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  • Poor quality Western diet kills sperm count and lowers male testosterone, study says

    We can pay attention to nature or deny it. In nature, quality forms a standard distribution, or a gentle curve arcing between terrible and really good. Most are somewhere in the middle. The human intent, caused by fear of personally ending up on the left side of the bell curve, is to standardize this through a centralized system or symbol which guarantees everyone a minimum level. This however — because one cannot raise up anyone above their own level of performance — requires penalizing the top performers in order to subsidize the lower performers. We do this with food, too, reducing it from something where only the rich eat well to a situation where everyone eats cheap food except the ultra-rich, who basically have to purchase specialty food at high prices, and those who own their own farms. We cannot beat the standard distribution because it is part of the mathematics of nature and even when we suppress it, it pops back up because it is inherent to mathematics, which is also innate to reality. Logic itself requires the standard distribution in order for there to be enough movement in a system to avoid losing its energy entirely. With our mania for enforcing equality, we have simply concealed this pattern and now, will pay the price as it eliminates us for our unrealistic approach.

  • Harvey Weinstein verdict dispels the myth of the perfect rape victim

    Egalitarian systems favor victims because they, at the left side of the bell curve, are those to whom benefits flow from those on the right side. As a result, we have elevated victims to special status because they are the new elite. In my view, Harvey Weinstein did not have any victims; he had dupes, or mooks who played the game to get ahead in Hollywood and then lost. They knew that Hollywood, which makes its money by attention whoring, has long had a tradition of producers and investors treating its women like prostitutes. They took the gamble: offer sex in exchange for getting ahead in the industry. For some, this did not work out, since they did not have whatever mix of talent, charisma, dedication, and luck is required to become a big name. They faced an ugly choice between admitting failure and scapegoating someone else, and now they get their fifteen minutes in the sun. I doubt anyone cares that Harvey Weinstein is off the streets, since he has already made money for the people who matter, or that any of his remaining wealth will be siphoned off to these professional victims. However, the trend toward victimhood shows us a dying civilization where no one believes in its future and everyone is trying to scrabble for enough money to escape.

  • Delhi Riots: Mosque Set on Fire in Ashok Nagar, Hanuman Flag Placed on Minaret

    Diversity works nowhere. It makes enemies of those who would otherwise be perhaps not friends, but at least not hostile. In India, the issue of diversity simmered for centuries, but with the rise of Pakistan sponsoring Muslim terrorism as an incursion into India, has detonated. That prompted the election of Narenda Modi, just like the failure of diversity prompted Brexit and the election of Donald John Trump in the US. We are watching an illusion that, having died, is now manifesting in ongoing conflict. The only way to end it is to end diversity through repatriation. Muslim Indians are ethnically and religiously compatible with those in Pakistan and need to be relocated there.

  • One in three Venezuelans not getting enough to eat, UN finds

    As Bernie shills for socialism, we see how it turns out when fully applied. Europe flirted with socialism from 1830 onward, gradually implementing socialist policies, despite this causing frequent wars and destruction of what generated the wealth of Europe, namely its most productive people who were now enslaved to taxes and therefore jobs. After WW2, it was clear that Leftism had won, with our new point being liberal democratic market socialism but not Full Communism, and Europe went nuts with socialist policies, peaking the late 1970s. After that point, these policies were slowly rolled back as they failed, but Europe remains a strong entitlements state, and many in America want to go to that same extreme, forgetting that Europe is small and mostly homogeneous and pays little for its own defense. Right now, we are in another correction as Europe confronts the fact that under the EU, the entitlements and bureaucracy expanded to the point where no one in Europe can afford a normal life but the super-rich, and everyone works on a treadmill to pay for the high taxes and higher costs of daily life. Venezuela went further down the same path and crashed its economy despite having high natural resource wealth, all while its leaders became billionaires. This shows us the duality of socialism: it translates wealth to power and then back into wealth for the elites, but for the average person, they find that the entitlements state pays for them but raises the cost of everything else above what it pays. Socialism is a death cycle like democracy, which rewards what is popular at the expense of what is accurate, to the point where everything is permissible but nothing we do has any effect or meaning. Our ancestors emphasized independence not as a right, but as a method of ensuring that the productive, sane, healthy, good, and constructive did not get lumped in with the rest. Groups destroy the potential of humanity when they become dedicated to maintaining the group instead of achieving a goal, and wealth severs the group from any goals it might have. Let us for once heed the warnings of history. Oh, who am I kidding.

