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Periscope (February 3, 2019)

  • Attorney for Nick Sandmann takes steps to file suit against media organizations

    At a time when media is confronting the ugly fact that it is broke and its new audience of daytime television watchers who happen to lean Left is not working out so well for it, the other claw of the pincer locks around its throat, which is that those libel and defamation lawsuits are working now because we have more law which places a financial value on reputation damage. When you can point to a search engine and say, “See, every link on the first page says I am a horrible ‘racist,’ and these are generally worth about $10m each,” then the court case becomes a lot easier. Let us hope for a media holocaust, followed by the replacement with mass media by in-depth media for the few percent of our society that should be reading this stuff anyway. As you, dear reader, probably know, mass media is a recent creation based on the ability to sell advertising:

    What we now call the media had its origin in two innovations developed around 1890 in response to process needs. One was Ottmar Mergenthaler’s Linotype, which made it possible to produce newspapers quickly and in large volume. The other was a social innovation, modern advertising, invented by the first true newspaper publishers, Adolph Ochs of the New York Times, Joseph Pulitzer of the New York World, and William Randolph Hearst. Advertising made it possible for them to distribute news practically free of charge, with the profit coming from marketing.

    This model has now collapsed because it no longer has exclusivity over the means of distribution and also because the audience has changed. People back then were accustomed to consuming media as a way of being informed about news but also learning about their world. People now rely more on state-created education for understanding their world, despite this being a fatal mistake, and use media as a form of entertainment. Not surprisingly, this group tend to be losers, and they tend to lean Left, but they also have no utility or influence, so they are of limited use to advertisers.

  • Major DNA Testing Company Sharing Genetic Data With the FBI

    Law enforcement always wanted a DNA database. The postmodern solution was to farm out this task to private industry, have the users pay for it, and then sign over the data to the FBI for a pittance. This will help them catch your great-uncle Dave who has been leaving dead hookers across the midwest, but will also provide your insurance company with a good idea of what diseases you will encounter across your lifespan and provide drug companies with the research they need to offer DNA editing technologies, tests, and compensatory drugs and supplements for those who lack the genetic coding to produce certain proteins. Everyone will get rich, and thankfully you paid for it, just like democracy.

  • Obituary: Kim Bok-dong, the South Korean ‘comfort woman’

    Thank the gods that the WW2 generation is dying out; all they do is whine. In Europe, we have people focused on the Jews killed by the Germans or starved by Allied air raids, and in Asia, we hear about the comfort women, Unit 731, and the Rape of Nanking. The grim fact is that humans are self-destructive idiots, and both of these groups poked the bear, and then when the bear was finally released from the bonds of democracy, it engaged in extreme versions of its ordinary resentment. The Holocaust was inevitable because of Jewish association with Communism, pornography, and organized crime, which is one of the reasons that they were exiled from other nations; keep in mind that this is from the perspective that diversity caused the Holocaust, ultimately, and that it was a stupid idea and that Hitler is not our savior. In a war that killed 52 million, complaining about four to six million seems silly (and this document raises the question of a statistical component to the Holocaust, namely that a lot of Jewish or part-Jewish people stopped reporting that fact after the war; remember that the Holocaust was not a big issue until the 1970s when finally Europe overcame the utter devastation of the bombing raids). In the same way, there were not that many victims of Unit 731 or that many comfort women; these people are just symbolic like a Christ-Buddha on the cross, having suffered more than the rest of us and thus being seen as noble, because in an egalitarian society, only those who have been deprived of their equality are worth worshiping. A sane society would shrug and say, “These things happen in war,” and point out what the Mongols and Muslims did to Europe, or the Revolutionaries in France did to the Kings, and then suggest to anyone that being diverse in Europe is not a good thing. We are heading to that point as these WW2 generation fades, Judaism gets outbred across the West, and Israel rises. In another thirty years, the Holocaust will be seen as a historical exaggeration by most of the population and as being far less important than it is now by the rest. This is why you do not all the Left to hijack your historical events for its own purposes.

