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  • ‘You can’t blame the whites’: Pauline Hanson blasted after claiming Aboriginal people are disadvantaged because of ‘their own negligence’

    Universal standards manipulate brains. We assume that there is one right way to do things, that everyone will do it, and if anyone ends up disadvantaged, it must be the result of bigotry or discrimination. In reality, the invisible assumption — the idea of universal standards itself — makes no sense in a world of relative measurements and reactions. Different groups have different behaviors. When a minority exists in a majority society, that minority will always feel like an outsider and blame the majority; this is one of the many reasons why diversity does not work. Minorities blame the majority, the majority blames the minority, and no one questions how two or more groups with different wiring, abilities, preferences, inclinations, aesthetics, innate values, and standards can coexist in the same society without “liberalizing” its behaviors to the point of incoherence. Hanson as usual cuts just a few feet ahead of the wave of change, and is pointing out how white people have come to view diversity differently over the past three decades, namely that now we see it as a burden with no benefit. We are always going to be blamed, no matter what we do; no groups “assimilate,” not even the scraggly wops, micks, and polacks of yesteryear. Send them all back!

  • Saguenay couple finds live frog in green pepper

    We live in an unreal time. Your green peppers come from foreign lands; you find a little green frog in them. If this happened to me, my first task would be to find a way to feed and house this little frog because it is a living thing and has a claim to existence that I would not deny. Instead, this article is about how the frog and pepper were placed in a container and given to some regulatory agency because it was a horror that someone found a living thing in their food harvested from fields full of living things. Did anyone think about the frog? Is anyone aware that food is a plant product from nature? The insanity multiplies, and no one seems to be caring about the living thing in the midst of this issue.

  • Detroit City Council to urge Gov. Whitmer to declare public health crisis over water shutoffs

    Impoverished people in Detroit do not pay their water bills. The solution offered, as usual, involves finding someone with money to pay for the people without it. Perhaps instead we should cut the massive entitlements state, taxes, regulations, unions, and other parasites which sap money from the economy, and go back to an America where people could afford to live on even minimal income?

  • How America’s shrinking cities can ‘rightsize’

    As cities shrink, they face the ugly prospect of funding a larger footprint with a smaller population. Smaller communities are starting to take a different approach, which is to size themselves according to the population that they have, which involves reclaiming underused land and destroying empty buildings and excess housing. This gets us closer to the idea of a humanity which leaves no trace of itself outside of what it is using, and builds itself around a “normal” life, or being able to afford necessities and having lots of time for the intangibles that build up a meaningful existential experience, instead of attempting to be the most successful and wealthiest. From another angle, Western Civilization might be much happier as a network of small cities and towns instead of a few megacities where people go to adjust their opinions to match those around them.

  • China’s defense ministry asks U.S. to rescind Equifax hacking indictments

    China warns the US that relations between the two countries will be endangered if America continues its prosecution of Chinese military men caught hacking into a database of American credit card consumers. Most likely, we will find out that the “the swamp” had a chess-playing manipulator running it all along. Since we know that the Clintons have received Chinese funds, we have to wonder who else was on the Chinese payroll, whether knowingly or unknowingly, during the seeming dark ages of the Obama and Clinton years when no one was prosecuted for any of these crimes.

  • Fly-tipping: Organised crime behind large rise

    When you import foreigners, they set up organized crime, since it is not their nation which is being harmed by what they do. Add to this the native criminal element, and soon you have people willing to dump trash across the countryside in exchange for hefty fees, despite the fact that this passes on the cost to the rest of society and makes pollution more likely. When you shatter the national culture, there is no longer any glue which bonds people together on the idea that they should act for the benefit of their civilization and not against it. This increases the criminal, promiscuous, and parasitic behaviors which were otherwise lurking and causes good people to give up on reporting crimes, since they have no expectation that the situation will change, even if the specific bad guys get busted.

