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  • After Syriza—the Future of the Left

    And the new reform club is angst-laden on a Monday morning. They are amongst the five or so non-Greek Leftists who deeply miss Syriza.

    Gary Younge wrote that Syriza “folded,” and did so because “there is a limit to how much any election can achieve under neoliberal globalisation—because no matter who you vote for, capital and its proxies always get in, from currency traders to international organisations.” What currency traders?—Greece is in the Eurozone. All the key negotiations were among parties using the same currency. As for international organisations—that is a euphemism for the European Union. Syriza failed because its leadership was more interested in taking direction from Brussels than from its own citizens, voters, and supporters. Had the Greek government abandoned the Eurozone (albeit, abandoning the Euro may have cost Greece EU membership**), the Greek government would have been better positioned to renegotiate its debt with both the EU and with its other creditors. The Syriza government chose not to do so, and that is why it lost the last election.

    So let’s unpack what exactly the Syriza Government just refused to do. They just refused to do something the Left in the rest of Europe abhors. They just refused something analogous to Brexit. They refused to stop taking bailout cash from Brussels in return for autocratic direction.

    This was probably a fundamentally sound choice. It was fundamentally sound because Syriza is fundamentally Leftist. Tell the EU to go walk the dog, and Greece would have to come up with its own economy. This is something that Leftist governments from Vladimir Lenin going forward have a rather spotty track record on to be generous. Syriza, by nature of being Leftist, was stuck on the dole.

  • EU’s GPS satellites have been down for four days in mysterious outage

    Galileo, the EU’s global navigation satellite system, has been down for four days, since July 11, following a mysterious outage. All Galileo satellites are still non-operational, at the time of writing. According to a service status page, 24 of the 26 Galileo satellites are listed as “not usable,” while the other two are listing a status of “testing,” which also means they’re not ready for real-world usage. The European GNSS Agency (GSA), the organization in charge of Galileo, has not published any information in regards to the root of the outage, which began four days ago, on Thursday, July 11.

    At some point Europe will exit what is considered modern, advanced society. They have lost GPS for the last hundred hours. It may be that their socialistic, overregulated economies are such that nobody has anywhere important to go anyhow, but still. This has to be embarrassed. Even DOnald Trump and the provincial Yanks manage a GPS network successfully. The Pommies in Australia and New Zealand still have their systems in working order. Ditto Japan. Great Britain can’t Brexit this fustercluck rapidly enough for its own good.

  • Con Ed can’t explain what caused the Manhattan blackout

    Con Edison has yet to figure out why a large swath of Manhattan’s West Side was plunged into darkness by the blackout that lasted more than five hours on Saturday night. In a statement released late Sunday morning, the power company said it “will be conducting a diligent and vigorous investigation to determine the root cause of the incident.”

    OK, so maybe I was a bit premature about ragging European Leftist turd hampers like Greece and the rest of the EU about their management failures. All-Amerikan Leftist pee tank, New York City; can’t even keep it’s darn lights on. All, the superior intellect, all the money and power, and all the cultural bona fides you would ever need to be a condescending, obnoxious jerk are compacted into one metropolis like the crushed matter in the core of a black hole. And then they can’t even maintain electrical power. This is God laughing at all of these fools and their ridiculous pretension. It is also nature’s way advising us that we are keeping too many useless human beings alive on our social welfare programs. Let Darwin’s Ratchet operate properly, and New York City’s electricity demand, school overcrowding, and overpriced real estate would all have a way of working themselves out. Not a particualrly nice way, just a way.

  • Peter Thiel says FBI, CIA should probe Google

    Thiel spoke at the National Conservatism Conference, a new event that bills itself as being focused on Trump-era nationalism, with part of his speech focusing on “three questions that should be asked” of Google:

    “Number one, how many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated your Manhattan Project for AI? Number two, does Google’s senior management consider itself to have been thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence? Number three, is it because they consider themselves to be so thoroughly infiltrated that they have engaged in the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military and not with the US military… because they are making the sort of bad, short-term rationalistic [decision] that if the technology doesn’t go out the front door, it gets stolen out the backdoor anyway?”

    Silicon Valley corporations already consider themselves Post-Amerikan. Not just because Google loves Chairman Mao. Amerika, to the major corporations, is nothing more than a money trough to be fed at. There is no loyalty, no concern, and absolutely no thought to the future. If the PLA pays, then they will betray US secrets to the PLA at the drop of a hat.

