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Greta Thunberg, Empowered Prole

A media darling plucked from obscurity by the greatest propaganda machine in history, Greta Thunberg — like David Hogg before her — comes from a long history in democracy of finding members of vulnerable groups to become magical spokespeople to dispel the ignorance of the rest of us.

In the same way that this society fawned over the mediocre Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., made Kennedy its darling for being the first Irish president, and gushed over incoherent feminists like Gloria Steinem, we now see the democratic masses praising the demented-looking Greta Thunberg.

The first thing one notices about Thunberg is her absurdly round face, almost Asiatic in nature, which would be appropriate for a peasant but not a longer-faced member of the groups that make the hard decisions in life. It’s a face that says your turnip harvest will be delayed.

Next, she has furious eyes, as if belonging to someone trapped in a doomed life and unable to find peace or even the presence of mind — mental organization — to achieve any kind of peace. She looks unsettled and ravenous like the rest of the Left.

Finally, a small amount of sexual availability creeps in, whether through the blank expression or the slightly curled lips. Like other proles, she has no agenda in life except whatever makes her feel good in the moment. This means that for the right offer, she might be willing.

All of the above pall compared to what one sees in her eyes, which is greed. She has greed for power through popularity, greed for notoriety, and most of all, greed for the nice easy career which awaits her, telling simplified versions of reality to people in a robotic fashion, because she is now world famous.

A sane society ignores what its proles think. You can either have the best oppress the rest, or the opposite, in which case you end up with simplistic non-solutions like Thunberg preaches, which the crowd loves because they serve as replacements for the more difficult actual solutions.

Like her solutions, Thunberg provides an easy symbol. Since society has again failed, here comes a peasant girl to tell us that instead of being complicated, life is simple. This lets us go back to sleep, ignore the complexity of life, and follow the crowd to a pleasant doom.

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