  • Blasphemy ‘is no crime’, says Macron amid French girl’s anti-Islam row

    The ugly side of universalism reveals itself when you try pluralism. One standard, applied to many groups, means that you get a lowest common denominator, and eventually this comes into conflict because what is sacred to some of these groups will be blasphemed by others. How do you reconcile strong religious faith and lesbianism? When it was only our religion, we battered it down with government and lawsuits, forcing it to stop discriminating against homosexuals, after which point we had an epidemic of child molestation cases, almost all of which involved male priests molesting boys. Now that other religions are involved, the clash of civilizations rebirths itself within our society, and we start to see how there are no good answers, which means that diversity itself is a disaster.

  • Michigan lawmakers defend U.P. college student charged over Snapchat gun photo

    Student posts picture of AR-15 with the caption that it will make snowflakes melt, and gets charged with making a terrorist threat which carries up to two decades in prison. Can we admit that we have become self-parody now? “Freedom” and “equality” end in totalitarianism and an elite inner group of government bureaucrats, journalists, teachers, and entertainers being more equal than the rest of us.

  • California high school basketball game ends in ‘racist’ chant: ‘Where’s your passport?’

    Irish principal storms over to yell at them. It turns out that three players on the opposing team were from Puerto Rico and one was from France. Diversity provokes ire because no group likes to see foreigners among them, whether as a minority or a majority.

  • Retired NYPD cop says he was assaulted for ‘Make 50 Great Again’ birthday hat

    Random Leftist gets triggered by parody MAGA hat and beats a man bloody with a surprise attack. No one has been arrested. One rule for Leftists, and a far different rule for conservatives, seems to be the norm in post-Obama America.

  • Police probe Nazi swastika graffiti and fire at German restaurant

    Graffiti plus fire usually means an insurance scam. The real question is always whether they drew the swastika correctly. Remember: SS, not ZZ.

  • Scientists find evidence of ‘ghost population’ of ancient humans

    Remember three years ago, when any mention that race had a genetic component got you branded a Nazi? Check out the Nazis at Leftist rag The Guardian:

    Unlike today, the world was once home to many related species or subspecies of human. And when they stumbled upon one another, mating was not out of the question. As a result, modern Europeans carry a smattering of Neanderthal genes, while indigenous Australians, Polynesians and Melanesians carry genes from Denisovans, another group of archaic humans.

    Race science has gone mainstream and human biodiversity has come along with it. Most importantly, this new data shatters two things: first, Out-of-Africa is dead, since apparently humans evolved independently in multiple locations. Second, it is clear that one group got ahead of the rest and spread its DNA to all of them, causing genetic backflow resulting in the high internal diversity of African DNA, among other areas. Finally, it seems likely that this group may have bred with proto-human groups, producing these variants in the first place. This suggests more of an Evolian Hyperborean race and its decay in various degrees than the simplistic linear history of humanity originally offered to us. Even more, it prompts people to see that the process of human evolution is still ongoing, with some groups producing high numbers but, being unable to support themselves, threatening to reverse evolution by migrating to areas where the prosperous have set up shop. Evolution works when the favored escape from the rest and are able to evolve independently, and fails when we try to have one big human happy.

  • Cabinet reshuffle: Sajid Javid resigns as chancellor

    Which minority candidate will be hired to replace him? Optics, it is all about optics. When you declare people equal, you make appearance more important than knowledge because the lowest common denominator compromise will always win out. To our ancestors, “compromise” was a negative word, meaning a failure to do what was necessary and an acceptance of the runner-up next best instead.

  • A Growing Presence on the Farm: Robots

    Every day, we come closer to replacing unskilled labor, and add new capabilities as well. In fact, a century ago or more this process started, causing a crisis in that suddenly we had more people than jobs. In order to keep the peace, our politicians invented new jobs through government and its laws, bloating our society with people of no particular function. Remember how evolution rewards separating the proficient from the rest, and allowing them proficient to evolve to further proficiency? We have been doing the opposite; any future society will routinely shed members to the third world, where they can live a subsistence existence and not be a threat.

