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  • Christchurch mosque shootings: New Zealand to ban semi-automatic weapons

    This is typical peak democracy. In response to social fragmentation, the society disarms its citizens. The sheep voters go along with it because their friends do. The politicians bring out symbols of virtue instead of realistic plans. Everyone feels better for a moment, but it is not a stable and solid feeling, only a fleeting distraction. Then they go back into their dark hallways of neurotic delirium and existential unease. The entire response consists of people dealing symbolically with symptoms instead of addressing underlying causes because we do not want to accidentally debunk our pretense of being “enlightened.” The banning of Milo Yiannopoulos is an obvious symbolic ploy, as is blaming Big Tech for the shooting video and the attempts to silence the one guy who pointed out the actual problem. This is how you know you are in a post-collapse civilization: no one can deal with reality, and anyone who tries is demonized for being too “offensive,” masculine, warlike, or real. Then out come the drama queens and attention whores to prey on the situation for those rich social media virtue points. The only realistic response is to troll them because these people are gunk humans who will need to be removed for society to be effective. It is not white supremacy to point out that many whites, including all Leftist whites, are a collection of random genetic errors and need to be exiled to the third world where they can be bred out by stronger strains of brown, yellow, red, and tan. Race-mixing is only a problem when it is done by good people, instead of your average untermenschy obese hipster, and when the children of that union hang around in our countries. If we send them all abroad, everyone wins. The third world gets a few extra IQ points, and the children lose whatever neurosis made their parents so genetically defective that they ended up as spare parts Leftists.

  • Drag queen storytime reader once charged with child sex assault

    No one could have seen this coming. Stable people accept who they are and find a way to inhabit the role; unstable people have some problem with who they are. Maybe in some cases that is the right thing to do, as in Wendy O. Williams, but for most, it seems to lead down a path to even more dark neurosis. Leftists love the idea that the exception disproves the rule because that notion affirms individualism, which means to Leftists that whatever an individual Leftist wants to do is more important than the needs of society, nature, and reality. Whenever you look into their latest round of darlings, however, the instability pokes its head out and you realize how crazy the Leftists really are.

  • U.S. sees steady rise in violence by white supremacists

    Anatomy of media hype:

    The U.S. has seen a rise in violence by white supremacists, including the murders of 11 people at a Pittsburgh Synagogue last fall. There was also a deadly clash at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017, the murders of nine people at a church in Charleston in 2015 and the deaths of six at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin in 2012.

    “We’re seeing an increase in the propaganda. Again, when we look at their propaganda, they are borrowing propaganda techniques from other terrorist groups,” said John Miller, New York’s deputy head of counterterrorism.

    The USA is stuck in 1980 when white nationalism meant organized groups who attempted coordinated action. We are now in the age of the lone wolf, where people independently encounter information on the internet or in bookstores and become radicalized as a result of contrasting what they read, what they know, and what the public media, academia, and government say. This distrust is the root of the new white nationalism: people have realized that demographic replacement (a.k.a. white genocide) is real and are fighting back. In the meantime, three incidents of white nationalist terrorism do not make up for the vastly more significant and frequent events of Islamic terror worldwide, or minority violence against whites that is filed as crime and not terrorism because of its disorganized character.

  • Pilots offer insights on Boeing 737 crashes

    Apparently, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashes have a common cause in the software for the MCAS system:

    An airline pilot with 737 MAX-8 flying experience who wished to remain anonymous explained to AOPA that the new augmentation system affected the stabilizer trim but noted several ways to defeat it. “It doesn’t move any primary controls,” and MCAS doesn’t function when the autopilot is active. “When the autopilot is on, it isn’t even a player,” the pilot added. Switching off the electric trim overrides the system and cut-off switches are located on the center pedestal “near the red fire cutoffs between the pilot and first officer and both of them” can access the switches. The pilot also noted MCAS doesn’t work if flaps are extended in the aircraft’s normal takeoff configuration.

    A system malfunction “should appear to a pilot the same way a runaway trim wheel appears,” the pilot continued. “The result is that we have a runaway trim checklist—and a procedure” to work around it. You turn off the electric trim and go to a manual reversion. It’s something we train for. It is true that Boeing didn’t tell anyone about it [MCAS]—so that is problematic.”

