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  • AI is now better at predicting mortality than human doctors

    As scientists continue to toil away at creating machine learning algorithms that will one day enslave humanity save us all, artificial intelligence researchers have discovered that computers are outpacing human doctors in a number of important areas. We’ve already seen the ability of AI to spot things like cancer, and a new study reveals that a digital brain may also be better at predicting overall mortality and specific conditions such as heart attack with greater accuracy than a trained individual.

    Back in 2K9, when ObamaCare was a bright gleam in The Deep State’s eye, we kept being told that if we liked our doctor, then we could keep him. Now we have an app handy for people who don’t particularly like their doctor. It’s so effective, that you may not ever have to talk to the Son of A Chemically Plowed Able-Bodied Seaman ever again. It’s AI, and it’s replacing Dr. Feelgood.

    The future is now. We have Progress. After twenty years of toiling in mystic tomes, in dark and gothic libraries, and borrowing enough money to feed South Sudan for a week and half, Dr. Feelgood is no longer a necessary person. It’s not the end, it’s just the end of you! Am I spiteful? Of course. I should be.

    For decades, while replacement diversity poured over our southern border, we were told anyone with a bone to pick was a bigot with hookworms in his feet. When people gripped about the robot registers at Wallymart and Kroger, we were told not to be so backwards, and think of all the shareholder value it added. And robotic cars replacing those cabbies with weird names and dirty old taxicabs? Go Elon Musk!

    But now, we’ve got Doctorware. This will soon be followed by MSWill, and GoogleClosing. Not to mention, lots of free AI advice at There was an old joke among people getting sick of open borders that if five hundred people jumped the wall with valid Bar Memberships in Arizona, you’d see the Marine Corps at border tomorrow. We’ll see if the replacement of such special, high value professionals with a few hundred lines of VBA code will bring about any sort of a Butlerian Jihad.

  • Alabama state Senate passes near total abortion ban in direct challenge to Roe v. Wade

    The Alabama state Senate on Tuesday approved a bill essentially banning abortion in the state, a move specifically aimed at challenging more than 40 years of federal abortion protection under Roe v. Wade. The bill would make it a felony for a doctor to perform or attempt an abortion during any stage of pregnancy.

    OK, the AL Sen got teed-off and decided to pick Lawyergeddon. Let’s stop bitchin’ about it and be about it. Drop the socially trendy pretenses and settle the issue of whether we as a nation give a rip about your pathetic and worthless existence. I get it and am tempted to agree with the sentiments despite the extreme nature of how they are being expressed. Sometimes you just have to haul off and punch the bully, if you don’t want to live as a coward and take his crap.

    • Anyone who brags about selling fetal Tissue McNuggets on the abortion aftermarket needs to have their head jammed face-first onto a spinning rotary sander so that they can die knowing how an unborn child dies from a cranial evacuation during a 2nd or Early 3rd Trimester abortion.
    • Anyone who thinks it’s a choice, not a human being, needs to have Aleister Crowley decide which home they get parked in for their convalescence.
    • Anyone secretly (or not so secretly) happy over the ethnicity or phenotype of the children currently most liable to be aborted in Amerika today need to ask themselves whose little turd-blossoms are gonna get the plug yanked out on them when Amerika degenerates all the way into minority-majority status. What will predictably happen to their little Tighty-Whities when all values or ethics taught in any functional, uncucked Christian church are considered boring, unsophisticated, and passe in comparison to the lucid and brilliant moral philosophy of Mayor Buttplug?

    All of this could go on all day. Words do not adequately describe the contempt decent people should feel for wealthy and privileged people who shout their abortions. The aftermarket of whatever organs get strained and plucked out of the medical waste from an aborted child should be viewed with the hatred and contempt that William Wilburforce felt for the Triangle Slave Trade. Yes, devaluing the life of the unborn then leads to a cascade effect. A lot of people secretly want it to. Let’s face it, sodomizing the weak gets your rocks off better than fapping any day of the week.

    But is putting abortion doctors in jail for life the correct way to to do this? If you are tired of being blown off as a Hick-Billy Meth Head anytime you dare to question the sacred narrative, then sure. Throw down the gauntlet. Do something so radical that it forces the powers that be to listen to you. Amerika already has one foot in the grave. Why not just jam the other one on the accelerator?