  • India’s soldiers ‘not ready for women in combat’

    No sane military believes in having women in combat. The sexual tension is too much, and women being generally smaller and weaker are not really suited for the role. Communists, however, love the idea because it demonstrates their notion of equality and turns the military into a social club, which draws in more people to be used as cannon fodder in the wars for democracy, entitlements, market socialism, and civil rights.

  • Jeremy Grantham warns eventually only the rich will procreate as chemicals leave the poor sterile

    Basically, the wealthy can afford to live apart from the pollution and bad ersatz GMO food, but everyone else gets sterilized. Ironically, this would solve many human problems, but the wealthy are not our best people. We will end up with a ruling caste of merchants commanding a vast herd of grey cultureless people.

  • Boris Johnson faces Tory backlash over claims Budget could include new ‘mansion tax’ and pensions raid to fund public spending splurge

    If we took entitlements and civil rights out of our budgets, every nation would be solvent and have plenty of money to invest in the future. With entitlements and civil rights, we are forever in debt as the quality of life declines.

  • China threatens stability in the Pacific: U.S. commander

    No kidding; they want to take over the world. Their goal is to upset our stability, subvert our institutions, and then when the time is right, dominate us militarily and force us to pay tributes, at which point they will insert their leaders in our hierarchy and engineer a surrender. This is the Asiatic way of warfare. It proves effective in the short term, like most Asiatic schemes, and then produces unstable empires which detonate and leave behind illiterate peasants.

  • Federal Taxes and Spending Set Records Through January

    It looks like Trump was right when he said that tax cuts would lead to more revenue, not less. Somehow, we hear nothing from the Leftist media that assured us that the opposite was true.

  • Video shows black woman shouting she is ‘uncomfortable’ by ‘too many whites’ at UVA multicultural center

    “Public service announcement,” the woman, who appears to be black, said as she paced in the center. “If y’all didn’t know, this is the MSC, and, frankly, there’s just too many white people in here, and this is a space for people of color, so, just be really cognizant of the space that you’re taking up because it does make some of us POCs uncomfortable when we see too many white people in here.”

    Translation: every group wants to be with its own people. She will feel the same way when she is one of a few African-Americans in a large group of Asians, Muslims, Jews, and Hispanics someday. There is no way out of diversity except to end it. It helps no one and hurts everyone, even if not in the short term.

  • ‘War on the poor’: Las Vegas’s homelessness crackdown takes effect

    No one wants to admit this, but non-contributors ruin the experience for contributors. Free riders make productive people into slaves, and pass off their own negative behaviors as externalities like the piles of feces, needles, and dumpster-salvaged housing that are now the norm in most major American cities. Instead of being honest and saying that we require local leaders with absolute power who can decide who can settle in each community, we dance around the issue, throwing money at the homeless problem without addressing the root cause, which is that these are people who cannot or will not contribute, and they need to be relegated to third world style subsistence communities outside of our nation. It sounds cruel, but it is better that we have nice places for functional people than that we try to save everyone from themselves, since all that is required to destroy the latter system is one entirely unreasonable person. Let us keep the good, and send the rest away. Humanity needs ascendant societies, not pity.

  • Greek islands should not be migrant warehouses, residents say

    No one knows what to do with all of these migrants. Admitting them trashes our communities with permanent poverty, crime, violence, vandalism, homelessness, and other Diversity Problems. Keeping them in camps essentially destroys wherever the camps are and produces frequent entertaining riots where the inhabitants burn down the camp as a means of cleaning up and getting new tents and buckets for their comfort. The only sensible policy is nationalism, or one ethnic group per nation, and sending everyone else home regardless of legal status. It is better that some live well than that everyone lives in filth, disorder, and poverty, equally.

  • Buttigieg blames Trayvon death on ‘white supremacy’

    Another Leftist candidate confirms his dedication to the narrative of insanity. Trayvon Martin died because in the midst of a diversity clash, people were tired of the constant crime, and someone stood up to the bully who was in the midst of doing dodgy stuff. That bully assaulted George Zimmerman, who promptly schooled him on resistance to bullying. We should dig up Trayvon Martin and chuck his remains into the ocean as a warning to future parasite-bullies that we do not want their defensive passive aggression here.