  • Dem internal poll: Ocasio-Cortez becoming the party’s “definitional face” in the heartland

    Why did Nancy Pelosi reverse her earlier approach to her noisy first-term progressives and start taking them to the public woodshed? An internal poll conducted in May by Democrats might explain why Pelosi decided to start cracking down on the frosh “Squad.” Axios got its hands on the survey, which showed that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had succeeded in making herself the “definitional face” of Democrats among swing voters.

    Becky Pelosi has a problem. Dedicated Leftists really do believe what Illan Omar and AOC preach. This is the new intellectual direction of the Democratic Party. AOC and Illan Omar should define the new Deemocratic Party because they are its legitimate soul.

    Socialism can only lead to death. Death, in this case; has to come for The White Power Structure first. Becky Pelosi has only begun to properly understand that she is under existential threat. Democrats will only continue to tolerate the existence of powerful White People as long as they are both cucked and necessary. Let either of these two realities change, and The Treblinka Train leaves the station. Becky Pelosi just now figured out that it doesn’t involve round-trip tickets.

  • So the Molotov Man was Antifa (and a “hero” to some)

    I remember all the love shown to Christopher Dorner. People cheered when he gunned down a man’s daughter and then called the guy up to rub it in for a while and tell him how much he got off on shooting her. We now have an ANTIFA who is behaving the same way.

    What were the odds? The maniac who tried to burn down and blow up an ICE detention center in Tacoma yesterday (and wound up being “iced” by the police) was an Antifa member. And we’re not talking about someone vaguely “connected” to the movement. Willem Van Spronsen proudly proclaimed himself to be Antifa. Also, this was not his first run-in with the law at that same detention center.

    We get the predictable hero-worship on Twitter. They even Tweet out “His name was Willem Van Spronsen, assuming this was invented in some really transgressive movie starring none other than Brad Pitt.

  • The Left crushes the alt-Right, but Darwin might bring them to power

    Summary: The Left has used its immense strength to crush the alt-Right, while the Right smiles (contemptuous of the alt-Right’s populism). So far the pogrom has had nothing but success. But these victories breed a new generation of stronger foes as Darwin’s Ratchet works its magic. The Left’s arrogance and the alt-Right’s populism might have large and unimaginable consequences for America.

    Revolution never happens overnight. The status quo always appears beyond assailing until they are not. Heartiste and Roosh can be bug-sprayed today. Moldbug can be outed and unpersonned. The truth will live on. The Left and the society it has contaminated will be vanquished. Those who will survive will be those tested by the crucible. I’ll offer a hint. It probably won’t be TrigglyPuff who remains above room temperature in the coming time of troubles.

  • The Left crushes the Right. The counter-revolution will be ugly

    Our elites chortle as they suppress the alt-Right and mock its many absurdities. But extremist movements always look irrational to outsiders, and are easily suppressed at first. The Brits thought the Boston Tea Party was an act of madmen: dressing up as Indians to destroy a shipment of tea because it was inexpensive! They then showed who was boss by closing the port of Boston and passing the “Intolerable Acts.” But, in Emperor Hirohito’s immortal words on 15 August 1945, the war situation developed not necessarily to Britain’s advantage. Trump’s election should warn our elites that much of the American public no longer trusts them. History shows that the penalty for arrogant folly can be high. The elites of France’s ancien regime were triumphant at 9 am on 20 June 1789, when the delegates of the National Assembly discovered that they had been deplatformed. In response, the delegates swore the Tennis Court Oath – the pivotal moment sparking the French Revolution. This triumph of Leftist extremists and radicalization of the Right is another step by which America becomes Weimerica.

    Another ugly possibility is even worse than what Kummer imagines. How many people here think Jaron Nadler could flat-out manage. People can just filter on out. They can go to ground and live organic. They deliberately underperform their potential in service of a system they refuse to worship. Node by node, the network depopulates.

    The true ugliness occurs when the Left has to function as an organic society sans outside support. If you don’t believe me, try imagining TrigglyPuff running anything outside of a human resources office. You can’t either? But she’s got a degree. That just has to make her qualified. You’d certainly trust your life to that.

  • 11 Highlights From Democrats’ Insult Fest Between Team Pelosi And Team Ocasio-Cortez

    New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are in a full-blown feud. The bad blood has Democrats — both inside and outside of Congress — choosing sides. Both sides in the Democratic civil war are accusing the other of targeting black Democrats.

