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Periscope (December 6, 2018)

  • Prince Charles calls for coexistence in speech on persecuted Christians

    His math is bad. If religions were similar enough that they could coexist, they would merge. In reality, religions and the groups who adopt them are different because they need different philosophies because their types of society are different because their genetics are different. A developing society needs a different religion than a developed one; a commercial society needs a different religion than an agrarian one; Germans need a different religion than Arabs. There are no universal truths, values, or communications; that is the essence of nihilism, and all conservatives are secret nihilists. There is no “one right way,” only a way that we choose because we can see that it results in qualitatively better results, even if the rest of the world is Dunning-Kruger’d into thinking that we are off our rocker.

  • Why the left can’t lead the yellow vests

    The Left has become the Establishment because, after nearly two centuries of trying, the Left took over our society in the 1960s. We now life in a Leftist regime. As a result, there are two types of protests: first, those that are against the regime in token ways that will further its objective of brainwashing everyone into a quest for equality, and second, those that notice that the regime has not delivered on its promises and has in fact introduced new problems while making existing ones worse. The yellow vests are part of the second category, since they are protesting against the Leftist policies that France adopted starting in 1968 which have now bankrupted the country and made it miserable to live in.

  • Men’s penises are half-an-inch SMALLER if they are exposed to high levels of chemicals in non-stick frying pans and fast food packaging while in the womb, study finds

    Modern society wants to neuter you in every way possible. If not the humiliating McJob, or the time-wasting commute, or even waiting around for stupid people in line or disorganized people on the road, or dealing with your authoritarian HOA, or blowing hours of your life on paperwork and fiddling with crap gadgets, or living in an ugly cookie-cutter world filled with idiots, then they’ll trim your penis by introducing weird chemicals into your body. Can we just admit that this time is motivated by hatred and manipulation, and that it is time to grow up and move on?

  • Meghan Markle holds secret ‘power meeting’ with Michelle Obama in London

    They are conspiring against you because it is in their self-interest to do so. No one wants to be part of a minority; that is a weak and unstable position. They want to conquer the majority, then dominate the former majority, and have everything that this majority created but for themselves.

  • California officially becomes first in nation mandating solar power for new homes

    Voters sap out for this stuff and regret it later. “Solar power is universal Good, we can’t be against that!” Universal good means 100% good, applies to everyone, as if written on the walls by God Himself. They forget about cause and effect, which is different than the present-tense-only categorical thinking of good/bad, retail/wholesale, popular/unpopular, etc. Back in realityland, we see how this law will serve only to raise housing prices in a state already blighted by low amounts of housing. What will that do? You, the suckers who voted, will now pay more to live in your homes even if they do not have solar. You lose, they win, and you did it by voting for this or by not voting for people to replace it. How’s that democracy working out for you, peasants?

  • Japan has so many vacant homes it’s giving them away

    Modernity kills off the most sensitive people first. The best of the Japanese do not want to move to Tokyo, work eighty-hour weeks, marry women who participate in casual sex, and live for the almighty dollar and almighty equality instead of their traditional culture, way of life, customs, faith, and heritage. They have moved out, failed to breed, died out, or simply fallen over from heart attacks after too much coffee and paperwork. Now despite being a massive success at the modernism game, Japan is confronting the emptiness of life as it tries to rebuild its population.

  • Walmart will soon use hundreds of A.I. robot janitors to scrub the floors of US stores

    The proles never understand this: they are not as valuable as they, in the center of a Dunning-Kruger narcissism bubble, think that they are. In fact, they are very expensive, although they do not see this in wages. The costs go to benefits, hiring/firing costs, lost hours, sick days, ineptitude, theft, unions, lawsuits, and other forms of frittering away money that add up to a whole heck of a lot. When given an opportunity, business will replace 80% of them and the remaining jobs will be higher paid but have higher responsibilities.

  • Trump urges blanket use of death penalty on Fentanyl producers

    “Human rights” is a variant of “civil rights” which means that in order for people to be equal, we must assume that all people are good and therefore not penalize the bad ones. It is the root of our special snowflake syndrome. In reality, as Darwin noted, in every generation some organisms are born with deleterious mutations or degeneration of vital traits, and if you want your species to be healthy, you filter those out. Probably 20% of each generation has to be removed, and sterilizing them and sending them to Venezuela is the kindest option, but you do not get the kindest option for the worst of them, who are hardcore criminals who are also competent enough to cause a lot of damage. Again Trump is Right, and again the shrill wails of the media simply make people realize how impotent, febrile, and calcified our People’s Establishment has become.