  • Dad tackles burglar after hearing daughter scream, holds him at gunpoint until deputies arrive

    Every day, guns save lives. Leftists want to take them so that everyone depends on government. This will unleash an orgy of crime, at which point the only safe move will be to get into a gated community and be very obedient at your job in order to afford all that stuff. The Left, like an Asiatic tyrant, wants to subjugate its people so that whatever central command issues forth will be obeyed no matter how much it conflicts with reality. This type of tyranny is megalomania, but no one wants to say that since it cloaks itself in altruism and compassion.

  • FBI is investigating more than 1,000 cases of Chinese theft of US technology

    Apparently, the Swamp slept through this going on during the Obama and Clinton years, and now we are finally enforcing some laws. The postmortem on this time will reveal that Leftists have been selectively enforcing the law for some time, allowing Leftists — or anyone who donates to them, like China — to break laws with impunity, while demanding a finer reading of the law in order to enforce on non-Leftists. We benefit by remembering that Leftists have a centralized symbolism where everything that is good relates to equality, and therefore, everything else must be a means to that end. Once you accept the Big Lie of equality, you become an agent of enforcing it, especially where it conflicts with reality.

  • Merkel fires commissioner over far-right Thuringia fiasco

    Like the Republicans in America, the German “moderate Right” survives by being unwilling to offend Leftists, and does very little that is conservative except protecting industry from the worst of Leftist ideas. Essentially, people vote as Rightward as they can without offending the Left, which guarantees that the Left will always get what it wants and the Right will steadily cede ground until it finds itself defending a system that is mostly Leftist. Now Merkel faces her Mitt Romney moment: the voters approved of the AFD candidates just like they liked it when Romney talked about “the 47%,” but she cannot accept that and so will self-destruct rather than cross the Might-Be-Hitlerish line. After all, when she started, all Germans wanted was a Left-wing candidate who — like Bill Clinton — knew when to use Right-wing ideas to protect the prosperity and stability of the country. Now the Right is fragmenting, and it will either embrace the far-Right or self-destruct.

  • Car ‘splatometer’ tests reveal huge decline in number of insects

    Bug populations in Europe have dropped by up to 80% through an informal measurement. When humanity pushes its land use too far, it severely restricts the amount of free space that exists for nature, and populations crash. They no longer linearly/arithmetically reduce, but begin radical geometric reduction. At that point, everything that depends on these insects starts to suffer, with a crisis coming in future years. We need to leave more land for nature.

  • The scientists restoring a gold-mining disaster zone in the Peruvian Amazon

    Witness the tragedy of the commons in real time. When miners can make a couple hundred bucks a day by running gold silt through mercury, pulling out a few grams of gold in exchange for leaving behind heavy metal tainted ponds, they will do it because they need the money and look, that polluted wasteland is far from their homes! What do they care? Live today, for tomorrow we may die. We all suffer when people can behave like this, and the only way to get them to avoid doing this is to have all of them tightly enmeshed in a working social system. That requires we get rid of modern government and its entitlements and replace it with an organic culture. Without that, the ecocide will continue at the hands of everyday people.

  • France to limit access to Mont Blanc to protect biodiversity

    Timidly, humanity takes the first steps toward doing what it needs to do: emulate the old aristocrats, who set aside huge areas as “hunting preserves” and “grounds” so that these could stay in their natural state for the most part. An occasional aristocrat riding through or shooting a few birds has little effect; the general public consumes everything like a voracious horde of Simian locusts. Keeping areas off-limits for them, especially the dumber ones who are more prone to destruction, benefits everyone. We like our world. We love its species. We appreciate its wizardry. We will never forgive ourselves if we destroy all of these things. The need to be fascist, I mean “eco-fascist,” will help end liberal democracy — which is already failing because it neglected to deliver on what it promised and produced a boring dystopia instead — because we humans need hard rules to keep us from tragedy of the commons consuming everything we can grasp.

