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  • Police release horrific details of the 1st mass shooting of the year, identify teen suspect

    The Left will want to blame guns, but we can focus on another attribute of this family, a subset of broken families: it is mixed-race. That stressor could account for the tendency toward violence so profound that it consisted of the teenage boy essentially eradicating his family. After all, mixed-race kids have more problems. Future research will find that mixed-ethnic kids have more physical and mental health problems as well.

  • Two of four FISA warrants against Carter Page declared invalid

    The impeachment narrative comes apart as the DOJ finds FBI made statements that left an “inaccurate impression” and withheld potentially exculpatory information. This clear evidence of bias will confirm the Trump narrative that the “deep state,” Clinton Organization, DNC, and Obamas are conspiring to remove him. Now it is time to look into the pattern of deception and evidence destruction that has kept the Clintons et al. out of jail for too long.

  • American Dirt: Oprah book club pick suffers Latino backlash

    American Dirt follows a middle-class Mexican woman who escapes the country with her son after her husband, a journalist, is killed by a drug cartel. The story traces their often violent journey as migrants to the US border.

    The novel was highly anticipated and Ms Cummins received a reported seven-figure book deal for a first print run of half a million copies. She was interviewed by the New York Times, which published an excerpt of the book.

    This is not literature; it is propaganda. American fiction has been dead for some time because of its reliance on navel-gazing novels which essentially reach the “correct” conclusions according to the Left, therefore are championed by the Leftist Establishment in literature.

  • Goldman to Refuse IPOs If All Directors Are White, Straight Men

    Absolutely zero business case exists for this decision, but denialists do not want the system that benefits them (at your expense) to be interrupted. Therefore, the agenda must continue and the Narrative must be affirmed, even if it leads to more people being hired as tokens and those costs being passed on to the rest of us, weakening the economy in the process. We see a lot of minorities driving late-model SUVs around here during the workday, as if they had six-figure jobs for which attendance was optional.

  • Gilbert HOA is threatening to fine residents over critical social media posts

    We are heading toward a decision point with the internet. No one has ever figured out who owns it and whether, as a public space called cyberspace, people have rights in it despite their content existing on private servers. After all, that content also travels through servers owned by others, which compels speech on those parties by forcing them to pass on censored content as if it were whole. If it is public speech, it should be protected, and legal action against it is legitimate; if it is censored speech, then those who censored it are responsible. Big Tech is too dense to realize this, but their best position is in censoring only actually illegal content, since that way, they have not presented their content with any guarantees of safety or lack of offense. They are too in love with the power that they have to shape the narrative, which they suspect they need because internet ads are crashing, to give up any control over content.

  • Litigation Works! Patriot Conference Going Ahead!

    As the Left sinks into irrelevance, the Right rises, with the eighteenth conference featuring Peter Brimelow, Renaud Camus (who coined the term replacism), Dries Van Langenhoven, Vincent James, Colin Flaherty, Sam Dickson, and Jared Taylor. After fighting their way through the courts, the American Renaissance team has won the right to speak and have state protection in a public forum. You can register here to attend.

  • Sweden and its Welfare State in Crisis

    As we have noted here in the past, diversity will force an end to the entitlement state. When you offer free stuff, the world will come to your door, and the only way to avoid it is to stop offering free stuff. People are fleeing their homelands, instead of fixing them as we did at great loss of life, because it is easier and more profitable to run to the West. Economics determines these migrations; if we cut the free stuff, end racial preferences, and shut the door, they will stop coming and we will have no more drowned children on beaches.

  • 9 Farm attacks in South Africa, 1-15 January 2020

    Diversity and class warfare end the same way. The masses of people with little and no ability to produce more attack those who can produce more, promptly killing the goose that laid golden eggs and reverting to the human norm of third world subsistence living, corruption, crime, filth, and lack of functional institutions.

  • NOAA Gets Go-Ahead to Study Controversial Climate Plan B

    Climate scientists — bureaucrats hired for having the correct opinions — want to cover parts of the world in shadow to stop “climate change.” This will follow many other disastrous attempts to out-do nature. In the meantime, the actual solution of making half of Earth into nature preserves gets ignored simply because it will not allow each person to realize the democratic dream of owning their own chain of Taco Bells.

  • On Having Whiteness

    Academia continues its quest to become entirely Soviet:

    Parasitic whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse; these deformed appetites particularly target non-white people; and, once established, these appetites are nearly impossible to eliminate. Effective treatment requires a combination of psychological and social-historical interventions, which can reasonably aim only to reshape whiteness’ infiltrated appetites – to reduce their intensities, to redistribute their aims, and to occasionally turn those aims toward the work of reparation.

    If whiteness has a problem, it is solipsism and fascination with our own cleverness, which leads to using other races as playthings, something this speaker wants to continue with his own social engineering program. And people wonder why college admissions are down.

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