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  • China is destroying Muslim graveyards where generations of Uighur families are buried and replacing them with car parks and playgrounds ‘to eradicate the ethnic group’s identity’

    The West is projecting the failure of its own diversity program onto China, who is doing the right thing to the Uighurs: remove all minority groups if you can, for less internal conflict, greater efficiency, and more contentment to your citizens. It does not matter whether they are nice or not, smart or not, and kind or not. They are Other and as such, a threat to both you and themselves. They come here to either suicide (be assimilated) or conquer (fight for their rights, standards, and genetics prevailing over those of other groups). There is no middle ground and there are no grey areas. In the meantime, in my hometown I have seen all the landmarks get bulldozed and replaced with strip malls, all the signs go from German to English to Russian to Spanish to Vietnamese, and now stand out in a crowd as the weird lone Anglo-Saxon who somehow wandered into “diverse” America.

  • 45 Percent of Millennials Say That Living Costs Hold Them Back From Buying Homes

    Let me break it down for you: contrary to what you were taught in school, government exists to pay salaries to government employees. They expand its powers so that they get more salary. The best way to expand powers is to find some group of hopeless/helpless people that you want to “save,” which makes all the neurotic, weak, sad, lonely, drunk, broken, insane, and bored people out there rush to your side, each eager for a chance to show how noble and intelligent he is. They vote for “free” stuff, which means higher taxes on producers, which are passed on directly to consumers through higher prices and lower wages. The money has to come from somewhere; you either increase productivity, which has a limit because it drives down prices and the market is of a fixed size, or you pass the buck on down to the lower echelon people. The people with real money just pay the price, raise their fees, and move on. Our population has risen because we are trapped in this loop, and the only solution seems to be to expand the number of consumers, since we cannot get enough money out of each. That in turn has given rise to lots of free riders who either live on welfare, receive massive government salaries, or come here illegally and work without paying income or property taxes. Add all that together, and home prices go up because of high property taxes to fill in the gap, while at the same time, prices go up and wages fall so that prices do not go up farther. No wonder Millennials are pained; they fell right into the trap caused by eighty years of Leftist “steal from tomorrow to pay for today” tax-and-spend socialist style entitlements programs.

  • As Canadian pot gets cheaper, black market still offers best deals

    This one is interesting if you read it as being about markets in general, and not weed. Legalization drove prices down because the illegal market finally had competition; regulations, taxes, insurance, and labor costs keep prices high for legal weed, and the black market has surged ahead to provide better quality at a lower price. Now imagine what those high regulatory, tax, insurance, legal, union and labor costs are doing to the price of ordinary products that you buy.

  • Johnson & Johnson told to pay $8bn to man over unwanted breast growth

    Juries, like democracy, favor huge awards with no idea where the money is coming from. They think corporations and “the rich” just sit around on huge piles of cash, when in fact no one who knows anything about investing would do that. The award, a thousand times higher than the highest possible reasonable amount, will be passed on to consumers if not overturned on appeal. The company will shrug because its competitors, seeing an opportunity, will raise their prices in return. In this way, our system constantly drives up prices and you, the little guy, pay for it.

  • Germany synagogue shooting: Suspect ‘broadcast attack livestream on Twitch’ and ranted about Holocaust, Jews and immigration

    Many people will talk about “the optics” of this, and they may have a point or not. In my view, the bigger problem here is that shooters like this guy target the symptom and not the cause. Your problem is that your society has a policy of diversity instead of nationalism (which means one ethnic group per nation). No groups except Germans should be there, and any disadvantages you notice to particular groups are dwarfed by the overall disadvantage of having diversity, which is genocide of your people. If you want to do something, take a hint from Anders Breivik, Tim McVeigh, and Ted Kaczynski and target the members of your own people who are causing these problems through their embrace of egalitarian philosophies. The same applies to whatever insanity this Canadian synagogue vandalism is, although those tend to be Muslim-based (like this recent attack) or insurance scams (like this one).

  • Israel deeply worried about Trump’s inaction on Kurds, Iran

    The world does not yet understand the Trump doctrine: use the economy as our big stick, and send weapons to our allies so that they — being closer to the problem and having far greater knowledge than us in the area — can apply solutions as necessary. The US is pursuing its own interests because otherwise, lots of countries get to free ride and they just spend the money they save on advancing Leftist ideas through entitlements and diversity programs. In other news, this could get Netanyahu back into power as Israelis realize that no one else is coming to save them from Islamic aggression at home and abroad.

  • Police chief ordered ticket quotas to raise revenue, N.J. cops say in whistleblower suit

    Government fines have been an epic scam for generations. If you write enough niggling nanny laws, you can find someone guilty at any time. Not enough ticket revenue? Lower the speed limits to an absurd pace and people will cheat because the law is nonsensical. America hides the actual cost of policing, much of it related to diversity and entitlements programs like welfare subsidizing the bad, by fining ordinary people.