  • Six Things to Know About the Prosecutor Investigating Spying on Trump Campaign

    A lot of people in Amerika have just gotten sick of one another and are dropping the lubricative niceties that prevent conflict. Maybe the ultimate Trump legacy will be the death of prophylactic euphemism. When we call things what they are, other people do so as well. We all hear a whole lot of things we don’t want to. We learn who other people truly are, and all of a sudden take a Red Pill. We are not all just going to get along. We will endure conflict instead.

    Things will get settled, sorted out, and might won’t make right. Might will make over instead. Some will win, some will lose, and the ones who don’t like it are just going to have to take a hike. That is how the social tension of diversity unwinds. In this case, it has drifted downstream to politics. AG Barr has sent in the terminator for a spotted liberal shoot. Either Trump or his enemies will win.

  • Protesters shut down Johns Hopkins building for a week. Here’s how students can sue them.

    Activists chained all entrances shut and prevented anyone from entering. After ultimately breaching the building, authorities arrested five occupiers inside. The private Baltimore university stated that the suped-up sit-in evoked “major safety risks” and “severely disrupted university services,” yet prosecutors have already ruled out charging those who were arrested or involved in the occupation.

    We have now effectively legalized “major safety risks” and “severely disrupted university services.” Let’s say those things just happen to pee in your particular happy, little bowl of Corn Flakes. What do? You except a sub-optimal outcome (eat your not-so-happy bowl of Corn Flakes) or engage in some form of conflict. Eventually, even if you keep backing down, trouble still seeks you out and finds you. It decides you are too weak to defend yourself. Mayhem feels like sodomizing the weak. If you tend to look down on sodomy, you have to defend yourself. War will always take an interest in you. It will make you care.

  • Report: All Six Men Attracted To Feminists Deeply Affected By Sex Strike

    “While this sex strike was attempting to affect conservative men, in the end, it’s these six sensitive males who will suffer the most,” an APHA rep said. “Sebastien is particularly affected, as his girlfriend, Willow, had just come off a sex strike to save a rare species of field mouse in California. He was really looking forward to the end of the sex strike, but once Alyssa Milano and other pseud-celebrities called for a new strike, he realized it was going to be a long summer.” “Please keep all of these brave souls in your thoughts and vibes,” he added.

    Lysistrata. It’s the ultimate weapon to put those cisgendered man-thingies back in their place. It works better if the targeted men really can’t live without the women withholding their natural gift. As long as the targeted men are fine with six miles of roadwork and a cold shower instead, the whole ploy comes unstuck.

    It gets really bad if the men in question genuinely ridicule the women who tell them “No joy, Cowboy.” When a man is fine with not quite being fine with Charlize Theron after her 83rd stint of rehab over at Cocaine Addicts Anonymous, Lysistrata is funny for reasons other than those that Aristophanes intended. Men who do what they are going to do and consider good sex a byproduct of successfully doing their manly deeds are not easily effected by this. They are probably just finding someone else when the manipulative woman initiates the sex strike.

  • Evergreen’s Enrollment Freefall

    The Nietzch famously remarked. “Withdrawing in disgust is not apathy.” Withdrawing in disgust from a parasitic relationship could very well kill the parasite. “What would be the impact on the community if they died?” They don’t really want an accurate answer. Evergreen President George Bridges reminds me of Voldemort. He’s not exactly running Hogwarts. Letting Evergreen State University die could very well show us all how unnecessary many of our “educational institutions” truly are. If they are gross, withdraw in disgust. Bad corporations, fraudulent schools and many other rotting institutions can be killed by financial starvation.

  • Rep. Steve Scalise: ‘We’ve Always Been in a Trade War with China

    It was Heidegger who admonished us to give life meaning by living it with our imminent deaths in mind. It was his philosophical answer to the existential dilemma of ennui. Most of us can’t even imagine what our imminent deaths are going to be like and hence struggle to heed Heidegger’s call. Steve Scalise, in a sense; has been liberated. In what started out as a jokey, collegial baseball practice, Congressman Scalise’s entire world got destroyed and rebuilt.

    He feels liberated to say what he feels and speak the truth. Or else what? They’ll shoot him or something? Steve Scalise is now your best friend or worst enemy. He can’t be threatened like other guys anymore. He’s lived the worst. It gives him a power many men never acquire. He paid for it.

  • U.S. bugging out of Iraq?

