings it about; if quality does not matter, one simply goes looking for a new pattern that seems to match what is desired. For example, if you move into a neighborhood that has a crime problem, you just move again (quantity) instead of focusing on how to improve the neighborhood by establishing patterns of sane living (quality).
  4. Socializing. Crowdism shows us the triumph of human social preferences — a method of control serving an external goal substituting for inner motivations — over an order larger than the individual. This shows us effect-as-cause reasoning, where we assume an ideological goal and then force conformity to make it appear true.
  5. Arbitrary symbolism. Symbols are arbitrary when they do not correspond directly to reality; however, humans love symbols that make reality seem simpler, tying together lots of details, and so will flock to even inaccurate methods of these.
  6. Superstition. Superstition confuses timing with cause. If you toss a ball in the air and a passing cartel plane drops a brick of marijuana in your backyard, you might assume that the ball toss brought about the free weed.
  7. Neurosis. This is best described by C.G. Jung:

    One day in the early summer of 1887 I was standing in the cathedral square,waiting for a classmate who went home by the same route as myself. It was twelve o’clock, and the morning classes were over. Suddenly another boy gave me a shove that knocked me off my feet. I fell, striking my head against the curbstone so hard that I almost lost consciousness. For about half an hour afterward I was a little dazed. At the moment I felt the blow the thought flashed through my mind: “Now you won’t have to go to school any more.” I was only half unconscious, but I remained lying there a few moments longer than was strictly necessary, chiefly in order to avenge myself on my assailant. Then people picked me up and took me to a house nearby, where two elderly spinster aunts lived.From then on I began to have fainting spells whenever I had to return to school, and whenever my parents set me to doing my homework. For more than six months I stayed away from school,and for me that was a picnic. I was free, could dream for hours, be anywhere I liked, in the woods or by the water, or draw.

    One doctor thought I had epilepsy. I knew what epileptic fits were like and I inwardly laughed at such nonsense. My parents became more worried than ever. Then one day a friend called on
    my father. They were sitting in the garden and I hid behind a shrub,for I was possessed of an insatiable curiosity. I heard the visitor saying to my father, “And how is your son?” “Ah, that’s a sad business,” my father replied. “The doctors no longer know what is wrong with him. They think it may be epilepsy. It would be dreadful if he were incurable. I have lost what little I had, and what will become of the boy if he cannot earn his own living?”

    I was thunderstruck. This was the collision with reality.

    “Why, then, I must get to work!” I thought suddenly.

    From that moment on I became a serious child. I crept away, went to my father’s study, took out my Latin grammar, and began to cram with intense concentration. After ten minutes of this I had the finest of fainting fits. I almost fell off the chair, but after a few minutes I felt better and went on working.”Devil take it, I’m not going to faint,” I told myself, and persisted in my purpose. This time it took about fifteen minutes before the second attack came. That, too, passed like the first. “And now you must really get to work!” I stuck it out, and after an hour came the third attack. Still I did not give up, and worked for another hour, until I had the feeling that I had overcome the attacks. Suddenly I felt better than I had in all the months before. And in fact the attacks did not recur. — Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

    Neurosis occurs when someone rationalizes what has happened to them in a defensive context. If a child does not want to go to school, he seizes on anything bad that happens to him as an excuse to cease going to school. In the same way, modern people love to be styled as victims, because that way, they are not only forgiven the responsibility of doing what they do not want to do, but are also granted esteem by the crowd, because in an egalitarian time only those who are injured by society and therefore owed something by it triumph.

  8. Method over meaning. For leadership, the important questions involve the why behind any choice; something else made it the right choice other than the fact that the method is now accepted and can be repeated. Learning aggregates to method, and when the tool becomes the focus, people lose sight of why the decision was made and through that, of the structure of their own social order.

If we look at it properly, arbitrary symbolism belongs to the genre of neurosis because it shares a pattern there. These symbols are called arbitrary because they do not correspond directly to reality, and are used in the same way rationalization is: to argue for facts that fit the conclusion that is actually an assumption. This allows people to indulge in individualism, or assuming that their desires are correct, and then twisting the rules and authority of society in order to justify, excuse, and rationalize the behaviors undertaken in pursuit of those desires.

