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Periscope (November 8, 2018)

  • Texas House member wins re-election from a jail cell

    In the new identity politics, it does not matter who you are but what you are. If you are from the right ethnic group, with “safe” Left-leaning opinions, you will rise in the system simply because you are Not The Majority and One Of Us for your ethnic, religious, racial, and cultural group. In sane identity politics, like nationalism, Ron Reynolds would be running for office in Africa alongside Maxine Waters, just like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be running for office in Asia just like Mazie Hizono, Beto O’Rourke would be running for office in North Africa alongside Nancy Pelosi, and of course Barack Obama would be a village idiot in Kenya.

  • Christian event in Ahmedabad faces protest from Hindu outfits

    Diversity continues failing everywhere. India already struggles with a Muslim-descended population with whom they are constantly at war, and now fears the rise of a Christian group, since no matter how pleasant the religions are — Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism all stress co-existence — the struggle over rights, customs, and leadership will then tear the country apart.

  • Native Americans Score Big Wins in Midterms After Years of Efforts

    This election made it clear that the future of American politics will be The Diversity Versus The White People. People are being elected for “Obama reasons,” namely that they are something other than the founding majority. Eventually, the entire country will resemble Detroit: cucks, Leftists, and minorities will rule, and everyone else will be taxed into oblivion to pay for them.

  • Anti-Chinese Sentiment on the Rise in Cambodia

    Much as Russia is expanding into Ukraine and the Baltics, China maintains a fingerhold on nations around it so that it can have greater power and greater border security. Naturally, this provokes resentment, just as it did in Indo-China after WW2, leading to the Vietnam War.

  • China’s brightest children are being recruited to develop AI ‘killer bots’

    The Mongols invaded us once. The parts they occupied became trashed and never rose to greatness again. Now they want to come back for the rest. History repeats itself, and the enmity of the Asian races for the Western ones will not end, mainly because they see us as a threat as long as we share the same landmass and potentially have power over them. China, against whom we fought two proxy wars in the twentieth century for over 100,000 American dead, has been dumping money into American politics for several generations now, supporting crazy Leftists in order to weaken the country and divide it internally.

  • Motel 6 agrees to pay $7.6 million for sharing information with immigration officials

    How the courts sabotage any sensible immigration policy: Motel 6 shared information on Latino guests with ICE. This somehow constitutes a violation of their “rights.” Let us take a moment to wonder whether the same gets extended to white people. No, only victims win in an egalitarian society, which quickly drives away anyone but victims, and leaves behind victim-countries like the third world, who are victims of their own greed, corruption, stupidity, and disorganization, mostly.

  • Dutchman, 69, files lawsuit to lower his age by 20 years for better dating, job prospects

    “You can change your name. You can change your gender. Why not your age? Nowhere are you so discriminated against as with your age,” he was quoted as saying by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf on Oct 27.

    “When I’m on Tinder and it says I’m 69, I don’t get an answer. When I’m 49, with the face I have, I will be in a luxurious position.”

  • Two Marine pilots grounded pending investigation into sky penis flight pattern

    Rebellion against the pretense has gone big across the board. Everyone knows that we are supporting a dying empire which lives through this pretense of being angelic but really is a kleptocracy powered by civil rights for its underclass.

  • Terry Thompson sentenced to 25 years in prison for man’s murder outside Denny’s

    Drunken Mexican urinates on a Denny’s then attacks a police officer and is put in a chokehold from which he would have emerged unscathed had he stopped attempting to assault the officer. The officer, being not too bright, keeps him in the chokehold until the drunk Mexican dies. Now we have the usual show trial and recriminations despite this being a straightforward case, so long as we kept race out of it.

  • President Macron’s Petain Nazi collaborator remark creates row

    The Left wants “Nazi” to be an exclusive category: like a black person who is fired cannot belong to another category like “bad employee” but most solely be a victim, anyone who is vaguely Nazi-like can only be a Nazi, despite having been heroic or good in other areas. This reveals the entire point of Leftist outrage is simply to demonize the Right.

  • China Turns to Russia in Search to Replace U.S. Soybeans

    Former Communist allies and ethnic cousins Russia and China are setting up the new opposition to the West. Trump has sensibly forced them to formalize this, which will result in clear polarization across the world. Now the only question remaining is whether the West can overcome its Leftist tendencies enough to get its own house in order, and you can bet that the Russian and Chinese meddling that the media is not reporting on consists of interference designed to promote Leftism and diversity on our shores in order to make us even weaker.

