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Periscope (January 30, 2019)

  • FBI finds no specific motive in Vegas attack that killed 58

    As we find out time and again, mass shooters tend to be suicides who want to go out in a big way. Paddock, a lifelong Leftist, probably wanted to emulate a pseudo-Christ tactic as he saw in Leftist movies like The Life of David Gale, where an opponent of the death penalty gets himself convicted and executed in order to prove that the death penalty was wrong. Paddock simply executed fifty-eight other people in order to prove that gun control was necessary, since Leftists have always wanted gun control so that the egalitarian state would have a monopoly on control.

  • D.C. “Antifa Leader” Is Third Man Charged in Marine Attack in Philadelphia

    Why did we need a fake hate crime in the news? Most likely because we have a real hatred-motivated crime in the news, namely the assault of two Hispanic U.S. Marines by three Irish-descended Antifa types. In the meantime, Jussie Smollett is the second member of his show to report some type of “hate” activity, and may simply be boosting ratings. Until you see a police report, court case, and conviction, calling something a “hate crime” is simply falling for the blank check that we give religious, ethnic, and sexual minorities to draw attention to themselves and make bank on that rich, gooey, sugary pity party that will come inbound from the credulous herd of useful idiots on the Left.

  • United Airlines ejects fat-shaming passenger from flight

    She might have been unkind, but she was not wrong, and her message resonates with us. We are tired of liberal democracy and The System which forces us to suffer for the dubious decisions of others. However, that notion is the root of equality; if we are all equal, fat people have the right to a seat, too, and if that crowds you out, that is unfortunate but there is no hope except for government to implement a special program which provides seats for people who are fatphobic. That merely makes life more complex, awkward, tedious, frantic, and politically correct. There is no way to make liberal democracy work, and we are slowly pulling away, first in the details like fat people on airplanes, and soon, in a larger scope.

  • Germany is a diminished giant, and that spells trouble for Europe

    Between 2004 and 2006, heady years of world trade growth, virtually all of Germany’s increase in exports went to China. In late 2009, Chinese authorities rescued German manufacturers teetering from the blow delivered by the global financial crisis…However, fearful of further inflating their property and credit bubbles, Chinese authorities pulled back on the stimulus in late 2017.

    There is only one form of freedom, and that is self-sufficiency. When Germany produces all that it needs and does not rely on imports or exports, it will be stable. However, it will not be able to afford all those layers of bureaucrats, underclass, entitlements, lawyers, experts, consultants, politicians, and psychotherapists. Instead, it will have to go back to a simpler way of life. As it turned out, globalization was a first world scam: just as in the circular Ponzi scheme that is our consumerist-entitlements state, we dump money on the underclass countries of the world so that they can buy our junk, we can sell our debt and currency, and then re-inject that money into our systems and tax it, keeping the welfare state alive a little bit longer. It cannot work. Liberal democracy has failed, the entitlements state has collapsed, and we are going to see a domino effect of bankruptcies, probably stopping with the United States as Trump makes it self-sufficient. If Leftists interrupt that project, they will create a recession in the United States of unprecedented proportions, and this will drive out many of the recent migrants, defeating the Leftist goal of demographic replacement. Either way, the madman wins. You can mock him for being orange or stupid, but in reality, he has set up a bomb that the Left cannot defuse.

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Activist Group Calls To Annihilate Israel

    The closer you are to something, the more you can see its variety. For this reason, to non-whites, all European-descended peoples — including mixed-whites like Southern, Eastern, and Irish Europeans and mixed-in-whites like Jewish people — look like one thing, “whites.” After all, each of these groups is mostly European. Ashkenazim are referred to as “European Jews” for a reason. To the rest of the world, they only see Europe and its wealth, and they want to take it. They resent Europe because Europeans, with higher average IQs and better methods, made the civilization that not just conquered the world, but did it by bringing advantages. We brought technology, social order, hygiene, and other things which extend life and make it better. These other groups rejected our ways and lived in subsistence poverty, squalor, and constant instability, which is how nature keeps smarter animals from having any power until they are more than clever and become intelligent enough to pay attention to reality instead of their narcissistic big brains (even our stupidest rank higher on the IQ scale than almost all animals). These groups now want revenge on us for making them lose face by showing that them that their methods were inferior. Now that we have brought them here, in a display of mental retardation brought on by our mystification by Enlightenment™ principles of individualism/narcissism, these different groups are fighting it out. They hate each other, and they hate us; they will hate us more until we are gone, and then go back to bickering and fighting amongst themselves. The Turks hate the Armenians. The Muslims are trying to kill Jews. Everyone is claiming discrimination, and obviously the majority must pay for the various fixes which do not work. With diversity, you are never free from the costs, destruction, violence, crime, corruption, and loss of your own society culminating in your demographic replacement.