Symbolism, like Asiatic centralized bureaucratic society, is a form of neurosis. If a symbol is both universal and absolute, like most human symbols, it is abstract plus unbounded by qualitative detail; this means that it does not describe reality, but how we like to think reality is, and we apply this as a hard categorical boundary upon all people, essentially in a desire to control what methods they use and through that, to shape their thinking. Civilization fails once it becomes a mediator for reality; if instead of having to make things work in the complex work, people only have to satisfy social demands, they face an easier task and one that is easily distorted. Since all individuals have desires, anything which fulfills desire of anyone can be construed as “good,” which effectively obliterates the distinction of evil. After all, Sauron and Satan only wanted their fifteen minutes of fame.

Reality provides a more complex issue because it only exists in a state of becoming. We can describe repeated patterns because these arise in response to repeated conditions; for example, if enough airborne moisture congregates somewhere, eventually it will rain. If someone needs something to sit upon, eventually they will construct a chair or some other object which supports weight in four directions for stability. The rules of the universe are not tangible, but they are consistent, suggesting that they “exist” in a state between tangible existence and abstraction.

When people adopt civilization as reality, they replace nature and logic and even the divine in their minds, and simply defer authority to civilization because this allows them to abuse the power that it grants them. Abuse of power gifts them with all of the benefits of society without the duty to affirmatively preserve, nurture, and advance it, the latter being necessary because time and causality mean that we cannot step into the same river twice, meaning in turn that we cannot repeat the past, but must “beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

White people carry a disease with us, a pathology of individualism, which arose from our disappointment with civilization once it beat back nature, and of course the vast accumulation of useless people. For centuries, anyone with brains in the West has spent most of his time working to restrain the many crazy and stupid people out there, and it tires us out and most of all, makes us bitter. That bitterness causes us to distrust life, and thus breaks the order between inner self and outer transcendent world; we no longer see goodness, divinity, and beauty, only a hostile order that is trying to kill us and is filled with hostile, idiotic people.

The white disease drove us out of Europe, into the world, trying to escape our own society. Freeside: Why Wait? You could have a nice farm in Rhodesia, Texas, or Argentina. Get away from the thronging city and droning masses, each with its own need that in the context of many, simply becomes more generic demand and drama. Aristocrats kept their country homes for a region; cities, with their anonymity and lack of accountability, plus the ease of survival for morally and mentally dense people, are like a form of contagion.

At the end of any great civilization, this type of exodus usually happens. The people who are more sensitive, intelligent, and realistic head for the hills. They realize that their horse has been shot out from under them because their civilization has collapsed, and this means that their lines will be bred out into foreign populations and disappear. If you wonder what terrifies the anti-Semites, it is this future: the entire population of Europe and North America looks Jewish because it follows the formula that made Jews, namely a whole lot of Caucasian, one Chinese grandparent, and one partially-African great-grandparent. Put that together and you get something that looks like a modern Jew, higher-caste Indian, or Northern Arab person. Internet Nazis can rejoice in the fact that this person is mostly white, and some of them will look quite white, but the fact is that they are not white, but white mixed with something else, and they will never be able to be what white was, again. This is how civilizations die. They collapse at the level of spirit, then intellectually, then politically, then socially, followed by an economic pavement kiss, and finally, they collapse genetically. Inbreeding consumes some, sterility or mutations take out others, and many simply choose not to have children, leaving a tiny group that while successful quickly takes in trace admixture — one generation marries someone who is just a quarter native, which will be said to be not a big deal — to the point that it no longer resembles itself or can do what it once did. Look at the ruins of Rome and Athens today; you will find some white-looking people, but as a population, these groups will never achieve even a percentage point of what they once did: now these places are vacation destinations and nothing more (presumably, the future Eurasians will run them as theme parks). Admixture, even trace admixture, is genocide. Collapsing civilizations cause this end result by importing diversity and driving out their own people.

For Europeans, this driving-out began centuries ago and resulted in colonialism. Europe had become trapped by its own high population, heavy bureaucracy, and fierce internal competition. To live well in Europe no longer was accessible to people who did not want to spend most of their time working within the system, socializing with others in the system, studying up on how to beat the system, and filing paperwork for the system. Political and religious conflict doubled the insanity. The frustration drove the best blood to the New World and Africa where they could set up independent farms and live without the pointless complications of proto-modern society.

As Jung found out, ultimately the cure for hubris is thymos, or wanting to be rewarded for doing good according to an order larger than ourselves. We want to be tested, and to show how we contribute even if we are disobedient and non-conformist. That requires however that we beat down the bad so that the good can rise, and doing that would offend the egalitarians, so for many centuries it has been considered inaccessible.