    Let me quote from the book of diversity at Boeing (January 16, 2017):

    Boeing hired its first two black “Rosie the Riveters” in 1942 to build bombers for the war effort — more than nine months after a presidential order banning discrimination at defense companies — and afterward progressed only slowly toward equality.

    In recent years a handful of African Americans have risen to prominent positions in the company.

    Here is how something like MCAS goes down: you have an incompetent manager, his incompetent manager (most likely to be a “head girl” woman), some good programmers, and a whole lot of entry level programmers. Firms like Boeing hire people in great wide swathes and focus on diversity so that if they get sued, they can say, “Look, a third of our programmer pool consists of ethnic and religious minorities!” The business then applies a sink-or-swim strategy: some of these programmers will be good, and they advance. The rest hang out at high entry level wages forever and eventually leave, die, or get hired by someone else that needs more warm bodies.

    The good programmers do the core of the system, but some of the really basic stuff they outsource to the white neckbeards and H1-Bs (called “pajeets” in the industry) who are mostly Chinese, Arab, and Indian. At some point, the project is running late and upper management wants to get a working prototype. The manager of the manager gets on the phone and screams to the manager. He tightens deadlines. Expert programmers say: you are asking for the unrealistic. He cuts some corners, and outsources more of the work to the pajeets and NEETs in the programmer bay (a big open office that smells like sweat and stale Taco Bell flatulence).

    The expert programmers slip some tasks to the pajeets and NEETs that are basic but require attention to detail. The inexperienced and quite frankly, not that bright (NTB), programmers do a basic job but forget about all of the stuff that worries experienced programmers, like efficiency and the complex interactions that happen in runtime that are not immediately obvious from the chalkboard view. At some point, the manager swoops and says, “That’s version 1.0, because we’re at deadline.” He delivers. The software does not obviously suck. His manager is happy. They announce to corporate that the software is ready.

    Experienced programmers notice some glitches in simulations. They are told to STFU by the manager. His manager tells him to STFU about it. Both of them get promoted to other parts of the company and have a victory party. Upper management does not want to hear about any glitches. It was a success for all! The stock price goes up. A new manager comes in to the programmer bay. He realizes that if he touches a successful project and finds problems, he takes on the risk, so he says, “Nope, that’s complete, onward we go.” They focus on some new project. Upper management hears about problems from the testing team. They fire a memo back down to the manager of the programmers.

    He asks an experienced programmer what they have to do. The programmer comes back two hours later and says that a third of the codebase is nuts, so they need three months to debug it and re-write big portions of it, then debug that. The manager says no way José and reports back to upper management that the project was approved by the last manager, so ask him. That manager simply says that it was completed.

    Upper management rubber-stamps that one as legally safe (although no one asks if it is market safe or even safe at all). NEETs and pajeets notice nothing; they are semi-competents (some people of these ethnicities are in fact decent programmers, but relatively few, and they are promoted quickly and end up in management in order to satisfy diversity criteria). When the plane is delivered, pilots notice that the MCAS system is unreliable and report this; the company schedules a new project and budgets the millions for six months or a year of development, since the upper management and sales team could not stop themselves from tacking on new features.

    The “new” project (to fix the old project) passes to a new manager and team who have never seen the code before. It will take two to five years to be done, debugged, fixed, debugged, tested, and then deployed. Pilots in the West figure out how to turn the thing off; Boeing cannot admit that it is defective, so does not pass on this information. Pilots in the third world do not get this information and do not notice.

    Two planes crash; billions of market value is wiped out (remember “market safe” from above?). This is typical of all of the software and hardware that you use on a daily basis. Most experienced programmers drive cars with carbuerators.

