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  • Witness says Georgia lawmaker was the one who told man, ‘Go back’

    Now we think that the Cuban who was reported in the media as “white” did not in fact tell the George Black lawmaker that she should “go back,” but in fact she, probably annoyed by his Spanish accent, told him to go back. In reality, what is shaking out here is that the shakedowns are failing. White people are no longer in the Clinton-era mentality of simply backing away and handing over whatever the third world people want; now we are increasingly shaking our heads and saying, “Diversity is so… so… so over.” Send Them Back!

  • Deal sealed on federal budget ensures no shutdown, default

    This is not a win for team Trump, but it was inevitable, just as it was with Reagan. Conservatives would love to cut down our deficit and trim our budget back to size, but with three-quarters of our budget going to entitlements, there is no way forward without cutting those. Even if we halve the military budget (20%) we will achieve nothing. Even if we cut all programs across the board by 10% we will achieve nothing except debilitating them.

    This is how democracy ends: it spends itself into oblivion, collapses the society, and a few rich industry leaders, union organizers, and politicians board planes for Switzerland with suitcases full of cash. Trump now faces a devil’s bargain: he can either give up on achieving anything because it will cost money and the Left will not back down — thanks to the 2018 election, they have the power here — on entitlements, or he can charge ahead and run up the debt because he knows that the USA is heading for default anyway.

    The voters, who have slept through the last $22tn of debt, obviously do not understand, care, or have any grasp of the seriousness of the situation, and so they will sleep through this one too, right up until the point where their debit cards stop working. The Left wants the Right to be forced to sacrifice all of its agenda because the budget is locked, and uses this to constantly drive up the debt limit. As with all things, we find ourselves in permanent impasse between the Graft Party and the MBA Party. No matter what you vote for, the system rewards the professional bureaucrats, who do the same thing because the decisions of bureaucrats are properties of them being bureaucrats.

    Every bureaucrat, in every place, does the same thing; they are the one universal quantum of humanity. This means that they will demand more taxes, waste them mostly on their own salaries, and create a dystopia in their passing. This is just what they do, and yet humanity reaches for bureaucracy again and again because applying the same process to every person is socially more important than making the right decision. As far as the American budget goes, we know that when we default, liberal democracy joins National Socialism and Communism in the dustbin of history. Might as well run up those credit cards, stop paying taxes, and get some land in the country. The next economy will not involve banks or governments at all.

  • German prosecutors charge ex-SS soldier over TV statement denying Holocaust

    Münter told journalists in an interview broadcast by German channel ARD last November that those killed in Ascq were themselves to blame for their deaths.

    He also disputed the fact that the Holocaust claimed the lives of six million Jews.

    At this point, no one trusts the official narrative, so the censorship is intensifying. Who really cares, either way. We learned that diversity, democracy, communism, and dictatorship do not work and cannot be our future. Let us move on; humanity has still not found a method of keeping a stable civilization simply because the more we succeed, the more we produce gunk people who then wage class warfare and take over. We need a substitute for natural selection, like eugenics but perhaps of a more ritual nature.

  • Putin and Xi test a budding military alliance in the Pacific — and step up confrontation

    Russians are genetically a quarter Chinese (and often, small amounts of Arab, Turkish, Jewish, and Armenian). Naturally, these two Asiatic powers join together to oppose everyone else. In their minds, they have much to gain by conquering the West; the rest of us can see that no amount of conquest can fix the inability to make a stable civilization.

  • Justice Department to Open Broad, New Antitrust Review of Big Tech Companies

  • Straight Pride Parade Permit Submitted To City Of Modesto

    Identity politics was never a good idea, since disunity fails. However, it was made inevitable by diversity and liberalization. Now that we have identity politics, all groups are coming out of the woodwork, and what terrifies our Leftist government is that if you can have a Gay Pride parade, you should be able to have a White Pride parade. Finally they see how the strategy of fragmenting our society that brought them into power is now going to usher them out as the rest of us say, “That’s great, we get our identity too, and this means we want to have nothing to do with all of you neurotics, schizoids, psychopaths, sociopaths, homosexuals, minorities, and libertines.” We are going to do exactly what identity politics suggests, which is set up our own parallel society and get away from all of these blight people and their parasitic self-created “problems.”

