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Periscope (November 17, 2018)

  • CNN’s Acosta back at White House after judge’s ruling

    Judge [[[ KELLY ]]] simply does not know the law: nowhere in the Constitution does it say that government cannot block people access to information. The Constitution in fact specifies zero affirmative rights; it simply says that government cannot obstruct natural rights. However, natural rights does not include the ability of everyone to go everywhere. Even the vaunted 14th Amendment simply says that government cannot set up policies that treat different groups differently. Here, Acosta is not being treated as part of a group, but as an individual. In other words, Judge [[[ KELLY ]]] got it exactly backward. The Irish have a long history of contribution to American law, and all of it lacks the subtlety of the superior understanding of the Anglo; they are only exceeded by the Italians in this regard, who seem to be miss anything other than a sledgehammer interpretation. Regardless, this ruling shows us that no society of the future will be based upon “rights,” because those act like MDMA on the feeble human brain and make even otherwise sensible people start dreaming of peace and universal inclusion.

  • Violence breaks out as first wave of migrant caravan arrives in Tijuana, Mexico

    Trump is playing this one intelligently: the Left intends to provoke him into doing something rash so that they can call him a fascist. He has instead arranged a soft landing. The migrant caravan will come into the USA, go into tent cities, and then wait for the better part of a decade as the overloaded court system struggles through 750,000 existing cases. After this happens, no one will want to come to America illegally ever again, because Trump has raised the risk and therefore the opportunity cost of emigrating. Even better will be if he starts randomly arresting non-Caucasians and shipping them to Mexico, because that way the Republicans could avoid the engineered minority “blue wave” set up by Democrats.

  • Germany mulls sending migrants back to Syria

    The epitaph of democracy will once again state, “It could not make clear decisions.” The backward-looking nature of “muh rights” that is inherent to democracy tends to fight endlessly over details what we can do, instead of looking toward what needs to be done. Diversity does not work. That sets up a binary: either you want to destroy your civilization and so you support diversity, or you want your civilization to live, so you want to end diversity which means repatriating all of the Other. It does not matter if they are criminals or not, nice or not, mean well or not, have jobs or not. Germans stay, and everyone else goes home.

  • ‘Alarming’ Study Claiming Global Warming Heating Up Oceans Based on Math Error

    This wasn’t an error; it was hyperbole. Careers are made for those who score big for the climate change team. A scientist who publishes a paper that becomes world-famous gets his own lab; a journalist who breaks a big story gets promoted; an author who writes a book on the imminent doom of climate change will get rich. Any society based on individual advancement alone becomes fundamentally dishonest because everyone is a careerist at that point, and careerists care only about their own success, not the consequences of what they do. If you wonder why you live in a world of liars, consider this: you told them that no matter what they do, they are equal and their perspective is valid; you told them that society would take care of itself, and all they need to do is advance themselves; you supported obedience and conformity in order to “keep order” instead of rewarding exceptional individuals even when their ideas are unpopular. In short, you — democracy supporters — created a perfect sheep echo chamber, and now the sheep are lying to you because that is how they get ahead. You have no one to blame but yourselves. You voted for this.

  • Betsy DeVos pitches new protections for students accused of sexual assault

    Trump played this one masterfully and found a white suburban female to tell college women that they need to grow up and stop using regret as a reason for rape accusations. She is setting up the dominoes to knock down Title IX tribunals, which always were prone to abuse and now are outright abusive. If she does that and achieves a school voucher system, i.e. the great defunding of our failed public education system, she will be a hero in the quest to undo the excesses of prole rule.

  • Supreme Court to hear case on Trump administration plan to add citizenship question to 2020 Census

    If immigrants lie about their immigrant status, somehow it is whitey’s fault for asking the question. Leftists are pathological.

  • Why I Am No Longer a Canadian Writer

    How the hive mind works: say what we want to hear, or we declare you persona non grata and exclude you from everything. One Canadian writer points out how this goes against everything that literature stands for.

