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  • ‘Our political system is irrevocably poisoned’: the rise of monarchism

    The Left wants to drum up support for transitioning from “Late Stage Capitalism” to full socialism which of course will require one-party permanent rule. For this reason, they are cautiously praising criticism of democracy, not realizing that when people oppose democracy, they are also opposing the idea behind democracy, which is egalitarianism or the notion that we do not need an internal hierarchy at all. It turns out that “no hierarchy” means an anarchy where the nastiest people get ahead and the good ones get stomped out, which eventually produces a third world style Clown World where everyone is insane, all the rules are paradoxical, and no one can acknowledge this fact. As the gears of history slowly grind, we are heading toward something more like traditional societies. One ethnic group, one culture, one religion, no socialism, half of the land set aside for nature, ruled by aristocrats. Strong morality and massive disconnection from the rest of the world. Benevolent xenophobia instead of these silly, angry race-hating people of all stripes. No regulations, but strong leadership overseeing industry and other things that tend to get out of hand. Fewer laws, more culture, so if you do something venal, people shun you. We are heading toward this because liberal democracy has failed, but it may take some time. We all fear the notion of the “good old days” because it is the flip side of the Utopian idea, but yes, we did some things better in the past. When I read about the society in The Odyssey or The Mahabarata, I think that humans had more dignity, hope, and mental stability then. It is that existential core — sanity, health, balance, purpose, transcendental joy — that modern society lacks, and this is what will drive our transition out of it, even thought the touchstone and pretext will be the massive pollution, land overuse, toxicity of our daily environment, bankruptcy from entitlements, and political upheaval from diversity. People are not normal, healthy, sane, and content in this time. We need to leave it.

  • On U.S. delisting threat, China says ‘decoupling’ would harm both sides

    Some things we can see in reality, for example, “it is raining.” Others are conjectural, like “if it keeps on raining, the levee is going to break.” We have no proof of the latter being true until it happens or fails to happen within a reasonable time (the levee breaking ten years after it rained suggests little causal connection). When people tell you conjectural “truths,” unless they are strictly bound by logical fact (every time it rains, your newspaper left on the lawn turns into goo because it is water soluble), keep in mind that they are projecting: stating their internal thought process as fact in order to make it appear so and thus because others act on it appearing so, to become implemented by the work of those others. William S. Burroughs says “language is a virus,” and those who have no actual power become parasites using language to seduce your mind. So what is China doing here? They are telling us what they want us to think as if it were truth. In reality, we want to get the heck away from China and Asian or Asiatic ideas, societies, and ideas in general. The West believes in complex order; Asia adores the idea of the ravening mob surrounding a strong central bureaucratic administrative-managerial authority. These two are like matter and antimatter and cannot coexist. Not surprisingly, China continues to try to implement the government of Genghis Khan, which should have been the obvious conclusion to anyone who saw Tiananmen Square eight years before the UK randomly agreed to hand over Hong Kong to the Chinese Communists against whom the West has fought two proxy wars (we see in Thatcher’s decision the error of blind ideological isolationism, although she also had good practical reasons to want the territory gone, including the threat of more Chinese immigration). In the meantime, diaspora Chinese continue to do the will of the Mother Borg and act against the West, despite all of our propaganda about diversity, assimilation, equality, and tolerance. Reality suggests that decoupling is the only way that the West can survive, but China does not want us to believe that; then again, they also want to conquer us. Funny how that works.

