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  • Dallas Federal Building Shooter Posted Far-Right Memes About Nazis and Confederacy

    An April meme suggested “the solution to all of our nation’s political problems” by incorporating some libertarian and eco-friendly ideologies into far-right authoritarianism, represented by a green flag with a Nazi swastika in the middle.

    Like this one?

  • DR Congo exodus of 300,000 ‘may hamper Ebola battle’

    Diversity warfare breaks out everywhere that groups come into contact. In this case, the Hema and Lendu are fighting over land. That creates a conflict which is spilling into Ebola zones, possibly sending forth thousands of people with Ebola as refugees. The last thing Africa needs is Western do-gooders stepping in to tell them how to live.

  • Malaysian PM draws laughter with anti-Semitic jibe at UK’s Cambridge University

    Most of the world is anti-Semitic. It is also anti-white. Humanity tends to have a few winners, and a whole bunch of losers who agree that the winners are bad. Almost 95% of our species lives in third world poverty because they keep making terrible choices. They are certain that the problem is not their terrible choices, but the evil Jew/white/Christian suppressing them.

  • Kearns football coach reacts to players burning Pride flag

    People are tired of politically protected groups. We just want to live normal lives. That means that instead of worrying about everyone who might be persecuted or marginalized, we focus on what works and doing that instead. Everyone else seems to us to be a free rider who is unwilling to do what we did to succeed.

  • Marijuana Damages Young Brains

    We re-learn the wisdom of the past each time we deviate from it. Perhaps our proles like to smoke weed, be promiscuous, and gamble; that simply means that this is loser behavior and we want to avoid it. That offends the egalitarians, who want to legitimize everything that is lesser so that none feel lesser. In reality, we should be concerned with protecting the kids who might go on to not be losers, or in other words be contributors, and the behaviors that they need to undertake in order to have good lives. Why are we focused on failure and decay? Oh right, equality.

  • Sadiq Khan: Donald Trump a ‘poster boy’ for racists

    The Left operates in binaries. Either you accept Leftism, or you are a bad thing (racist sexist Islamophobic classist elitist ableist saneist anti-Semite transphobe). That means that when someone steps outside of accepted Leftist behavior, you must call them nasty names. In reality, Trump recognizes that the globalist order — standardizing humanity and training them to be good Leftists — has failed, and that we are heading toward a world where all nations are autonomous and benevolent xenophobia, or realizing that all foreign groups come to conquer you even when they are nice and smart, is the polite and progressive norm.

  • Walter Lübcke murder raises specter of neo-Nazi terrorism

    What they mean is that the Walter Lübcke murder raises specter of effective neo-Nazi terrorism. Murdering Jews, Turks, homosexuals, and foreigners seems like a good idea, until you realize that the problem is that your own people are divided, with slightly less than half supporting diversity. If you reduce that number, you gain the chance to take over. Anders Breivik and Tim McVeigh had the right idea; Dylann Roof and Robert Bowers had the wrong one. People like me, who are brutal realists, recognize also that “by any means necessary” means using all methods instead of zooming ahead to open warfare. Let us attempt to defeat and disenfranchise the Left through politics while keeping the threat of violence present to induce the middle classes to go along with us, and then peacefully restore the foreigners to their native lands with reparations-with-repatriation. No need to be horrible, only realistic.

  • Topeka police apologize for Father’s Day tweet

    Topeka police have apologized for a Father’s Day tweet that encouraged people to turn in dads who have outstanding warrants.

    The Kansas City Star reports that the tweet sent Sunday says, in part: “Want to give him a Father’s Day he’ll never forget? Call TPD and we’ll help your family make a memory that will last a lifetime.”

    Never apologize. And, come on, that was funny. Grim and dark, yes, but very funny.

  • Department Of Education Going After Elite Colleges For Allegedly Taking And Hiding Foreign Cash

    China very quietly bought its way into our system during the Clinton years (and possibly before). This corrupted everything because they urged, as wannabe foreign occupiers usually do, that our people take stances that created internal division and sowed panic. Now that someone who will finally speak in public about actual dangers instead of symbolic dangers like Trump is in office — addressing immigration, despair, globalism, and foreign meddling — we are going to see more cracking down on foreign interference in education and removing “E.T. phone home” researchers from foreign entities even if on the surface their presence is completely legal. That which is bad, whether legal or not, remains bad and should be opposed.

  • UK wants Pakistan to take back thousands of migrants

    Apparently, under dumb and blind Western law, we cannot return migrants if we do not have a treaty specifically with the country who sent them. How about turnabout is fair play: we leave them offshore nearby in rickety boats and let these countries rescue them.

  • The Case for Gay Reparation

    The point of reparation is not punishment or subsidy, but to work toward the future. If you have a group among you who do not belong there, you settle with them for a sum and relocate them, then kill them if they return. You also must then seal up your borders to all foreigners. The point of this is that it allows both you and the Other group to survive, and gives them a head start back home that welfare payments and benefits cannot. They belong back home, and we want their countries to succeed, so this ends up being to the benefit of all, not least of all us, since it will be far more economical than another decade of benefits and welfare. With gays, the injuries of history are mostly made up; your average European, living in any time, accepted that there were going to be some guys with roommates and it was best for everyone if their actual situation was not discussed. Now that the Left has weaponized homosexuals as its latest warhead in the civil rights culture war, we hear otherwise, but this is making a (brokeback) mountain out of a molehill.

