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  • Liberal senator joins cross-party condemnation of anti-Asian racism in Australia

    “One attack is an attack too many,” Bragg said, announcing that he “stands with” Asian Australians, who had been part of Australia’s success for 150 years. “The coronavirus has nothing to do with Asian Australians,” he said.

    “Racism in all its forms must be opposed. All Australians, whether they arrived 60,000 years ago, two centuries ago or two days ago should feel welcome and a sense of belonging.

    He agrees with China that Asians should be admitted across the West. Funny how our Leftists always support whoever wants to destroy us, and whatever will destroy us, as if they were broken, empty people who are trying to fill the void with a temporary sense of power in destruction.

  • China says arbitrary decoupling by U.S. not realistic or wise

    China said on Friday that any decision by the United States to arbitrarily decouple from China would not be realistic or wise, responding to renewed threats by U.S. President Donald Trump to cut ties with Beijing.

    Benevolent Xenophobia applies here:

    1. All things act only in their own self-interest alone.
    2. Therefore, when other groups speak for us, they are advocating what makes us weak.
    3. Naturally, they will disguise this.

    What China wants for the USA will doom the USA. Therefore, conscious decoupling from China is the only sensible response to the situation. In the same mode of thought, we need to realize that the EU will advocate whatever makes us weak as well, which is why they loved Obama.

  • Under-threat jaguar population believed to have doubled in South American forest

    The regular monitoring by researchers based at institutes in Brazil and Argentina found that in 2005 there was an estimated population in the south-western region of the Atlantic Forest of 30 to 54 individuals.

    By 2014 that had risen to between 51 and 84, by 2016 it was 71 to 107, and the latest figures estimate there are now between 84 and 125 jaguars in the region.

    These are still tiny numbers. The only solution is to create giant nature preserves with half of the land on Earth reserved for nature.

  • Galwan clash was a result of China trying to build structures across LAC, says PMO

    The violent face-off at the Galwan River valley happened on the night of 15 June because of the fact that the Chinese were trying to build structures “just across the LAC” (Line of Actual Control) and the clash happened because the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) “refused to desist from such actions” even as the Indian Army “foiled” their attempts, said the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Saturday.

    China wants to expand its control, including control over the high ground on its border with India:

    The Galwan river is the highest ridgeline and it allows the Chinese to dominate the Shyok route passes, which is close to the river. Chinese are keen on controlling this area as they fear that the Indian side could end up threatening their position on the Aksai Chin plateau by using the river valley.

    It is possible however that this clash is merely the start of the Water Wars:

    High resolution satellite images procured by NDTV indicate Chinese efforts to block or disturb the flow of the Galwan river in Northeast Ladakh, less than a kilometer from the site of the deadly clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers on June 15 in which 20 Indian officers and men were killed.

  • German Chancellor Merkel warns EU of deepest recession since World War II

    The pandemic has also revealed their dependence on other countries. French President Emmanuel Macron has previously said Europe as a whole needs to be less economically beholden to the U.S. and China moving forward.

    Globalism has died. Whatever country becomes 100% self-sufficient first wins. The US won the last war because it had resources and industry; now that everyone has industry, whoever controls the resources wins.

  • ‘Disaster’ for Nato, US hurt as Trump does battle with ally Germany

    In outlining his plans to remove nearly a third of those forces by September, Trump said in Washington that Germany had been “delinquent” because it spends less on its defence than it and Nato partners promised to do by 2024, shortly after the Russian annexation of Crimea six years ago.

    America has been subsidizing the European socialist states for seventy-five years. Trump wants to force Europe to pay for its own defense, at which point its opulent welfare states will collapse, forcing a retreat from Leftism. He is defeating world Leftism the way Reagan defeated the Soviets: provoking them into collapse by forcing them to confront the contradictions and paradoxes in their own systems. Diversity will fall following this, and after that, democracy and equality. We are seeing the “Berlin 1945 moment” for egalitarianism play out through the coronavirus, FLOYD-19, and the collapse of the EU.

  • Brands tout Black heritage as some shoppers question authenticity

    Multinational companies in recent years have snapped up products aimed at Black consumers and marketed those brands as authentically Black, with homemade formulas, personalized offers and feel-good marketing. But in the wake of the protests following the May 25 death of an unarmed Black man, George Floyd, many consumers are pledging to purchase more goods from Black-owned businesses as a way to bring greater racial equity.