    This is what happens between the Bolsheviks and Mecheviks after all the smart and decent people have been shot already. This is why the Left cannot manage, function, or do anything accept kill its host like a virulent rectal cancer. There always has to be a bad guy and there always has to be a set of spoils to raid. They cannot do anything accept destroy. Isolate them and make them produce, and they go the way of an algae bloom on the surface of a river. Probably with about the same fragrance.

    This is nothing for the cucks to flap around celebrating. This is what every day of the rest of your life will be like if the Left ever truly gets to be in charge. YOU are both a !RACIST! and a !NAZI! whenever the Leftist trying to rip you off finds it convenient for you to be wither one. The cucks are just too stupid to figure that out yet. Darwin’s Rachet will tighten and pop Moderate Democrats and Cucks first.

  • ‘The Lion King’ is a fascistic story. No remake can change that.

    The Lion King: that cat was straight-up Hitler, Man.

    ast November, Disney set the Internet aflame with its teaser trailer for “The Lion King.” The 93-second video gave millions of people chills by faithfully re-creating key moments from the original film’s beloved opening number. But as nostalgic as “Circle of Life” may make us feel, this bombastic scene is also a painful reminder of the film’s ideological agenda: It introduces us to a society where the weak have learned to worship at the feet of the strong. As we watch the herbivores congregate to bow down before their newborn ruler, “The Lion King” presents a seductive worldview in which absolute power goes unquestioned and the weak and the vulnerable are fundamentally inferior. In other words: “The Lion King” offers us fascist ideology writ large, and there is no obvious way out for the remake.

    So what pimple-face jerk-off; just discovering his gender crisis, penned this idiocy for some High School newspaprer in Queerifornica?

    Dan Hassler-Forest is an author and public speaker on media franchises, cultural theory, and political economy. He lives in the Netherlands and works as assistant professor in the Media Studies department of Utrecht University.

    And The Lion King, itself? It’s not about lions. It’s about The Man!

    Instead, a variety of cute and cuddly creatures stand in for a deeply human way of organizing society. But mapping our own social hierarchies onto the pristine and “neutral” animal kingdom makes these power dynamics seem natural, common-sense and even desirable. And by using predator-prey relationships to allegorize human power structures, the film almost inevitably incorporates a worldview in which the rulers’ power derives from their biological superiority.

    Eventually, the term fascism will be totally shorn of its meaning. It will be so empty and devoid of differntiable meaning as a concept that Amerika could wake up ruled by one, but not figure that out because She/He/It isn’t named Simba. If a leader’s power doesn’t derive from some level of superiority, I wouldn’t follow that chuckle-head over to the nearest water fountain. Dan Hassler-Forest is an overedumacayted moron.

  • Gender Dissenter Gets Fired

    Dr. Allan Josephson discusses academic freedom, child welfare, gender ideology, and the price he has paid for his principles.

    Allan M. Josephson is a distinguished psychiatrist who, since 2003, has transformed the division of child and adolescent psychiatry and psychology at the University of Louisville from a struggling department to a nationally acclaimed program. In the fall of 2017 he appeared on a panel at the Heritage Foundation and shared his professional opinion on the medicalization of gender-confused youth. The university responded by demoting him and then effectively firing him.

    A professor of child psychology who is probably a decent enough human being has been deplatformed. Cuckservative Review Magazine is outraged. John Derbyshire, Joe Sobran, Patrick J. Buchanan, and Mrs. Ayn Rand are all curiously unavailable to help. So is a very large portion of conservatives in AMerika who would no longer piss on a National Review Managing Editor if they saw the little prick on fire.

    If National Review is Allan Josephson’s public defender as his name is dragged through the #SJW mud, then I hope they had the decency to hand him that business card that leads “Hello, lethal injection.” National Review has shanked so many Conservative reputations over the decades, that they no longer have any calling to criticize anything. When you look at their long list of “Conservative Cases” for every atrocious lefty fad that’s achieved “intellectual respectability” over at The New Republic, then it becomes amazing that they even still have rhetorical ground left to oppose the social engineering agendas of the morphadites, paedophiles, and coprophages.

  • Trump moves to lessen the pain of capital gains taxes

    It’s official. President Trump wants to index capital gains taxes for inflation. This would be a big stimulus boost for the U.S. economy immediately and over time and could get us back to 3 percent to 4 percent growth by liberating potentially hundreds of billions of dollars for new capital investment. My sources tell me that the president has told his White House team that if he can get his legal counsel to give him a ruling that he has the right to make this change administratively, he will do exactly that. I’m not a lawyer, so I won’t weigh in on whether the White House has the authority to define what constitutes a capital “gain” on a stock or a property. Traditionally, a gain has been defined as the difference between the price that an asset has been bought at and the price it is sold at. The issue is whether these gains should be adjusted for the inflation rate over the time period the asset was owned. In other words, should the gain be defined as the change in the cost of living over the period.

