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  • Alone

    Apparently we needed things like families, culture, common heritage, and shared customs in order to feel anything other than isolated. As Michel Houellebec points out in his excellent The Elementary Particles, we are entirely alone, drifting through a world of prole options, none of which give us what we need, which is connection.

  • On the Border, Police Chase Smugglers. The Migrant Body Count Is Getting Higher.

    Trump warned them that there was a border crisis. He included in that the knowledge that what he was going to have to do in order to fulfill his campaign promises was going to cause havoc. The Left fought him tooth and nail and considered themselves clever. Now they are getting beaten by the headlines. A million Central Americans pouring across the border, massive mobs simply walking around the existing wall, even people from Africa are coming across, and children dying in detention while immigrants are being unloaded by the tens of thousands into sanctuary cities. Trump will force their hand and get his win.

  • Teacher fired for asking Trump to ‘remove illegal students’ from school

    The tweets, under her now-deleted @Rebecca1939 Twitter account, began about three weeks ago when she described the school district as “loaded with illegal students from Mexico”, and suggested there should be someone at the school “who should be actively investigating & removing illegals that are in the public school system”.

    Ms Clark added that she needed guarantees that her identity would stay anonymous after action was taken, writing: “Texas will not protect whistle blowers. The Mexicans refuse to honour our flag.”

    Sure enough, they fired her and them embarked on diatribe of encomium for diversity, not realizing that none of us believe it any more than the Soviets or Chinese believed their newspapers in 1989.

  • Marcia Cross says her anal cancer is linked to HPV and husband’s throat cancer

    An absolute disaster of a headline makes this article the most shared post on the internet today. Basically, what happened was this: promiscuous woman acquires HPV, gives it to partner when he performs oral sex on her, then gets payback when he performs anal sex on her, giving her anal cancer. We were all healthier and saner when we kept it in our pants except in the confines of marriage.

  • ‘Wake up call’: 1M new STD infections daily

    Our traditional approach to life might have been described as avoid contagion. Instead of coexisting with bad things, signal strongly that they are broken and keep all good people away from them, which in turn causes those things to die out in your civilization. If you ensure that everyone promiscuous gets driven away or drowned in bogs or what have you, then thirty generations later you have people who are naturally inclined to avoid promiscuity. Instead, we have adopted a contagion model where we assume that since people are “equal,” they all act by the lowest common denominator standard, and therefore we must plan for it and incorporate it into our lives despite it being toxic. It turns out that “just wear a condom!” is not as good of a plan as “just have sex only in a marriage!” Luckily, natural selection is going to take out many of these.

  • Washington Supreme Court upholds ruling against florist who refused flowers for gay wedding

    Court decides that it was discrimination against sexual orientation, not exercise of religious freedom, when a florist in a city full of florists refuses to provide flowers for gay wedding. This issue will not go away, but the Left is trying to shoehorn it into law through the courts. The grim fact is that major religions are not fond of homosexuality and find the thought of homosexual marriage hideous, and “just choose another church” commits the type of sin that our Constitution was written to eliminate. Our founding fathers could have adopted the law of the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1964, but they did not, mainly because they were smarter than we are and saw how forced association naturally leads to violation of the basic freedom to make choices. It would be great if a business came up with a business justification for not serving gay weddings like “this is controversial and we do not want to be associated with it,” and then took that to court, pointing out that they are going to lose audience for their stance.

  • US Attorney: Michigan is the nation’s most corrupt state

    Not surprisingly, our most diverse areas are the most corrupt, because if you are from a minority group you either accept being conquered by the majority and working for them as an Uncle Tom (or Uncle Nguyen, Juan, Mohammed, or Li) or you realize that you must conquer this majority in order for your culture to thrive. As a result, minorities generally do not view this as their land, nor this as their government, nor even tax monies as coming from their people. Instead, they view these things as an enemy resource to be exploited.

  • Journalists in jail? Australia weighs implications of police raids on media

    You will not hear this on the Right, but the Australians and English have the right idea: if you steal information and republish it, it is not an infringement of your free speech rights to throw you in jail. Nor are you entitled to anonymous sources when they indicate someone who has clearly committed a crime. Under these rules, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange are going to jail; if we were smart, we would apply the same to those who published The Pentagon Papers. Funny thing, we had no problem busting teenagers for republishing Bell Atlantic manuals. Maybe you only get free speech if you are a Leftist?

