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  • Couple Spends 20 Years Planting an Entire Forest and Animals Have Returned

    We live in times of such despair that we forget the solutions of nature. Take something broken, throw out the dead and dying parts, then nurture the remaining, trimming off the weak and keeping the strong. In no time at all, you are back to full strength. In the West we can do this by sending away all who are not ethnically Western — Africans, Asians, mixes, and white hybrids like Southern and Eastern Europeans — and then filtering the remaining people for the good ones, who will be vouched for by other good ones. Find one good person, and you find the rest. Send away the bad, keep the good, and set up a system where the good are rewarded, the bad are sent away, and the mediocre get nothing of substance. In time, natural selection will work for us instead of against us as it does in an egalitarian system, and we will rise to greater heights than ever before. In the same way, if a forest is savaged, rebuild the ecosystem by planting its native plants, kill off the weak and diseased, and plant more of whatever is thriving, and soon the ecosystem will restart. We can and must win this one, for ourselves and nature.

  • Jewish group alarmed after German police let neo-Nazis march

    Instead of fighting back against things that happen, we should ask why. In this case, it is simple: egalitarianism keeps failing, and people want to hold on to what is good instead of letting the egalitarians run away with the show. If they overreact and become Nazis, the solution is to give them options which are less extreme but still meet their needs, namely sending away all non-Germans, reining in democracy, and ending the entitlements state. However, instead of doing that, authorities of all types keep trying to crush the sentiment itself. That will not work, and instead will validate what the neo-Nazis are saying about the Establishment, simply causing growth in neo-Nazi parties and not more moderate far-Right alternatives. This sets the stage for war, but is typical of the “thinking” that goes on in democracies.

  • Cambridge college sacks researcher over links with far right

    We live in such a Leftist regime that if anyone fails to toe the line on human equality, he must be fired. What are they hiding? Obviously: we are not equal, as groups, social classes, individuals, or families.

  • Facebook Bans Alex Jones, Yiannopoulos, Other Far-Right Figures

    Facebook resembles the worst boss you ever had. He cared more about appearances than reality. If the group looked like they were peacefully doing what they were told to do, he was happy, even if nothing was getting done and real problems were being overlooked. Nope, just peek at that happy group out there, he would say. The reality of social media is that quite a few people are sharing white nationalism, Zionism, black nationalism, jihad, ecofascism, eugenics, monarchism, anti-democracy, and other types of information that threaten the bourgeois song of “everything is fine, this is the best option, just keep going to work and shopping” that humans everywhere like because it protects their own selfish behavior. Facebook would rather ban a few figureheads than try to filter out everyday people because then it would lose many users, where if it bans Alex Jones, people will simply go to the next most extreme option.

  • Buzz Aldrin: It’s time to focus on the great migration of humankind to Mars

    The great debate of our time may be Aldrin versus Bradbury. Buzz Aldrin notes correctly that things on Earth have failed and it is time to GTFO to the stars. Ray Bradbury observes that until we fix our behavior as humans, we will take our problems with us anywhere we go. Spinoza Ray Prozak says that until we find a working civilizational order, filter out the defectives, and implement eugenics to keep them at bay, we are doomed whether we leave or not.

  • 1 in 4 Americans feel they have no one to confide in

    This is exactly what you expect with diversity, which per Robert Putnam and others destroys social trust and fragments community creating atomized people who become increasingly dysfunctional and alienated from one another as civilization discorporates. Modernity is what happens when you mix social classes, white ethnic groups, religious groups, and racial groups. Any of those forms of diversity kills civilization.

  • Europe and nationalism: A country-by-country guide

    Who to cheer for in the upcoming European elections. Hint to politicians: libertarianism/capitalism + traditionalism + nationalism + civilizationism is a winning platform. Racial enmity and socialism are dead losers.

  • Environmental pollutants could impact cellular signs of aging

    Some environmental pollutants cause mitochondria — the cell’s powerhouses — to release more reactive oxygen species, which can damage the DNA in these organelles and lead to inflammation. Telomeres, the DNA-protein caps on the ends of chromosomes that allow them to continue dividing, are also sensitive to environmental stress.

    We are just beginning to explore this issue. In the long-term, as we all suspected was the case, we are going to find that all of our big advances in the twentieth century came at the cost of our health and that of the environment, and that we will lose many of those advances at the same time that resources become scarce. Democracy is going to end in fire and misery, as predicted by conservatives back when it became trendy.

  • Workers in Mexico just won the right to organize real labor unions. Trump helped.

    Trump is doing everything he can to make America self-sufficient. He just cut immigration and sabotaged the Mexican advantage in labor cost in one master stroke. Unions are not good, and we want our competition to take on as many stupid, expensive, and destructive programs as possible.

  • A Chinese Cheating Ring at UCLA Reveals an Industry Devoted to Helping International Students Scam Grades

    Different cultures, different rules. America, Western Europe, and the Antipodes created a little bubble for themselves in which honesty, morality, and realistic function won out over the abyss of human self-delusion, lack of self-actualization, and individualism. Now as the rest of the world comes here, we see why our method will only work for us, and the others have to Go Back Home.

  • Austrians lack crucial Holocaust awareness, study finds

    Three factors influence this. First, time has passed; second, many died in that war; third, few trust the official narrative on anything anymore. Jews who sided with the multicultural Left picked the wrong partner, which we can see now as the multicultural Left turns on them. In the meantime, people have moved on from the Holocaust to worry about the much bigger problems we face now, including the ongoing soft genocide of our own people.

  • Trump’s Real 2020 Foe: Demographics of the Electorate

    The study projects that whites will comprise 66.7 percent of eligible voters; Hispanics, 13.3 percent; blacks, 12.5 percent; and Asians, 4.7 percent. The fact that non-whites will comprise roughly one-third of eligible voters would not be a problem for Trump and the Republican Party if they did not overwhelming and consistently vote Democratic. But the ever-increasing Hispanic vote is the GOP’s greatest cause of present and future consternation.

    For example, due to Hispanic growth, traditional “ruby red” Arizona, with 10 electoral votes, will be among the most contentious 2020 battleground states. And, though Republicans fondly remember when New Mexico last went “red” — in 2004, helping re-elect President George W. Bush – it is now solidly blue.

    This is why the third world immigrants were imported under Hart-Celler: to make the USA fully Leftist forever. It is also why Leftists, while shying away from supporting illegal immigration, oppose any attempts to slow or stop it.

  • Defending Democracies Against Information Attacks

    How propaganda campaigns, voter fraud, and spreading fear, uncertainty, and despair can hand an election to the Left, or even to China (but, as Ann Coulter is fond of saying, I repeat myself).

  • Alabama House overwhelmingly approves abortion ban

    Abortion is the cuck issue for the Right. If we ever return to power, we can easily ban it; cucks want to ban it now so that they can avoid fighting the bigger battle to seize power. The idiots will cheer. Yes, abortion is awful, but we have bigger fish to fry.

  • Texas officer charged with homicide for shooting black man

    Asian officer shoots black guy who tried to drive away from a traffic stop with cop hanging from his window. This is the future of diversity: no one is right, and no one is wrong, but everyone is unhappy.

  • Hotel bans unmarried couples from sleeping together in a room

    Leftist international freaks out over the fact that some people have values. Bake that gay cake or you are a Hitler who wants to kill six gorillion third world economic welfare sponge migrantsrefugees!

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