  • Trudeau apologises for Canada’s 1939 refusal of Jewish refugee ship

    As detailed by Albert Speer, the Holocaust began as a work program that used Jewish labor alongside criminals, Communists, and perverts as a means of producing war materiel. That only occurred because relocation, first to British-occupied Palestine and then to Madagascar, had become impossible. When the refugee ships were turned away from the West, the Germans had no place to send the Jews, so worked them in camps where disease and starvation killed most, especially as Allied bombing made food supply impossible. Open pit executions occurred elsewhere, especially in Eastern Europe, once it had become clear that the Nazis would probably not win and that they would not be able to relocate the Jewish population. The responsibility for the Holocaust falls mostly on the British, who could have admitted all European Jews to Palestine, but would not because of their experiences with the past two decades of Jewish revolutionary terrorism in the UK and Palestine. The solution has always been Israel for the Jewish people, just as the solution to every diversity problem is national homelands for each ethnic group.

  • Poland blocks far-right march, will hold inclusive event

    The “movement-style” white nationalist, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, and fascist movement people have become a liability. The populist parties are taking Right-wing ideas mainstream, but they are doing so in layers and with subtlety, making sure each layer works before moving on to the next. Blockhead marching morons like Robert Bowers are upset that Right-wing parties have not simply seized power and started the Day of the Rope, so they show up to provide an example of exactly why people run screaming to the Left when the Right rises. Expect more purges of the “movement far-Right” soon because they are screwing up populist politics just as Bowers screwed up the midterm election in America.

  • Ukraine Introduces Jail Sentences for Russians Who Cross Border Illegally

    Everywhere, diversity proves a threat and a parasite. Ukraine wants to break free from cousins Russia; Russia wants to possess Ukraine as a buffer zone against Europe, since Eurasia fears rapid invasion from both Europe and Asia. To take over the Ukraine, Russia has been engaging in a Palestinian-Mexican style strategy: send its people in, then claim they have rights, then induce them to revolt, and by doing that, seize territory.

  • Has Norway Been Saving Too Much or Too Little? What Intertemporal Accounting Can Tell Us

    The country that has amassed the largest amount of wealth designated to pay for the benefits, entitlements, pensions, and welfare of the Boomer generation has in fact not saved enough, according to new research. This means that not only is Norway broke, but that every other country in the West is super-broke and heading for default as soon as these Boomers begin requiring end of life care. This is part of the crisis of modern Leftism: having gained power in WW1 and WW2, it created programs which were doomed, and now we are seeing that doom, and so people are turning from Leftism. We might say that Leftism is Schrodinger’s policy: once you open the box, you realize that it sucks, but then it lives on in a dual condition of death and undeath until you elect a far-enough Right-wing party to banish it and abolish the democracy, equality, and diversity (D.E.a.D.) that created it.

  • Awakening of Spain’s far-right fringe unsettles mainstream parties

    Leftists do not yet understand: their policies have failed. Despite half the people in most Western nations wanting Leftism, the rest have realized that Leftist programs have wrecked their nations, and they want out of the social engineering, fundamental transformation, tax-and-spend wealth transfer, entitlements/benefits nation, and ideological regime type future that the Left offers. They are turning to the far-Right because it is the only group that actually wants to end the Leftist changes made to our societies over the past century.

  • Australian school investigated after Nazi cake and replica firearms brought to class

    Leftists do not realize that they are the Establishment now, and people are making fun of them for their pretenses. If we have freedom, it includes the freedom to dissent, including being a Nazi. If you then retaliate against people for being Nazis, it should be legal for others to retaliate against you for being Leftist. The Left, two-faced as always, do not wish for that to be the case.

  • Parents want Susquehanna teacher fired following racial slur

    Who wants to live in a society where such words are so taboo? We have become the new Soviets. The teacher used the word somewhat unwisely in an example, but clearly an execution is not called for here.

  • Europe aims for greater ‘strategic autonomy’ from US on defence

    The Trump plan is working: he wanted Europe to re-arm so that the US did not have to constantly foot the bill. Looks like they are not only doing it, but claiming that it was their idea all along.

  • Russia Says It Will Soon Deploy Mach 20 Avangard Hypersonic Weapon

    Eurasia has allied with Asia and now opposes Europe and its defenders, the United States. This latest saber-rattling, about a Mach 20 re-entry vehicle which can carry up to two megatons of nuclear warheads, simply means that the genetics trumps culture, politics, economics, “values,” and even identity. Eurasians are not Europeans, and they feel resentment toward Europe and will always threaten it and be prone to ally with the other part of their heritage found in Asia.

  • China unveils stealth combat drone under development for Middle East and foreign markets

    Remember when China seized a drone and Obama did nothing about it until they could steal the technology from it? Now they have made their own. Wonder how much the Obama-Clinton gang received in payment from China for that one. Watch for more of these little fruits of the Obama presidency to drift down and harm us despite the media continually clapping for him.

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