  • Dozens to be deported on charter flight to Jamaica after living in UK for decades

    Across the first world, people are building walls. These consist of strong signals for “this is not a place where it is easy for you to be.” That in turn discourages the majority of immigrants and will encourage many of the existing to repatriate, leaving the rest in Chinatowns for their ethnic groups, especially if freedom of association returns. We tried diversity, and it failed, but not only that, it showed us why it could not work, and so now people are moving on.

  • China Acts Like It’s ‘Preparing for World War III’

    If you do not have intelligent people in charge, all wealth will be wasted by the herd, who will fall to bickering over its distribution and ignore the need to invest it in the future. The West got handed a health wealth dividend when the Soviet Union fell, allowing us to redirect our spending after years of intense military costs and navigating around various economic restrictions. Instead of slamming this into infrastructure, fixing the union-related laws which had devastated our manufacturing, and inventing new technology, we fell to bickering and so all the labor went offshore, creating globalism. In order to support that, we invented the New World Order of liberal democracy plus the entitlements state plus a nearly-unchecked market economy. This gave the Chinese, Russians and others a “pocket” in which they could make wealth and invest it wisely, possibly becoming superpowers. At the end of this wealth pocket, someone like Trump would come along and announce self-interest over global interest as the guiding principle of a major nation, and at that point, all others would fall in line in order to compete. Whoever got there first, wins, just like whoever abolishes their entitlements state first will be the next superpower. China and Russia are paper tigers, and if the EU looks deep enough it will see that it is as well, which means that they have no choice but war as their economies fail. Only war will lift them out of that pocket.

  • Bill Bennett: Democrats have made a sharp left turn – Here’s what’s behind it

    I must disagree with Mr. Bennett here. The Left has turned farther Left because their moderate Leftist policies fail, and this gives them the choice of either admitting that Leftism has failed, or to insist that it simply was not applied hard enough. In other words, they either give up or double down, and they are doubling down. Moderate, socialism-infused centrism failed for them in the 1920s, so they went full socialist in the 1930s, and were interrupted by the Cold War, but now they have gone back to the FDR mode in order to distinguish themselves from the moderate Leftism that has failed. At this point, they are a hairs’ breath away from admitting that Joe McCarthy was correct, and embracing full Communism as they have always wanted. The real question is how quickly we can get these people on boats to Venezuela and burn their passports.

  • Welcome to the Asian century

    Most people have grown up with Leftist education and so have zero idea of the importance of the Mongol Wars, but the fact is that Asia has always resented the West and wanted to destroy it. Now they want to be the new superpowers and dominate since the United States, possibly through the help of politicians bribed by China, has decided to commit suicide with diversity. The EU, apparently in some bid to prove that it is even stupider than the Americans that it sneers at, has followed the same path. Europeans worldwide are now in a race to ditch their entitlements states, get rid of diversity, cut out the bloat and incompetence, and become competitive again so that they can rebuild their military might. They will need it. In the short term, the Chinese economy is quietly failing behind the scenes, and this will create both a need for war and a recession that will quickly wipe out Europe, but possibly not the United States, if Trump is able to make it self-sufficient before the wave comes crashing to our shores.

  • Russia monopolizes headlines, but China’s threat to the U.S. goes way beyond the trade war

    Back in the 1950s-1980s, most sci-fi predicted a future in which a China-America war had either gone nuclear or reshaped the globe while corporate technocracy closed in on a massive third-world society where normal, upper half of middle class, high IQ Western Europeans were a hunted rarity. Looks like they were all right, and the women and boys in power in our societies who thought we could just recede into a narcissistic coma instead of dealing with this inevitability were wrong.

  • US fake university: India anger after students arrested

    You know how around here we say that every ethnic group acts in self-interest, no matter what it says, and that whatever it tells you about itself is a lie, but whatever it actually does reflects its true intention. India has become roiled in anger after DHS agents set up a fake university to entrap immigrants who were signing up to random university classes in order to get visas to stay in the US. How on Earth could they be upset that we are enforcing our laws? Well, those laws are inconvenient for them. Every group acts in self-interest and they do not care about your laws, white people, whether before or after “assimilation.”