  • Police arrest three men on suspicion of terror offences

    How will the Left stay in power? Right, by arresting people on “suspicion of encouraging terrorism, dissemination of terrorist publications, and conspiracy to inspire racial or religious hatred.” This sounds a lot like America’s hate crime laws.

  • Suspected bus attacks under investigation by police

    Foreign people on buses suddenly attack the drivers as if they wanted to cause crashes. Seems coordinated. Perhaps the jihadis have downgraded from planes to buses, and are going to drive these into the next World Trade Center?

  • Facebook is no longer Glassdoor’s ‘Best Place to Work’

    Facebook is no longer trendy. It started losing market share, all of this bad information came out about it, then it was revealed that Facebook had in fact targeted Leftist darling George Soros, and so now the Leftist media has turned on it. As a result, the media sheep who fill out surveys — these people watch too much television, and actually believe that what the for-profit media tells them is universal truth — have decided that Facebook is no longer their dream job. However, the jobs are the same as they always have been, which means that surveys reflect what people wish were true instead of any accurate and truthful assessment of reality.

  • Anti-fascists were stabbed at a neo-Nazi rally. Then police tried to charge them

    Leftist media: “Our innocent activists were stabbed and prosecuted, but the people who stabbed them got off free!” Grim reality: the Leftists were the attackers and were stabbed in self-defense. The Left always lies. Once they absorb the Big Lie, which is that people suffer only because they are not equal and that equality will fix all problems starting with the personal problems of Leftists, they lie about everything else in order to avoid contradicting the Big Lie. As a result, every aspect of how they view the world becomes false. At this point, it makes sense to consider Leftists to be dangerous neurotics who are the result of deleterious mutations, and to simply relocate them to the third world, because only extreme exogamy will fix those inbred our mutated genomes.

  • Is It Time to Bury Merkel’s Legacy?

    More than her legacy, her policies have proven to fail, so even her own party is backing away from them and toward what the far-Right is offering. With the shift of the Overton Window, the political window itself has shifted, and “moderate” is now moving farther to the Right. This means that after the fifty years of its greatest power, Leftism itself has been rejected.

  • FBI email chain may provide most damning evidence of FISA abuses yet

    They did not find a smoking gun in the Trump investigation, but we did find one for the FBI. They knew that their data was bad and went ahead and pushed for a politically-motivated campaign against Trump anyway. It looks like Trump is vindicated on the “deep state,” too, since these guys make it clear that they are defending the bureaucracy that pays them. If anyone finds links between these guys and organized Leftism, the civil war can begin because it will need to.

  • NFL coaches still haven’t come up with a good excuse for their teams not signing Colin Kaepernick.

    Nobody wants to hire Colin Kaepernick. It turns out that controversy wakes up the sheep, while the NFL wants them to stay asleep and keep watching football instead of doing something useful with their lives. In turn, this shows us exactly how popular “social justice” is with the average working American, who has seen affirmative action balloon from a nice thing to do into a total control authority over just two generations. Your average person sees that the playing field is level, and is exasperated about how to level it further, but is also slowly figuring out that all those government programs both are not working and are costing him his future prosperity.

  • Census Data Shocker: 63% of Noncitizens on Welfare, 24% Uninsured

    What does illegal immigration cost us? Probably having functional emergency rooms and having a balanced budget, since it absorbs an awful lot of our welfare state. How much does diversity cost us? How much does the welfare state cost us? No one wants to confront these damaging questions, but the answer is that we traded our future for “social justice.”

  • China demands release of Huawei executive, company denies any ‘wrongdoing’

    US seizes Chinese executive on suspicion of breaking embargo against Iran. China, accustomed to Obama’s America where you could make a deal and then ignore the conditions of that deal, finds itself shocked that under Trump, America sees every aspect of its contracts as both negotiable and enforceable. This ends China’s ability to make public commitments and then violate them in private for its own profit, and shows how Trump will raise the cost of Chinese goods to market level by ending a de facto American subsidy to China.

  • These College Guys Are Trying to Ban Porn on Campus

    While banning things is generally silly, their point here is that if the university nukes the top twenty-five porn sites from its campus-wide wi-fi, it takes a stand against the idea of pornography (and improves bandwidth, which is a zero-sum game, for everyone else). However, the most interesting statement came from the college women: pornography is “preventing men and women from encountering the full personhood of one another in friendships and relationships.”

  • Elizabeth Warren Stands by DNA Test. But Around Her, Worries Abound.

    The problem with Elizabeth Warren taking a DNA test: she validated and proved that race is a genetic reality not a social construct. This has Leftists backing away from her. If she were ten years younger, they would not care at all.

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