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Iowa Caucus Versus The Chinese National Health Service

There are reasonably decent and honorable bureaucrats and then again, there are recrudescent scumbags. One of the immediately defining traits of the intermittent scumbag bureaucrat appearsiwhen this individual will actually suck it up and announce bad news that may not reflect credit and honor upon the bureaucrat bearing the ill tidings. It’s not just that democracy does us all a favor and dies in darkness. Cancer, left untreated; will spread like a well-fueled brushfire. When it’s your job to go into Mr. Big’s Office of Doom and tell Mr. Big that his plans are laid to nines, then the person of honor and good will marches in, delivers the regrettable verdict, and then takes the attendant ass-chewing like an adult.

Now the inveterate weasel, when facing the prospect of having to deal with Mr. Big, will invent a euphemistic, uninformative lie. After inventing this carefully calibrated doublespeak, they will then be vigilant. They will be looking to absolutely hammer anyone correcting the proffered butt-covering narrative with anything that even remotely smacks of an egregious revelation of the truth. Offensive radical honesty must and will be extinguished with extreme prejudice. Nowhere is the prejudice more overbearing and extreme than among the open-minded, the tolerant, the progressive and the woke.

The Chinese National Health Service, according to a report from The University of Toronto, started to have a risk on or about 16 November 2019. A new, highly transmittable virus had gotten loose from a Chinese Government Facility. It would remain latent, yet infectious for a period of two weeks. After the onset of symptoms, it would remain highly transmisslbe and present a roughly 2% chance of lethality.

New information is coming in on a daily basis, but here’s what we know so far about the respiratory virus that has, as of Feb 7, infected more than 31,000 people and killed at least 630 people.

How did 31,000 people get unfairly entered into a needless dirt-nap lottery? Well, here is how the Chinese version of MediocreCare for All reacted to people who attempted the unforgivable mortal sin of truth-telling.

Saddened by the news of the passing of Dr. Li Wenliang, the Chinese netizens are now enraged to find out that Dr. Li was kept “alive” for one more day just to placate the public. Li Wenliang is one of the first eight people disciplined by the police for spreading “rumors” about Wuhan coronavirus. Unfortunately, Dr. Li Wenliang was killed by the same virus that got him famous. He was only 34 years old. He was “officially” pronounced dead on Feb 7 (Beijing Time), but evidences have shown that he died on Feb 6 instead. So, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) managed to keep him “alive” for one more day by controlling the official media.

And then The Chinese proponents of BernCare leaned in hard on the truth embargo. A few phone calls were made to China’s lackeys in Silicon Valley, and the violators started getting violated. Forbes Magazine makes The Cuckservative Case For Banning ZeroHedge below.

Is the coronavirus outbreak really the result of engineered bioweapons research? Experts say no, but right-leaning financial blog ZeroHedge says yes. The experts are probably right, which is one of the reasons why Twitter banned the blog’s account permanently on Friday. Last Wednesday, ZeroHedge’s founder posted an article under the pseudonym Tyler Durden entitled, “Is This The Man Behind The Global Coronavirus Pandemic?” that shared the name and personal information of a Chinese doctor and researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and linked him to the conspiracy theory.

So now, over two months after they could have done something useful, China is admitting rather sheepishly that they’ve totally crapped the bed. The WHO has been called in, and some legitimately honest and intelligent people can try to fix this suppurating fustercluck before it becomes a cure for human overpopulation with a gallimauphry of really bad side-effects. According to the WaPo, 630 dissatisfied customers are just about as available for comment as recent passengers on the Boeing 737 Supermax.

“Stopping the spread of this virus both in China and globally is WHO’s highest priority,” said Dr Tedros. “We appreciate the seriousness with which China is taking this outbreak, especially the commitment from top leadership, and the transparency they have demonstrated, including sharing data and genetic sequence of the virus. WHO is working closely with the government on measures to understand the virus and limit transmission. WHO will keep working side-by-side with China and all other countries to protect health and keep people safe.”

Meanwhile, in Amerika Land, we see bureaucratic leftism live up to about the same standards as the Chinese version of ButtPlugCare. The recent Democratic Party Caucus fiasco in Iowa has all the same hallmarks of a coverup as the recent mysterious Chinese sneezing fad. Nobody has any clue how Bernicom got more votes and fewer delegates than ButtPlug. Reports are oblique. The state Democratic Party won’t re-tally anything unless lawyers show up and orbit The Hawkeye State with only their scaly fins visible above the waterline. Conflicting reports abound and everyone thinks its a conspiracy.

I think it’s an obvious conspiracy because this is the only way the left can ever operate. They rail against the rules and then go over the cliff into the abyss of Cuckoo-Land absent the guardrails. My best guess of what happened is this. Buttigieg, unlike Bernie Sanders, actually bothered to read the Iowa Caucus instruction manual. His team knew how delegates got awarded and planned accordingly. Bernie’s howler monkeys just showed up and chucked the things they typically chuck. Sniffing Kruschev farts is no substitute for understanding the rules and knowing how to more effectively cheat. Sorry Comrades, The Bern got checkmated.

Luckily, we in Amerika have a way to quarantine this virus and won’t have to call in some UN organization to disinfukulate Amerika’s 2020 Presidential Election. Simply vote against the skullduggery and scum on every level at which you enjoy access to suffrage. In 2018, The GOP House of Representatives deserved a battery-acid enema. That November, they were condignly punished for being like themselves.

Now, with The 2020 Presidential Election on the horizon, it is The Democrats who deserve similarly corrective coruscation and rebuke. There is a way to prevent the spread of Iowas Caucus Infestation. Simply remove the sources by quarantining as many of them as possible from anything that remotely resembles professional responsibility. Democracy can only shamble forward long enough for most of us to collect our pensions and help our kids get off to a start in life if the most corrupt and vile of its parasites are periodically sterilized with fire.

We have bad news. Our government is an inbred, festering swamp of corrupt and unsterile rump-swabbing. We can do it better than The Chicoms. We can sterilize this wet market of public governance before it serves up more contaminated bat soup. Vote the Dems out. Vote them out in mass. Vote them out with extreme prejudice. Then, in 2022, when the GOP decides they are Pierre Dilecto to the umpteenth power, we can do for them what was done in 2018. Good to the good, bad to the over-ripened and corrupt. That would be Plato’s method of at least mitigating democracy’s inevitable decline into Clown World.

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