  • Top German conservative hints at slower coal phase-out in nod to party right

    Europe discovers the problem that the South had during the Civil War. Despite the North whining about slavery, its loss had few effects on them because they were not an agricultural which depended heavily on labor as the cotton industry in the South did. However, in the South, removing slavery overnight would have been catastrophic. The same will be true for suddenly replacing the coal industry or replacing carcinogenic diesel fuel overnight. We all know and hope that these things will eventually be gone — no one in the South wanted slavery to be permanent, but saw it as the most benevolent way to take care of people with average IQs in the eighties and nineties, and wished they could apply it to poor white trash as well — but doing so in a snap of the fingers will devastate the lives and futures of many people and produce a future recession. Maybe we can learn from the stupidity of the North and slowly phase out destructive things instead of self-destructing in a panicky move, but democracy responds to fears and sudden impulses more than slow and steady wisdom, mainly because the voters are hamsters united by negativity.

  • Land, jobs are top priorities for radical S. African party

    The third world is defined by its disorder. In a state of disorder, there is no shared purpose, so the only way to keep the group united is to hand out the goods equally so that people stop complaining and go back to doing whatever they want. Of course, whoever hands out the goods becomes wealthy from the power of that position and the bribes it attracts, so this system always produces cruel, greedy warlords who make the Mexican cartels look like enlightened government (as does the “official” Mexican government). This third world party wants to seize land and wealth from whites and redistribute it to blacks, who arrived after whites made the land prosperous by actually organizing what people did. Since the third world is disorder and individualistic, everyone went to farm their own little plot, instead of getting economies of scale to work for them. Whites made economies of scale work. This means that this party will seize land and promptly impoverish everyone, but the warlords will remain in power.

    “The economy is in the hands of the white community, we want to change that,” he told the crowd to cheers and raised fists.

    “We are going to place all land under the custodianship of the state, for equal redistribution to all,” he pledged.

    “They killed our people, they raped our people, we cannot reward rapists, we cannot reward murderers, we want our land back and that issue is not negotiable,” Malema declared.

    Humanity takes the form of an idiot when consolidated into groups. This idiot believes the lowest common denominator, which means that he thinks in a single instant, in single characteristics imposed by categories, and by using a deduction approach limited to the human context. Therefore, this idiot sees some with wealth and assumes that everyone else got this wealth stolen from them, when in reality, most humans are useless and produce nothing, but if whipped into formation and made to operate systematically toward realistic goals, they produce a ton of wealth, most of which goes toward the necessary element in the chain, which consists of the leaders who organized the previously unorganized. The first world is organization; the third world is disorder.

  • Bret Easton Ellis Questions ‘Black Panther’ Oscar Nomination for Best Picture: ‘Does It Really Deserve One?’

    All superhero movies are stupid by nature, but Hollywood played it smart by leading the way with brainy interpretations of the Batman mythos and sci-fi, highly technological versions of the Superman stories. The consumers, who are dumb enough to be unable to tell the difference between Lord of the Rings and the McDonald’s-style pap that imitates it like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and superhero movies, ate it up at first but ultimately got bored. At that point, the bourgeois wizards behind Hollywood began expanding the franchise to new special interest groups by adding SJW, homosexual, and ethnic minority superheroes. These have all failed in the real world unless the audience is motivated to go by constant controversy. However, the movies underneath are garbage, and consist of the usual propaganda for denialism of how Western Civilization has failed, how it is run by foreigners from Asiatic nations like China, and how diversity does not work. Like the new Ghostbusters, Black Panther succeeded by being “different” but did not succeed enough to be an enduring hit. However, in order to keep Hollywood healthy, the hype machine has to keep ripping.

  • The Deep Pathology at the Heart of a Scandal at Der Spiegel (non-paywall)

    The Lügenpresse offers a simple and clear vision of the world that comforts people. In order to reach that audience, the media has a clear financial incentive. This is why we call it denialism: people want to believe simple lies so that they can continue to believe that their society is headed upwards instead of, as it is, downwards. Therefore, Claas Relotius could make up stories about crazy American rednecks, weeping parents talking about how their son suffered racism, and other human-interest/self-help type material, and the audience bought it. Now that the press has fallen, and liberal democracy is in decline, denialism has become a lot harder and those who profited from it are starting to lose traction.

