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  • Poll: Majority of Americans Want First Amendment Rewritten

    They want to make “hate speech” illegal, apparently not realizing that they have then created a broad exception which can be used to punish any non-regime speech, defeating the point of the rule. However, indoctrination works, especially with young people who live in the consumer bubble, and so to them, “racism” (homophobia, Islamophobia, sexism, classism, etc.) is the worst thing ever and government exists to smash it. That Soviet view became part of America when we adopted the Fourteenth Amendment, yet most people refuse to see it.

  • Watch Fox News? You likely think the U.S. economy is great. MSNBC viewers not so much

    We live in different worlds because we notice different things and support different narratives. The blame for this lies with the Left, who made a “reality optional” ideology part of our lives. Had they not done that, we would still have some sense of unity.

  • Mueller report: Criminal probe into Russia inquiry begins

    Leftists set up a witch-hunt, then refused to clear the president of obstructing justice. Now the machinations which created that witch-hunt will be explored. Naturally, this has some people slightly worried. For them, investigations exist to make headlines in order to scare people out of voting for the party that might save them from permanent Leftist rule. The idea that this could backfire on them seems alien to their mindset.

  • Woman dubbed ‘Swing Set Susan’ caught on video claiming to be a cop as she launched foul-mouthed rant at Hispanic teens in a park

    White people: so clever. They will approve of diversity, of course, and even vote for expanding it. They will praise all the crazy Leftist programs because their neighbors and coworkers think these are great, and they want to be on the winning side. They will then do everything they can to work around these programs, sort of like how they cheat on their taxes. Only sometimes, when they are confronted by a visual reminder of what these programs mean, do they flip out. Then again, you can see why white people avoid diversity. They do not understand it, nor know how to deal with it, and because their minds are stultified and befuddled by Leftist ideology, they cannot admit what they must do in order to avoid being victims.

  • High school athlete disqualified from cross-country race for wearing hijab

    Other tribes want to force acceptance of their standards upon you so that your standards are weakened and they gain power. This is inherent to diversity; if they do not do this, your standards are thrust upon them, which weakens their standards — what makes them remember they are different and to aim their actions toward — and makes them weaker in proportion to you. Diversity equals race war, just slowly, and through lots of nasty passive-aggressive stuff because as is typical in democracy, no one will talk about what is really going on, and instead will fill your head with pleasant images so that you vote for them, buy their product, or let them into your social circle.

  • Kmart pulls bride costume for kids after backlash from parents

    The petition, which currently has 198 signatures, had labeled the costume “offensive” and asked supporters to remind Kmart it had a “social responsibility” to uphold.

    “Each year, 12 million children (girls as young as 6 years old — the same size as this ‘costume’) are sold or married off by their family without their consent. That’s one million child marriages per month!” Shannon wrote.

    These are problems that the rest of the world may have, but we do not in the West, and we have no need to acknowledge them, only to prevent them here. The Leftist ideal of equality seems to be, “if anyone is suffering, all must suffer” when a sane and realistic view is that we should avoid suffering if possible, and others can follow our example to get the same results. We cannot force them to behave as we think is right.

  • Right-wing pastor says Trump supporters will ‘hunt down’ Democrats when he leaves office

    We were not this divided when Clinton was impeached, mainly because even his supporters knew that the long chain of scandals and implications of corruption meant that he had done something wrong, even if ultimately it could not be proven. They have nothing on Trump, and this follows several other instances of great Leftist panic when they had nothing, but wanted any excuse to remove Trump from office. People are getting tired of this manipulative nonsense.

  • ‘You could not make this up’: journalist barred from Australian free speech conference

    Immigration authorities note that journalist has inconsistent employment and might be a disguised asylum-seeker. Welcome to the age of algorithms, where they do not consider whether you are a big muck-a-muck in journalism, only what is likely based on past experience. When the AIs are administering this type of rule, people will have less to complain about.

  • ‘An indictment of South Africa’: whites-only town Orania is booming

    Look, no one likes apartheid or slavery, at least among the sane. No one likes racism, cruelty, hatred, and other dark sides of the human experience. Most of us know and like members of other races, religions, and ethnic groups (even some Irish people). We realize however that societies need unity, and that only comes through innate similarities like ethnic correlation. This is why mono-ethnic societies work, and diversity destroys them. In America, African-Americans were healthiest when they set up their own communities with lawyers, doctors, politicians, police, judges, architects, shopkeepers, restaurateurs, and teachers from their own people. This ended for the same reason that the Civil War happened, which is that as a nation grows, it wants to standardize for efficiency and economies of scale. You cannot have two ethnic groups in a country each doing their own thing and achieve this. This means that at some point, African-Americans are going to want a continent of their own, and Africa is best for this; the same applies to Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Irish-Americans. Diversity has failed and is over, so now we are just debating how to do it. The right way, in my view, is to be sympathetic to other ethnic and religions groups and through that, to realize that forcing them to live in our society is oppression and that they need relocation to their own. In the end calculus, “Black Power” and “White Power” are heading toward the same thing, and we need to be able to articulate that it is not enmity that drives us but a desire for functional social orders.