  • EU brings in ‘right to repair’ rules for appliances

    As usual, government botches a rule. This should have been a court case: whatever you own, you can do whatever you want to it, and manufacturers can then refuse to service it but they cannot stop you from circumventing their restrictions. This idea met resistance back when people wanted to use these rules to hack software that they had purchased because back then, copyright protection (now: Digital Rights Management) was considered a front line defense, a situation which has changed to legal enforcement being the frontline defense since all of this stuff is on the internet and not passing over random phone lines like it was during the BBS days. Instead of a simple rule, the EU has brought in regulations, meaning that costs now go up, when the real problem is that most of the gear consumers are complaining about is cheap junk made in China in order to avoid the hamstringing unions we have here in the West. Government, always a sap looking for a victim to defend in order to get more powerful, gave protection to our workers, which in turn raised costs to the point where no one can afford to manufacture things here, which has in turn led to a situation where we are dependent on China. If we abolished our unions and their analogs, we could decouple from China overnight and have more wealth, but our workers would have to face the grim fact that they are not that important. However, life would also be less expensive and more stable, so the workers would end up in a better position than the one they occupy now. Our unions are just an extension of the ongoing class warfare that has consumed the West for the past thousand years, and reflects the benevolence of our leaders in allowing the proles to radically outbreed the rest of us. Just like a yeast bloom, algal red tide, or lemming march, our species did not control its reproduction and consequently, has self-destructed.

  • 8 Germans on trial over plan to start violent uprising

    All the usual “good people” assure us that violent revolution is not on the table. This means, simply, that it is. Our political system (liberal democracy: democracy+liberalism+socialism+human/civil rights) has collapsed and the signs of its incompetence are everywhere. Transition will occur; many vested interests do not want that to happen. This means that we are going to have to face the question of transition in light of the worst case scenario being real, meaning that we are headed toward violent uprising unless we come up with a better method of transfer of power. Gradually increasing the strength of the executive while limiting the other three branches — judicial, legislature, and the “fourth branch of government” a.k.a. administrative agencies — will take us most of the way if we couple it with accepting hierarchy/caste, the need for strong culture/nationalism, the rise of the ethnic and not racial or mixed-racial state over the mixed-ethic/mixed-racial ideological nation state, and a few other things that our “cultural wave” will achieve. We should aim toward steering off the inevitable counter-revolution by repealing the laws made by the revolution and altering the cultural changes made by Leftism.

  • Donations for Trump’s 2020 war chest surge as impeachment bid fires up Republicans

    Increasingly, it looks like Trump intelligently provoked this impeachment hearing. It keeps the Left away from what it must do to win the remaining white voters, which is to have a platform that actually benefits people instead of hating Trump plus more Free Stuff Army policies. It reveals their willingness to tear apart everything we have in order to perpetuate their own power, and how little they care about you little people from the middle classes (or worse, “flyover” areas between the coasts). It also shows that the core of American divisiveness is the Leftist ideology, which achieved everything that it wanted but now seeks more, including permanent demographic replacement of the founding group. Trump won by driving moderates to support him while also finally inspiring the conservative base to get out there and vote; democracy is a matter not so much of who votes against you, but whether your supporters are active enough to draw attention to themselves and induce other people to figure that this is the “new thing” and they should vote for it.

  • Smollett case special prosecutor donated $1,000 to Kim Foxx’s campaign, co-hosted fundraiser

    Trump talks about the entrenched bureaucracy; I talk about the Crowd. In every human groups, a counter-group emerges which focused on denial of reality because it makes people feel more powerful. This counter group works to help its own members at the expense of the larger society, sort of like a gang or cult, and sabotages whatever is real, good, healthy, sane, true, and enduring so that its ideology of equality can persist. This is an inherent failing in not just humans but individuals; we all want to be recognized, and so we try to force that on the world through egalitarianism, not realizing that in turn, that makes us slaves to an unaccountable group and whoever leads it today. Leftists across America help each other. They give each other jobs, contracts, and tasty real estate and stock deals. If a complaint comes in against a Leftist, they send it to the bin, but if someone whines about a Rightist, they ban him or fire him right away. Leftism grows like a cancer. It is how human societies commit suicide.

  • Ocean plastic waste probably comes from ships, report says

    Globalism relies on international shipping. International shipping however is a major polluter. The best solution is to make everything you need within your country and to grow all your food within a few hours of travel time from where you live. This however requires us to get control over our unions and other worker revolt class warfare parasites.

  • Bad ancestors: does the climate crisis violate the rights of those yet to be born?