Civilization is like anything else: it works when in balance, but cannot be allowed to take over the narrative and dominate, because at the extremes it works in self-interest alone. To start a civilization requires sacrifice, and when a civilization becomes over-dominant, sacrifice of time and energy is all that awaits its citizens. That means that civilizations require a goal higher than civilization itself, a purpose for civilization, and that this forms the invisible order in which citizens live. It beats down the bad and lifts up the good, which means that it is incompatible with Leftism. More bluntly: it has no need for Leftism, in the same way you have no need for a 57 Chevy small block truck parked in your living room.

People want to trust in the process. They need civilization to be transformative, meaning that it helps them improve themselves while improving itself, but not in the narrow sense of trying to change humanity to a new quantity like “social engineering” does. Instead, they need it to accept humans as they are, but by rewarding the good, leave behind all of the dark and pointless in humanity. People want to be given an incentive to make themselves good, to struggle with their own inner darkness, and to come out ahead as victors, or at least have that chance.

If left to their own devices, most people want self-destructive things, and they cannot articulate any deeper needs. Individuals choose the lowest common denominator out of performance anxiety, meaning that they are afraid they will be unable to attain a higher standard, and when processed through a group this translates into a bureaucracy. This creates a runaway civilization which is over-dominant, and it makes us like rats in a cage: perform function, get pellet. The red light goes on and we rush forward to hit the button with the right symbol so we get a jolt of alfalfa or cocaine or whatever they torment laboratory rats with these days. We learn to externalize, and start depending on the process around us for guidance, conforming to it because otherwise we would become Outsiders who are lost outside the grace of society.

Conservatism offers an opposite to that; we can talk about conserving the best of the past, but ultimately, conservatism is transcendentalism, or accepting the world as it is and finding a beauty in its order. You only know anything when you know the whole pattern, and transcendentalism only occurs at that level. Once you know how the whole thing works, you can see its wisdom, but otherwise you remain trapped in monkey thought and laboratory rat reactions. Conservatives want to both preserve civilization and withstand civilization, knowing the Iron Rule that all things (ideas, people, groups, economics) act only in self-interest alone, and therefore that civilization like capitalism or agriculture will crowd out everything else unless there is some higher forward-looking goal like excellence (arete) and the fulfillment of culture to guide it.

Human entropy takes the form of the crowd, which itself arises from too much civilization without a higher purpose. Ironically, the crowd is an unstable form, which means that it demands obedience and requires conformity; no matter what the stated ideals of the crowd are, the form of the crowd shapes everything to a lowest common denominator, and that in turn makes it have very little in common, therefore be always looking to police itself and force people into greater degrees of unison lest the crowd break up. Like a government, a crowd fears losing power most of all; it accepts self-destruction more easily than having a lack of control.

We need some form of society to amplify our thoughts and deeds, because without that they do not persist or become refined. Counteracting this, crowds also tend toward a default based on what holds the crowd together, which consists of the self-interest of individuals, much like in capitalism or democracy, and that guides people toward unity enforced through conformity and doing the same methods at the same time. If a crowd fragments, it dies, so once a human group is formed, it starts beating on anyone who fails to conform enough. We see this same pattern in Leftism: a vast horde of people united by fear. That is what bureaucracy does; it treats each individual as a problem that must be forced into compliance. Parents do the same thing to their children out of fear that those children will fail or fall in disfavor with the crowd, so the soft totalitarianism goes all the way down. This ancient Asiatic pattern lives on because when humans despair of a higher order and purpose, they become materialistic and power-hungry. It is their inner disorganization, doubt about the goodness of life, and fear for their own instability that drives this. Those produce in individuals a hatred for anything that has order, and a desire to create disorder everywhere in order to hide their own bad behavior.

Here are some of the more interesting news items of the last week or so:

  • Civics Survey: 1 In 5 Americans Can’t Name Single Branch Of U.S. Government

    Democracy seems good on paper, until you realize two things: (1) most people lack the biological/genetic wiring to understand the basics of economics, policy, law, and international relations, and (2) among those who can understand, factors other than logic prevail, such as social influences, a desire to be on the winning team, and emotions. Democracy seems to work for the first two hundred years until people wake up and realize that it has been blowing off real problems while pursuing symbolic problems, because symbols simplify reality and make it easy for little human brains to follow.