  • Professor won’t teach the rest of the semester after calling police on black student who wouldn’t move seats

    More political correctness optics, designed to spread terror and keep everyone pandering to the minority groups among us. In the meantime, our market socialist overlords chuckle as they economically replace African-Americans with Mexicans and Vietnamese.

  • Ex-Dallas officer not guilty of assault in fatal shooting

    Defense lawyer:

    “Are we giving the perception to people that if you happen to have a criminal past, if you happen to have a drug problem that it’s OK to take that person’s life?,” Washington said outside the court. “That’s the message we’re sending to the entire United States, that if you’re less than perfect then your life doesn’t matter.”


    Dawes ignored commands to exit the vehicle, then reversed into a police cruiser, rammed a fence and was backing up again when the officers opened fire, police said.

    We live in separate realities based on our race, social class, religion, culture, ethnicity, and political orientation. There is no putting Humpty Dumpty together again; diversity has died, and it is time to disentangle ourselves from its sinking carcass before it pulls us down with it to the abyss of decay.

  • German president warns of racist ‘poison’ at Dresden WW2 bombing ceremony

    Is it “poison”? It seems more like an infection to me; we live in a little bubble created by liberal democracy, market socialism, and internationalism, and when we notice things outside of it and then experience far-Right information, we start to “wake up” out of the stupor of modernity that has us living entirely in a world of symbols and socializing.

    Is it “racist”? Wanting your people to exist and not be erased by the alliance between big government and outbreeding with a constant stream of foreigners is not racism, but the opposite of racism. Our opposition wants a racist genocide of native ethnic Germans and anyone else who has culture, religion, standards, integrity, direction, and mental health. They want a group of shellshocked compliant people to rule over who will never notice that the Emperor has no new clothes after all.

  • Salvini denies plan to visit Liverpool after mayor calls him fascist

    Since WW2, the West has operated under the idea that it is better to shoot ourselves in the face than be anything vaguely Hitlerish, but this has caused us to swing to the other extreme, neo-Communism, where we now live in market socialist economies where any anti-equality speech gets your life destroyed (caveat: you can speak against equality itself, just not instances of it like feminism or diversity, but people will not understand you). Right now, we are waiting for people to die off who rose to power under the old system because they will continue to try to demonstrate obedience by endorsing the equality narrative, not realizing that our newer generations have seen the destruction that democracy, equality, and diversity wreak and want to escape them entirely. Once you are older, with a permanent job above entry-level and a steady paycheck, house, and professional associations, you no longer experience the world in raw form. You drive from your gated community to work, shop in stores for elites, and fly to vacation destinations for moneyed people like you; real life is alien, just like the price that most pay for a gallon of milk, since you buy the grass fed free range small farm milk for $9/gallon because you do not want to get cancer from the GMOs and pesticides in the little people milk. Our leaders have no idea what is real, which is why you see these 1960s-2010s style behaviors persisting long after their expiration date.

  • Government wants to use BEE to fix South Africa’s unemployment problem

    South Africa wants to use its version of affirmative action, the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) plan, to hire enough Black people to avoid poverty. In reality, this is just another entitlement, since these jobs are hiring them for being minorities and not for any specific skill, therefore not for any particular purpose. America has done the same thing since JFK made this official policy, ending a lot of Black poverty by hiring Blacks (and other minorities) to do government jobs that require little effort or, in many cases, attendance. We see lots of people driving around late-model SUVs during the workday here, but they disappear whenever Trump wins big on something, so the guess is that like most of the people who thought the Obama economy as just great, they work in government or government-created jobs (including affirmative action ones) from which they cannot be fired. If anyone dares fire them, a lawsuit is sure to follow, and those take about the cost of a suburban home to begin defending against these days.

  • French farmers march to free man who shot teenager

    French farmer, tired of thefts on his property, shoots a teenager who was trespassing at night on the farm. As diversity ramps up, social order in France erodes, and there will be more of this type of pre-revolutionary behavior, where the normal French rebel against the Establishment the people who benefit from it. The “yellow vests,” who essentially see how the cradle-to-grave entitlements state has raised prices on everything to the point of bankrupting its citizens, were the first step in this process, but more now follow. The liberal democratic market socialist entitlements state is going down, and with it goes the notion of equality. The twenty-first century is leaving behind the twentieth century.