    They are following the 1990s model, which is to have niche products for every group. Like the Republican party is to conservatives, corporate blackwashing is to Black people a substitute for what they actually need, designed to pander to demands right now instead of in the long term. Black people need ethnic self-determination, like every other ethnic group, and no group but ethnic Western Europeans (WASPs) will find that in America.

  • History Erasure Watch

    Ever wonder why the history of dead civilizations just disappears? They consume themselves in frustration and infighting. Diversity is the primary means of that infighting, which allows the proles to get away with bad behavior and the predatory to steal everything and abscond. This is the typical human pattern, meaning that it is something we need to break out of if we want to survive as a species, and survive as individuals who can think about the long-term without being driven mad by the futility of it.

  • A comment made by an Allen County councilman made comments about protesters at the end of their Thursday meeting that is now causing a controversy.

    Councilman Larry Brown of District 4 criticizes protesters during the meeting saying “as uneducated as they are, obviously on local government, they do vote. And unfortunately, they also breed.”

    Brown went on to say “they do vote and they’re going to be an uneducated voter.”

    Nothing he said is wrong.

  • Falkland Islands power grab: Argentina send UK fiery warning ahead of crunch showdown

    Speaking on Friday, the president said Argentina will not give into British demands to give up sovereignty claims for the islands – called the Malvinas in Spanish. He added: “The United Kingdom is usurping Argentine lands and we are not going to give in on that.”

    When the first world paralyzes itself with equality and democracy, the third world attacks. This also applies to China. Every great civilization will find itself surrounded by envious enemies who, being incompetent, will assume that if they just seize what is there, they will have it. In fact, they will drive away what makes it great and end up in the same state of poverty. Lower-IQ societies do stupid things.

  • AP changes writing style to capitalize ”b” in Black

    The change conveys “an essential and shared sense of history, identity and community among people who identify as Black, including those in the African diaspora and within Africa,” John Daniszewski, AP’s vice president of standards, said in a blog post Friday. “The lowercase black is a color, not a person.”

    In the long term, this is a positive change, just as the term African-American was in the 1990s. People need to identify with their roots and culture, not “assimilate” to a Leftist ideal as cuckservatives argue they must.

  • PD: New Haven teen likely fatally shot while sleeping

    “During a canvass of the neighborhood, officers learned several residents heard gunfire during the early morning hours on Wednesday,” Duff said. “Detectives believe the victim was fatally wounded as she slept.”

    The New Haven Independent reported that when Brown was a senior at James Hillhouse High School, she was a member of the Hillhouse team that won the statewide girls’ championship.

    When she was still a senior at Hillhouse, Brown spoke to a Register reporter about a student athlete study program there, noting she often left practice tired, so she liked having most of her homework done before she arrived at home

    Why are white police so active in minority neighborhoods? To prevent stuff like this. Stop-n-frisk was popular because it kept the ghetto relatively safe; removing it at the demand of Leftists simply made everyone live riskier lives.

  • One reported dead, one wounded in overnight Capitol Hill protest zone shooting

    Seattle Police have confirmed CHS’s early reports on the shooting and say that a 19-year-old is dead and that there have been no arrests.

    We should not interrupt our enemies while they are demonstrating exactly why we wish to avoid their Utopia. Let it go full Lord of the Flies and then bury the dead in mass graves under a “Victims of Seattle Communism and Anarchy” monument.

  • Penny Lane: ‘No link’ between Liverpool street and slaver, museum finds

    Following the toppling of the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol, protesters had speculated that Penny Lane was named after slave trader James Penny, with Liverpool’s Slavery Museum pledging to do research into the origin of the street name.

    The road is instead believed to take its name from a toll on the road that was paid in pennies.

    Mobs are always wrong. The compromise consensus and collective hive mind are always wrong. People in groups prefer short-term, simpler non-solutions to non-problems to tackling actual problems. The herd is our misfortune.

  • Amazon workers in Chicago angered by ‘tokenized’ Juneteenth celebration offering chicken and waffles

    The facility, known as DCH1, notified employees on Thursday that it’s “honoring the Black community by supporting local Black businesses” and would offer employees chicken and waffles on Juneteenth, according to a document obtained by CNBC. The document appears to have been placed on a TV in the facility’s break room.

