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  • Impact of air pollution on health may be far worse than thought, study suggests

    The theme of the twenty-first century emerges: everything that we thought was good and liberating is in fact killing us. Democracy, industrialization, entitlements, equality, freedom. All of these will have to go for humanity to survive. Humanity is miserable living under this modern society which is run by bureaucracy, mob rule, and lowest common denominator standards. We want hierarchy and excellence again. Time to revolt against the revolutions.

  • Boris Johnson said children of single mothers were ‘ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate’ in newly unearthed column

    Expected drama over this falls short, mainly because he is correct that children raised by single parents tend to have lots of problems. I wish someone would just say this: our idealized policies produce problems. Sexual liberation makes people with problems. Diversity creates social problems. Democracy ignores real problems to chase after symbolic ones, so we get worse problems. Equality ignores problems and so the people with problems take over, making more problems. Entitlements cause government to dominate social and economic orders, causing problems. Our thinking produces problems. We need new thinking, or to go back to the thinking we did before we went down this path. In the meantime, the faux outrage has not stopped the swing to the Right. Our people lack faith in Leftist solutions now, and we are abandoning that sinking ship to try to escape to sanity before the insanity of the last couple centuries pulls us under forever.

  • Conscription in Germany: Merkel’s party mulls return of military service

    Europe knows that it must turn away from the entitlements states to have a stronger military presence as Russia-China rises. This means fewer people voting for free stuff, and more people experiencing the hard reality of military service, which means that fewer of them will go into the full insanity of Leftism. Trump has forced German re-armament by making it seem like a financial matter, when really what he is doing is cutting the subsidy that feeds European Leftism and re-awakening European nationalism. Merkel, who recognized some time ago that diversity has failed will have to overcome her own mixed-ethnic origins in order to transition Germany toward strong nationalism in order to outpace the rising anti-immigrant and anti-democracy parties, at which point they will get everything they wanted and a new platform for their ideas.

  • No thanks: Native Americans to hold 50th gathering of grief

    Diversity means that every group wants to destroy every other. “Native Americans,” otherwise known as Mongolian immigrants who could never make a functional society in the new world, attacked the new settlers from Europe first and unprovoked, and then continued attacking them over the years despite occupying a tiny fragment of this wide land. Eventually, the ethnic Western Europeans — who had produced a functional and rising society — tired of them and defeated them. At that point, the whining began, and it will never end, so the right thing to do is repatriate all Amerinds to Mongolia, which is their ethnic homeland.

  • Congress abuses temporary funding bills to quietly reauthorize the awful Patriot Act

    No one likes the Patriot Act. However, no one will repeal it, either, because 9/11 showed that with diversity, various enemies and potential enemies walk among us. The only way to keep them from killing off our people on a regular basis is to spy on everyone and use that to find the jihadis and terrorists before they strike. Diversity killed privacy, just like everything else.

  • Germany’s AfD plots new course with radicals on the rise

    The press wants you to believe that it is “radical” to oppose immigration. In fact, it is realistic and sane to do so, but we have been pursuing a policy of legitimizing insanity for a long time. In the common sense world of logic, history shows us that diverse societies die and leave behind genetic ruins that never rise again. Ergo, never admit diversity. If you find it in your society, you will have to remove it, meaning repatriate all who are not fully of the ethnic founding group in your society.

  • Siberia: 18,000-year-old frozen ‘dog’ stumps scientists

    We like to think of science as objective, clean, and absolute; it is our newest religion, and something which is beyond criticism in society. However, much of what we take as fact is in fact theory developed from a relatively small number of data points. We know very little, but using the justification that our theories are not yet disproved, we aggregate them into a big theory that we act is fact until contrary data slaps us in the face. Perhaps, instead of assuming that we know things, we should accept how little we know and keep conjecture where it belongs in the laboratory instead of making hard policy based on these broad conclusions drawn from paltry data.

  • Union official: Fired Wisconsin school guard gets job back

    School enacts zero tolerance policy for racial and ethnic slurs. A Black child calls a Black security guard a racial slur, and security guard responds with “Don’t say $racial_slur!” after which he is promptly fired by the robotic, rote, and blind bureaucracy. Now he reclaims his job after thousands of people raised a hue and cry. In the meantime, ethnic and racial slurs are part of daily life in diversity, no matter how much we want to pretend that this is not the case, even when dripping with pretense like this Hispanic school board president:

    “As we experienced a series of racial slurs last school year, we had to take a stand — that we would unequivocally protect students from harm. That we would never excuse the deep pain of this hateful, violent language, regardless of intent,” Reyes said.

    No one must say that there are not unicorns, because this will be upsetting to the people who need to believe in unicorns in order to feel good about life. If you deny the existence of unicorns, or merely fail to say that unicorns are our strength, you will be removed for insufficient enthusiasm about the great democracy experiment. Eventually, the pro-unicorn party will gain enough power to have you committed to a mental asylum for not proclaiming loudly that your life is only meaningful because of unicorns, which are 100% scientific and objectively proven to exist. Then while the debate about unicorns rages, an asteroid smacks into the center of Earth and all the humans die, finally allowing blissful silence.