  • Jussie Smollett accused of lying to CPD, indicted on 6 counts of disorderly conduct

    This case proves important because it shows the high-water mark of the false hate crime accusation. Minority people used to be able to get out of anything by accusing some unknown party of racism, the way white guys pulling insurance scams always told the police that some Black guy did it. That reached a destructive peak, however, because now the accusation of a hate crime has become a weapon between special interest groups, much the way false rape accusations were used against other ethnic and social class groups. Jussie Smollett, a gay Half-Jew Half-Negro person, just wanted to save his film career, so he did what minorities do in societies that value individualism. Most of the “hate crimes” we hear about are fake, just like most Jewish cemetery vandalism or synagogue burnings result in high insurance payouts. Not all of them are, and they will pick up as ethnic resentment goes from sitzkrieg Cold War to hot battle on the streets.

  • Bernie Sanders in 1972: ‘I don’t mind people calling me a communist’

    Another person who should be disqualified from running for president owing to his proud endorsement of beliefs that would destroy this country and anything else they encountered. Communism is toxic because it is both charismatic and crazy; it seems like a solution that makes everything better, but in reality it leaves behind polluted wastelands full of zombie people unable to act on their own initiative, much like the French Revolution did. Some things should not be tolerated: murder, pedophilia, methamphetamine, and Communism.

  • Inside Israel’s million dollar troll army

    Luscious. This brilliant idea copies 4chan but in an organized setting. I prefer the Wild West of the internet, with its endlessly creative basement trolls and absurd Rule 34 instances, but suggest that the Right start adopting troll armies to go fight the battles of the internet. If you get in there and post links with hard evidence to the success of the Right, the failure of the Left, and the obsolescence of things like democracy, equality, and diversity (D.E.a.D.) then you win over people and drive away others who would otherwise be enthusiastically affirming that diversity is our strength and fast food is actually food. We cannot cede the field; we must fight, even when some of that is armchair fodder. If you need someone to lead a troll army, hire the ex-GNAA maniacs who are good at both trolling and subtlety.

  • Female Genital Mutilation Rising in Germany Because of Mass Migration Says German Doctor

    This must be the advantage of diversity that we have heard about. How can we tell these people that female genital mutilation (female circumcision) is “wrong”? It is their culture. When they come to the West, in theory they would adopt our ways, but that requires abolishing their own and becoming self-hating like us. No one wants that fate. They will do as their ancestors did because it is wired into their DNA and pulses through their blood. If that bothers you, end diversity.

  • Newspaper discovers owners of luxurious lake houses avoid paying Austin city property taxes

    Despite voting for high taxes and entitlements, the wealthier set seem to always manage to dodge those taxes. The ordinary middle class taxpayer however lacks funds for high-powered attorneys and so ends up paying them, slowly watching his lifestyle and hope of retirement diminish as bills stack up to pay for illegal aliens, the permanent underclass, and the Big Government bureaucracy.

  • California may stop school fitness tests over fears they lead to bullying and body-shaming

    Democracy continues its journey into impotent snowflake territory, but sage observers might wonder why public schools are involved with fitness at all, and why in fact government is involved with schools at all, when we can have professionals publish recommended standards for every grade and hire out recent college graduates to teach. Even more, we should look at the fact that most of what is taught is forgotten or irrelevant, and exists simply to keep kids in school so that their mothers can work. This entire apparatus is rotten and needs to be torn down. End public schooling and get government out of education funding!

  • ICE: Hundreds of illegal aliens charged with rape, other crimes after release from Southern California jail

    Illegal aliens vary, but all of them have shown that they do not care about our laws. That means that you will get some very nasty criminals in with the group. In the name of defending equality, neurotic Leftists insist on making illegal aliens welcome here and excusing them from most legal liability while granting them the privileges of citizenship. This provides a formula for an increasingly chaotic, crime-ridden society.

