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Periscope (January 9, 2019)

  • Red Lobster stops advertising on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show after he made controversial comments about women’s pay and immigrants

    When you’ve lost Red Lobster…you don’t reprogram the GPS to find it again. I kid, but not by much. It seems the mediocre franchise seafood restaurant is now too good and too holy to advertise on Tucker Carlson’s news program. You’d think Jordan Peterson would concern them more. (Again, I kid).

    Tucker Carlson deliberately says what others have no nerve to say. This wins him audience, but scares the light-loafered. Red Lobster won’t be making trillon$ in new profit for its wokeness. The people badgering them to stop advertising with Tucker Carlson are not all lining up to munch on Red Snapper. They are another corporation intimidated into acting against their self-interest.

  • The Zombie Plague in Downtown Los Angeles is a Consequence of Liberal Utopian Dreams

    The fundamental problem with tolerance is that you get what you tolerate. LA tolerates a larger-than-healthy population of homeless people. Homeless people bring crime, dirt, disease and the crazy. There is not much wrong with a city that a large, subsidized army of the homeless won’t screw up even worse. So why import them in droves?

    The chase off the functional and the sane. They overwhelm the local systems. They are, yea verily, a zombie army. Who likes this sort of an NPC battalion? The left does. They are a cause and an excuse. They are a constant source of vexation to the sort of people the leftists want disenfranchised and driven out. It was Vladimir Lenin who famously stated that worse is better. You don’t get much worse that the homeless army that infests liberal cities the way Tolkien’s orcs befouled Minas Morgul.

  • Dems Eye 33% Corporate Rate Hike

    House Budget Chairman John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) has announced that the forthcoming budget blueprint will call for a 33 percent corporate income tax rate increase by hiking the rate from 21 percent to 28 percent. This would make the U.S. a less competitive place to do business and make the U.S. statutory rate higher than many developed competitors. State corporate taxes average 6 percent across the U.S, so this planned tax hike would give the U.S. an average top corporate rate of 34 percent. The current combined corporate rate across the 36 member Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD) is currently 23.7 percent. This proposed tax hike would make the U.S. rate higher than major competitors such as the United Kingdom (19 percent), China (25 percent), Canada (26.8 percent), Germany (29.8 percent), and Ireland (12.5 percent).

    Again the Left wants to reduce the number of those who are antagonistic towards their agendas. Those who long for administrative control righteously fear innovative minds. What you are not even smart enough to understand will remain several degrees of freedom beyond the reach of your grasping hands. Taxing business will make it leave. Corporate inversion (Amerikan corporations moving their headquarters out of the US so that they can avoid taxes on the money they make) is the predictable result of this idea.

    Congressman Yarmuth will cause the US Treasury to take in less money as more corporations move their operational headquarters to not pay US income taxes. The profit of a 98% tax on somebody who has no income under your jurisdiction equals zero. As the corporate headquarters leave the US, the rest of the operation will gradually follow. That means all those jobs that have been created since President Trump got a tax cut and regulatory relief enacted as a part of his agenda will go away.

    Make no mistake. The Democrats want these jobs to go away. Who needs government if you don’t need government. If people don’t need government, no one will want more that a certain, tolerable minimum. The Democrats favorite industry would then continue to take hits. The more you rely on government, the more you feel pain when parts of it get shutdown. The Party of Bigger Government needs you addicted to it like an insidious new form of heroin.

  • Elizabeth Warren and the Trap for Black Voters

    The Alt-Right taught The Normies that race was not only a thing, but a strong, driving force that moved culture. When you move culture, you move all downstream functions of the society in which that culutre interoperates. Politics is downstream from culture and smart politicians now it good and well. This race-awakening amongst Caucasian Amerikans who have traditionally avoided the topic for fear of being called !RACIST! has implicitly caused some problems. The Dems are therefore auditioning candidates who can get to the GOP’s White prior to 2020’s Presidential Election.

    There isn’t anyone in either party who is more than 1023/1024 white. Nobody is better at Knee-grow control than the Great White Benefactors from The Democratic Party. Senator Elizabeth Warren should condescend to them and limit them just fine. This is a very subtle and deliberate strategy to assuage the fears of these newly awakened whites and upper middle class Asians. But the strategy does not go unnoticed and leads to significant resentment.

    If Senator Warren wants to be Big Chief on The Potomac, she has to talk out of both sides of her mouth with a very forked tongue. She has to say enough crazy, Leftist things to keep the entire coalition of the fringes on the reservation. Yet she also has to message suburban whites in a way that reassures them that “those people” won’t be running around loose in the neighborhoods with the “better schools.” Thus, if you think the Dems already have 2020 in the bag, Elizabeth Warren becomes the prime defender of White Supremacy. That might be a good, strong role to occupy in the upcoming Democratic Primaries.

  • Don Lemon: We should edit the president before we give him air time

    Winston Smith started out as a low-level, grubby, unimpressive villain in Orwell’s 1984. But that’s just *my* stupid opinion according to Don Lemon. Don Lemon thinks President Trump shouldn’t be allowed to speak live without some sort of a time delay so that his words can editied before they reach the people. Winston Smith should be there to memory hole anything that Big Mean Orange says that frightens CNN.

