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  • Illegal immigrant population inside US surged 550,000 in 2019

    The Left operates by the simple principle of defeating the opposition by pointing out exceptions to rules. If you say that life treats everyone fairly, they find some guy living in an outhouse and claim you are wrong and evil, then use that to demand that you let them seize power. Humans in groups, like crowds or cliques or committees, tend to be cowed by this type of behavior and go along with it because each member is most afraid that the group, sensing something “wrong” with their degree of tolerance, will turn on them. When Trump took office, Leftists NGOs and billionaires decided to do their level best to induce, cajole, and bribe as many immigrants as possible into America, which was made easier by the fact that the third world is still imploding so they want to come here anyway. Compliant Leftists got the word to start actually counting illegals again, since when a Leftist is in power they want official statistics that show few illegals having come here, and so the numbers mostly reflect the reality. All of this can end if we eliminate avenues to legal immigration — notice how the Left counsels us against this as if it were the worst thing ever — so that illegals know they will be nothing but cheap labor that can be deported at any time. If we clear out the civil rights and entitlements, they will have no reason to come here at all.

  • Somali who was target of threats wins US municipal election

    When you import the other, you distort your own power structure. At first, they simply support the anti-majority party, because not being part of the majority they fear it and see it as an enemy. When there are enough of them, they elect their own candidates; once they have a plurality, they elect only their own candidates and exclude yours while taxing the heck out of you in order to hire their own people. This is ethnic warfare, and every group on Earth practices it, mainly because their other option is to be irrelevant and powerless. No one opts for that, and if this means that they must destroy other groups, they overcome whatever moral qualms they have rather quickly.

  • T.I. said he goes to gynecologist with 18-year-old daughter to ‘check her hymen’

    The World Health Organization has called for the elimination of ”virginity testing,” also referred to as ”two-finger” or per vaginal examination. It is an inspection of female genitalia designed to determine whether a woman or girl has had vaginal intercourse.

    “Virginity testing is a violation of the human rights of girls and women, and can be detrimental to women’s and girls’ physical, psychological and social well-being,” W.H.O. has said. “Virginity testing reinforces stereotyped notions of female sexuality and gender inequality.”

    In actuality, virginity is one of the most valuable things in human existence. It means someone ready to bond for life, which is the happiest type of relationship and the strongest. Which is more valuable, living the suburbs with a happy family or being single in a dingy city apartment with box wine? Virginity is the former, sexual liberation is the latter, and intelligent parents know that their kids stand a better chance of happy lives if they preserve virginity. If you want your children to move up in life, raise them according to conservative principles, but if you want them to lower themselves, be sure to encourage liberal behavior!

  • Prehistoric ape from Germany was a pioneer of two-legged walking

    Apparently in Germany 11.6m years ago, there were bipedal apes. This offers more support for the idea of parallel evolution and panspermia, as well as a suggestion that we adjust the timescale of human history, since we may have evolved to modern status longer ago than people normally think. If that is the case, we are going to have to re-write evolution, since many of our “missing links” then are likely isolated populations that died out after the rise of humanity.

  • China says it has agreed with the US to cancel existing trade tariffs in phases

    China does not want you to see it this way, but the trade war started because the US wanted China to cancel its tariffs (and tariff-like impediments) on products from the USA. America raised tariffs to counter the Chinese levels, and the world cried foul, showing how dumb your average human being is, but now China has come back to the table and is accepting fair trade instead of unbalanced trade. The cost to China is that globalism is going to smite pavement and there is nothing that anyone can do about that now. We will need to find a new world order, and likely it will be nationalism and a good deal less guilt.

  • The rich are getting free money and capitalism is broken, says US billionaire

    Let us translate this into the practical: governments are pushing loans of their money because they need those in order to shore up their failing economies, and government intervention has hobbled the ability of people to make money by any means other than shuffling around debt. These are the late stages of a financial system, but they reveal more than our society has failed and that government intervention has harmed capitalism than some inherent flaw to capitalism. However, socialism/communism is very popular these days, so the headlines reflect the wishful thinking of the audience.

  • France’s Macron says NATO suffering ‘brain death’, questions U.S. commitment

    The big point is that the postwar order, where every nation became a liberal democracy and joined in the globalist economy, has ended. The USA has awakened and realized that it simply cultivated a lot of parasites into a big committee, and that committee was driving toward Leftism worldwide simply because only simplistic ideas — delusional ideas, in effect — get approved of by a committee. We are now exiting that stupor and the Enlightenment™ idea of the human individual as the organizing theme in our societies, turning instead to orders larger than the individual like culture, race, religion, ethnic group, nature, and the divine.

