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  • No charges for police in death of ‘boogaloo’ movement martyr

    Family attorney Rene Sandler said the report reveals that no body camera videos captured the shooting. She also noted that prosecutors concluded there was no evidence of any crossfire or that Lemp’s gun had been fired.

    Detectives obtained the no-knock warrant to search Lemp’s home after receiving an anonymous tip that he illegally possessed firearms, police said. Lemp had a criminal record as a juvenile that made it illegal for him to legally possess or buy firearms in Maryland until he turned 30, according to police.

    This is why many of us are militant about rejecting gun control: it always becomes people control.

  • Singer Akon is raising $6B to build a real-life Wakanda straight out of the movie ‘Black Panther

    As diversity fails, interest in bypassing globalism and open borders for having a place for each person to belong continues to rise.

  • How electric lighting changed our sleep

    Prior to the Industrial Revolution, people experienced “segmented sleep”: they would retire to bed and sleep for three or four hours (“first sleep”), then wake up after midnight and stay awake for another hour or so, before going back to bed for their “second sleep.” There are references to first sleep in Homer’s Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid, according to Ramirez, as well as several 19th century novels and thousands of 19th century newspaper reports.

    We keep sacrificing life for more productivity to pay those taxes to keep the diversity fed, housed, schooled, and consuming.

  • Tech’s top seven companies added $3.4 trillion in value in 2020

    The guys in bed with China, and China itself, made out like mad from the COVID-19 worldwide panic. They celebrated New Years Eve in Wuhan, but not in the USA or across the West. The compliant media, experts, and Leftists joined hands to smash down our economies and make us ripe for takeover. They see money and power in it for them, and they do not care what happens to the nation.

  • Party Like It’s 1925 On Public Domain Day (Gatsby And Dalloway Are In)

    On January 1 every year, a new batch of published works is liberated from the constraints of copyright. (For a long time, copyright expired after 75 years, but in 1998, Congress extended the date of copyright expiration for works published between 1923 and 1977 to 95 years.)

    IP law is a good thing, if you want people to produce works, since the only reason to try hard on something is so that you can escape the tedious day job that the workers of the world adore. However, it is great to see these hit the public domain, since then they will become even more prevalent. My guess is that publishers saw this coming and are promoting nü-literature like Toni Morrison and other derivative garbage simply because they can sell it at full price, where copyright-free literature will by definition be lower priced. That might be a downside to letting works slip into the public domain.

    In the same vein: A new mandate highlights costs, benefits of making all scientific articles free to read.

  • New mutation of coronavirus is a ‘GOOD thing – it’s more infectious but less deadly’

    The increasingly common Covid-19 strain, known as D614G, is said to be circulating in parts of Europe, North America, and Asia.

    But evidence shows its rapid spread has also coincided with a drop in death rates – suggesting it may be less fatal.

    As I predicted: economics controls viruses too. Everyone wants to be the common cold, which infects everyone once a year at least and is never far away, instead of a dangerous disease that might kill sufferers and therefore limit its spread. In the same way, just about any company would chuck it all to become a utility and charge people $50/month, guaranteed, for the same sloppy job it is doing now.

  • Rejecting Trump veto, Republican-led Senate backs defense bill

    The bill limits Trump’s ability to immediately withdraw all remaining U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

    China likes having its northwestern border secured. With the US troops in there keeping the jihadis busy but never quite winning, China has the security of not having a hostile state nearby.

  • Turnaround Games And Rebellion Dreams

    “Your fee of £4000,” the patient said, “represents the proportion I retain from the last £44,500 of my income. To pay you without being worse off would mean earning another £44,500 more than last year, no easy task.”

    “Well,” replied the surgeon, “you know how it is. It is only by charging you that much that I can afford to charge others little or nothing.”

    “No doubt,” said the patient. “But the fee will absorb £44,500 of my theoretical income — no inconsiderable sum. Might I ask what proportion of the £4000 you will manage to retain?”

    It was the surgeon’s turn to scribble calculations, as a result of which he concluded that his actual gain, after tax had been paid, would amount to £800.

    “Allow me to observe,” said the patient, that I must therefore earn £44,500 in order to give you £800 of spendable income; the entire balance going to the government. Does that strike you as a transaction profitable to either of us?”

    “Well, frankly, no,” admitted the surgeon. “Put like that the whole thing is absurd. But what else can we do?”