  • Yellow vest protests: Violence returns to streets of Paris

    The yellow vests are the archetype of the people who notice the downfall of liberal democracy: they just want to live their lives, but have noticed that everything is expensive and they are working too many hours for too little of the good life. Government can do nothing because three-quarters of its budget goes to entitlements, and so it is dependent on taxes, which business and individuals pass on to the consumer. The workers get paid less and their money buys less. The rich get richer because they are hurt less by the taxes, and most of them now are getting rich by working within the system instead of within the market, which is more results-driven than the system. We have seen this before on the question of bread regulations:

    French law obliged bakers to sell certain standard varieties of loaf at fixed weights and prices. (It still does, which explains why the most expensive patisserie will sell you a baguette for the same price as a supermarket.) At the time when this quotation originated, the law also obliged the baker to sell a fancier loaf for the price of the cheap one when the cheap ones were all gone. This was to forestall the obvious trick of baking just a few standard loaves, so that one could make more profit by using the rest of the flour for price-unregulated loaves. So whoever it was who said Qu’ils mangent de la brioche, she (or he) was not being wholly flippant. The idea was that the bread shortage could be alleviated if the law was enforced against profiteering bakers.

    And in fact, the source is always Leftist reforms:

    The rule about selling expensive bread at a loss if necessary to feed the poor was just one of a whole tangle of crazy regulations established by bleeding-heart French nobles to do “right” by the lower classes. From medieval times until the 1980s, the price of a baguette had been fixed to a specific formula. And, even today, bread prices, baking techniques and bread sizes are regulated in minute detail in France.

    The problem was that since French bakers were denied the ability to make cheap bread at a profit, and forced to sell expensive bread at a loss, they did the only rational thing possible: They made very little bread at all. That’s how we got bread riots and maybe even the French Revolution.

    The solution is one of those ironic twists that people refuse to see until it is too late: instead of using government to give more, make government take less. Do not regulate the bread to make it cheaper; direct solutions do not work with complex systems like markets. Instead, use indirect power and find out what makes bread cost so much — a supply/demand rule question — and lessen the cost of bread. In this case, that requires abolishing entitlements, thus dropping taxes, and therefore, dropping prices.

  • Garda monitoring websites and online activists for hate speech

    Speaking of attacking symptoms and not cause, or surface (direct) and not structure (indirect), and the whole host of Platonic cave float mysteries that follow, the Irish police have given up on fixing the causes of crime (diversity, dysgenics, disorder) and instead are punishing those who notice some of those causes. This will work really well until it does not, and then those responsible will be sacked if they are lucky or die facing the courtyard wall if they are not.

  • Amazon removes books promoting autism cures and vaccine misinformation

    In America, we fear state censorship, so we rely on private industry to do it. Amazon is removing any controversial topics because it is big enough now that it does not have to prove itself good to its audience. Instead, it merely aims to limit complaints, because they cost money thanks to the media parroting them and people being forced to clean up. They might lose up to $50,000 a year if they ban all anti-vax, autism, vaccine, and nationalist books, but it probably costs them $50,000 per complaint for all the PR, bribes, diversity seminars, and other stuff they feel obligated to do. Amazon could have held the line for free speech, but since it has become big and bloated and lost direction, it fears herd panic both within and outside of the company more. This is a sign that it is unstable and ready to fall.

  • Italian monastery turns into hotbed of Bannon-fueled nationalism

    Some people still want to save the West from Leftism:

    Along with defending the Judeo-Christian tradition, Harnwell’s other main cause is opposing what he calls the EU’s “militantly, ideological sense of a borderless system.”

    He cites a Pew Research Center study which he says shows that a catastrophic scenario in which two-thirds of Africans, 800 million people, are planning to move to Europe or the US in coming years.

    In the meantime, these boot camps are good ideas. People need to learn the basics of not just what to think, but how to convince others, subvert authority, handle media, mock enemies, and reach people who are initially opposed to these ideas.

  • Inside 100 million police traffic stops: New evidence of racial bias

    Bad science occurs through mistaken assumptions or neglect of rigorous procedure. In this case, “science” finds that Hispanic drivers are stopped more, but do not have proportionate convictions. This misses the possibility that different groups behave differently, and ignores the complexity of courts and evidence.

  • Berlin passes first-ever state plan to combat anti-Semitism

    Here we go again:

    Some of the highly reported cases of hostility toward Jews in Berlin involved younger people from Muslim backgrounds, leading many to fear that a generation without adequate sensitivity to Jewish issues is coalescing in the German capital.