    In a private online group for Chicago Amazon workers, employees said they were angered and insulted by the “racist form of celebration.” Others said Amazon could have shown support for Black workers by designating Juneteeth as a paid company holiday.

    Company tries to save some money, but instead, finds itself subject to the usual racial shakedown. In the meantime, its hysterically tone deaf response — management tend to be study buddies who have little experience of the real world — will induce a global facepalm.

  • Katie Hopkins permanently suspended from Twitter

    The social network did not, however, say which tweets Ms Hopkins had posted, to result in the ban.

    “Keeping Twitter safe is a top priority for us – abuse and hateful conduct have no place on our service and we will continue to take action when our rules are broken,” it said.

    New media became as centralized as old media. Why? They have to work with others in the system, and they address the needs of their audience, who are the “groundlings” for whom Shakespeare included dirty jokes in all of his plays. The herd is bad even if intelligent, but the peasant, serf, helot, pleb, sclav, thrall, and sudra caste are just morons. In the meantime, we should admit that at this point, social media is merely astroturfing because anything but the Leftist perspective is removed.

  • Video shows white man demanding N.Y.C. coffee shop take down Black Lives Matter sign

    The man responds: “They have mattered pretty much. Black lives only matter when they’re killed by whites and not when they’re killed by blacks.”

    The man continues arguing with the barista and other patrons, who also question why he is not wearing a mask. At one point, the man chants, “All lives matter. Even whites. Even blacks. Even Hispanic. Even Chinese. Even Indians.”

    People keep trying to patch up the system instead of admitting that it has ventured into paradox. Diversity does not work. We cannot make it work. The correct response is to demand independence from diversity. We may need another revolution to do it, and this time, we should avoid the democracy and equality which brought us to this place.

  • AfriForum file charges over PAC’s ‘one settler, one bullet’ event

    AfriForum have officially opened up a criminal case on Friday, after they were made aware of a campaign that was orchestrated by the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC). A set of promotional materials containing the phrase ‘one settler, one bullet’ had been distributed to advertise an upcoming exhibition.

    Ernst van Zyl, Campaign Officer for Strategy and Content at AfriForum, filed a charge of incitement to violence against the PAC, at the Lyttelton Police Station, in terms of Section 18 of the Riotous Meetings Act 17 of 1956. Other materials gleefully stated that ‘each bullet takes us forward’.

    Diversity works nowhere.

  • EU parliament declares ‘Black Lives Matter’

    The European Parliament voted Friday to declare that “Black Lives Matter” and to denounce racism and white supremacism in all its forms.

    The resolution has no legal consequences but sends a signal of support to anti-racism protesters, and it follows a UN call for a probe into police brutality and “systemic racism.”

    Who rules you? The herd, and it always favors the underdog. Equality means taking from the successful to give to the unsuccessful, since you cannot force the unsuccessful to raise themselves. It is nothing but a shakedown for money, energy, time, power, and status. Once you start down the diversity path, it does not end until the majority is dead and replaced with a herd of chaotic, insane mixed-race people like we see in most of the third world.

  • Georgia mayor’s post that ‘privilege is wearing $200 sneakers’ is slammed as racist

    “Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when you’ve never had a job,” the post on the Gossip Bloomingdale GA Facebook page said. “Privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance.”

    He has a point. Those protesters look well-fed.

  • Genetically engineered mosquitoes get EPA approval for release despite objections from environmental groups

    The mosquito OX5034 has been altered to produce female offspring that die in the larval stage, well before hatching and growing large enough to bite and spread disease. Only the female mosquito bites for blood, which she needs to mature her eggs. Males feed only on nectar, and are thus not a carrier for disease.

    Not having learned from the past two centuries of disasters, humanity decides to play scientist-god again.

  • UK public health bodies reviewing vitamin D’s effects on coronavirus

    Public health officials are urgently reviewing the potential ability of vitamin D to reduce the risk of coronavirus.

    It comes amid growing concern over the disproportionate number of black, Asian and minority ethnic people contracting and dying from the disease, including a reported 94% of all doctors killed by the virus.

    A delayed Public Health England review into the reasons why BAME people are disproportionately affected, which pointed to historical racism, did not review the role of diet and vitamin D.