    “First, we can make certain that no one is listening. No one at the keyhole? No federal agent under the bed? No tape recorder in the — ? Are you quite sure we can keep this strictly to ourselves?”

    “Quite sure,” said the surgeon after opening the door and glancing up and down the corridor. “What do you suggest?”

    “Come closer so that I can whisper. Why don’t I give you a case of scotch and call it quits?”

    “Not enough,” hissed the surgeon. “But if you made it two cases — ”


    “– and lent me your cabin cruiser for three weeks in September — ”


    “– We might call it a deal!”

    “That’s fine. And do you know what gave me the idea? I studied Parkinson’s Second Law and realized that excessive taxation has made nonsense of everything!”

    [C. Northcote Parkinson, The Law and the Profits]

    I talk a great deal around here about how America has gone to a black market economy; for example, around here, no one pays the Mexicans or big-brand companies to do renovations. They quietly hire a FOAFOAF (friend of a friend of a friend) and pay them in cash. Absolutely no one gets notified: not inspectors, not licensers, not the taxman. If someone notices the renovations, they are described as “hurricane repairs” or “re-siding.” This extends to other services as well, with CPAs, computer guys, and even lawyers offering under-the-table services. Anything we filter through diversity government gets stolen, so we filter as little as possible. I am looking forward to summer when all of these backyard gardens are harvested, and we feast like kings. That, and a friend who is growing his own tobacco, having found out that farming the backyard is easier than mowing it.

  • China says it will take action against U.S. delisting of its telecom firms

    The NYSE said on Thursday that it would delist China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom following President Donald Trump’s move in November to bar U.S. investment in 31 firms that Washington says are owned or controlled by the Chinese military.

    Trump will retain the presidency and keep doing things of this nature. That will force China into a corner to deal with its own failing economy, at which point it will implode. That will mean war in Asia, but a smaller war than the world war that would result from a Chinese takeover of the USA.

  • Bill Announcement

    S. 900, which designates the community-based outpatient clinic of the Department of Veterans Affairs in Bozeman, Montana, as the Travis W. Atkins Department of Veterans Affairs Clinic;

    S. 2472, the “Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility Act,” which redesignates the NASA John H. Glenn Research Center at Plum Brook Station, Ohio, as the NASA John H. Glenn Research Center at the Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility;

    S. 3257, which designates the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 311 West Wisconsin Avenue in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, as the Einar “Sarge” H. Ingman, Jr. Post Office Building;

    S. 3461, which designates the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 2600 Wesley Street in Greenville, Texas, as the Audie Murphy Post Office Building;

    S. 3462, which designates the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 909 West Holiday Drive in Fate, Texas, as the Ralph Hall Post Office;

    S. 4126, which designates the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 104 East Main Street in Port Washington, Wisconsin, as the Joseph G. Demler Post Office;

    S. 4684, which designates the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 440 Arapahoe Street in Thermopolis, Wyoming, as the Robert L. Brown Post Office

    Quite a few classic ‘Murkan names here to offset the tendency to replace Confederate monuments with statues to Black criminals like Breonna Taylor.

  • New Virginia law capping insulin prices at $50 a month goes into effect Friday

    The price of insulin has skyrocketed over the last decade nationwide as drug manufacturers have steadily increased the cost. Many Americans have reported rationing their insulin because they cannot afford their high co-pays.

    Another democracy disaster! Like rent control, this simply forces the providers to make the product lower quality or to bow out of the market for a few years. The Trump alternative, price transparency, causes everyone to buy the cheapest product, which then causes other firms to reduce their prices to compete. Trump understands economics, but the votards and bureaucrats do not.

  • ‘Second Chance’ Law Takes Effect, Offers Hope To Georgians With Criminal Past

    Amid the summer’s social justice movement, activists lobbied state lawmakers to change the antiquated law as part of much-needed criminal justice reform and what they say is the first step in a yearslong effort to fix the inequities of a racist system.

    As usual, when the herd panics, the bad actors are waiting to force through insane laws. In other news, it makes sense to know when someone has been convicted of a crime; most of them do it or something similar again. That makes them a threat. Increasingly I favor the wisdom of the ancients: for crimes, demand restitution or exile.

  • New era for UK as it completes separation from European Union

    It added that the fall in freight traffic after the Christmas and Brexit stockpiling period meant “it is too early to draw any conclusions”, but the company remained “cautiously optimistic that, as freight volumes begin to rise again, we will be able to ensure the continued free movement of goods”.