  • Your DNA Profile is Private? A Florida Judge Just Said Otherwise

    Normally warrants are served against someone who is a participant in a case. With the rise of the internet, third-party warrants became common because the police needed to do something like find all of the people on a dating service who matched with the victim during the two weeks prior to the discovery of the badly decomposed remains. Now, a judge has approved a warrant to trawl through a DNA database, simply because it exists, sort of like applying a FOIA to private industry. This is a bad precedent, since we go from here to “show me all the customers of your service who have bought Siege or The Elementary Particles.” How is it that freedom always ends up its opposite? The cynical answer: illusions always collapse into what they were intended to conceal in the first place because when you distract from a need, the problem only goes stronger and when the distraction collapses, is simply revealed as such despite everyone ignoring it for awhile.

  • Escalating Millennial Health Problems Raise Economic Concerns

    American Nativists told you that inter-ethnic mixing among European groups was not healthy. “Oh no,” said the round mouths of the flat-handed “experts” and round-headed committee. “We can easily mix this Englishman, Irishman, Pole, and Italian to make a new American.” A century later, most of the country seems to suffer chronic weird health problems. You can get away with some mixing — for example, a Frenchman into four generations of Englishmen — but the way America has chosen to do it guarantees a population of declining health and ability.

  • A bright blue Virginia leaves the Confederacy behind

    The usual Leftists celebrate the fact that a less white America means a more Leftist America. They want to hide the fact that Republicans are winning wherever they have bold and strong candidates, but losing with Romney/Bush style cucks. Their voters simply will not attend if you offer them another Leftist in conservative clothing, no matter how “nice” and “principled” he is.

  • Bill Gates Goes After Warren on Wealth Tax, Won’t Commit to Backing Her Over Trump

    Bill Gates correctly points out that the wealth tax is going to erase wealth unless limited to the point where it is useless, at which point all these new taxes for “free” stuff will fall on the middle class, as they always do. The voters toddle off to the polls and pull the levers for free stuff from someone else, but in the end, the bomb comes back to them in the form of higher prices and lower wages. We probably need to admit that democracy is simply incompetent.

  • Unmarried Couples Gain in Numbers, but Survey Finds Married Ones May Be Happier

    As usual, the people who win at life get married and mean to stay married, and they marry people like them, meaning of the same social class, race, culture, religion, and ethnic group. Everyone else is just screwing around in the massive void formed of the confusion created by egalitarianism, and most of them will end up miserable, even if they think they are clever (so far) for avoiding the “burden” of marriage.

  • Las Vegas adopts ban that prohibits sleeping, camping on streets and sidewalks

    As the results roll in from California, communities are seeing that becoming friendly to social blight — illegal aliens, homeless people, shoplifters, drug users, transgenders — means that their community will become a waste-strewn asylum. The people who will retain property value are the ones who throw out blight and replace it with functional middle class families, even if they are in theory sin city, since no matter how degenerate your business, you need the same type of people to run it as make any other business succeed.

  • GOP House candidate wants to stop immigration for 10 years

    People seem freaked out by the idea of ending immigration, but America was a happier country before it added all these new people. Stopping immigration leads to reversing immigration, since without a support network of other anti-majority people, migrants feel less confident coming here and staying here. We have a right to exist, too, so their departures are not unhappy events but in fact a sign that we may, after all, survive.

  • Why universities are trying to recruit overseas students from as many places as possible

    Canada is learning what California discovered in the 1970s: if you open up admissions to everyone, but still keep your standards for grades and test scores high, you will quickly become an Asian school system and then your value will plummet because real-world results are not like test scores and memorized regurgitation. Our ancestors were wise when they looked for the classic well-rounded, morally inquisitive, academically reasonably gifted, and socially adept students.

  • ‘I Have Stopped Wearing My Magen David’: 27 Jews On What It Feels Like To Be Afraid For Their Lives

    Jews are slowly learning that the diverse West has no interest in protecting them since Jews are a privileged group, and now that we have all this third-world diversity, we need to protect those since they are “at-risk” groups where Jews are on average wealthier and more secure. Slowly, like a severed limb crossing a desert in the darkness of nuclear winter, humanity stumbles toward realizing that not only is diversity a program which will never function without destroying our societies, but that diversity is not desirable, since it destroys culture, trust, consensus, and genetics.

  • Students suspended from Canadian high school for refusing to wear rainbow poppy

    You must wear the symbols of the great Leftist jihad for civil rights, or you are the bad guy. The Left wants to force universal acceptance so that there can be no social order except Leftism, in the same way viruses take over the DNA within your cells and alter it so that it churns out more copies of the virus. If you cannot win on quality, simply win on quantity; this is the end goal of Leftist “inclusion” and, like a viral infection, it will end in the illness if not death of its host.

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