  • The EU is taking the hardest possible line in the hope of derailing Brexit

    Visualize the EU as Abraham Lincoln. If you want your country to be a superpower, you have to subjugate all of the loose confederation of states, standardize these states, and then set up some kind of ideology of tolerance plus conquest. That is after all what Genghis Khan did, and Abe Lincoln learned from him. It is what the French Revolutionaries attempted to do as well, resulting in warfare that spanned a continent. Angela “Honest Abe” Merkel wanted to do the same with the EU, turning it from a protectorate of national interests into a supra-national ideological superstate which could become the next superpower after the United States committed suicide with diversity. Now Europe is having its equivalent of the American Civil War, pushing back against this impulse to standardize in favor of allowing natural living and loose confederations that repel invaders. It is unclear whether or not that will make them powerful enough to resist China and Russia without American help, but it is clear that Merkel botched her chance by creating a Left-leaning superstate instead of a realistic one. She was more focused on the methods of manipulation than the best interests of her populations.

  • ‘Pro-white’ rally at Stone Mountain collapses amid internal strife

    Facebook deleted the event page, the Park Service refused to permit the protest for security reasons, and then infighting and “informants” sabotaged the rest. The Right has to get over the model where we protest, the media shows up, and everything turns into a show. We have to take the protest to the street in ten million small events instead of ten big events. We are at a disadvantage here and need to fight like guerrillas, not women protesting a shortage of stockings in the 1950s. Social order has collapsed and most people want to remain under the warm soft blanket of denial, so we have to play as insurgents who are gradually awakening people to the fact that they live under a Regime. These guys made a good front and have made their point, perhaps more effectively than a protest could, nonetheless. Their bravery in being willing to show up despite an angry mob of Leftists and official censure has doubtless been noted in households across the land, so this story is a good one to spread to your normie friends.

  • Five Reasons Why Western Civilization Is Good

    This article does a great job of arguing from the current mainstream perspective that basically everything that we enjoy has come from Western Civilization, which both invented its own methods and took up those of others and refined them until they were both effective and elegant. Let us think of another five reasons:

    1. Order. The West founded itself on the idea of two orders: (1)a divine pattern order to all existence which emphasized hierarchy, balance, and harmony; and (2) the need for organization in social interaction. This enabled it to take advantage of economies of scale, standardization, accumulated knowledge, hygiene, and stability.
    2. Purpose. Per the nature of that divine pattern order, the West always emphasized a need to act toward a transcendental goal of excellence (arete) instead of an ethic of convenience. This eliminated much of the parasitism and corruption that hold back the third world.
    3. Competition. Most societies operate a on “punish the bad” idea, but to that the West added a more important idea, “reward the good.” This enabled the competent to rise so that everyone benefited from their leadership, organizational, and mental abilities.
    4. Unity. Third world societies are the most individualistic on Earth; since they have no notion of shared goal, people do what they want and society absorbs the loss. The West instead implemented standards and demoted those who clearly violated them; the real target of class warfare and “egalitarianism” was this practice.
    5. Aesthetics. The West recognized that life needed to be beautiful and inspiring and so did our surroundings, which enabled people to aspire toward being better in themselves as well as making their world more orderly and aesthetically pleasing.

    These ideas were taught up through the 1980s at the better schools, but have been replaced by Howard Zinn style woo.

  • Belgian ban on kosher slaughter has Jews worried about what comes next

    “On the ground, it makes little difference. We still have meat,” said Nechemiah Schuldiner, a leader of the Shomre Hadas Orthodox Jewish community of Antwerp. “The problem is the message it sends. It tells Jews: We don’t want you here.”

