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  • More Dems back impeachment action amid reports Trump ordered Ukraine aid frozen

    Conservatives operate by goals, Leftists operate by pretexts. That is, they find something that they can use to argue for their own greater power or ability to change things, and use that to open the door and start taking over. This follows the legalistic origin of the Left in rights and ownership rather than divine right, i.e. the aptitude and moral fitness of people to lead. With the Ukraine issue, they have come up with another plausible reason that they should have some kind of legal battle, even if ultimately this will be proven to be a rationalization, justification, excuse, or pretext rather than an actual goal. Their goal remains the same: take over. They might trigger a civil war with this thin rationale and obvious partisan move. That might be for the best, as it will save us centuries of balkanization.

  • Officer fired for KKK and Confederate items says he’s just a fan of history, ‘Dukes of Hazard’

    Anderson, who had been with the department for more than two decades, denied ever being a KKK member or supporter and said that the Confederate items Mathis saw in his home are a “very small part” of an extensive collection of “Dukes of Hazard” memorabilia he has spent decades gathering, according to the report.

    Anderson said the unsigned KKK application from the 1920’s is a historic item, purchased from a vendor in Indiana and collected as part of his interest in American history and antiques.

    In other words: the press led us to believe that it was a current KKK application lying on his desk waiting to be filled out, but instead, it’s a 1920s KKK application in a frame like a curio. The Confederate memorabilia seems to be “Dukes of Hazard” related. The whole thing was a scam, made up by the realtors:

    In other words, this is simply another diversity shakedown.

  • New bill could force cops to ask active shooters to stop killing before taking action

    More insane law, and what is the reason?

    “This disproportionately impacts African Americans, who make up only 13 percent of the U.S. population but account for 25 percent of those Americans tragically shot and killed by police each year,” he continued.


  • A neonicotinoid insecticide reduces fueling and delays migration in songbirds

    People in the 1980s used to diet by taking up smoking because it killed the craving for food. It turns out that pesticides made from tobacco causes the same effect in birds, making them eat less and therefore migrate later, causing population drop. All of our miracle products — antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, anti-depressants, statins — are failing at the same time as we realize that we have been living in a toxic horror of modern existence for too long, and instead of visibly harming us in big ways, it bleeds us out through a death of a thousand cuts.

  • Confession of British spy for the Soviets made public for first time

    Most people have no idea who the Cambridge Five were, but they are responsible for the conservative distrust of both education and homosexuality. During the 1930s, most Western intellectuals decided to be iconoclasts and support Communism because this won them social points with their social group. Basically, we all knew that in order to fix modernity we would have to walk back The Enlightenment™ and bring back the kings, and this offended people on a personal level, since they would not be able to be “important” and posture around as having wisdom. As a result, the intellectuals decided that they would patch up the failing modern system by re-applying its root principles, meaning that it would go full egalitarian and be Communist. From that came the next generation of traitors, who tended to be the failed sons of wealthy families who joined the Communist Party at university, drank too much and were either bisexual or homosexual.

  • Trump calls on nations to reject globalism, embrace nationalism

    Globalism is egalitarianism for nation-states. Instead of each going its own way, we rope everyone into the same big group and force the productive to support the unproductive by creating huge financial incentives for “developing” nations which allows them to offer cheap labor. Industry benefits, and was somewhat justified in demanding this because of the sabotage caused by unions, government gets more powerful, and of course the third world can now start again entertaining its Genghis Khan and Darius style fantasies of being a world power, which allows it to wage war against the West. In other words, by forcing Western pacifism, globalism guarantees destruction of the West followed by third world rule, which will collapse as usual and leave behind an impoverished, illiterate, ignorant, low-IQ, and degenerated humanity which will never rise to greatness again. With globalism, we become Bonobos; with nationalism, some of us rise to new heights, and those who fail to heed this call stay at the natural state of humanity, which is poverty, stupidity, disease, and crime. We must allow natural selection, natural hierarchy, and the rise of the great over the rest; otherwise, we reduce ourselves to the lowest common denominator, and that then sinks lower each generation because each time you reduce the level, new people appear below that level, which reduces the average over time.

  • Supreme Court: Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament was unlawful

    Somehow, the courts always defend The System. This makes sense when you see who pays their bills. In the meantime, Brexit must go ahead and so Johnson may have to force it by simply ceasing to comply with the treaty and exiting in breach, then allowing the EU to follow up with legal action if it wants twenty years of expensive litigation. In other words, the Left is posturing that Brexit can be delayed, when really Brexit has already happened and Johnson is simply seeking to formalize it, which he can do by acting in recognition that Brexit has already happened and ceasing to enforce EU law, at which point the UK is automatically ejected from the EU. The Left is fighting a delaying tactic here, as they always do, hoping to bluff and bully Johnson into giving up on his actual legal power as they were able to do with Theresa May.