  • Texas jury rules against divorced dad trying to stop 7-year-old son’s gender transition

    A society based around the individual quickly fetishizes the individual distinguishing itself by outlandish behavior in order to stand out in the herd. For now, transsexualism seems like a cutting-edge trend, so lots of people who want to be self-important have adopted it, despite the obvious warning signs. If you want symbolic importance, support for transsexualism makes you look brave and iconoclastic to the Left; those of us more concerned with reality are pointing out that the child is seven years of age, has made few life decisions, and faces potential medical problems if he undergoes hormonal gender transition. However, the mother, Anne Georgulas, has apparently made a career for herself signaling “woke” attitudes. She is likely using the child as a means to that end, and makes more money than her husband, so the court is going to award the kid to her no matter what happens. The big story here involves men who choose the wrong wives, and then years later, are outraged when the narcissism and manipulation come out. Avoid individualists: they always revert to their raw form, which is a power-hungry and sadistic self-worship.

  • Chinese orienteering team disqualified for cheating at Military World Games

    Cleverness presents both evolutionary opportunity and the threat of evolutionary failure through civilization self-destructive. Whites are clever with a transcendental view among the best of them; Asiatics seem more inclined to miss this sense of the “numinous” or sensation of a divine order underpinning all life:

    We can call a numinous (from “numen” meaning divine or spirit) experience, a non-unitive experience.Your garden-variety sense of God’s (mere) “presence” would count as a numinous experience. Numinous experiences contrast with religious experiences that involve, for example, feelings but no alleged acquaintance with non-sensory realities or states of affairs.

    If there is no numinous experience, then only materialism prevails, or more properly, only the self prevails, and you have people who are not concerned with principle, aesthetics, honor, or even self-discipline; what matters is getting the reward that society offers. This fundamentally dishonest approach is a cornerstone of individualism, and it has blighted the East for centuries.

  • German diplomats call on rejecting petition to recognize Holodomor as “genocide”

    Leftists seek to protect the Left by hiding its crimes. In this case, they argue that genocide was not recognized until 1951, so the same act done before 1951 must not be genocide. We all see through that easily.

  • Border wall construction advances in South Texas

    While the press fascinates itself with the latest trend, the overall tendency of our time moves forward, which is toward rejecting internationalism and globalism. People realize that it is not working out, and that the Left is advancing it only so that they can seize power, and so they are declining to endorse it and taking reasonable steps to stop this attempted coup. The border wall provides a strong signal: we want no further immigration, and if you are illegal, we want you to go home; it will be followed by a recognition that mono-ethnic societies work best, and so we are going to have to all work together in order to relocate those who are not of the founding ethnic Western European group.

  • Voters Find Political Divisions So Bad, Believe U.S. Is Two-Thirds Of The Way To “Edge Of A Civil War”

    The voters reveal their inability to comprehend politics:

    “Our Civility Poll finds that eighty percent of voters say that they both demand compromise from political leaders, but want political leaders who will stand up to the other side. That creates mixed messages for even the most skilled political leader trying to decide whether to be a fighter or a dealmaker,” said Mo Elleithee, Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service.

    You cannot compromise two distinct and incompatible versions of what we want from our future. Conservatives want to roll us back to the 1980s and then keep going, slowly incorporating futuristic changes built on a framework of traditional America; Leftists want a socialist, highly diverse, and individualistic society where the nuclear family, culture, and faith are deprecated in favor of a new way of life based on sexual liberation, multiculturalism, and socialism. That the voters do not see this impossibility signals the end of democracy. In fact, democracy is already over, in that no one has faith in it anymore, and we are simply waiting for an opportune time for regime change.

  • The ‘have-nots’ of the world are over the wealth gap

    The more you centralize a society, the more it rewards those who succeed at what government wants, which generally means school and corporate job type activities. This means, in turn, that those who are not good at these things — which by no means are a good measure of human potential — get left out, at the same time that all that centralization rears its head in the form of higher costs and lower wages caused by tax expenses. These riots just show us one more nail in the coffin of democracy, which always tends toward centralization because the voters want government to do everything for them and believe politicians when they say that benefits are “free.”

  • A Georgia sheriff put ‘no trick-or-treat’ signs in yards of sex offenders. They’re suing.

    Societies tend to wind down in a muddle because people are more comfortable inserting footnotes or sticky notes onto rules than re-writing the rules to deal with actual reality. We have sex offenders all around us, but they have rights, too, and we do not really trust our legal system, so we are not even sure if they are actual sex offenders or just teenagers who sexted other teenagers and ended up getting busted for statutory rape or a similar offense. Instead of adjusting our laws to ensure that sex offenders are actual sex offenders, we have a muddle, and so the different sides are fighting it out, with one side pointing out that quite obviously we do not want children trick-or-treating at the homes of pedophiles, and the others pointing out that our sex offender laws became abused and so now we have created a permanent outcast group that no one wants in their neighborhoods. I suppose it is too much to simply send the sex offenders to their own city with lower standards of sexual behavior.

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