    Nationalism cannot coexist with diversity. At the same time, rejecting nationalism in the postwar years has made the West weak, and with that has come an influx of foreigners who view our nations as a convenient place to live while earning a living. That destroys unity. It is not so much that times have become tough, but that our bad decisions have made them tough, and so people are rebelling against those and moving toward unity-enforcing ideas. This is not directed at any group, but at all groups who are not native; one might call it “benevolent xenophobia” and not be wrong. In the meantime, Israel is thriving, and even some of the Muslim and African states are regaining sanity, so the foreign groups will have somewhere to go where they lose nothing and gain a sense of national identity.

  • A “gold standard” study finds deleting Facebook is great for your mental health

    And yet Facebook is growing. What does this tell us? The people who have the potential for mental health are leaving, and the do-nothings — the lumpy, semi-impoverished, directionless, anguished, empty, spiritual husks — are staying. People love to be miserable, and most of the people in the West now are miserable because they have no purpose. Democracy grew us a bumper crop of useless and now we spend our days trying to find ways to entertain them and get them to buy products, instead of the sane thing which is figuring out how to deport them to the third world where their behavior is normal.

  • Longtime phony Walgreens pharmacist gave out 745,000 prescriptions, authorities say

    Civic nationalism says that we can bring in people from other cultures, indoctrinate them in our System, and then have our way live on through them. In reality, they simply re-interpret our rules in the way that favors how their people have lived for generations. As a result, nothing lives on; everything we love dies and no one is left who can enjoy it the way we do. We need to send away the foreign, exile the defective from among us, and breed more of the good, not just “breed more of muh whites.”

  • The city with no homeless on its streets

    The Finnish idea is not groundbreaking, but merely the entitlements state taken to its logical socialist conclusion. The homeless, who are generally of ill mental health and addicted to drink or drugs, are given housing and monthly subsidies enough to keep them in alcohol. This is similar to a local business bribing delinquents with free stuff in order to keep them from loitering at the store, or a business paying protection to a mafia. They make the problem disappear, yes, but create dozens in its wake, including the alienation of normal citizens who see themselves as livestock who labor to provide for the broken and useless. This makes society fundamentally ugly and self-destructive.

  • Why some Japanese pensioners want to go to jail

    The elderly in Japan cannot live on their pensions, are lonely, and find that their children are too busy working all the time to care for them. The end result of the modern state turns out to be crime from a lack of any better option.

  • Black Lives Matter leaders sue California sheriff for blocking them on Facebook

    The legal theory behind this case states that if a government agency blocks someone from its page, they cannot participate in what is a de facto official function of government. Trump got nailed with one of these for banning people on Twitter and for excluding some journalists from press conferences. The Alt-Right can flip this around and point out that if Facebook bans us for expressing our opinions, we are also cut out of participation in official government functions. As pointed out here before, social media is the new public space — like a park, bar, pub, or shopping mall — and so these companies have a duty to maintain free speech. You cannot assault someone with speech; in an egalitarian society, this becomes controversial because our focus on victimhood extends to those who get their feelings hurt.

  • Consumer Reports spotlights arsenic, lead in 10 juices

    How well is regulation working out for us? So well that private companies are doing the work that government cannot or will not. Bureaucrats stamping triplicate paperwork are not out there in the field doing what they need to do, which is be present wherever production occurs to make sure that it is going well. However, we cannot find enough people willing to be bureaucrats who are so active and functional, so we need another model.

  • One-third of 2020 eligible voters will be nonwhite

    This was the point of the Hart-Celler Act, which was to import people from third world countries because those people genetically tend toward the Leftist order of redistributing income, not thinking about the future, and being ruled by strong authorities who conserve most of the wealth of the nation in their bank accounts. American conservatives have hoped that libertarian economics would enforce reality on these people, but it turns out that they are committed to what seems good to them, and so even despite great gains made by Trump, our minorities still vote Leftist. The Right either stops immigration and begins to create an outflow of these people or it dies; while the border wall is a great symbol, we need to get rid of civil rights laws, affirmative action, and the entitlements state in order to survive. The voters will resist this kicking and screaming because each of them hopes to benefit from the money of others, but as the candidacy of Howard Schultz reveals, the two-thirds of our budget that goes to entitlements has made us bankrupt and we are headed for default.

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