  • West Midlands Police accused of discriminating against white male officers in ‘promotion blocking’ row

    People do not understand “equality” because it has both theory and application. In theory, it means that you treat everyone the same. In reality, if you do that, results will not be equal, and therefore everyone will accuse you of being anti-equality unless you treat everyone differently so that those who are naturally succeeding get ahead. This is why every egalitarian regime ever implemented has involved quotas for the not-yet-equal and discrimination against the already-equal. The same proves true in private industry because hiring is a zero-sum game: if you have a dozen executives, and want fifty percent of them to be female, you are going to have to fire six men in order to have the right quotas. It would be one thing if women, minorities, homosexuals, and the like went off and created their own industries, but the grim fact is that this also is zero-sum because there is only limited space on Earth and therefore economies are not unlimited. No matter what you do, “equality” means “quotas” which means you will have far fewer opportunities unless you are from one of the protected not-yet-equal groups.

  • Did Nationalism Cause World War I?

    Nationalism did not cause WW1; the struggle for democracy did. Capitalism did not make people into self-serving automatons; democracy did. At the root of all our problems, we find the quest for equality, which really is just a demand that we be allowed to be as narcissistic as we want as individuals and that the crowd will defend us in this illogical, self-harming, and delusional pursuit.

  • British Jews Should Start Thinking About Migrating to Israel

    No population is safe without a national home. If you want to end anti-Semitism, send all Jews to Israel and then defend Israel’s ability to do whatever it needs to in order to defend itself. If the Palestinians vanish in the night, it is not our problem. If non-Jews cannot emigrate or visit Israel, it is not our problem. If stupid American girls go to protest in Israel and get run over by tractors, it is not our problem. If surrounding Arab populations launch rockets at Tel Aviv and get flattened by IDF bombers, it is not our problem. Total national autonomy is the solution, and that requires ending the diaspora and having more — not fewer — Jews go to Israel, where they will become Right-wing as they see the challenges that they face.

  • Cramer says CEOs are telling him off the record the economy has quickly cooled

    When a company’s CEO faces a revolt by his shareholders or executives, the stock tanks. With America seeing not only but several stolen elections, investment in America is going to cool, too. Would you rather invest in a company that has a clear direction, or one that is going to doom itself by infighting? Leftists have succeeded in sabotaging the American brand worldwide with their illogical and petty behavior. In addition, no one wants to invest in a nation which will be controlled by minority-majority voting patterns, since at that point you are paying for Paris but receiving Mexico City.

  • Science is Getting Less Bang for Its Buck

    Scientific advancement has slowed since the 1980s. After it became clear that our future was as a diverse nation, most of our talented people checked out and headed for the hills. Who wants to strive to make a dying empire richer? All of the really brilliant people in Generation X became dropouts. The intelligent have left the room, and the ones who remain are mostly bureaucrats and functionaries who can slightly advance existing technologies but will not make great breakthroughs. This is how nature keeps dying civilizations from becoming too powerful.

  • Head teacher in Birkenhead bans designer coats from Moncler and Canada Goose to spare poorer children

    If some kids have expensive coats, the poor kids feel bad, so we must ban expensive coats and that way everyone can exist at the same level of mediocrity. Imagine you are a poor kid whose parents suddenly start doing a lot better. Now you are told that you cannot have a nicer coat? The insanity of equality reveals itself here: it is incentive against excellence, achievement, and improvement. Maybe this teacher should instead simply refuse to wear a coat, achieving the ultimate equality as she freezes to death.

  • Mission Investigate exposé: Fake nurses working at Swedish hospitals

    No one wants to talk about why Europe wants immigration, but one giant reason is that its socialized medical systems are unsustainable unless subsidized by a steady flow of cheap medical labor from less expensive places. Import Poles, Nigerians, Hondurans, Russians, etc. and suddenly you can make your national health service seem like it is not heading immediately into bankruptcy. “Free” services create infinite demand, which means that demand does not vary with quality, which in turn means that these services them become immune to any kind of quality controls. If you want something to be really bad, make it free.