    News articles a few years ago were swearing that the power would go out, everyone would starve, and the UK would return to the dark ages. Populism wins yet again. Globalist liberal democracy has failed, and the new era belongs to those who want to restore function, instead of pursuing ideology.

  • Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood claims Epstein ‘is alive’

    “My information from reliable source is that Roberts arranged an illegal adoption of two young children from Wales through Jeffrey Epstein,” Wood tweeted. “I think we can all agree that Epstein knows pedophilia. If only Jeffrey Epstein was still alive… Wouldn’t that be something?”

    No one believed the Epstein story. Either he got snuffed by the wealthy above whose heads he held blackmail kompromat, he paid to fake his death and escape, or he went into Witness Protection.

    If he is in Witness Protection, so is Ghislaine Maxwell.

    If they are in Witness Protection, they have something to tell. Kompromat is leverage. If Trump has it, a lot of people are going to be resigning shortly.

    If not, Lin Wood is conducting a fyce operation against the people he sees as corrupt. He is daring them to sue him for defamation; if they do, he gets to subpoena them for information and depose them under threat of perjury; if they perjure, and it can be proven, they cannot be judges or public figures. If he subpoenas them, he can find all sorts of information to use in future actions against them. If they fail to sue him, people will think what he is saying is true, and this hastens them out of office. Wood wants to retire, and he is going to take out some bad actors along the way, so he has nothing to lose for going after federal judges and Supreme Court justices.

  • How to read a society

    Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

    When we resume control of this country, this needs to be engraved at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

  • Indian Muslims flee their homes after Love Jihad laws leave them in fear of Hindu neighbours

    After democracy and equality came in and mucked things up, natural separation is occurring as nationalists take power and try to salvage what is left after the reign of the prole (“collectivism” simply means utilitarian lowest-common-denominator consensus, which favors the most numerous group, the 90% that are genetically and biologically proles).

  • Jobs, Houses and Cows: China’s Costly Drive to Erase Extreme Poverty

    Every society that does this commits suicide. The poor will always be with us.

  • US passes ‘historic’ anti-corruption law that effectively bans anonymous shell companies

    Under the new rules, companies will be required to provide “beneficial ownership” information to the treasury department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Unit. Anonymous companies, which can be used to hide funds illicitly obtained by criminals and corrupt foreign officials, would be effectively banned.

    Congress only passed this one because they already have a workaround: trusts which own shares of companies. The companies can be public, but the trusts get all the income, and then avoid paying taxes by deducting the cost of running the companies.

  • Hundreds of roosting starlings die after fireworks set off in Rome

    In the future, we are going to have to consider how all of our actions impact not just other humans, but the world around us, and how that jives with our transcendental goals of goodness, excellence, beauty, realism, and wisdom.

  • Tehran to enrich uranium to 20%, UN says

    This remains short of the 90% required to make a nuclear bomb. But under the 2015 agreement Iran was supposed to keep enrichment below 4%.

    The right agreement is to say that if Iran enriches any uranium, we let Israel bomb it. Deranged third-world theocracies do not need nuclear weapons, or even nuclear power. They need stability, and the best way to do that is the Trump method: sanction them until their economies collapse and the jihadis can be overthrown. He is undoing decades of insane policy beginning in the Carter years.

  • Xi’s China Crafts Campaign to Boost Youth Patriotism

    Leftists use patriotism (miscalled “nationalism” here) to build up armies and motivate people to overlook their flagging economies and miserable social situations. The US did the same after 9/11, which revealed that our toxic brew of diversity had failed and showed that we were headed for regime change. Donald Trump is the gentlest method of regime change, so naturally all the “smart” people oppose him.

  • In a first, Congress overrides Trump veto of defense bill

    First rule of Democracy Club: never stop the pork, and never call it by name.

  • China Is Making It Harder To Solve The Mystery Of How Covid Began

    For many Chinese, that anger has been replaced with a sense of pride, that their country bested a crisis that’s all but defeated the U.S., leaving China stronger and on track – by at least one consultancy’s estimate – to become the world’s biggest economy five years earlier than previously predicted.

    It is not a mystery: COVID-19 first appeared in a group of Chinese miners in 2012, scientists say.

    It was kicking around China until someone decided to weaponize the crisis for profit.

  • Air Force: Black people more often investigated, punished

    Difference races, different behaviors. Neither punishing them nor failing to are good options; the only winning option is to end diversity.

