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  • At least 25 dead after explosion at Kyoto Animation studio, dozens injure

    Now we know what is worse than mass shootings. It turns out that if you go into a building, pour around enough gasoline, and then ignite it, you create an explosion that burns all of the air in the building and kills quite a few people. Look for more of these attacks in the future. At some point, someone will figure out that packing gasoline and air in a pressurized container like a fire extinguisher creates an instant fuel-air explosive, and that will be the new weapon of the coming century. Lots of closed-casket funerals await us.

  • Crimes solved by police in England and Wales at new low

    Only 7.8% of offenses saw someone being charged or summonsed to appear in court, figures show. This suggests that police do the same thing everywhere: they cease stopping and arresting minorities when doing so could negatively influence individual police careers. That is, if the voters are so stupid as to adopt diversity and also punish people for imaginary “racism,” then the cops will stop placing themselves in a position of risk, which means that most crimes will simply go unpunished, and that crime will increase. After a while, people will stop reporting crimes, much as they do in ghettos and third world nations, and so the figures will stabilize but be understood to be a fantasy and nothing more.

  • Europe is sleepwalking its way to another lost decade

    When we conduct the postmortem for Leftism, it will include the notation that like the Soviet Union, the Leftist states destroyed their own economies through taxation in pursuit of equality:

    Europe is growing at a faster clip. But like Japan, its population is aging, and pensioners are dragging down the economy because they save rather than spend. There’s also a similar problem of zombie banks that eat up capital without providing the loans needed to spur economic growth.

    In a broader sense, we cannot make our economies work by “growth.” This requires that we constantly pump more people, junk products, and entitlements spending into the economy, and it is entirely an artifact of Leftist economics (Keynesianism, demand-side).

    As globalism fails, people are looking for autonomy instead. A country that produces everything it needs, and maybe a little extra, will do fine without having to constantly grow in order to stay ahead of inflation. However, it will have to cut its entitlements and taxes to do this, and that terrifies Leftists. We are seeing the second death of socialism, as yet again The Great Prole Dream turns out to be insane and failing in reality.

  • Chris Pratt called a ‘white supremacist’ over Gadsden flag T-shirt

    Leftists are doing everything they can to label anything non-Leftist as racist, white supremacist, or fascist. They do not know, apparently, that the average person has stopped caring, and it is only an audience of a few million neurotics online that is driving us toward increasing egalitarianism. The rest of us have figured out that it is a trap, and that anyone who supports it has mental health problems and is incompatible with civilization. Of course, special interest groups — sexual, religious, ethnic, and behavioral minorities — want socialism because they hope to drain the majority and destroy them, then take power in their place. Along with The Great Prole Dream of Utopia, the pathological pursuit of power marks humanity as a species that is most likely going to exterminate itself.

  • Trump MAGA Rally Crowd Chants “Send Her Back” To Rep. Ilhan Omar

    Normal people have no idea what terms like “equality” and “diversity” mean. They thought that “equality” meant that everyone got treated the same way, but it really means that everyone is brought to a position of equality, which always means taking from the productive to give to the unproductive. They thought that “diversity” meant that foreign people would come here, start acting like Americans, and do the same stuff we did, even though that would be essentially slavery for them and require them to give up their own cultures. Instead, foreigners come here and act in the interests of their groups, which means that they oppose and attempt to destroy the majority. Having finally woken up to this — partially — the voters are now enraged, as if the contract had been broken, forgetting that they were merely deceived by their own greed. They thought equality meant business as usual, but no class warfare from the uppity proles; instead, it means incompetent prole-rule. The thought diversity meant business as usual, but no “race relations” problems; instead, it means that the race problem takes over our entire society. Now the rage builds, especially when the Left does nothing but impotently scream “racism” instead of addressing the problem.

  • Trump vs. Dems: ‘Racist,’ ‘socialist’ lines drawn for 2020

    See how the fake news uses the ambiguity of language to slander people:

    Trump’s aggressive condemnation of women of color in Congress has allowed House Democrats to mend, for now, their own political divisions as they put the president on record with a resolution condemning his words as racist.

    “Trump’s aggressive condemnation of women of color in Congress” implies that he condemned all women of color in Congress on the basis of their ethnic origin, when in fact he attacked a specific group of people for their behavior.

    The Left has been using this trope to call all of us “racists” for decades. Luckily, this means that the term “racist” has lost all meaning.

    Trump’s great victory here is getting the racial question out in the open. He has set up the battle lines: those who like traditional America, with its ethnic Western Europeans in control and keeping things stable, versus those who want the “new way” that is common across the third world, including socialism, charismatic warlords, corruption, crime, violence, and promiscuity. His point was that their way does not work and the way we did things before does, so we should stop going down the path of neurotic insanity toward ideology, and focus on realism instead.

  • House kills resolution to impeach Donald Trump – as it happened

    The Left was trying to unite on a shared hatred of Trump. All of their methods there have failed, as they knew they would, since they were dog whistles and not gambits they hoped to actually succeed. The point was to signal, and to draw their base together, since their base — pyjama boys, wine moms, cat ladies, neurotics, schizoids, and minorities — has nothing in common but a feeling that the world is unjust and terrible and that anyone who succeeds in it should be pulled down so that the prole masses feel psychologically comfortable. Trump has maneuvered them into having to adopt greater extremism, namely socialism and minority-rule, as their platform, and this has helped do what the populist and alt-right movements did successfully, which is to convince moderates to stop supporting the Left. We can all see that our future involves at least a debt default, and probably a social collapse, because since WW2 we have pursued the Leftist agenda of equality, entitlements, and diversity/globalism. All of these things have failed, and the Left either has to admit that they have destroyed what is left of Western Civilization, or double down on their dogma and hammer it even harder. The growing extremism of the Left at the same time all of its policies are spectacularly failing is driving people away from an empire that feels as dead as the Soviet Union. We are going to get our “Berlin 1945 moment” for Leftism, or the Leftists will take over via demographic replacement and trigger a series of brutal civil wars.