    Of course it does, but violating the rights of those yet to be born is the only way we fix the problem. As usual, the Left works to blot out parts of reality that frighten it instead of accepting them and finding a way to make them as gentle as possible. The Left hates that some are born smarter, stronger, healthier, and morally better than others, so they kick of class warfare; they think it unfair that some are born to live in the third world, so they demand they come here, instead of encouraging those to build themselves a thriving society there. Everything they do consists of reality denial, and therefore, it always fails. This failure has created a great human population bloom that now will create ecocide. Our solution ironically is to start considering nature as a participant in our political system as the deep ecologists encouraged years ago.

  • Exclusive: Nasdaq cracks down on IPOs of small Chinese companies

    Decoupling continues. As usual, Trump shows us the anti-Obama: instead of one big diktat or imposed policy for ideological reasons, he works from the details upward, steadily sabotaging illusion and replacing it with function. The man is an artist.

  • Plan approved for language change at Newcastle Emlyn Primary School

    The cultural wave continues. Welsh schools are replacing English as their primary language with Welsh so that culture is conserved, recognizing that the big project to make everyone the same obedient conformists is a path to doom. This means that going from England to Wales will be like crossing a border instead of switching suburbs, and in the end, this will work out better for all parties involved.

  • Major People Smuggling Ring Bringing Migrants Across Channel To UK

    Everywhere one looks, migration is big business. Somehow, those who normally criticize things for being accepted simply because they make money are silent. How could that be?

  • Eat Less Red Meat, Scientists Said. Now Some Believe That Was Bad Advice.

    Following up on an earlier revelation that science misled us for the past seventy-five years regarding sugar and fat, The New York Times now walks back its hard line against red meat, which was first targeted because it was inegalitarian and not everyone could afford it.

  • Jewish groups decry major US cut in refugee admissions

    Feel free to bring them into Israel. America is a country for ethnic Western Europeans, and everyone else is a guest here, so do not tell us how to think. Leftist Jews cause anti-Semitism by their completely tone-deaf and autistic approach to symbolic ideology, which may be important in their culture but our culture is founded on the rejection of it and other Asiatic ideas. The Asiatic idea, equality, consists of using symbols to manipulate masses so they rally around a central bureaucratic administrative-managerial authority so that it can command them to “progress.” The West has a contrary idea, which is more Darwinistic, in that we keep bumping the talented people upstairs on the power, wealth, and status scale so that our best rule us and organically over time we become improved within instead of faking it with external control.

  • ‘There is no climate emergency,’ hundreds of scientists, engineers tell U.N.

    Since the Left politicized this issue, two sides have emerged: (A) climate change is an immediate crisis and we must adopt world socialism to fix it, and (B) climate change is not a crisis and we should ignore environmentalists because they are Communists. While side B makes more sense, we have a pollution, overpopulation, and ecocide emergency and the only way to get it to go away is to remove Leftism. Dump the entitlements programs, stop globalism and its pollution, end do-gooder nanny government, leave 50% of land aside for nature, and beat back the herd; this way, our problem naturally goes away as much as it can. An Earth with a billion high-quality people on it will have zero environmental problems.

  • Comcast emerges as new Google antitrust foe

    The FAANG companies have abused their position as market leaders by excluding content from competing forces, including Dissident Right thinkers and of course, others in the internet market. Now it is time for a comeuppance, which we can do because these technologies are mature and therefore will not innovate further, but the overhead required to get them started is so huge that no one can do it, paving the way for them to become utilities or broken up.

  • ‘No force can shake this great nation’: President Xi leads spectacular ceremony to mark 70 years of Communist rule in China

    China wants world dominion. Only then are they safe from the instabilities of their own system; if you have no competition, your rule in perpetuity is guaranteed, as is your ideology of equality which really means that everyone bows to serve the system so that those who have a desire for revenge against those naturally more talented than themselves can have power. Leftism is a fallacy, from top to bottom, and now we are seeing its ultimate extension: back in the Asian lands where it originated, it takes on its final weaponized form, and threatens to consume all of humanity. Oh well; after the world war, we will at least be able to throw it in the dustbin alongside Communism and National Socialism. After all, our Leftists have conspired with the Communists despite insisting that they are not Communists. Perhaps the lesson of the twenty-first century is that all Leftist ideas are simply degrees of Communism, not different ideologies at all.

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