  • Trump’s separation of families constitutes torture, doctors find

    The victimhood and self-pity continues. People sneaking into a nation that does not want them find themselves surprised that there are… actual consequences. In the meantime, if our laws simply changed to allow immediate deportation of those without citizenship, everyone would benefit, but the Left will never mention that one in public.

  • Another University of Oklahoma professor uses the N-word

    The freakout over a professor using a racial slur to demonstrate how uptight we have become spirals into a general protest over a lack of free speech. Our civil rights agenda has made it impossible to communicate, and this will further accelerate the collapse of diversity, which does nothing but ruin our best prospects and replace them with constant ethnic infighting. History will record few dumber ideas than diversity, but equality and democracy will be up there with it.

  • ‘I hate white people’: Woman charged with bias crime in Portland bus stop attack

    Another mental health meltdown explodes into diversity conflict. We have to acknowledge at some point that resentment and fear over diversity occupies a certain portion of our consciousness every day, and that misery results.

  • Sanders is strong favorite of Hispanics in Nevada caucus: Univision poll

    Invaders want free stuff. If you move here from Central America, you end up feeling sort of bad about your origins because you had to flee them for an easier, safer, and more prosperous life. That leads to resentment and a desire to take over, since otherwise you have to think bad things about your origins, and that is unhealthy. Consequently, those who come aim to take everything they can from the clueless people here who give it away freely, since in the third world, that is normal behavior. You take all that you can in the way of nature, and ignore the need for civilization, which ironically results in greater poverty because each person acts along and cooperation is minimal. The Trump plan — making Central America economically healthier and deporting as many as possible — makes more sense, although since Central America is mostly dysfunctional, any added wealth will quickly be stolen. However, as must be immediately obvious, that is a problem for Central America to fix by their own methods, and their own triumph when they achieve it, not our responsibility or victory.

  • Archaeologists discover lost city that may have conquered the kingdom of Midas

    Our tendency has been to draw a line at The Enlightenment™ and to consider any history before it to have been from another planet or something like one. In reality, all of our modern struggles have happened before, and our technology changes nothing about the science of civilization and how to organize people to make one functional. As we spiral downward, it makes sense to look at the ancient ways to see what we can learn.

  • Parliament votes for Bettina Arndt to be stripped of Australia Day honour

    Feminists raged when Bettina Arndt referred to a husband “driven too far” when he killed his wife and children by soaking them in gasoline and setting them on fire. This clashes with our idea of the immaculate victim, since in egalitarian societies victims are viewed as people who need subsidies, not participants in their own misery. When we bring agency back into the picture and point out that poor people have poor ways, Hollywood thots sign up for the casting couch, and that people who passive-aggressively provoke others will eventually face violence, it outrages not just the feminists but all other egalitarians as well, and they will come for us with guillotines and gulags, or simply cover us in gasoline and set us on fire.

  • Crackdown on immigrants who use public benefits takes effect

    Trump severs the feeding hand that makes coming here so attractive. Immigrants arrive, take advantage of social services, and live well despite contributing a minimum to the economy. Trump saw that 63% of non-citizen households use these programs, and quickly removed another attractor that brings people here. This reveals the pincer strategy in mid-arc: raise the cost (risk) of coming here, and reduce the reward (free stuff, affirmative action) for being here. In the meantime, legal immigration has begun to fall as foreigners realize that they are not wanted here, and the advantages that they seek here are going away. It turns out that the laws of supply and demand regulate immigration more effectively than all the amnesty and hoop-jumping programs proposed by the “bipartisans” over the past few decades.