  • ‘The US isn’t an option anymore’: why California’s immigrants are heading back to Mexico

    Ten months of a pandemic that has disproportionately sickened immigrants and devastated some of the industries that rely on immigrant labor, combined with years of anti-immigrant policies by the Trump administration have exacerbated insecurities for undocumented people and immigrants working low-wage jobs across California.

    A good fever of crisis might sweat out an infection of immigrants, neurotics, and globalists. When the media fails from lack of interest by 60% of the country, maybe we can send them to Mexico too.

  • Anti-lockdown activist who walked into hospital and filmed ’empty’ wards is handcuffed

    One doctor told MailOnline she had filmed a deserted outpatient area on a bank holiday Monday, hence why it was empty.

    The obvious solution is to investigate. That this is opposed, and retaliation commenced instead, suggests that they have something to hide. Perhaps China has bought everyone except those who are simply inflating their own importance while posting new dances to Tik Tok.

  • Work begins to turn SC racist store into racial harmony site

    Freeman was born three months after the Redneck Shop and World’s Only Klan Museum, adorned with Confederate flags and a swastika on a back wall, opened in 1996 in Laurens. He has raised more than $300,000 to renovate the historic Echo Theater, which was a segregated movie theater before housing the shop and a large meeting hall where dozens of hooded Klan members met in the back.

    This article could have run in Pravda back in the 1980s. At what point do we admit that we are in the midst of a Communist takeover, authored by industry and media, shepherded and funded by China?

  • Australia’s national anthem changed to reflect ‘stories of the many First Nations peoples’

    The second half of the opening line “For we are young and free” will be changed and the word “young” replaced with “one”.

    Proles stunt for attention, and only Leftism — novelty and the relaxation of standards — encourages this. In this way, human entropy contributes to the decline of every society. When we escape individualism, this is not a problem.

  • Growing list of Canadian politicians caught travelling abroad despite pandemic

    Rules for thee, and not for me.

  • An unusual meteorite, more valuable than gold, may hold the building blocks of life

    From the beginning, the inky Aguas Zarcas resembled a legendary carbonaceous chondrite that exploded in 1969 over Murchison, an Australian cattle town. Geology students helped collect about 100 kilograms of Murchison, and a local postmaster mailed pieces of it to labs across the world. To date, scientists have recognized nearly 100 different amino acids in it, many used by organisms on Earth and many others rare or nonexistent in known life. Hundreds more amino acids have been inferred but not yet identified.


    Now, a team of researchers found new evidence that a terrestrial algae just might be able to survive the physical strains of space travel, a discovery that may support the possibility that panspermia, the concept that microbial life is everywhere in the universe and can spread between planets, could potentially occur.


    Krause’s system of philosophy, which he called “panentheism” (essentially an attempt to reconcile pantheism and theism), asserts that God is an essence that contains the entire universe within itself but is not exhausted by it.

    Our presence is unquestionable
    We cannot be seen for this long
    Now look at what you’ve done
    Created such a stir
    If only you had kept to yourself
    You might have known for sure
    Proof of life in outer space



  • This year proved once and for all: screens are no substitute for real life

    Covid-19 has shown us, at least, what will be necessary and what we can absolutely do without. There are white-collar jobs that can be performed adequately from home. For some companies, large offices in central business districts are an extravagant waste of money. Hygiene, we hope, will change forever, with routine hand-washing and occasional mask-wearing in crowded areas becoming normalized in America.

    The Leftist attempts to misdirect us with a half-truth. COVID-19 showed us that most jobs are unnecessary and most of what is done at jobs is completely unnecessary. It also showed us that our economy has become based on restaurants and bars, as it is in the third world, instead of productivity. It showed us that no one really knows anyone else, and half of us are strangers to our spouses and friends. It showed us that our “experts” are hysterical incompetents who will ride any crisis to power, our nurses are more interested in twerking on Tik Tok than saving lives, and that many of our people are entirely individualistic and oblivious to any conditions of civilization around them. This is the step before the fall into third world status. COVID-19 also revealed that China controls most of our industry and media, including Big Tech, and that many of our judges, politicians, and bureaucrats either take money from China or are afraid of opposing the Chinese takeover. Like 9/11, it revealed that the post-WW2 order upon which we have built America is a lie, and that DEDS (diversity, equality, democracy, and socialism) are a path to death. America prospered under the WASPs; it has died under mixed-European prole rule. We need to go back to WASP America and send everyone else back.

