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Periscope (January 1, 2019)

  • Trump-Pelosi showdown over shutdown first battle of new era

    “Nobody wins in a shutdown,” says the system pundit, but that is far from true: all of us normal people — those who are reasonably self-sufficient, and so do not depend on government for anything significant — are doing just fine. In fact, we are enjoying life. There are fewer cars on the roads. The lines at stores are shorter. The people who are out there tend to be middle class and normal, not to mention mostly of the heritage American group. The endless racial resentment is gone, as are the bureaucrats making good money and getting yuge pensions, who seem to have jobs that do not require their presence much at all during the workday. People are talking to each other again, and being polite. A natural order has returned. If Trump can shut government down permanently, his base will adore him twice as much, because if we can have all of the above and pay only the one-third of our taxes that are required for actually vital services like the military, NOAA, NASA, etc. we will be living well and far less neurotic than we are with government in operation. Notice the difference: “Nancy Pelosi often quotes Abraham Lincoln saying public sentiment is everything.” To conservatives, results are everything, and life is better, saner, healthier, more stable, and more balanced without government.

  • Pope bemoans disjointed world, praises unity over diversity

    Not quite, but apparently in reference to the recent splintering of his staff, he said, “Unity counts more than diversity.” As a general principle, this can spread, sort of like a meme or other thought-virus. Which we we want, unity or diversity? Quality or equality? Self or order?

  • The Democrats’ Biggest Expert Accusing Republicans of Russian Trolling Was a Russian Troll

    This is typical Leftist behavior. Find billionaires to fund Leftist hipsters to troll the internet, then claim that it was Russians doing to this. Point to the “Russian trolling” as evidence that Russia placed your opposition into power. Then, resume the trolling as a way to try to force him to power. People do not understand that for egalitarians, equality is the ultimately goal, and truth is relevant only to how well what is being said achieves the goal of holy equality.

  • Suspected far-right attacker ‘intentionally’ rams car into crowd of Syrian and Afghan citizens in Germany (non-paywall)

    “Police said there were indications the suspect is mentally ill.” Well, which is it? When some Islamic extremist attacks and has mental health problems, he gets to claim insanity. Will you extend that rule to the far-Right, or use this as a convenient smear?

  • Meghan Markle has ‘banned Prince Harry from drinking alcohol, tea and coffee’

    The foreign queen could not wait to make conquest. She decided first to neuter them, then enslave them, and then in their name invisibly do something horrible, so that they would be destroyed, leaving only her, a shining queen of darkness in the rubble. In the meantime, Prince Harry is showing us that prole infiltration of the Royal Family has produced horrors, and that men who are afraid of going bald make short-term romantic decisions which end up being disasters, especially after children are produced.

  • Trump ushers in 2019 saying ‘calm down and enjoy the ride,’ amid new year challenges

    Driving around today, the audience of mostly white upper half of middle class people was interrupted by a few brown and Asian people driving slowly and with apparent total oblivion to their surroundings. The resentment emanated from those cars as surely as hatred emerges from a Communist or Nazi meeting, or their ideological ancestors, the Jacobins. The government shutdown removed most of the useless people however. Even on the road, most cars were staying within a sensible speed, the drivers paying attention, and the cars well maintained, something which is not usually the case. Government shutdown hurts parasites and by taking them away, allows the real America to shine forth, like a path once the weeds are removed. Trump is right: people should calm down about the shutdown, realize that it is a good thing, and look forward to better times now that the obstructive parasites are on their way out!

  • Manchester Victoria stabbing: Eyewitness claims attacker shouted ‘Allah’

    The problem with reporting diversity crime is that people are lottery players. Even though the odds are crushingly against them, they will buy the ticket. Maybe this election will turn out well. Maybe the new development in our town will not wreck it. Maybe the union can get us free money without driving industry out of town. And maybe, just maybe, the only three people knifed for Allah will be someone else. The odds are good on that one, so there is no need to fear. No, it cannot happen here, in our remote hamlet, gated community, or trendy condominium building. Out there, maybe someone will be wounded or die, but it is really statistically such a small risk, why care? Even if the instability it brings destroys your society, as is the actual goal of the knifeman (the wounded and dead are just means to the end of the fear of the many). As long as the events are isolated, we count our chances. We would have more likely won the real lottery than been in this stabbing. We ignore the fact that it means we live in a country where, like the individualistic third world, insane violence is the norm, and so we hunker down in our gated communities, secure workplaces, and private security shielded luxury shopping. See, we beat the odds that way.

  • Batten Down the Hatches for 2019 – A Media Storm Is Coming

    Internet destroyed media by obliterating its business model. When there were only a few newspapers and television channels, each one could make a fair amount of money, and concentrating that money meant that they could hire lots of talented reporters. When there are hundreds of channels, sites, streams, and sources, each one can hire a few college graduates with drug problems to pump out the clickbait.

  • US fires tear gas across Mexico border to stop migrants

    Trump shows he is serious about the pincer strategy which is based in the laws of supply and demand. First, you raise the cost to get here, including by raising risk of not making it across or being deported quickly; second, you reduce the rewards, mainly by ending out the easy money sent back to Mexico, the affirmative action, the whole industries hiring illegals with impunity, free emergency care via EMTALA, free public services, free school meals, low-cost legally protected housing where a dozen migrants can sleep in one room, and other things that are “attractive nuisances” that draw migrants from all over the world. It is easier to pack up and leave than to fix a country of origin when free stuff awaits and a border crossing is all but assured; when that situation is in doubt, people stay home, and then an outflow begins as the ones already in the new land fear for their status there.

