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Periscope (January 8, 2019)

  • Family of man wrongfully accused by activist Shaun King in Jazmine Barnes’ shooting speaks out

    Young black child is shot, which makes this one a flawless cash-in if a white man is accused, and then someone thinks a blue-eyed thin white man may have done it. Media in fact locate a plausible suspect and publicize him. A short while later, they learn that in fact two black guys did it because of a mistaken identity. However, the initial media thrust — white guy shoots innocent black child — still has more power simply because it was first and said most forcefully, so white guy continues to receive death threats despite being 100% unrelated to the case. This shows you how the media work the hate crimes angle: whatever they report first is what most people know, mainly because the followup article never gets the same emphasis as the breaking story. That means that if the race is not mentioned, people stop thinking about it; if it is blamed on a white guy, most people assume that this continues to be the case. If you wondered why people in the media focus so carefully on how they spin the breaking story, this is it.

  • Sears to ask bankruptcy judge for approval to liquidate: sources

    While we are having the conversation about capitalism, let us consider that perhaps our problem is simply incompetence and affirmative action. Despite having lots of great stores and products, Sears could never make much money in the current era, but one might recognize that Sears was mostly filled with minority workers and customers most of the time, which may have driven away the white audience just like it did in theaters and many restaurants. It is easier to commute home to your gated community, have Uber Eats deliver, then watch a video stream on your 88″ OLED TV. Why go out into the world at all? Sears seems to have been sabotaged by people who wanted since the beginning to carve it up and sell its assets at a personal profit, at the expense of the business. Amazon must delight in seeing its competitors fall, since soon they will be as much a monopoly as Facebook.

  • Canadian and Italian tourists feared kidnapped in Burkina Faso

    These have become sort of a cliché at this point: European-descended tourists decide to journey through the middle east to prove how peaceful it is, and then get handed their heads in a bag. There is a small chance that they simply combined Turkish coffee with Moroccan hash, but more likely their sodomized remains are decomposing somewhere with their heads resting on top, faces permanently disfigured into an expression of gullible disbelief.

  • Shocking footage shows shirtless Aboriginal man throwing an African teenager onto the floor

    The real shock here comes when people realize that imposing diversity is not merely a matter of battering white people into submission so that they accept racial diversity just as they accepted ethnic diversity (Irish, Italians, Poles, Jews) but a matter of neutralizing every group and destroying the identity that each person has. Until we are all a cultureless grey race of indeterminate heritage, there will be no ethnic equality. Until we are all mediocre, there will be no class equality. Until we are all androgynous, there will be sexual equality as feminism demands. Until we are all bicurious, homosexuality and transgenderism will not be safe. Until we are all stupid, Leftism and its stupid idea of equality will be opposed. But someday, when we are all grey race, stupid, mediocre, bisexual, androgynous morons we will finally have peace, and the Utopia offered by egalitarianism will be just around the corner… back in reality, diversity means that you lump different groups into the same nation-state and drop your own standards and unity so that all groups can be included, even though they are different for a reason and depend on those identities, which means that you will have nothing but conflict until the glorious grey moron bisexual mediocre race Utopia day arrives. The diversity will attack and kill off other diversity, much as Africans and Hispanics have been doing for decades here in the USA, or even an Arab-descended doctor was fired for saying she would deliberately give Jewish patients the wrong medicines, while the host majority (huwhities) take the blame.

  • Dems Eye 33% Corporate Rate Hike

    If you want to kill the Trump boom, this will do it, and the Left might do exactly that just so that they can blame Trump for it and take possession of a shattered and ruined country in 2020. This would bring our corporate tax rate up to 28% which would make us a much less desirable place to do business, and in consideration of the billions that they could save, American companies will simply head offshore and re-invest those billions into R&D, stock buybacks, and self-promotion instead.

  • Judge gets national attention for KKK statement

    Judge blurts out the obvious: among every racial group, killing within the group will account for a lot more casualties than anything which outsiders do. This can be explained by the fact that people mostly associate with those like them, and as a result when frictions arise, they are killing people most like them. However, this thwarts our PC narrative that all POC problems are instigated by evil white people.