  • The gene-based hack that is revolutionizing epidemiology

    Genetics shows that many of our statistical studies, despite using falsifiable premises and regression models, make conclusions that are logically correct but not borne out by real-world data. This shows us that we have crawled down a hole of our own wisdom which does not do what it purports to do, and have created a castle made of sand out of a few techniques that worked long ago for far simpler models. The future will show us abolishing much of current consensus wisdom.

  • Vegan influencer eats meat for 30 days, shocks fans by saying she’s healthier than she’s ‘felt in years’

    As usual, trends are based on symbolism that creates a social group, not reality. Eat what your ancestors ate and you will be fine; eat a modern diet and expect non-stop health problems. This is not to say that we cannot reduce the meat in our diets somewhat or eat locally, since that cuts out all of the pollution produced by transportation, but we should be skeptical of trends always because whatever is billed as “new” usually is neither that nor realistic. Those who start the trend can become popular, then retire to Switzerland and eat as much meat as they want.

  • Dietary wheat amylase trypsin inhibitors promote features of murine non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

    It turns out that modern wheat-based diets may contribute to the growing epidemic of a silent killer, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Perhaps our ancestors were correct to mostly eat meat, vegetables, berries, and raw grains, and leave aside the flour, beans, bean oils, and fruits. Maybe we should revisit whatever made our ancestors eat a great deal of pickled and fermented foods. We are poisoning ourselves with industrial opulence just as democracy has turned out minds to mush with pluralism.

  • There is no climate emergency, say 500 experts in letter to the United Nations

    They allege:

    CO2 is not a pollutant. It is a plant food that is essential to all life on Earth. Photosynthesis is a blessing. More CO2 is beneficial for nature, greening the Earth: additional CO2 in the air has promoted growth in global plant biomass. It is also good for agriculture, increasing the yields of crops worldwide.

    Not to ruin their fun, but plant food requires plants to use it, and we have cut back on the plant life on Earth by developing too much land. If we stop doing that, and return much of this land to natural use only, our CO2 problems will quickly go away. If we do not do that, our “woke” scientists will embark on totally insane megalomaniac plans that will surely backfire with unintended consequences.

  • New commuter concern: Cancerous chemical in car seats

    Our brilliant industry is using chemicals in our car seats that sterilize us. The more obedient you are, trucking off to your job for hours a day as you drive around the endless ghettos, the more likely you are to have cancer, mutant children, or no children. Should we clap for industry now, or wait for the regression of humanity to hominid stage, at which point we can use these car seats as handy clubs to slay each other?

  • Govt proposes 5-year jail, Rs 50-lakh fine for ads promoting fair skin

    Apparently people want lighter skin to emulate higher castes. This produces a problem for egalitarian government, since now people want to be something they are not, and this reinforces the hierarchy of nature. In reality, government will only be pleased when we are all grey cultureless void-zombies wandering about bleating platitudes about diversity, equality, and democracy.

  • Tory MP criticised for giving thumbs-up to French conspiracy theorists

    The push for Frexit gains momentum. Even though the nationalist parties are currently fighting it out, the fact seems to be that the party with the strongest social conservative views, including rejection of immoral socialism which subsidizes the useless, will win out. Parties built on the National Socialist model are feeling the heat. This shows the Right converging on a model which emphasizes ethno-nationalism, tradition, capitalism, and anti-democratic viewpoints.

  • Pete Buttigieg: Flood Small American Towns with Immigration to Grow Population

    To egalitarians, all people are warm bodies because there are no differences between social classes, ethnic groups, cultures, and races. For that reason, they come up with solutions on paper like bolstering failing areas with lots of imported people, not realizing that in doing so they destroy the appeal of such areas, which will naturally grow to an appropriate level if we stop making life so expensive that only getting a desk job in the city can afford non-ghetto housing and health insurance.