  • Life in China Is Getting Harder, and Xi Jinping Should Worry

    Globalism transferred costs from the third world to the first world, following the messianic egalitarianism of the Left, which holds that good can only come from making the world equal by taking power, status, and wealth from the naturally talented and giving it to everyone else. As globalism fails, China is finding out that it is still a third-world country and Europe is discovering that it never had the money for those luxurious entitlements states after all. The Baby Boom of the 1940s-1950s gave them lots of people to tax and votes to buy, but those depended on selling products to the growing third world and not paying their defense bills any longer. Now that the Boom is over, reality must be faced, and the world is waking up to some hard realities, with populism as the only political force that recognizes these. There is going to be a prolonged tantrum until populism takes over.

  • Child marriages in Germany present a challenge for authorities

    Diversity presents you with two horrible options:

    1. Assimilation. Force other groups to adopt your standards, at which point you have rejected their culture and are going to arrest disproportionate numbers of them.
    2. Permissiveness. Accept other groups as they are and abolish your own standards, at which point you have rejected your own culture and will fight with your own people.

    The West has been shuttling back and forth between these two for some time now. It turns out that neither is a good option. The only winning strategy is not to play.

  • ‘Mommy don’t go to work’: sexist children’s song prompts outcry in China

    Chinese man states the simple truth that working moms make unhappy homes, and the financial payoff — once you account for all the childcare, two people commuting, two business wardrobes — is not all that great. Naturally, this outrages all the people who depend on pretense for their mental state, and so there is much whining while a larger group in the background nods in agreement.

  • Rutland: England’s only county without a McDonald’s

    McDonald’s wants to move into a picturesque place which points out quite sensibly that it derives great benefit from not being standardized like everywhere else. Wherever humanity goes, they bulldoze the forests, put up cities, install the wallpaper of fast food, big box stores, check cashing, boutiques, tanning salons, banks, and gift shops, and then people wonder why they feel so anonymous and isolated. When all of society looks the same, you do not have a community; you have a grid coordinate and you are essentially a prisoner in your home and workplace. No wonder people have started ordering everything online; there is no point going out into the great conformist anonymous repetition anymore.

  • US universities see decline in students from China

    Decoupling continues. Globalism erodes. No wonder the Left wants impeachment: Trump is killing off a major source of their funding. In this period of history, we learn that any “open society” quickly gets taken over by its opposition, who buy real estate, businesses, media, and political parties and then maneuver themselves into a position of dominance. The future is fashy and will not tolerate foreign presence, investment, or manipulation, in the same way that it will be suspicious of those who make their money from consumer interests. We have finally recognized the nature of the human, and realize that in herds, we make terrible self-destructive decisions, which means that we need strong power to protect the people from themselves, from wealth, and from the threats that they do not understand and therefore refuse to recognize. Future generations will see this as no different than banning heroin or child porn.

  • How did Canadians react to Trudeau’s blackface photos? With a big meh, polls find

    True, these are Leftists, and they excuse their own from anything up to and including genocide, but this looks like political correctness has peaked and died. In the past, even a Leftist candidate would have gone down in flames for this one. The downside is that Canada still has ClouseauTurdeauTrudeau.

  • ICE detains 5 individuals at Chicago pizza shop, Mayor Lightfoot says

    The Left thought they were clever by objecting to immigration enforcement by saying, “Why don’t you go after the business owners?” Point taken, and now it is happening. This pizza joint employed exclusively illegals and now finds itself out of business until it can replace its entire staff. This can kill a business, and if this pattern improves, only the law-abiding businesses will remain, which will be a victory for everyone.

  • Apple will make the new Mac Pro in Austin, avoiding some China tariffs

    Apple declined to move manufacturing to Austin in the 1990s, citing local conservative opposition. It turned out that they realized they could make more money by building their computers overseas thanks to the unbalanced trade agreements worked out by the Clintons. Now that those are gone, the company returns manufacturing to the USA, and will automate as much as possible to scare away the unions.

  • What has happened to the Labour faithful under hard left leader Jeremy Corbyn

    New poll finds that Leftists in the UK — as in the US and EU — have shifted hard to the Left. What drove that? They got everything they wanted: socialized medicine, diversity, sexual liberation, entitlements, lowered social standards, and the collapse of Christianity and traditional culture. This has voters and Leftists alike asking, “Now what?” They have nowhere further to go except Full Communism, and all of their policies are both failing and have brought on a cornucopia of new problems. The real answer: get the heck away from the Left, going back to The Enlightenment™ and instead heading toward traditional society with aristocratic leadership.

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