  • Germany charges Syrian with stabbing that sparked Chemnitz riots

    Apparently a Syrian and two Iraqis were involved in the incident that kicked off days of riots. People are getting tired of diversity because there is mathematical combination that can make it work. No matter what the foreign groups are, the fact of having more than one group in a nation creates chaos and destruction proportionate to how far removed genetically the new group is from the founding group. You might be able to mix Germans and Swedes, or Germans and Austrians, or even Germans and English middle and upper classes. However, even then, a penalty will be paid, and it just gets more extreme when you bring in really foreign groups like Japanese, Turks, Mexicans, Saudis, or Jews.

  • APA issues first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys

    According to the American Psychological Association, their new “scientific” outlook seems very Marxist in that it wants to crush the patriarchy and draws on “more than 40 years of research showing that traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful and that socializing boys to suppress their emotions causes damage that echoes both inwardly and outwardly.” Ahoy, comrade, tell me about your mother.

    Police Psychiatrist: I wanna know why you claim to be Sigmund Freud.
    Sigmund Freud: Why do you claim I’m not Sigmund Freud?
    Police Psychiatrist: Why do you keep asking me these questions?
    Sigmund Freud: Tell me about your mother.

  • Let the Fountain Pens Flow! (non-paywall)

    Marxist mouthpiece The New York Times had to work in the propaganda angle, mentioning that someone mentioned, “I used to respect you, but I don’t now that I see you’re married to a half negro.” And so what is wrong with that? People do not all share the same hive-mind, but according to Leftists, we will only feel safe when everyone does. In the meantime, people are rediscovering old habits as the disposable age fades, smoking pipes and using fountain pens while consulting analog timepieces and reading books as Beethoven plays on the stereo and people in the next room watch rabbit ears television. The backlash against modernity includes the notion that all of this neat gee-whiz stuff may not offer much to life, and takes a lot of time, money, and energy, especially in the case of government, diversity, jobs, status competition, urban living, social media, and unitarianism.

  • US spends twice as much on health care as its peers

    The press loves these articles until someone points out that the reason we are spending so much on healthcare is that we have created a semi-socialist system which requires us to support a vast third world underclass. Each person paying into the system is probably supporting a dozen more, and since hospitals cannot turn them away, the emergency rooms are clogged and the costs are passed on to you suckers who pay retail. Future healthcare will be cash in hand with insurance for catastrophic illnesses or inability to work, and end of life care will be hospice with all the morphine that you can eat. We are heading into dark Darwinian times where we no longer let fear rule us.

  • Stanford professor: “The workplace is killing people and nobody cares”

    Actually, this article misses the point: what is killing us about the workplace is that most of what we do is unnecessary and yet obedience is required in order to “get ahead,” which means everyone wasting most of their lives playing the lottery of pretending that this crap is important when ninety percent of it goes nowhere owing to the incompetence of other workers, confusion by management, or pro forma activities designed to make everyone look good because everyone is busy, even if what they are doing is as much make-work as the stuff they use to keep children occupied in schools. Jobs are designed to be conformity first, and effective as a distant second, under the guise of “everyone getting along.” This is toxic and ruins people invisibly from within.

  • Australian animal rights groups demand an end to Muslim halal slaughter where livestock have their throats slit while they are conscious

    European-descended nations are turning against halal and kosher slaughter. First Belgium, and now the RSPCA and PETA in Australia want to outlaw “traditional Muslim and Jewish abattoir customs.” One way or another, nationalism is taking over as we figure out that there is no universal rule which fits everyone, and while diversity requires that we find that rule, all we have found is chaos, opportunism, confusion, resentment, and social breakdown.

  • The euro at 20: An enduring success but a fundamental failure

    The euro is starting to look suspiciously like a European version of the American Federal Reserve, but people are figure out that like the centralized control which Communism used, this additional layer of bureaucracy gives governments more leverage over their currency but is farther removed from what the markets are doing, causing it to create market distortions on a regular basis that are now the cause of more recessions than it has prevented.