  • DC Comics Comes Under Fire for Deleting Batman Poster That Sparked Chinese Backlash

    China owns Hollywood. For some reason, this comes as a surprise to people who apparently failed to notice the links between the Democrats, Hollywood, and China. In the meantime, this makes it a good time to encourage all patriotic people to boycott all movies, which will enable a replacement to Hollywood which is not owned by China to appear. In the longer term view, we might be happier and healthier if we did not spend time looking for meaning in movies made by burned out liberal arts students looking for a cause.

  • Italy uncovers plot to create new Nazi party

    Tolerance baffles people because it is a paradox, a goal of not having a goal like pluralism and equality. In reality, you need to pick a direction and reject everything else until shown convincing data that it works in the real world. Until we do that, we are going to get more of the insanity:

    Government: Now you finally have freedom!
    Citizen: Great! OK, I’d like to be a Nazi!
    Government: Not that.
    Citizen: Errr… OK, maybe a monarchist!
    Government: Not that either.
    Citizen: So what does freedom allow me to do, then?
    Government: Celebrate freedom, of course. Now shut up and pay those taxes.

  • Cats are major killers and it is illegal to let them roam, researchers say

    Back when people lived in the home and worked near the home, they spent less time in the world and more time on the most important thing, which is the home. Then they got modern jobs and started commuting to avoid the ghettos, and now people spend ten hours per day at home, eight of which are asleep. Naturally cats and dogs are neglected, so people let them outdoors, where they enact a savage holocaust on wildlife. In the future, this will have to end, but the actual cause of it is in jobs, not pets.

  • Twitter bans Project Veritas’ ads account over video exposing Twitter’s shadow banning practices

    As usual, Big Tech reveals that it intends to manipulate all of us into doing exactly what it wants, mainly by punishing anyone who does not obey. They like to tell us how to do business or have friends, you must be on social media, but now the content of your speech (and not its format) can exclude you from that. Like political correctness, it works by punishing failure to comply. This is “freedom.”

  • U.S. birth rate falls for 4th year in a row

    Happy people have big families. Why not? Children are a gift from the gods and a great joy. In fact, they are one of life’s biggest joys. If you love your husband or wife, you want them to live on through a future generation. You see how all the good in them makes life itself glorious and wonderful, and how with the best in you, it will make things even better. However, when you are enslaved to property taxes, income taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, fees, insurance, and other red tape expenses, you find that you do not have much money despite working all the time. Consequently, you do the “prudent” thing and have fewer children, while the tenements, trailer parks, ghettos, and immigrant ships pump out new babies around you. As always, by taking from the successful to give to the unsuccessful, government reduces the former group and maximizes the latter, producing a society of ineptitude and laziness that rapidly falls into third world conditions. The highest morality is not helping everyone, but ensuring that the good are rewarded. We cannot help those who are lost.

  • Trump signs bills backing Hong Kong protesters into law, in spite of Beijing’s objections

    Trump uses the failure of the impeachment narrative to sign a popular but toothless bipartisan bill. This one celebrates the rush of Hong Kong to democracy, which simply shows the Chinese that they will have to buy elections in the future, something which will make their takeover of Hong Kong even easier because voters have the election span of goldfish (this is actually not correct: goldfish have reasonably good memories, sometimes even spanning more than one pay period). The forces of democracy rally around to self-congratulate and celebrate themselves, denying the deeper problems at work, which is handy because Trump is plugging away on those while he keeps the Left distracted with surface drama like impeachment, emoluments, and RussiaGate. Heck, he’s probably about to call Stormy Daniels up and purchase another sexual assault accusation from her because it will keep The New York Times and other neurotics busy for a month while the adults get real work done in the background. In the meantime, China fake-rages in order to lull the West to sleep with the false promises of democracy yet again. Whatever China wants, they will never admit in public; whatever they lure or bribe us to do is designed to destroy us. The West will have to crush their Communist government, at which point China will go back to doing what it has done for the last several millennia, which is cycling between strong leaders and periods of agrarian stability in the absence of the grand plans of the tyrants.

  • Reform capitalism to put people before profit, major new report urges

    “People before profits” simply means “re-organize your society around Leftism.” Capitalism works, and this makes it competition for Leftism, so they want it gone, and will replace it with a Soviet-style ideological regime. Naturally, they will do so in the name of something that you want, and you will only later find out that this was a lie.

  • Top Alabama court upholds Confederate monument protections

    The culture wars now include race. The state of Alabama wants to protect Confederate monuments, but minority-majority cities want to destroy them. At this point, the suppressed question of diversity — this was considered unmentionable in the years following WW2 up through election 2016 — has exploded into public view, and we are going to have to face a problem we have been passing along for generations because it is insoluble. Diversity will kill us; we are afraid to end diversity. Do we risk one big L.A. riot in order to be a mono-ethnic society, and thus, to actually survive? We should probably start by taking a national vote: “Civilization suicide (y/n)?”

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