  • YouTube blocks history teachers uploading archive videos of Hitler

    Social media connects everyone. While this seems like it would bring about a new Golden Age of understanding, wisdom, and mutual respect, it has instead rendered the most acrimonious era of politics in recent memory. It turns out that we cannot all agree on a universal truth and we each want to live our way, without having to support or associate with others. People like me are honest when we say that we want to live in an ethnically Western European, upper half of middle class, socially and politically conservative neighborhood, town, village, hamlet, seastead, space station, or city. We want to be with people like us. It turns out that most people feel this way, and when we see the fracas on social media, we are simply seeing this separation process. In order to keep the good bourgeois feelings of pacifism, acceptance, tolerance, pluralism, and empathy the Big Tech social media sites have embarked on ambitious censorship. Little do they know that, much as political correctness does the same, by eliminating one side from having a place in the discourse, they have guaranteed that this side will see confirmation that its civilization has been hijacked and become correspondingly radicalized. That they are working hand-in-hand with Leftist government simply serves to confirm this. If there are conservatives at YouTube, Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Reddit, and the like, they are basically stoking the flames of Civil War 2.0 and encouraging conservatives to drop out of mainstream media, society, and mass culture entirely. This is a positive thing and will intensify all future clashes. However, the divisive nature of social media has opened a new front in the culture wars as people on both sides scramble to take down these mind-controlling monopolies.

  • Trump to decide on $300 billion China tariffs after G20 meeting

    Like Reagan, Trump built his presidency on ending dysfunctional programs and outmaneuvering bad actors in order to build a stable world order. In his case, he has seen how China plans to take over the world by using Western money and is putting a stop to it by making the West self-sufficient, both hitting them with tariffs until they offer fair markets and countering their military ambitions with provocation. This explains his comments about Vietnam; he realizes that the war was designed to stop China, and felt that it was too indirect and not forceful enough. Instead, he plans on crushing the economy that fuels their ambitions while driving them into local wars in order to complete their expansion, at which point China falls into the same narrative pattern that allowed Democracy, Inc., to wage war against Hitler and the Soviets. As if drugged with stupidity, the Chinese promptly announced a resumption of their alliance with Russia and invited Iran and India into the fold. It is as if they, like American white nationalists, think that by acting like what we identify as the enemy, we will suddenly back down, when in fact they are pushing the world toward war.

  • High rents in English cities forcing young to stay in small towns

    Wages are low and rents are high because all those taxes we impose on business and individuals get passed on down to the consumer, which means that you have less buying power at the same time prices go up. You would think this economic lesson would be clear by now, but the middle class voters keep chasing the Saint Elmo’s Fire of equality, and if they end up crashing into the shoals, they will consider their own deaths worthy sacrifices for the great ideological goal of Utopia. Human insanity and stupidity know no bounds.

  • Twitterbots: Anatomy of a Propaganda Campaign

    The Left wants to talk about Russian collusion but in five years the discussion will center around the utter stupidity of ever believing that anything on the internet was real. Every public presence is likely employing legions of bots, paid clickers, and ShareBlue-style disruptors and propaganda spreaders. Every company has SEO consultants and public relations directors submitting fake reviews, editing Wikipedia pages, and buying up Indian internet friends by the million ($39.95, a good deal, if you think about it). Right now, people still believe the mythos of the internet as a Wild West where random geniuses and insights are floating around to help you. Soon, we will see the wisdom of the old cartoon which said, “On the internet, nobody can tell that you are a dog.” Except instead of dogs we will find fake traffic, false clicks, inflated ad numbers, autoplay video that no one watches, and many thousands of bots warring it out to control the narrative.

  • Average person consumes up to 120,000 particles of microplastics every year

    While modern society convinced all of us to go on a crusade-jihad vision quest for equality Utopia, it was distracting us from all of the destructive acts of industry, government, and manipulative special interest groups — corporations, minorities, financial manipulators, political fanatics, maskirovka agents of foreign powers — which we now suddenly wake up to find have made life toxic. The only way out is to buy your way into a gated community where you have filtered water, acres of greenhouses to provide fresh air, organic food, private schooling, cash-paid medical services, and mercenary security forces. At that point, you are so entrenched in the system that you will not even dare to think any off-narrative thoughts, much less articulate them. The worse things get, the better for the tyrants.

  • Does pornography still drive the internet?

    Did pornography drive the adoption of the VHS player? To a point, and then general consumer interest took over. The same is true of the internet but people consume a huge amount of porn, which is the consequence of sexual control, which both demonizes bad sexual behavior and encourages it, so that people try to get away with as much as they can while destroying others for doing the same. A perfect crab bucket — where each person climbs on top of others to escape, with none or very few getting out — results.

  • B.C. researchers label dodgeball a tool of oppression

    This game, in which you peg people as hard as you can with rubber balls, has always been a legalized form of bullying. Gym coaches like it because the jocks win. Nerds hate it because they eat rubber every time. Ignoring the usual boilerplate blather about “oppression,” we can see how there is a kernel of truth to what is being said. That in turn leads us to realize how toxic schools are, and think wistfully of the days of private tutors and small schoolhouses, before you had to go through twenty years of education just to rise above the herd.

  • Taiwan bucks world trend to be No. 1 in semiconductor equipment spending

    China hates Taiwan for many reasons, but one big one is that the tiny island often out-competes all of China. Trump is setting them up to be our intermediate between having all of our stuff made in China, and making it ourselves, but in the meantime, this strong competitor will crush the Chinese plan for economic world domination.

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