    Anything to avoid admitting that groups are genetically different. This shows us clearly how the doctrine of equality has made us crazy as a civilization.

  • What Lies Behind N.Korea’s Histrionics?

    The prevailing view seems to be that the North is motivated by an increasingly desperate economic situation and wants to blame South Korea in case the population becomes restive.

    Leftist states do not produce functional economies. When the situation gets dire, they go to war, just as China will in the near future.

  • Old photos of ‘student slave auction’ at B.C. school ignite outrage online

    Former students of a Chilliwack middle school are dissatisfied with their former school district’s response after photos of an event where teachers set up a mock slave auction for students caused a backlash on social media.

    She said the events were held every year to raise money for charities or school activities and involved teachers “bidding” on students to act as personal servants or slaves for a certain amount of time.

    “The students who were slaves would stand on the stage and the teachers would auction and ‘buy’ them,” said Mohammed, who went to the school for three years.

    In the 2000s, when the first wave of teachers getting caught sleeping with students hit the front pages, people wondered how this could be. The simplest explanation probably explains it: as education because more politicized, all the competent people fled, leaving friendly idiot Leftists in their place.

  • At least 110 humans needed to start new civilisation on Mars, study says

    But space expert Prof Jean-Marc Salotti estimates he could have set up a permanent home, if he had 109 colleagues.

    The boffin, at France’s Bordeaux Institut National Polytechnique, used a mathematical model to determine “the feasibility of survival on another planet and being self-sustaining”.

    He probably needs another hundred or so to avoid terminal inbreeding, assuming that the starting group does not have any genetic defects already. Imagine sending a few hundred of our best to Mars, knowing that a new human species would arise that would be superior to the old.

  • Racism Is Rampant on Reddit, and Its Editors Are in Open Revolt

    Several days later, moderators from over 800 message boards began signing onto an open letter calling on the company to ban hate speech, shut down racist and misogynistic subreddits and offer better support to moderators by doing things like hiring more community managers. “We’d like to see them actually take seriously the white supremacy problem they have,” said Therese Singer, a retired high school English teacher in her late 60s who spends several hours a day moderating dozens of Reddit forums. She asked to be identified by her maiden name because she feared retaliation online.

    What do you do when a vocal part of the population demands censorship because its delusional ideas are facing criticism? The idea of a centralized net never made sense, and a centralized web — namely social media — is turning out even worse. In a diverse society, people go online to meet the social groups, namely people “like them” on several levels, that they cannot have in real life because diversity forces us to live among strangers.

  • Facebook removes Trump ad over ‘Nazi hate symbol’

    The company said the offending ad contained an inverted red triangle similar to that used by the Nazis to label opponents such as communists.

    Mr Trump’s campaign team said they were aimed at the far-left activist group antifa, which it said uses the symbol.

    Trump uses Antifa symbol and his post is removed, but Antifa uses the same symbol and its posts stay. Bias confirmed, not that anyone doubts it.

  • ‘Cyber attacks’ point to China’s spy agency, Ministry of State Security, as Huawei payback, say former Australian officials

    One of the former officials said evidence suggested the attackers may be linked to China’s most powerful intelligence service, the Ministry of State Security (MSS).

    However, cyber security researcher Robert Potter — who has spent years investigating MSS intrusions around the world and has previously attributed breaches to them — said the low level of sophistication of the attacks made attribution difficult.

    “Based on the evidence, I’d say it strongly leans towards MSS,” he said.

    China built itself on cheap labor, then that went away with low quality, higher costs, and finally, COVID-19 and the ensuing bungle over PPE and lies about the origin of the virus. Now it is suffocating under the bulk of its society, with nowhere to go but to scapegoat others and start wars.

  • Canadians among most active in online right-wing extremism, research finds

    The research, led by the U.K.-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) think-tank, identified more than 6,600 online channels — pages, accounts or groups — where Canadians were involved in spreading white supremacist, mysogynistic or other radical views.

    Funny how experience with a diverse Leftist hugbox produces the most radicalized detractors.

  • 13-year-old sentenced to 18 months for role in robbery, murder of Barnard freshman Tessa Majors

    A 13-year-old boy was sentenced to 18 months in custody on Monday after admitting his involvement in the 2019 robbery and killing of Barnard College freshman Tessa Majors, officials said.

    Do white lives matter? Apparently not much.


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