  • Your Family, Your Choice

    Our insane need to produce taxes in order to subsidize our diverse underclass forces everyone into jobs, which denies the reality that two-parent homes provide the best environment for humans. Maybe instead of having a Gordon Gekko style work mania, we should stop subsidizing things which are failing, and live the good life instead.

  • Man, 78, confesses to 90 unsolved murders over four decades, say police

    White guys are no longer at the top of the serial killer list. This mulatto takes the crown.

  • Number of migrant children in US custody hits record high

    Passive aggressive bullying is the primary tactic of the Left; Trump knows how to blunt this by, instead of acting in a masculine and forthright manner, simply allowing things to rot in limbo. Instead of sending the military to open fire on immigrants, he brought them into the country and now lets them sit in tent cities where they will spend years of their lives. Eventually, they will opt to leave on their own, but until then, he is content to waste their time and increase their misery so that others are dissuaded from arriving here.

  • Boys left to fail at school because attempts to help them earn wrath of feminists, says ex-Ucas chief

    Again, equality means taking from the successful in order to subsidize the unsuccessful. That means that if a formerly successful group needs help, it cannot be helped, because that seems to be taking the focus away from the unsuccessful. They will keep this up until they hunt down the last white male.

  • Household debt hit a record high of $13.5 trillion last quarter

    Major American cities carry major debt. The federal government is in debt. Consumers realize that this is a dying system, and so they are running up the debt, figuring that when the cities default, the college loan bubble pops, and the government has to face its inability to borrow more money, the whole system will collapse anyway. There is no point paying off loans or taxes if you think that the agency collecting them will not only waste the money but cease to exist shortly afterwards. Just pass the buck on to tomorrow, figuring that at some point it all becomes free money or at least fantasy money anyway.

  • White magazine shuts down after refusing to feature same-sex weddings

    Advertisers withdrew after a boycott by Leftists. The Left tells you that they are here for “freedom,” but really what they mean is equality, or that all of us are forced into the same bad decisions so that no one must suffer for their own bad decisions. With freedom, you could have a magazine dedicated to heterosexual marriage only; with equality, every magazine must bleat out the equality propaganda or be seen as an enemy of the people, the state, etc.

  • Students say they don’t know what ‘trivial’ means in exam question fiasco

    Pure comedy from the egalitarians: college-bound students have no idea what “trivial” means, having been taught lots of propaganda and had their education dumbed down to be “inclusive” especially of the third world underclass. In order to make everyone succeed, education must become trivial, and then students do not know what “trivial” means, mainly because they do not know much of anything. In the eyes of egalitarians, that is better than having the small group from the right side of the bell curve get ahead because of their natural intelligence, and then teaching them things that they actually need to know and can use to make life better for all of us.

  • UK austerity has inflicted ‘great misery’ on citizens, UN says

    The UK spent all its money on diversity and now many of its citizens live in permanent poverty. This always happens with Leftist programs. After the French Revolution, the people were poorer than when they lived under the kings; in the Soviet Union, ideological objectives took precedence over having enough beets, so the entire economic system became aligned toward producing propaganda and vodka instead. Now the West, which should have known better, has followed in those footsteps.

  • ‘I was hoping to be retired’: The cost of supporting parents and adult children

    Baby Boomers are finding out that all those egalitarian programs — all that “free” stuff from government — means that you work forever and your kids cannot find jobs that pay the bills, so they live with you. Maybe it is time to simply stop supporting “free” programs and to focus on having a good life for those who do contribute to this society, instead of trying to support everyone equally despite many of them giving nothing and taking all that they can. Equality supports parasites; hierarchy rewards excellence. There is no middle ground.

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