  • White House vows total halt to impeachment probe cooperation

    The Constitution states the House has the sole power of impeachment, and that the Senate has the sole power to conduct impeachment trials. It specifies that a president can be removed from office for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors,” if supported by a two-thirds Senate vote. But it offers little guidance beyond that on proceedings.

    Team Trump took the Constitution at its word and is refusing to be bullied by the passive-aggressive, preemptively defensive Left which repeatedly uses procedure as obstruction. This both frustrates the Left and encourages them, which is good because it keeps them focused on impeachment and distracted from their actual problem, which is the split between white liberals and socialist Hart-Celler voters.

  • Trump accused of 26 new cases of ‘unwanted sexual contact’

    In literature, a device called “the unreliable narrator” uses a character who may or may not tell you the actual facts of a situation. It forces the reader to become wary. The Christine Blasey Ford approach to public office, in which a complaint should destroy a promising career, forces all of us to be highly skeptical about people who do anything but go right to the police after an incident. Even more, we trust empirical data and not witness or victim statements; a woman with bruises on her face is a much more convincing rape accuser than someone who claims she was afraid to fight back. In the long term view, people are seeing the risks of casual sexual contact, and will start to dial that back, which cannot be a bad thing.

  • US dips in competitiveness index as Singapore takes top spot

    The Global Competitiveness Report, which is now in its 40th year, said the U.S. is losing ground in measures such as “healthy life expectancy” and preparedness for the future skills needed in the 21st century.

    Fill the country with third world immigrants, spend all our money on diversity and entitlements instead of infrastructure, and dumb down education so that everyone can participate, and not surprisingly, your economic competitiveness falls. In the bigger picture, we will find that diversity correlates to lower economic competitiveness and all nations that got trolled into accepting diversity by the Left will see their source of wealth dry up.

  • Power Outages Begin for Nearly 1 Million in California Due to Wildfire Threat

    We need a new word for people who are not just unintelligent, but self-centered and oblivious. I suggest fmoron, a portmanteau made from a partial concatenation of two common words. When your customers are fmorons, you cut off their power because otherwise, you will get blamed if the wind blows down a power line and starts a huge fire. Never mind that people built too much, too fast, and in too many places that were better left for nature.

  • Poll: Young Americans Are More Likely to Resent the Rich

    The Left comes to power by blaming the rich for the failures of the poor. The poor wanted free stuff, voted for it, and now all the prices are higher, housing is too expensive, and they get paid less at work. Since these people have outsourced their brains to government, the only solution they can think of is to tear down those who have risen above the rabble. They will create a society with few or no rich people, which means that its only economic activity will come from foreigners who buy up raw materials and do something useful with them. Democracy not only rewards stupidity, but it trains people to be stupid, or to see the world through the philosophy of BUMARC: Binary Utilitarianism Manipulating Appearance to Reify Control. This philosophy means that the only solution is to make everyone happy by manipulating appearance and ignoring structure, while forcing a philosophy of either accepting this or being an outsider in order to maintain total control. BUMARC is the core of soft totalitarianism, and it is how societies commit suicide.

  • Mexico mayor tied to car and dragged along by angry locals

    Democracy is failing in flames everywhere. However, what did people expect? Democracy rewards appearance and symbol as selected by an audience who understands nothing of how to create the results they desire. Instead, they vote for short-term solutions and then rage and have tantrums when the long-term results are terrible. Why do you whine, voters? You voted for this.

  • Suicide is growing health crisis for African American youth

    Diversity is not working for anyone. For decades, African-Americans could point to mythical oppression and say that this was keeping them down; that crusade of resistance gave meaning to life. Now that they are accepted and in fact legally defended, they are experiencing the same modern society blues as everyone else. We need to end diversity because each population only feels comfortable when it has its own space and command of its own future.

  • BBC Today presenter Justin Webb says Rory Stewart should not try to be London mayor because standing against black and Muslim rivals as a white Old Etonian ‘is not very 2020’

    All immigrant groups, no matter how nice or intelligent, come to the same message: “Abolish yourselves so we can take over.” Leftists, who are disordered minds, hate their society and want to remove its structure so that they can act badly with impunity, and this causes them to try to destroy all existing functional institutions. Disordered minds tend to both love themselves and hate themselves, and alternate between the two, which produces a fear of anything other than themselves and a tendency to act to destroy everything, including themselves. Instead of recognizing Leftism as a pathology, we keep pretending that it is a viable political system. It is not.

  • 3 sexually transmitted infections hit new highs again in U.S.

    Sexual liberation turns your population into rutting Bonobos. The Left encourages this, since they hate social order, and the family is the basis of social order. However, sexual liberation causes people to end up unmarried and childless, or married and alienated, to the point that most families are horrors from which children scramble to escape. In the name of empowering the individual, we have doomed her to a life of low-grade misery hidden behind chrome, plastic, money, and endless propaganda.

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