    At some point in your life, unless you are truly an exceptional human being; you will indulge in conflict and hatred. It is perhaps the dark necessity of the fallen and failed sinner. A key to being somewhat successful in recovering from all that sin and failure is knowing when to call it a day on the rough stuff and antagonism. You don’t fight when it offers no reward beyond a putrid harvest of antipathy and loathing. Donald Trump, recent Iran bluster aside; wants to be done in The Middle East.

    Us pulling out of Iraq is in keeping with us reducing the footprint in Syria and Afghanistan. President Trump seems to desire no empire. If we aren’t conquering all these people, why have we stayed so long? Perhaps Donald Trump sees no answer to this and is therefore leaving. John Bolton and Mike Pompeo can only so much rattle a saber that isn’t in either one of their scabbards.

  • A Look At The Specific Intelligence Causing State Dept. Warning -Leave Iraq ASAP

    A top defector from Iranian Intelligence tells us they are coming for Amerikan personnel in Iraq. Now. This should surprise nobody who has evenly glancingly perused a map of Southwest Asia. Some simple logical claims follow if the situation is approached from the standpoint of a staff intel officer in the current Iranian military.

    1. Nobody on Earth outside of Israel quite dislikes the average Iranian with the same level of rigorous antipathy as the average Amerikan.
    2. Afghanistan and Iraq could theoretically become two sides of vice that could squash Iran like a grape.
    3. The USSA currently has a lot of military infrastructure and potentially pliant puppet regimes in both countries.
    4. This is a loaded revolver pointed at Iran’s head.
    5. Trump is a crazy enough (expetive) to possibly pull the trigger.
  • Selena Gomez: ‘Social media has been terrible for my generation’

    “For my generation specifically, social media has been terrible,” Gomez said. “I understand that it’s amazing to use as a platform but it does scare me when you see how exposed these young girls and boys are. I think it’s dangerous for sure.” When asked whether as one of the most prominent social media figures she had a responsibility in making platforms safer, the 26-year-old said that it was “impossible to make it safe at this point. I’m grateful I have a platform. I don’t do a lot of pointless pictures. For me, I like to be intentional with it. I see these young girls … I’ll meet them at meet-and-greets, and they’re just devastated by bullying and not having a voice.

    Famous superstars probably shouldn’t talk much about economic equality or nuclear power. They generally have about as much knowledge on the topic as a batboy for The Washington Nationals. You can tune them out or perhaps hear them out to know exactly what wrong looks like. When the famous talk about glamour and fame, you might want to put the adult beverage down and give it a listen. Salena Gomez derives a nice chunk of a large paycheck from navigating social media well. I assume she speaks as a knowledgable insider on this. If she says it’s dangerous and impossible to police, then it is probably what she describes it as.

  • The Dark Secret Reality Of Her Sexuality (View At Your Own Risk)

    So this is why the whole sex strike thing isn’t working…. This is probably over the top a bit. I doubt the average 30 year old woman has been intimate with a minimum of 30 guys. But if you can divide this by two or three and extrapolate, then every woman in the population who isn’t married swaps partners every 12 to 18 months. It’s not so hard for a guy to say no at this point. I didn’t have to watch the whole thing to get grossed out.

  • Ohio School Closed After Enriched Uranium Discovered Inside: ‘We Aren’t Prepared for Something Like This’

    I guess that works a wee bit better than “the dog ate my homework.” I never quite felt alienated enough to bring Neptunium 237 to school.

    An Ohio school has been forced to close for the remainder of the academic year after enriched uranium was discovered inside. Neptunium 237—a byproduct of nuclear reaction and plutonium production—was also detected inside Zahn’s Corner Middle School in the town of Piketon, about 80 miles east of Cincinnati, WLWT reported. Both substances are radioactive, and extended exposure to them can cause cancer.

  • The Big Short: 2008 Dr M Burry before and after closing his fund

    He owns the assets themselves, not the children who play games with them. He doesn’t buy the recovery. He puts $Billions where his mouth is. He doesn’t buy the recovery. That may be indicative. Dr. Burry is a little like Steve Scalise. He doesn’t have to care what anyone thinks.

  • Professional Athletes Going Broke

    Dunning-Kruger Effect. People are kind to these strangers and they take them in. Man do they take them in. I love the accountant who told Kenny Anderson he wasn’t spending his money. His relatives were. People are the average of their five best friends. Choose those friends poorly and they will use you and pull you on down.

The Red Wedding. The last time either the Song of Ice and Fire or the execrable Game of Thrones was really still good.

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