    And here I thought democracy died in darkness. Also, Don Lemon ain’t exactly the brightest lighthouse adorning the rocky coast. Maybe Don Lemon is the antidote to democracy!

  • France’s Last Guillotine Executioner

    You don’t know what you’ll miss until it’s gone.

  • Hannity and Geraldo scream at each other over immigration

    The key question is asked only at the very end: Does Geraldo believe there’s a global right to citizenship in the United States? He does not give a straight answer.

    The honest answer would be !RACIST! Only his kind can come in. The more, the better. This is an emerging problem for Leftism’s Coalition of The Fringes. If everyone can come in, diversity + proximity = conflict.

  • Trump Prepares to Make Case for Wall ‘Emergency’ in Prime-Time Oval Office Address

    Does this really need an explanation? No. You build a wall to prevent intrusion. We should all want that. Nobody calling Trump a !RACIST! leaves their front doors hanging open so that all the neighborhood crack-heads can come flouncing in.

  • Walls Are Built, One Way Or Another

    Again, the article says so much that I should say little. Some places get walls, others only get walls around what their elites consider valuable.

  • One Year Later, ‘Net Neutrality’ Zealots Proved Dead Wrong

    Remember when Net Neutrality and only Net Neutrality would save the internet? Me neither. it was just another bureaucratic self-justification scheme. Without Net Neutrality to save it, the internet is faster. It is in more homes. 5G is coming and it will allow a lot more people to separate the bundle and then #CutTheCord. Am I the only guy cynical enough to think that last bullet point was what Net Neutrality was designed to protect us from?

  • Democratic Lawmaker Introduces Constitutional Amendment To Abolish The Electoral College

    It’s only a Republic if you can keep it. Plato and Aristotle warned that it would degenerate into Democracy if entropy were allowed to function. The Founding Fathers of America knew Democracy would ruin the place. They were overruled in many ways to the detriment of our great nation. Edward Kennedy is a product of the direct election of US Senators. As are Kamala Harris and Ben Sasse. Direction election of US Senators lowered the IQ of our legislature at least 15 points. It also rendered them whores to the richest corporations.

    Ending The Electoral College will essentially end the relevance of at least 35 US States in the selection of the next President. Soon afterwards, that will end the relevance of 35 US States when decisions get made regarding national policy. Representational government is perhaps doomed to degrade into democracy and then demotism. It’s like leaving a banana on the counter too long. It will eventually rot.

  • Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2018

    Here’s what the mob made viral. Maybe we should have let Net Nuetrality “save the internet.”

  • Second Dead Body Found At LA Home Of Wealthy Democratic Donor

    Like a scene out of Less Than Zero. Another rich pervert thinks he can avoid legal consequences for snuffing his sexual prey. You only have to be a good enough and rich enough leftist to be immune to the law. You buy a “Get Out of Decency Free Card” by buying up Leftwing pols. At least that’s what Ed Buck thinks. Is he correct? We shall soon learn the if this particular pill is White or Black….

  • Sears Pulled Back From Brink; Judge Gives Lampert New Chance To Save Company

    The best thing you can do for a zombie is put the poor, suffering thing down with a .30-06. Sears and Roebuck is a relic of another age who has been mismanaged into a deserving grave by an idiot armed with an MBA and entirely too much fake self-esteem. Eddie Lampert should resign from humanity on account of his own stupidity. An online reboot of the iconic Sears Catalog could have made this company an absolute monster of a contender against Amazon.

    But Lampert won’t even quit Sears and Roebuck.

    In old, feudal Japan there was a noble code known as Giri. It required that a gentleman obey certain standards or suffer disgrace. If disgrace grew too great to be born without eternal shame, one discharged himself with a sword. Hari-kiri would be the best thing for Sears and Roebuck. Instead Lampert haggles over whether $1.3 Billion worth of his unpayable debts should be forgiven. Not if I held one, single bond that underwrote that particular bundle of loans. Debt-forgiveness is just another way irresponsible losers rip people off after they’ve borrowed something of value.

  • Why Saudi Arabia Is Embracing a New Nationalism

    The title of this article says nothing about the important conceit. The lede is deliberately buried. The real question that we just are supposed to assume an answer to is whether a nation can be a nation while practicing a major religion as a key aspect of its existence. Saudi Arabia is Islamic and one of its core reasons to exist is to guard the ancient shrine cities of Mecca and Medina.

    They now are liberalizing and letting people practice other faiths in order to broaden their societal talent pool. The article claims this is a new Saudi Nationalism. Perhaps secular nationalism will usher in a new, kinder gentler Saudi Arabia that even has Black and Jewish friends. I sort of doubt it.

    I also doubt that it will really destroy the extent to which the entire country is Islam First. I don’t say this to pejoratively judge. I simply point out the fundamental preservation of Islamic History is the primary reason a Kingdom of Saudi Arabia even exists. Letting in a few Jews and a smattering of Christians won’t end that any more than it will prevent Turkey from electing an Islamist Prime Minister.

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