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  • Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy: A closer look

    Epstein did not kill himself. You no longer live in the America of your parents and grandparents, where government is generally not corrupt and good people are in power. That America went away when you overthrew the WASPs back in the 1960s.

  • Experiments show altruistic behaviors reduce pain

    Leftists argue that this means altruism is good. Saner people see that this means that altruism is a drug just like heroin or meth, and people are abusing it because they feel bad and have such broken genetics that they no longer have moral boundaries or orientation. We need to stop taking altruism at face value and see it for what it is, advertising or mental heroin.

  • UK election result ‘blew away’ argument for second Brexit vote: Labour’s Starmer

    Slowly, the Left is replacing the FDR-style leaders, who value ideology over practice, with those who are able to accept that Leftist policies were tried extensive in the postwar period, and they have failed. This means that there will be fewer of them. These newer leaders are going to cede ground as a means of assigning the responsibility for success or failure to the Right, since they realize it will be a disaster if people realize that all of our problems at this point are the result of us adopting Leftist policies, and that the solution is to end Leftist policies. If we abolished all laws made after 1790, we would be on a saner path than we are now, even if that will only stop the bleeding and not be enough to blast our country on a new trajectory with enough velocity to fly over the impediments posed by egalitarianism.

  • Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway suggests Iran may be hiding strategic military targets at cultural sites

    When Trump says that he has 52 targets in mind, and that he is willing to strike at cultural sites, he is not saying that he is striking at the classics of history, only things important to Iranians. He is also not saying that he is striking them because they are cultural sites, only that being a cultural site will not save some place if it is also being used for other purposes. This baffles the Left; they seem to lack the mental registers required to see that something can be part of multiple categories. For example, Joe Biden can be a presidential candidate and also a criminal whose investments in Ukraine must be stopped before the USA sends any more money there.

  • Canada’s reindeer ‘at risk of extinction’

    The rare honest environmental article mentions what is killing off the reindeer, namely habitat loss. This happens when you have too many humans, and they use up too much of the land, breaking it up with roads and rail lines and fences, which eliminates the ability of creatures to have enough space to prowl, roam, fight, hunt, mate, forage, and rear young. We need fewer humans using less land or we commit ecocide. Will democracy be willing to do that?

  • Colorado drone mystery sightings finally might be solved

    Mysterious drone sightings may be Air Force trying to protect itself against drones. Or it could be the popped collar brigade playing with their new Christmas presents before they have to go back to state schools and slamming that sweet, sweet Pabst Blue Ribbon.

  • US Customs and Border Protection denies detaining Iranians, Iranian Americans

    Most of the news belongs to the category of woo, or emotionally uncontrolled material expressed in order to unify a group that already has a viewpoint. Whenever something seems to be happening with their ethnic group, minorities blame the majority because it is a more comforting thought than realizing that their group is screwing up.

  • Thousands march in New York City against anti-Semitism in wake of attacks

    You have zero percent anti-Semitism and racism if you get rid of diversity. Now that the diversity are attacking each other, we can finally visualize just how much worse of a disaster multiculturalism will be in the coming years.

  • Nurse launches legal test case with claim children cannot consent to transgender treatment

    In most societies, you cannot buy cigars or ale until you are a certain age; why then do we let children, in the midst of the biggest cult trend and media blitz in recent memory, decide that they need life-changing and disfiguring treatment for a disorder which most likely is simply attention whoring?

  • FTSE chief executives ‘earn average salary within three days’

    Proles find themselves shocked that the people who make the large decisions — where precision in both details and big picture matter — get paid more than the people who pull the levers, answer the phones, and do other low-brainpower activities. Maybe instead of demanding more money, the silly proles should ask why everything is so expensive. They will not, of course, because they know that the answer is the taxes we all pay for the “free” stuff, which like payday loans, insurance, lotteries, and the like is just a form of financial wishful thinking the defers expenses in order to enjoy small pleasures right now.

  • A British citizen emits more CO2 in two weeks than some people in Africa do in a year, research shows

    People in Britain need to heat their homes, run computers, commute around ghettos, and eat something other than bushmeat, wildfruit, and subsistence-farmed grains. Of course they have a higher emissions level. The bigger problem is that there are many, many more Africans (2.4bn) than Britons (60m) so the UK would need to emit more CO2 per person in one week and two days to match the African output. Even more, the UK population has stabilized, except for immigration, while Africa is still rising. This just shows us that measuring carbon emissions is moronic, and we need to look at land use and population.

  • Ricky Gervais Tells Hollywood to “F*** Off” in Expletive-Filled Golden Globes Monologue

    Comedian finally points out the obvious, which is that actors, musicians, and entertainers know nothing about politics:

    “So if you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a political platform to make a political speech. You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.”

    Perhaps the dancing monkeys should go back to being dancing monkeys and leave the thinking to people who have put in the work, study, and time.

  • Iraqi protesters denounce twin ‘occupiers’ US and Iran

    We could call it 50 Shades of RealPolitik. When you become a Sugar Daddy for another nation, by conquering it or giving it aid or both, you are seen as the salvation and scapegoat of that nation. They surrender their agency to you. This means that you are blamed for everything that you have that they do not have. A better solution is to avoid diversity of empire, and either leave them alone or drive all their people into Libya and turn them into nature parks.

  • Muslim homes ‘ransacked by Indian police’ amid crackdown on protests

    The twenty-first will be a century of ethnic sorting. Nation-states are going back to being nations, or places consisting of a single “civilization” — a mosaic of religious, racial, cultural, and ethnic identities — instead of trying to be globalist, diverse, multicultural, and pluralistic. That model failed in the West, and we are slowly waking from our egalitarian slumber to realize that it was always toxic. Diversity is already dead, and we are just negotiating the best path to end it with the least amount of tears at this point.

  • Reynhard Sinaga: Britain’s ‘most prolific rapist’ jailed for life

    Anal rapist who used GHB to drug and rape straight men claimed that he could not be deported to his native Indonesia because he would face discrimination there for being gay. We have reached peak refugee.

  • China might take Iran’s side in a war with US

    Of course China will take Iran’s side. China is hoping to use Iran as a proxy war against the US, which is probably why the embassy attack happened in the first place. Trump responded well by not invading, but simply assassinating the offending brat-leader in charge. Remember, China, Russia, and Iran are allies.

  • Secret Iranian Spy Cables Show How Qassim Suleimani Wielded His Enormous Power in Iraq

    In a nation of fanatics, those who become the most identifiable fanatics rise to power. This was the path that Qassim Suleimani (we will be Anglicizing that name to “Kevin Solomon”) took, and it was why he was willing to stir up aggression against the United States in order to win popularity points back at home. The Iranian equivalent of an SJW just got converted into airborne meat for his virtue signaling.

  • Nearly 400K Anchor Babies Born in 2019, Exceeding U.S. Births in 48 States

    Can we admit that this is demographic replacement yet?

  • Bloody Harvest—How Everyone Ignored the Crime of the Century

    China knows how to drive out dissidents. They will catch you, harvest your organs while you are still alive, then receive a convincing diagnosis that you died of natural causes, bury you someplace where it rains feces, and then bill your family for the bullet bulldozer rental.

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