    Almost everyone above a subsistence level background has that one relative who has “the sniff.” This is slang for having the ability to pick an investment that just kills it with a machine gun. They are that relative that everyone admires greatly, but would love to stop hearing about. Particularly from their spouse and kids. That relative will usually complain about one thing.

    “I own some XYZ Stock that I’m dying to unload. I just can’t because the cap gains would kill me.” If we were smart about things, we’d dial the taxation monster back a notch and let him unload it. He doesn’t need it. Someone else would like a turn at the asset. An equitable deal could be struck tommorrow morning at the opening with just two phone calls. Only stupid, bureaucratic inertia stands in the way of a win-win situation.

    With one, smart-alecky, obnoxious Scrooge McDuck, the temptation is to tell him to go take another bath in his spare one-hundred dollar bills. Everyone in the family secretly hates that guy anyhow. Over a whole society, that’s a lot of waste, fraud, and abuse. It’s a whole lot of off-by-an-inch and not-quite-right. At the end of the day, the capital gains tax doesn’t punish “the rich.” It slows down the economy and keeps people out of work. Trump’s instincts are dead-on. Let’s hope he has the guts to cut the order.

  • “Where the American Dream Goes to Die”: Changes in House Prices, Rents, and Incomes since 1960 by Region & Metro

    I remember that funny person from NYC. His entire political platform was “the rent’s too d*mn high!” It was considered a gimmick. It doesn’t mean he didn’t have a point. You can bring in all the people you want. It doesn’t mean you have the resources to stack them comfortably. Eventually, when something gets scarce, it starts costing more than most of us can afford. Eventually Adam Smith’s ratchet pushes you right on out of affordable housing.

  • Do You Truly Have Free Will?

    Free Will vs. Determinism. It’s a chest-nut that doesn’t seem to be solved. About half of us gotta be free. The other half don’t want that freedom to be anyone’s fault. Suppose both were simultaneously true. You controlled some stuff, while some other things were hardwired. That would be easy. Just flop back and forth when convenient.

    HBD vs human experience. Again, perhaps; the answer is both.

    More and more scientific research is revealing that our slates are only partially blank at birth, ready to accept whatever chalk lines might get drawn by life. But the majority of the remaining territory is already marked at conception with engraved instructions.

    So neither you, nor Jesus; completely has the wheel. That pretty much should mean the truck is bound for the ditch. It will be, eventually. But not until you can either choose, or are forced; to make a few of the turns along the way. In essence, most of us are programmed to fail over a long period of time. “In the long run,” Quipped John Maynard Keynes. “We will all be dead.”

    More broadly, I’m keenly interested in how our pre-programmed behaviors are nudging us as a society closer towards certain futures. These play out in economics, finance, energy and environmental issues. Evolution has saddled us with both a severe time bias favoring the immediate over the distant, and a default setting for linear vs. complex (or systems) thinking. These preferences combine to strongly compromise our ability to respond intelligently to the really big predicaments the world faces today.

    So all traits that allow you to rise above this average probably have to be self-programmed. Any improvement to the basic model has to be a personal journey. Some have genetic advantages making it easier. The rest, have to change a portion of what they are to ever do well instead of poorly. Maybe the zombie apocolypse is a society that selects for nothing and therefore makes self-improvement unnecessary. Being a chimp in that particualr herd is less of a headache. I guess all progress really is Hell-Baked. What a bummer.

  • Crowd of UFO fans seeking to ‘raid Area 51’ hits 1 MILLION despite US Air Force warning

    It’s no fun being an alien. People try to break into your home. How bizarre.

    “We would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area,” an Air Force spokeswoman previously said, expressing hope that UFO enthusiasts understand that an attempted breach of a military installation is no laughing matter. Despite the very real threat that the authorities would have no choice but to use force in case of a real mass invasion, the special meme forces – either desperate to get to the bottom of US government secrets or just bored – are keeping the #Area51memes hashtag alive.

    You see Scully and Mulder had it all wrong. The truth isn’t out there somewhere. It’s in there somewhere. I’d laugh if they all stormed the Area 51 wharehouses and found empty shelves. They would see the empty, purposeless void of their own being. And then storm some place in protest.

The Area 51 guys should have a good theme song. “Space Child” by UFO seems good.

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