  • School district scraps traditional ‘A-F’ grading system for kinder, gentler model

    The great weeniefication of America continues apace. In reality, school tells you very little about students except obedience to memorization of procedure. The processes of how to write a paper, solve a math problem, or perform basic chemistry all fit within the memorization of checklists, much like the rest of school is memorization of facts long ago to barf them out on the test. Perhaps instead of shuffling everyone into education that few can understand, dumbing it down to the lowest common denominator, and then promoting those who are most obedient, we can let people succeed at real-world tasks instead. That will produce less equality, and more of its opposite, quality.

  • Amy Klobuchar Vows to Resettle 500 Percent More Refugees, None in Her Neighborhood

    All of the Democrats seem to have the same idea: continue what worked in 1965. They want to abolish the majority, bring in the third world Leftist voting contingent, expand entitlements, and “win” permanent power that way, in the process driving us toward Soviet-style collapse as we expend all of our time, energy, and money on ideological commitments and none on building an organic society. We really need very little government; a sane society rewards the constructive and productive, beats down the destructive and parasitic, and ignores everyone who is merely mediocre. That method pushes upward and produces people of greater intelligence and morality, which is why the egalitarian Left opposes it; if we have standards, we will have hierarchy, and that violates their one and controlling sacred principle, equality.

  • We’re worse with food waste than we think

    Stop the mania for eating out, discard fast food, and implement Farm-To-Market local food and watch these numbers fall. Transporting food for long distances, displaying it for easy sale, and delivering it twenty-four hours a day all contribute to food waste, but having traditional meals prepared at home from whole ingredients sourced locally reduces it. Perhaps our “efficiency” only seems efficient because we have reduced cost and quality simultaneously while increasing convenience, forgetting about health and the stability offered by routine in the process.

  • Huge bacteria-eating viruses narrow gap between life and non-life

    We have a new metaphor for Leftists, “phages.” These collections of proteins cannibalize anything in their path and make it in their image. They are neither living nor dead, but always pursue power through replication, being both unaware of and unconcerned about the effects of their actions.

  • German Paper Admits Most ‘Boat Migrants’ Not Real Refugees

    A narrative slowly falls:

    “Contrary to popular belief, the majority of those arriving in Italy are not refugees. The main countries of origin for boat migrants in January were Algeria, Ivory Coast, and Bangladesh,” Leubecher wrote.

    What is falling, push!

  • Girls sue to block participation of transgender athletes

    In the name of equality, girls are being driven out of sports as larger-frame male-born “females” enter the competition. Not surprisingly, many people have a problem with this.

  • Virginia deputies confront black man wearing KKK robe

    He told deputies he was performing a “social experiment.” This guy rocks for scrambling perceptions and leaving confusion in his wake. Perhaps it is time to encourage a Black Alt-Right for people who recognize that Leftism has failed them, that ethno-nationalism is needed, and that Black people are not prospering with constant racial guilt.

  • Edmonton LGBTQ gym targeted in ‘malicious’ online campaign closes down

    Right-wing activists shut down homosexual gymnasium by doxing its staff members. Can we direct this ire at Leftism, equality, and diversity, please? Government officials, lawyers, NGO employees, and advertising agencies would react differently if their home addresses were revealed online. Fake conservatives would be more inclined to support actual Right-wing movements if they found activists camped outside their homes.

  • Judge sides with couples suing feds over marriage interviews

    In a sane society, we would arrest illegals and deport them from wherever we found them. Activist Leftist judges keep chipping away at this by making it illegal, on the basis of dubious interpretations of the Fourteenth Amendment, to ask people about their immigration status. Leftism is a pathology that rejects common sense and reality because its only goal is symbolic equality.

  • NASA tracks an asteroid taller than Big Ben on ‘approach’

    While humans screw around, nature sends the first rumblings of our eventual doom. Asteroids pass all the time, some closer that others. Eventually, one will hit, and depending on its size and where it hits, much of life on Earth will end. We either send our best and a “Noah’s Ark” of plant and animal DNA into space or we risk seeing everything we love perish due to an avoidable event which we failed to address because we were busy bickering over wealth redistribution, diversity, and other suicidal Leftist programs.

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