  • China—Americans’ Economic Bugaboo du Jour

    Anything can succeed for a short time with enough power behind it. However, then its degree of internal stability takes over, and most of them fail. Right now, China seems like a real contender, but in reality, it is frail and likely to pass out of history relatively quickly and return to perpetual third world status.

  • Sweden Isn’t Socialist

    Once proles take over, no one can have a coherent thought, because prole-brain does not recognize depth, detail, duration, or degree. Socialism — the idea that workers should be shareholders in the means of production — exists in degrees. The Soviet Union, we might say, was 80% socialist. Modern social democrat Europe might be 40% socialist, maybe a bit more. Sweden is 30% socialist, or something like that. Even the USA with its huge entitlements state is probably about a third socialist. We know that zero percent socialist does better than 100% socialist, and that somewhere on the near side of the middle — maybe about 20% — socialism starts to wreck a society, which then doubles down on socialism as a way of fixing the problems caused by socialism. No one is safe until the attitudes of that society shift entirely to hard anti-socialist thought, at which point a temporary safety from this disease can be had. Sweden, in its outlook, is wholly socialist; being pragmatists, the Swedes nuked most of their socialist experiments and replaced them with a market-oriented economy that then uses Keynesian theory to tax everyone heavily and use that to fund a socialist welfare state. This European formula has been in play, as “social democracy,” for over a century, and instead of destroying society quickly like pure socialism, rots the people from within until they are neurotics with lots of deleterious mutations and die out naturally. Only zero Leftism will save them.

  • Female Beverly Hills police chief accused of racism, anti-Semitism amid $2.3 million settlement

    Someone is always getting sued for discrimination because it is easy to twist a number of small incidents into something that seems like a legal argument for people missing out because of whatever group they belonged to, when in fact these people may have provoked such statements by being less capable than others. In the end, ordinary citizens pay more in taxes instead of simply facing the fact that diversity does not work and homogeneous police forces, like homogeneous societies, work better while heterogeneous ones tend to self-destruct.

  • Tuberculosis, flu, infections rampant as the number of sick migrants surge at border

    Once a couple migrant kids died and American voters began their predictable slow wailing of despair, the people in charge of smuggling realized something quickly: if they ran at the wall with hundreds of sick kids, enough would die that the voters would panic and America would let in everyone in order to avoid the “bad optics” of dead Amerind migrant children. As a result, they are sending children on a forced march to the border even though these kids are already sick. This should provide them with the heaps of corpses and headlines that they desire.

  • Wannabe firefighter who failed physical test 3 times sues to get job anyway

    Affirmative action brought about the “disparate impact” civil rights suit: if some protected group is less represented in your organization, it is assumed that the organization is “racist.” Somehow, the Supreme Court even slept through this one. As a result, people can sue their local fire department if the standards are too high and this has resulted in too few minorities, women, homosexuals, transgenders, or eventually, idiots themselves. This forces the departments to either fight and pay out expensive suits, or drop the standards and let everyone in, then pay many of them to do nothing. Now it makes sense why there are fewer people on the road during a government shutdown. Without big bully government to protect them, many of these people are actually attending their jobs, which they acquired simply by bullying their way in with the threat of discrimination lawsuits.

  • New paper outlines how science is imperiled by ‘post-truth’ politics

    “Scientists” want you to know that anyone who disagrees with their opinions on immigration and climate change is helping destroy “science.” In reality, science comes to us from humans, and these are susceptible to self-interest like anyone else, so they write what they think will be popular or what they can get grants to write. They design experiments to support the results they want to see. In effect, the difference between published “science” and the opinion pages is far narrower than “scientists” want us to believe. Throughout history, few scientists have been innovators, and they have achieved results by looking outside of the group consensus toward where people are afraid to tread. The rest of those science people still need incomes, so they want to create franchises, which they do in the Leftist style by creating notions that it looks bad to oppose, and then use guilt and fear to shoehorn the rest of us into supporting what they want to write about because it makes them rich and famous.

  • Transgender Activists Pushing Hard for a Trans James Bond

    Transgender activists — read: committed Leftists — want to have a transgender Bond in order to destroy another fragile artifact of our wavering culture. If the people in charge sit this one out for another eight months, the trend will have peaked and the committed Leftists and the horde of neurotic useful idiots who support them will have gone on to something new, maybe demanding that the obese be equally represented in pornography or ballet. In the meantime, we should think critically about transgenderism. Parents who are so oblivious to reality that they produce neurotic kids geared toward this kind of attention-demanding drama whoring are usually carriers of bad mutations themselves. Generally, the kids carry a similar mutation load if they are willing to go along with this. For that reason, I suggest supporting the transgender agenda for the time being to the degree that it encourages all of these people to rush off and get sterilized. We have seven billion people on Earth and few of them are of quality; better to usher out some of the weak, stupid, confused, broken, and degenerate ones, and replace them with future people of quality.

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