  • Record-number of Canada-bound visitors barred from flights on advice of Canada border agents

    Diversity is causing crisis conditions everywhere. Some suicidal drama queens object to this, figuring that they would rather get the social popularity points and profit now than live in a thriving civilization. In the meantime, the bigger point being made is that people have lost faith in diversity because it has become a problem, and instead of offering us the benefits promised, it has placed us into a death spiral.

  • Trump administration sends another 2,100 troops to ‘secure’ US-Mexico border

    The Texas National Guard, among others, has been dispatched to the border to deal with the ongoing crisis. Two sides are at war here: the migrants and the NGOs, who see a great cash and power grab in their future, and the Americans, who want to preserve their country against what the 95% of humanity that is starving and afraid will do to it. We cannot save everyone; we should think like Darwin, and save the good — ourselves — and give the rest of the world an example to follow, since for them to save themselves, they have to take affirmative acts toward improving their countries. They can follow the template that we have established and freely share. If they cannot, the Prime Directive from Star Trek probably applies here, and we should allow them to continue to exist as they have for centuries or longer, even if that is third world conditions of atechnological poverty.

  • Inflation runs rampant in Tehran as Iran’s government struggles to stem rising food prices

    American sanctions are crushing Iran, which is the point of the populist order. “Good to the good, and bad to the bad” means that we create an incentive to be good, and Iran like many other unstable theocracies out there has done nothing to build up a stable society, but has been getting by through distracting its citizens with jihad and other ideological warfare. Anything can be used as an ideology if it conflicts with reality, and their interpretation of Islam demands contra-reality thinking. For that reason, it needs to perish like the Soviets and be replaced with something actually functional.

  • Google suspends ticket website Viagogo from paid-for global search results

    Viagogo probably needs to be purged, but the bigger point is that we now have a Leftist company which can destroy businesses with the click of a mouse, and this power will be expanded to soon exclude any sites that do not obey the ideology. Everyone seeks power, especially if it is more than they deserve; a strong culture and spirituality can reduce this tendency. Leftists, however, have nothing but ideology and personal desire, so in contrast to their “altruistic” and “compassionate” image, they are the most power-hungry and empty.

  • Netflix shares plunge as global growth falls short, U.S. customers shrink

    Go woke, go broke. The company admits that “its slate of new shows during the quarter was not as appealing as expected” which shows the failing of the dying internet industry. Having driven normal people off of the net with pointless Facebook drama, constant bickering, angry Starbucks baristas and Whole Foods checkers promoting Communism, and general angst based on the fact that our diverse and class-equal society has nothing in common between its members, the sagging Big Tech companies turned to the audience they could count on, SJWs. As it turns out, however, there are fewer of these than thought, and they have no money because they are useless as people, excepting the few super-rich at the head of them. Industry wanted an audience to replace the boring, normal American family of ethnic Western Europeans, but it has failed to attract anyone to a new normal, and therefore, is suffering as it tries to find enough niches to carry it through. It will find that niches are small, and therefore, the age of mass advertising has ended with the advent of diversity and the internet. If I were in industry, I would focus my advertising on the one group proven to invest in quality and utility, namely the boring, normal American family of ethnic Western Europeans.

  • A Dutch airline is under fire for asking a breastfeeding mom to cover up to respect other passengers’ cultures

    There is no longer one national culture, so whichever culture gets offended by the most stuff gets the power. This is the reality of diversity, something that seemed to escape the voters when they approved of all of this stuff thirty years ago, ostensibly to provide for a new tax base to pay for the benefits of native Europeans dying out because the consumerist world tires and bores them. Our people are miserable; diversity is not a solution. Fixing the cause of the misery is.

  • No more ‘manholes’: Berkeley, California, removing all gendered language from city code

    More social status signaling results from an effort to unify culture in places that no longer have one. They want to rule by ideology, forgetting that this always fails because ideology soon deviates from reality. Realism works; ideology fails. That will not stop these city councils and companies from trying to get their fifteen minutes of free media fame by doing symbolically radical things, but that media burst will not substitute for having functional societies that are not committing suicide through taxes and the ideological policies that those taxes support. Every sane person who can is moving away from these places, and the others are just saving up money so that someday they too can escape. That will leave these places in a death spiral: full of neurotics and impoverished people except for a few rich crazies looking to make a name for themselves, as costs rise and quality of life plummets. On the plus side, when Berkeley fails, we can bulldoze the remains and make it into a nature reserve.

  • Chicago mayor: Police ‘are losing the streets’ to major eruptions of violence

    Yet another diverse Leftist Utopia runs into big problems. Their solution will be more police, more taxes, and fewer normal functional people. If you want to live in the hybrid between a shopping mall and a concentration camp, this will be fantastic.

  • Northern Irish unionists fear post-Brexit land grabs

    They fear “Zimbabwe-style land seizures” for the same reason that they happened in Zimbabwe. Diversity does not work. The conflict in Northern Ireland is ethnic, between the Irish and the Scots-descended population that does not want to fall into the disorder of the rest of Ireland. Everywhere it is tried, diversity results in civilization destruction, like democracy and other egalitarian fantasies.

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