  • The New Catholic ‘Far-Right’ in France

    The new politics of Europe are like “crunchy cons” meets traditionalism with a touch of the Left’s paranoia against corporate control:

    They reject the European Union, same-sex marriage and mass immigration. They also reject unregulated global financial markets, genetically-modified foodstuffs, consumerism and daily life dominated by what they refer to as AGFAM (Apple-Google-Facebook-Amazon-Microsoft). In Lilla’s words, they see “the fundamental task of society is to transmit knowledge, morality, and culture to future generations.”

  • Trump administration downgrades EU mission to US

    Keeping with the theme of nationalism, the Trump administration downgrades the EU ambassador to the US to a level below that of independent nations. We would rather deal with nations than their political control blocs, he seems to be saying, since the larger the administration, the less precision it has and thus the more waste and disorder it introduces.

  • Inside Facebook’s ‘cult-like’ workplace, where dissent is discouraged and employees pretend to be happy all the time

    Facebook sounds like something straight out of Brave New World, but then again all human organizations go this way. Humans in groups zero in on what they have in common as a lowest common denominator, and invariably this means a fear of risk, so groups tend toward Utopian dreams instead of practical realities that minimize risk for those who are able to act in a realistic enough manner to preserve themselves. “We must make everything safe, so that I am safe” is classic human thinking, a hidden path to Hell in the midst of a gilded Tower of Babel.

  • County: Put crumpled Confederate statue in indoor display

    A Leftist judge made it clear that the cases against those who pulled down this statue would go nowhere, so prosecutors dropped most of them. Now the country has a struggle: deal with the continuity of the past, or give in to Leftist protesters? They are trying to waffle by displaying the monuments in their ruined form, as if a testament to the power of the angry human monkey crowd.

  • Chinese buyers expand their reach in the US housing market as the middle class gets in on the act

    For the last six years, Chinese buyers have been snapping up American real estate. This simply gives them more power over our economic and political structure.

  • Israeli exports break record in 2018

    After a shaky start and facing many challenges, Israel is now an economic powerhouse thanks to trade with Asia and Latin America. This guarantees that Israel will expand further and attract more diaspora Jews home now that they can enjoy a stable first-world society in their ancestral homeland.

  • AI technology can identify genetic diseases by looking at your face, study says

    Egalitarian dogma states that the genetic differences between people are insignificant. Science discovers otherwise: not only are they significant, but they manifest in many details and are easily determined. This means that nature has won out over nurture and the egalitarian dream is dead, but like any religion, it takes some time before its fanatical adherents lose control of subsequent generations.

  • DARPA wants to build an AI to find the patterns hidden in global chaos

    Plato wins again. In his view, life could be understood as a series of patterns of cause/effect relationships more than materiality or metaphysics as discrete characteristics. The patterning was shared between the two, meaning that the two were connected, and so the study of patterns was more important — like a sort of ritual magic — than studying matter itself. Apparently our experts now have come to the same conclusion.

  • All the Species That Went Extinct in 2018, and Ones on the Brink for 2019

    Despite all of the propaganda about how good life is in modern society, people are existentially miserable and inclined to ludicrously high suicide rates, and we are making animal species extinct at 1,000 to 10,000 times the natural rate and will likely destroy a third to half of all plant species by 2050. The two are linked: we are a species without a purpose, pursuing the needs of individuals instead of coming together on some creative and generative goal that we can have, mainly because to do that requires recognizing that some people know better than the rest, and putting those people in charge as experts or leaders.

  • Whitman County GOP ejects far right activist James Allsup

    Republicans realize that realism is more popular than endless bloviation about defense, Christian morals, free markets, and assimilation. As a result, they throw out member of the wave that is coming in order to preserve the wave that has long passed for another fiscal year. However, this will ultimately come back to haunt them as more of them are in turn replaced, since now that the stakes are clear, people are going to be merciless in dividing Us and Them, especially within the Republican party.

  • Genetic code that turns animals monogamous identified by scientists

    It turns out that nature has a thot filter because for advanced and specialized species, monogamy conveys many advantages at a biological level. While egalitarians deny the influence of genetics, science and Darwinian thinking have moved far past our pretense of all being equal or even similar. Genetics is a market like anything else, and the most realistic designs win and win big, while the delusional die out in nature and soon, will do the same in human societies that are increasingly hostile to egalitarianism.

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