  • As a pair of 13-year-olds face murder charges in deaths of 2 firefighters, outrage grips California town

    California removes felony murder as a crime, and locals find themselves outraged when this means that two kids who set fire to a library, creating a blaze in which two firefighters died, will get off with a minimal sentence. The voters seem to not have made the connection that what happens at the voting booth determines how their lives are shaped. Democracy continues to fail, with increasing numbers of people noticing.

  • Australia intelligence chief warns of neo-Nazi threat

    Leftists accuse conservatives of wearing tinfoil hats, but this conceals the lie that Leftists emulate whatever the group is doing in order to maintain status within it. If we have tinfoil hats, they have tinfoil antennae, and this week the order has gone out that “neo-Nazis = big terrorists,” even though the past four decades has shown us mostly a risk of Islamic terrorism. In the end, it all conceals the Leftist takeover and the sponsorship of it by China, who wants Leftism to destroy us so that we can be easily conquered or at least stand aside while China recaptures the rest of Asia and Eurasia. In the meantime, dissent rises regarding the far-Left as people notice that they present a more insidious threat. Crazed neo-Nazis might shoot up a few mosques or synagogues, but Leftism kills the whole civilization. In the meantime, moderate extremists like myself point out that acceptance of equality is in fact a fringe position, and that the moderate middle-of-the-road position is to say that since it is not seen in nature, we cannot accept this conjecture as the basis of our policy.

  • UK politicians ‘turned a blind eye’ to child sexual abuse for decades

    The press vilified PizzaGate but it turns out that it was merely a metaphor for what was really going on, namely the child abuse rings in the UK, Jeffrey Epstein and his circle of billionaires buying pre-legal escorts, priests and Boy Scout leaders caught buttering in the US, and of course massive tween sex ring in Rotherham.

  • Hungary’s new patriotic education meets resistance

    The Leftist cries out as he strikes you. Liberals are outraged that instead of preaching Communism, schools are teaching patriotism. Finding a middle balance and just teaching as unbiased as curriculum as possible seems to have escaped everyone. That would present two problems: first of all, there would not be enough stuff to be taught to keep the education-as-daycare scam going, and second, in a democracy, the youth vote is a weapon.

  • UK kids banned from heading ball in football practice

    Yet again we find ourselves discovering another modern practice that turns out to be destructive. Not just heading balls in soccer, but car crashes, cause brain damage. When we are done with our technological fixation, a few sane people will find themselves wandering among a field of zombies created by broken homes, sugar-based diets, skull impacts, government propaganda, diversity violence, and equality symbolism forcing their brains to accept the illogical as “normal.” Oh wait, we are already there.

  • Greyhound to stop allowing immigration checks on buses

    The latest in corporate obedience signaling comes down the pipe. As it turns out, Greyhound might lose some money if it only transports citizens, so the MBAs and shareholders want more money if they can get it. The cost to you is passed on as usual.

  • Michigan’s ‘Big Wild’ gets bigger with new 597-acre ‘Elk Forest at Black River’

    As humanity continues its reckless consumption of nature, the ideas of Half Earth live on increases in local nature preserves. Leaving a bunch of land for nature to do its thing seems useless to us, since we think in terms of material objectives and “problems,” not maintenance of ecosystems, but in the end, everyone will benefit from cleaner air and water, and not having to go to bed at night thinking about how they killed off nature.

  • Ryanair boss accused of racism after saying ‘terrorists are generally Muslims’

    Man faces Leftist outrage after stating obviously factual observation. We must focus on the neo-Nazis instead, or our equality Utopia may collapse.

  • Tell Charmin: Nature’s Calling, and She Wants Her Forests Back!

    Environmentalists notice that virgin forests are being cut down to provide toilet paper for America. They seem to stop short of criticizing our population boom through immigration and entitlements. This all but guarantees that their quest will be ignored because it is not whole, that is, a policy that addresses a problem at its root without creating more problems.

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