    You cannot “fight” anti-Semitism. You can only offer a better plan. That better plan involves sending everyone but ethnic Germans back home. It does not matter if they are English, Portuguese, Mexican, Japanese, Muslim Arab, or Jewish. Diversity does not work. Ending diversity ends all problems with anti-Semitism.

  • New Pentagon transgender rule sets limits for troops

    In the Trump era, the military is no longer interested in catering to snowflakes:

    But after April 12, no one with gender dysphoria who is taking hormones or has transitioned to another gender will be allowed to enlist. And any currently serving troops diagnosed with gender dysphoria after April 12 will have to serve in their birth gender and will be barred from taking hormones or getting transition surgery.

    This was probably easily justified by the relatively low contributions by transgender troops, the cases of traitors like Bradley/Chelsea Manning, and the high cost of treating a tiny minority that was endangering medical care for the rest. Trump probably sees it in realist terms: a military needs to have hard and fast rules about what is good for accomplishing its mission, not a formula for catering to exceptions.

  • Anchor Beer Workers Win First Union at a U.S. Craft Brewery

    Here we go with the union cycle again: the workers want more money, not realizing how expensive they and their benefits already are. The union comes in; hoorah, hooray! Higher wages are negotiated. Threat of strikes happens. Donations go to Leftist causes; organized crime suddenly appears. Business owners realize that the union now owes them and Uncle Sam has prohibited them from defending themselves. New factory opens elsewhere with more automation. Old factory either closes or downsizes to the point where the union is impotent. Cue planes bearing union organizers with briefcases stuffed with cash going to Switzerland, and lots of unemployed former brewery workers blaming The Man for their own stupid decision.

  • South Africa: Jacob Zuma embroiled in state intelligence scandal

    Diversity ruins nations. In politics, people vote for the member of their group who stands out the most, and this person is usually criminal. People of that nature do what Zuma has done, which is to use the state intelligence service as a

  • Study: Jet noise at U.S. Kadena base triggers 10 deaths a year

    People are shifting from the dying political concept of “climate change” to a general focus on the two biggest environmental issues, habitat destruction (humans using too much land) and pollution. As part of that, we are focusing on noise pollution as well, including ambient noise pollution. We are going to learn that the more humans we cluster together without a lot of intervening natural land, meaning mostly untouched by humans and not parks or farmland, the more we suffer from pollution. This will recalibrate our knowledge of how many humans we can afford on planet Earth, and the end number will be far less than our current world population, which if history is any guide will double in two decades.

  • ‘Student-led’ climate protests actually organised by adult activists

    As part of our process of learning what Leftism really is, we are discovering that the “grassroots” protests that are constantly in the news were in fact prepped by Leftist activists and NGO with the collaboration of the media. Everything is fake in clown world.

  • Fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly

    While people worry about the climate, the United Nations flew many diplomats into Nairobi, Kenya for a large conference. This means that people who get paid four times the average salary, live in giant houses, drive or are driven in large cars, and jet all over the world throughout the year will hop into private planes and fly to another climate conference. There, they will pass out a few tons of paper, swag, and condoms which will promptly end up a in a landfill. The bureaucrats will return home and issue forth papers requiring more dumpsters full of waste, some of which will be ready by some of their audience, and very little will come of it. In the end, humanity will have spent more time, energy, and pollution talking with little actual effect, mainly because what we need to do to avoid ecocide requires violating our humanist idea that all people are equal. We need to reduce our land use and pollute less. This means more land for nature, and less for humans, who need lots of land for hospitals, schools, parking lots, malls, workspaces, gyms, mosques, churches, synagogues, graveyards, government, warehouses, farms, recreation, and last and least, housing. Even if we cut our needs to the bone — giving up cars, eating vegan, having a state religion, building vertically — we will still be using too much land. That means that we have to slim our population, and the only sane way to do this is to cut entitlements and foreign aid so that the useful survive and reproduce abundantly, and those of less utility die out. No one wants to touch this, so we will simply have more wasteful climate conferences. We do not mind if you fly private planes to some place and get something done, but no one is doing anything but distracting from the issue.

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