  • Uptick of Canadians hit with 5-year bans at U.S. borders called a ‘troubling trend’

    The US is closing its borders. This discourages people from using them on a regular basis, which in turn cuts down opportunities for people to enter illegally from other countries. It also sends a strong signal: the US is not someplace you come to unless you are on the up-and-up entirely. Outliers and edge cases will be filtered. The world needs to become accustomed to an idea other than a global city with different neighborhoods that you can visit any time you want, no matter what situation you are in, passing along the costs to the host nation.

  • As Rural Groceries Fade Away, Lawmakers Wonder Whether to Act

    Scientists believe the loudest sound on Earth is the low hum, sounding like a drooling person howling the word “durrrr,” coming from Washington. Rural areas are dying because the cost of living has been unreasonably raised, so people are abandoning those family farms and homesteads and heading to the city to become more sterile, bored, resentful, and perverse people living in city boxes and paying taxes to big government so that it can promote more entitlements, diversity, and most importantly, the hiring of bureaucrats. We are suffering from a bureaucrat takeover, and we need to send these people and the affirmative action programs which support them into the abyss of failed policy.

    Supporters of such efforts point to tax incentives and subsidies at various levels of government that have enabled superstores to service larger areas and squeeze out local independent grocers.

    As usual, remove government and the problem is solved. Superstores work best in areas with high population; Walmart, Costco, and Aldi have made lives better by lowering prices. To fix rural grocery stores, we have to reduce taxes and thus reduce costs in order to end the gap between huge industry and small independent operators.

  • ‘A deadly problem’: should we ban SUVs from our cities?

    As usual, for the Left, government is the only solution. In a broader sense, why are we encouraging people to drive giant cars? A cultural change could go a long way here, but as we pile people from all over the world onto our roads and the roads get more dangerous, people are buying large in order to insulate themselves from the terrible driving of others. Around here it is nothing but angry white Boomers driving around in a fog of confusion and resentment, slow driving Hispanics and African-Americans, and Asians who seem oblivious to events on the road around them. To avoid being clobbered by a newly-divorced alcoholic Boomer in a Subaru, one often considers getting a nice solid Tahoe so that the crash will be nothing more than a little bump.

  • The last mammoths died on a remote island

    Species can become extinct. So can national populations, if they make stupid decisions like mass immigration and diversity!

  • Extinction risk for 270 species in Ireland, says nature report

    Species need open land without humans using it (or even traversing it) so that they can hunt, fight, feed, roam, and reproduce. The more humans we have, the less nature we have, and soon, the fewer species we have. Orbiting aliens would view our policies of entitlements (against Darwinism) and immigration as some kind of spectacular slow motion suicide, and probably nuke us from orbit.

  • Katy HS varsity football player facing discipline after racist video: Katy ISD

    Regardless, my son made a poor decision and used a very insensitive word of which we do not condone in our home. We do not see color in our home as we all bleed red. Anyone that knows Bronson and who attends school with him or who has played ball with him knows his heart and they know he is not a racist. Three of Bronson’s very best friends are African-Americans. We have a house full of kids all the time and the majority of which are African-American.

    The white people dance continues: repeat “diversity is our strength,” then move to the whitest neighborhood you can find. Frequently, I hate my race for being clever rather than intelligent; instead of being honest and setting up a sensible social order, they do what is convenient for themselves right now and steal tomorrow to pay for today.

  • Passenger reveals how a fellow commuter bravely stepped into stop a man ‘threatening to stab people’ on a packed train

    When law enforcement breaks down because it cannot operate when told to avoid offending the diversity:

    Del Scott-Lewis, a passenger in his 40s from Ockenden, told MailOnline he was involved in trying to stop the bearded man from attacking anyone on the train.

    ‘I’m looking round over my left shoulder, facing a girl sitting down. He’s mumbling on about ‘I’m from f***ing Afghanistan’.

    ‘Then an old workman behind him has got up and said to this guy ‘leave her alone’. Then the guy punched him five or six times. I saw him fall backwards.

    ‘I turned round and shouted out: ‘let’s get him off at the next stop’. When I got to him I grabbed hold of his right arm and marched him to the centre of the train.

    ‘When against the wall, he started saying ‘I’ll kill you, I’m from Afghanistan, I’ll kill you, I’ll stab you’. I was on the phone to 999 and saying ‘we need urgent help’.

    We will see more of this. He did the correct thing by being fully legal the whole time. You have to use the system against itself, because it is a blind idiot responding to appearance and symbol, not reality.