  • Why Europe’s Far Right Is Targeting Gender Studies

    They would have to be stupid not to. The point of normalizing sex education, transgenderism, homosexuality, and miscegenation is to make more neurotic people who vote Leftist and to destroy the family so that these people cling to government and ideology. We want all of these things to go away. Sex education should be a question for parents, and schools should focus on teaching academics. If we think further, we will find ourselves wondering why government is involved with schools at all. That turns them into propaganda factories, and ensures that they cannot send home the criminal, violent, retarded, or otherwise troublesome students that threaten the ability of the rest to learn. Public schools teach kids that life is a matter of applying procedure, memorizing dubious “facts,” and obedience. This makes weak people in the Soviet style, not strong people in the American frontier method.

  • Facebook monitors the offline behaviour of users to determine if they should be categorised as a ‘Hate Agent’ and banned

    This simply enables them to ban conservatives. Unlike Leftists, conservatives are realists, which means that we notice truths about reality. That leads us to observe differences between people, which clashes with the egalitarian idea that we are each equally important and that “we are all one.” Leftists call this disobedience “hate” and use that distinction as a means of “deplatforming,” censoring, and bypassing anyone but devout Leftists.

  • Could China’s rise to power really be ‘peaceful’ and different to anything we’ve ever seen before?

    Hybrid/asymmetric warfare and metapolitics are two sides to the same coin. Instead of taking an exclusively political approach, combatants use economic and cultural forces alongside political and military ones. In other words, you have thousands of pieces on the board simultaneously, all converging on the same goal, instead of a few hundred military pieces agitating for a certain tangible and finite result. This article mistakes Chinese hybrid warfare for peaceful intentions, as academics can be relied on to do. It is not the only one to do so, as this act of existential sabotage demonstrates.

  • Tanzania row over wig and hair extension tax

    This country has its act together. Always emphasize being what you are, and never idealize the foreign, no matter how smart and nice it seems to be. Africa is not the West, and it needs its own traditions and future path.

  • New York latest state to approve driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants

    The election of a strong conservative — really, a moderate Democrat who is a realist on immigration and demographic replacement — to the White House has spurred the cities and states on the coasts to rebel with an orgy of social status signaling. This simply gives us more reason to dump illegal aliens on them, and then exclude them from our communities, so that when New York drowns in starving third world refugees we can say, “Welp, the ‘laboratories of democracy’ are producing clear albeit negative results today!” and go about not being losers by not adopting loser policies.

  • Second homes now worth nearly £1tn to Britons

    The name of the game in egalitarian society is to tell everyone else that they are equal while taking everything that you can and externalizing the costs to society. A whole generation of people are getting rich by being bureaucrats, diversity directors, speech therapists, school psychologists, NGO administrators, poverty consultants, social workers, and public servants of other sorts. They take that money, invest it in homes, and hope to sell out to the Chinese when it comes time to retire, effectively taking all of that house money and throwing it into a money market fund, then moving to Portugal or Costa Rica where they can live well for little money. This not only bankrupts society, but halves home ownership for young people, leaving behind a wasteland of debt and social chaos in which everyone lives in an apartment and work forever, sort of like the last days of the Soviet Union.

  • Ban on ‘harmful’ gender stereotypes in adverts comes into force

    Egalitarian government keeps trying to socially engineer Utopian equality paradise. Results tend to be less inspiring, since all this does is reduce the variation of everything, making people more miserable and aimless. It would be better to cut government back to handling roads, defense, fire, and police and then liberate all that extra cash for people to actually experience life instead of working all the time and then drinking themselves to sleep, secretly heartbroken at the failure of their civilizations.

  • What does it mean to be genetically Jewish?

    People are realizing that who you are is to the largest part a function of what you are, and that you should hang with others who are of the same type because you have enough in common to have a civilization. We cannot escape heritage, and two centuries of trying to erase it has done nothing but make people miserable. Accept what you are, realize that it is like all things a mixed bag, and focus on making more of the good and squashing more of the bad. In a short historical time, you will get to a place of greatness, and all the good that you as an individual do will be cherished and endure in the hands of others like you.

  • Marine lance corporal getting booted for ‘advocating supremacist ideology’

    “Supremacist” seems to mean that you (a) do not want your own people to vanish and (b) notice things about other groups. The latter may be somewhat subjective, but stereotypes exist for a reason, so it is not all wrong. It is natural, masculine, and healthy to think your people are the best and to want to live among them only.

  • The price of apples is soaring in China, and Beijing is showing concern

    Trump won the trade war by recognizing that globalism was wealth transfer from the first world to the third. If the first world holds up imports, it may suffer, but not as much as the third, which will then have to rein in its attempts to rule the world in order to become autonomous, which benefits everyone; all parties will be stronger and more stable, in the end. The retaliatory tariffs imposed by Trump are crushing the Chinese electronics industry and causing Chinese to buy homes in China and not Vancouver.

  • Lyrics Site Accuses Google of Lifting Its Content

    We know that Google simply aims to become too big to collapse, which is a sign that it has collapsed from within and lost its health and sense of purpose. The hugely PC hugbox culture that seems to rule the corporate offices at Google and Alphabet suggests also that this is true.

  • Muslim migrants ‘threw Christians overboard during row on boat from Libya to Italy’, say police

    Look at all of the fascinating problems that we can import if we become more concerned with ideologically “keeping up with the Joneses” and impressing our neighbors instead of paying attention to reality. These headlines make me giggle after a point because the whole situation is so ludicrously absurd that one really cannot do anything else. Maybe make tea.

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