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New Zealand Shooter Laid A Trap And The Left Fell Into It

The left is falling right into the New Zealand mosque shooter’s trap.

He wanted them to react the way they are. All they care about is that the event happened and they can loosely tie it to conservatives. This makes the Left more evil than this murderer because if they went unopposed I have a very strong feeling that they would start executing people that they were deemed their mortal enemies with the excuse that “we’re tired of these white nationalist terrorists” despite the fact that most mass shooters are not conservatives.

These shootings fit a pattern where the perpetrator is some type of extremist with the goal of escalating tensions between political factions to the point of starting a full-on war. Although the factions change, the principle of escalating violence by way of grabbing attention through mass shooting events remains.

Pay close attention to the fallout and how people react to it. The Left has already jumped the shark by immediately pushing for their agenda before while the bodies are still warm. They do not care about any of the victims but even if they did care, they’re willing to do extremely evil things in the name of the dead by using the event as an excuse to escalate violent policies that will join Leftist-controlled countries in a global police state dictatorship that works in unison to stomp out anyone to the right of it. Even liberals.

The Right wing’s reaction needs to be handled with extreme care, compassion, and honesty. I am willing to accept that this murderer shared some ideas with me and that if I knew the guy before all this I might even like some of what he had to say. I say that with a major caveat that I do not know much about him and while disavowing everything he did to these people. That, however, does not make me or anyone else evil, responsible, or even culpable. We on the Right need to honor the names of the victims by promoting peace, cooperation, and to celebrate the very freedom that was stripped from them by this heinous act. The very freedom that is now being threatened by hardcore leftists who want to use this and many other similar tragedies as an excuse to gain more power and destroy the last remains of freedom that stand in their way.

Does anyone really think the far Left will, for even a moment, pause to think about and admit that they’re falling right into this mass murderers plans? Of course they won’t. They can’t! If they did that it would expose them for the heartless, cold, and calculating power-hungry maniacs they are. It would expose the fact that they require tragedies like this to justify forcing their ideas on more people.

This presents a classic Hegelian Dialectic. Leftists created the problem by stripping people’s rights to self-protection opening the door for psychopaths to murder on a massive scale, they react by using fear, intimidation, and emotional manipulation to pull at people’s heartstrings and get them to capitulate to their anti-freedom agenda, and then they present solution that is even more evil than a mass shooting. At the end of the day, for the Left to achieve total victory they will have to start a war and destroy all of us who stand in their way. Their solution is mass detainment, execution, and expulsion of everyone who loves freedom and are deemed too far to the Right to be allowed to be free or left living.

I hate to be so black pilled and negative but I think someone has to say it in order to get a grip on the situation we all face whether we’re conservative or moderate liberal. We’re now all in this together and if we don’t move forward with a high degree of wisdom, patience, and swift but peaceful action the Left will take advantage, they will get more power, and they will use that power against anyone who stands in their way.

It is not an escalation of violence to try and capture the essence of what is happening to our society at the moment and to strive to find viable and peaceful solutions. We cannot allow even more evil people to grab power that they intend on using against everyone they deem unfit to live in their Utopia.

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