  • Michael Bloomberg: Medicare-for-all ‘would bankrupt us for a very long time’

    While white people stumble around in a stupor of Enlightenment™ thoughts that create a narcissistic mental bubble which occludes reality entirely, smart Jews like Michael Bloomberg succeed because for them — not having the same mental bubble — it is easy to see what must be done on a practical level. Medicare-for-all makes the 47% have a strong emotional reaction, so they assume that it must be good because they feel so alive when they are living in that moment, but in reality, it means that we will pay out a ton of money and get almost nothing for it. Costs will go up because, hey, free gubbmint money. The socialized medicine systems across the West are in a state of collapse which they have offset by hiring the equivalent of H-1B nurses and doctors and paying them less than the market rate in exchange for making them citizens, sort of like how venues tell bands that they are not playing for free, they are getting exposure. The people we are getting are not the best; the best stayed home and tried to fix the situation there, something made easier by the constant exodus of trained but idiotic people. The saner option — removing medical regulations and letting the free market drive down prices — seems too sane even to be considered.

  • A prominent men’s rights activist is now saying it’s gay for guys to like women’s bums

    The headline lies. They wanted the extra clickbait goodness that comes from saying if you like a women’s butts, you are gay, which of course draws all the eyes because every man in the world loves a shapely derrière. In reality, he is saying that the recent fascination with anal sex causes men to think like homosexuals, viewing sex as masturbation with another person instead of part of the sane act of starting a family. Why did we become so obsessed with sodomy anyway? That seems like something that belongs in donkey shows in Mexico, pornography from Tel Aviv, Thai prostitutes, and of course the endless anal rape in central Africa. Anal sex is a third world thing; an increase in homosexuals is most likely an increase in deleterious genetic mutations; Westerners obsessed with anal sex shows that they have given up on having a purpose, and now have only fetishes to keep them occupied.

  • Parents protest over Birmingham school’s LGBT equality teaching

    Diversity breaks because different groups have different standards. We try to accommodate them all, which means abolishing all standards and adopting a permissive standard, but then some groups want to exclude others. To fix that, we concoct a universalist idea of moral good and use it to control everyone. However, these groups do not assimilate, because to do so would be to give up who they are, and so the clashes continue, with nagging neurotic white people showing up to waggle fingers at everyone and tell them that they must accept (roll your eyes like a monkey signaling confidence in the group here) everyone, and therefore, we cannot say that what any group does is bad, even if medical data, past history, and common sense say that it is a destructive and dangerous behavior. Above all else, the Leftist dogma must be taught. You can call it “Marxist” like Jordan Peterson, but if you look at the core of Leftism, egalitarianism, you will see that it is actually plain old Leftist dogma: the only good for an individual or society is dedicating themselves to making everyone equal. If it destroys us all, at least we have the moral high ground, they think.

  • Nazi SS man investigated for incitement over Ascq massacre

    After the war, the West was less obsessed with Nazis, but starting with our diversity push in the 1960s and 1970s, we began to see Jews as part of the diversity and therefore that it was our divine mandate to protect them and smash those who hated them. In this case, a former SS man was accused of shooting French civilians, which he deflected by pointing out that he was tasked with stopping sabotage and shooting anyone who ran away. Unrepentant, he also disputed the magic six million figure. Since he was convicted but pardoned in the years after the war, he cannot be charged with murder again, so they have dug up an interview he gave and charged him with hate speech. All must obey the ideology, and dissenters must be destroyed by any means necessary, so that we can have true Equality-Utopia in our lifetimes!

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