  • ‘It’s worse than ever’: how Latinos are changing their lives in Trump’s America

    If it is so terrible here, why are you here? If your homelands are so bad, why did you not work to fix those? We are getting the selfish and useless of the world coming in, not the best.

  • Sikh peer accuses BBC of ‘prejudice’ as he quits Radio 4 show after 35 years

    His comments came after the BBC tried to stop Lord Singh from broadcasting an item commemorating an executed Sikh guru “because it might offend Muslims”.

    The Sikh guru cited had opposed the forced conversion of Hindus to Islam under the Mughal emperors of India in the 17th century.

    Lord Singh told The Times: “It was like saying to a Christian that he or she should not talk about Easter for fear of giving offence to the Jews.”

    Diversity is not going to work. Every special interest group — ethnic, sexual, political, racial, religious — has a need to impose its standards, and these inevitably and necessarily clash with those of other groups. The result is constant infighting, which weakens a society and exhausts its members, who get tired of the insoluble problem of diversity.

  • Energy-efficient washing machine in a German hospital acted as a ‘reservoir for multidrug-resistant pathogens’ and passed on ‘pneumonia-like bacteria’ to several babies in intensive care

    Starting with Bill Clinton’s fmoron “Energy Star” policy, manufacturers have switched to making “energy-efficient” appliances that are less effective and shorter-lasting than their predecessors. For example, a friend has an energy-efficient clothes washer that requires running two loads to get the clothes as clean as the old Kenwood appliance used to do. Not surprisingly, this lesser function can pass on pathogens. If you want the most energy-efficient solution, it lies in making appliances that last for forty years and can be easily fixed, since the most energy-intensive part of the process is the manufacturing, transport, sale, and installation of the appliance. All those international ships, the mining of metals and minerals, the two cubic feet of styrofoam that insulates the box in shipping, and even the days it spends sitting on the sales floor all add up. Even the least energy-efficient appliance gains a net energy savings if it lasts a long time. In other words: quality over quantity.

  • University of Kansas apologizes after Snoop Dogg’s show featuring pole dancers and profanity

    We all have to pretend that prole culture and its mass entertainment is good and beneficial. Then, we have to act surprised when it does what it does, which is make a spectacle of sex, violence, greed, and apathy. If you book a Snoop Dogg show, you are signaling that you want pole dancers and profanity. If that then shocks you, you are living in the white person urban bubble of hypocrisy, where you say one thing and do another. Those who think pop culture is good should buy a bunch of it and bring it home for their kids to consume. When they get done paying for those ruined lives, maybe they will understand something… anything… about the world they live in.

  • Rural Iowa’s Dwindling Options For Maternal Care

    “Some rural counties have lost as many as 40 percent of their population in the last three decades,” he said. “That’s a lot of people gone, unfortunately, that leaves a system that’s not adequate for those that remain in those counties, and areas.

    Hunter said there are several other reasons that contribute to closures — what he calls “perfect storm.”

    “Medicaid reimbursements are so low for OB that hospitals can’t survive,” Hunter said.

    According to numbers from the University of Iowa, Medicaid — government-funded insurance for those with low incomes — reimbursed its hospital about a third of what commercial insurance plans did for services like ultrasounds and deliveries last year.

    Tax people into oblivion and they move into cities for higher-paying jobs, then your broken socialized medicine insurance bureaucracy kills off the hospitals. Surely the rise in EMTALA cases brought on by foreign-born populations has nothing to do with it as well, although we all know that it would be taboo to be mentioned in this article.

  • Ex-truck driver gets prison for poisoning S. Carolina cre

    Greene faced up to three years in prison for repeatedly dumping chemicals in 2017 in the Wateree River drainage basin, which flows past Congaree National Park. He would back up a tanker truck and dump polluted water containing chemicals such as mercury and lead. Greene said he was just “trying to save time.”

    A society based on equality punishes the good, and the bad take over.

  • Swedish court acquits police who killed man with Down’s syndrome

    Adopt the same policies as the USA, get the same problems as the USA. When you have a high-crime, high-violence society, police become more trigger happy because they have a reasonable expectation that people are actually trying to kill them.

  • A teacher says he was fired for refusing to use male pronouns for a transgender student

    Teacher points out that affirming reality is in line with his religious beliefs. In the name of political pretense, administrators fire him. Hopefully this lawsuit results in much damage to the educational system!

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