  • Black voters say they won’t forget Trump’s racist tweets

    Black voters normally vote 90% Democrat because minority groups always vote for egalitarian parties as a way of gaining power. If everyone is equal, they can demand power on the basis of simply being human, without having to demonstrate that they are useful in any way. This is why voting is a demographic game, which is why the Hart-Celler Act came to pass as a means of fundamental transformation through demographic replacement. The point is to remove the heritage founding group (ethnic Western Europeans of a pioneer mentality) from power and replace them with NPCs, who then can be manipulated by canny Leftists who are clever-but-not-intelligent like Nancy Pelosi, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Paul Ryan, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Abraham Lincoln, Vladimir Lenin, and Ted Cruz. As it turns out, Hispanics hate heritage America too and want to transform it into Mexico; voters have figured out that minorities hate them and are finally concerned about demographic replacement, which sets the stage for the civil war that is about to follow. It will likely coincide with the massive debt default — setting off a “domino effect” of defaults within state, industry, and personal wealth — that is going to end liberal democracy. In the meantime, all of the sane and intelligent minorities want to go back to their lands of origin in Africa, Asia, and the middle east and fix those instead of LARPing as Americans. Send Them Back!

  • Banned ‘your wife is hot’ air conditioning ad appears on billboard

    We have reached peak pretense. Looking at it critically, pretense is what happens when competence and accuracy and impossible, and is used to argue for social dominance since achievement in the real world is not going to happen. Some people are ostentatious, which reflects a defensive need to assert wealth, and others are arrogant, or aware of their superiority. Pretense however is a preemptive passive-aggressive attack that should be viewed as a sign of incompetence and failure.

  • Germany shooting: Eritrean attacked ‘because of skin colour’

    Diversity imploding everywhere. You want to blame the (ethnic) Germans for noticing that diversity is mucho sucko? Let us look at the Arabs and Chinese, then. Everywhere you create diversity, you create conflict, and thus remove unity and create disorder, which causes civilizations to crash to third-world status. And yet, people cannot resist diversity because it seems like the socially correct attitude.

  • BASF, Siemens, Henkel, Roche target of cyber attacks

    Who is the real enemy? China appears to be constantly attacking us and funding the DNC, which is subverting us from within.

  • Death rates increasing for U.S. adults aged 25 to 44: CDC

    Democracy is succeeding so well that normal people are dying deaths of despair:

    Sally Curtin, a statistician at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics and one of the report’s authors, said an uptick in suicides, homicides and drug overdoses contributed to the higher rates for the younger part of the group.

    The more we try to make the world in human form, the more miserable we become; the more we trust nature and realize that it is smarter than we are, the more we are able to find a way of living that does not make us empty, hollow, and miserable.

    In the meantime, fewer people are marrying because of insane divorce laws, setting the stage for a new generation of alienated children who will in turn be far less likely to have families. If you hate the conditions of your family, which tends to happen when Mom and Dad are not married or do not stay married, you will not want one for yourself. White people are dying out of their own cleverness, which led them to equality, bureaucracy, and utilitarianism.

  • IRGC official: American ideology will die, global operating system to be Islamic

    You can see the clash of civilizations play out here. In my view, the future universal ideology is that there is no universal ideology. We will each become isolated national entities, practicing benevolent xenophobia toward each other and essentially wanting to be self-sufficient so that we can be autonomous and compete in the real game, which is twofold: first, to find a stable form of civilization that does not self-destruct through class warfare and other social motivations, and second, to get to the stars with our best people instead of drowning in our worst.

  • US mistrust on the rise, with government seen as worst: poll

    Diversity creates low social trust and democracy, consumerism, and equality create a utilitarian landscape of make-work jobs, ghettos, useless commercial activity, and endless hordes of mental zombies staggering around. People are miserable and dying out. The democracy experiment will end sooner than previously thought as a result. Debt default may be the trigger, pretext, justification, or rationalization, but the misery and lack of connection of people will drive its replacement. As usual, there will be a heap of bodies.

  • House approves $15 minimum wage for workers

    How to make $15 buy what $8 once did. The sad fact is that consumers will be paying for a cascade of costs, since every business that is hit by this will raise its prices, in addition to passing along taxes of course. Taxes? Yes, that is why the workers are poor: their dollar buys less because taxes take out a third of everything, and that cost is passed on to the guy at the end of the chain, who is the buyer. Without the taxes, minimum wage could afford a decent living. Heck, even with lower taxes, minimum wage could work out great. A sane tax might be a flat income tax or better, a 25% sales tax, which would encourage people to reuse or produce their own equivalents for things they purchase in stores. All those morons blaming “capitalism” and “banksters” should recognize that instead, the real demon here is government and its “free stuff.” Nothing is free. You just pay later, and more, instead of less right now.

  • Carbon calculator: how taking one flight emits as much as many people do in a year

    Despite all of the wailing over climate change, it seems not to have occurred to people that they should take fewer or no flights. They also seem to fail to mention all those big ships bringing imports into the country from around the world. If we stopped doing those two things, we would make far more steps toward a carbon neutral world than all the Priuses and Paris Accords could ever hope to do. But we do not mention these; why?

  • Oklahoma teens chase, fire BB guns at undocumented family

    People are tired of seeing their communities destroyed by diversity and want to chase off the immigrants before the blight takes hold.

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