  • China senior diplomat says U.S. relations at ‘new crossroads’

    Last month, Wang said he hoped the election of Biden would allow U.S. China policy to “return to objectivity and rationality”.

    However, President-elect Biden, who will take office on Jan. 20, has continued to criticise China for its “abuses” on trade and other issues.

    Mainly because it is theater, like everything else Leftist.

  • McConnell, Pelosi homes vandalized after $2,000 relief fails

    Thanks to the lockdowns engineered by China and the Left in order to justify massive mail-in voting so that the election could be stolen, Americans are starving and being evicted. Their businesses are being taken because they cannot be open. Despite all of our measures, cases seem to be rising, but most of know people that got COVID-19 and recovered from it like a normal flu, including many elderly cases. American democracy and American exceptionalism have self-destructed with this development, since it has become clear that our political class no longer serve our interests but their own, and seemingly, no one can do anything about it. Faith in American government has hit rock bottom. There is going to be regime change. Some are starting to realize that diversity created a permanent swing vote in the anti-majority groups of minorities — neurotics, different races, non-WASP European ethnic groups, homosexuals, transgenders, single boxwine women, soyboys from divorced parents, drug users, schizoids, pedophiles, atheists, and baristas — who will always oppose the nation, its founding group, its history, and its future. They want world Communism to come in and take over, and they see China as an ally.

  • ‘See your own back yard’ – just don’t poo in it, New Zealanders told

    But the Department of Conversation’s director general, Lou Sanson, expressed disappointment that the buoyancy in visitor numbers had been accompanied by reports of littering and human waste and of wildlife being disturbed. He said he had hoped New Zealand holidaymakers would show greater respect for their environment.

    Ism means that something is the center of your belief system, “this above all else.” Individualism means that the world is there for you to use and has no value in itself, only in relation to you. Consequently, people see a nice park and figure that it there for them to litter, vandalize, and defecate in. We only win by reversing individualism, which requires a new ism, namely transcendentalism: finding beauty in the natural order and thus, understanding our place within it as good, instead of trying to rationalize our place within it as good through selective filtering of reality.

    Even before I left graduate school I had come to the conclusion that virtually all people live by what I think of as a “fiction-absolute.” Each individual adopts a set of values which, if truly absolute in the world–so ordained by some almighty force–would make not that individual but his group . . . the best of all possible groups, the best of all inner circles.

    That is desacralization of the natural world, and transcendentalism is the only hope of restoring the sacred:

    The stars awaken a certain reverence, because though always present, they are inaccessible; but all natural objects make a kindred impression, when the mind is open to their influence. Nature never wears a mean appearance. Neither does the wisest man extort her secret, and lose his curiosity by finding out all her perfection. Nature never became a toy to a wise spirit. The flowers, the animals, the mountains, reflected the wisdom of his best hour, as much as they had delighted the simplicity of his childhood.

  • Girl, 14, takes police to court over policy of keeping school hate incidents on file

    Police investigating hate incidents which involve pupils in schools have been told to keep a record even when they do not meet the threshold for criminal charges.

    This is our social credit score in the West: they force everyone to obey an obvious Big Lie (“equality,” incl. diversity) and then punish those who are honest, sane, forthright, aggressive, and benevolent enough to resist. Teach your kids: just say “diversity does not work.” That is not a “hate” “crime.”

  • Apple executes New Year’s Eve apps purge in China

    China introduced a law four years ago saying that games must have been granted an official licence number in order to be sold in the country.

    Foreign companies were banned from selling games directly to consumers, and had to partner with local firms to do so.

    This is not just a method of control, but a demand for subsidies for their failing economy.

  • Cyber attack on U.S. government may have started earlier than initially thought

    Although Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. government sources have said Russia is the principal suspect in the attack, Trump himself has questioned their responsibility and suggested China might be behind the attack.

    Most likely, this was done by Americans in the pay of China, probably while working for one of our three-letter agencies and voting Democratic.

  • McConnell blocks $2,000 stimulus checks, then ties them to unrelated Trump demands on tech and election

    If the full Senate considers the stimulus check legislation, all 48 Democrats and independents who caucus with them would likely vote for it. It would then need support from 12 of the chamber’s 52 Republicans.

    Over time, any group of people working together will stop focusing on the task and start focusing on how to work easily together and protect each other, since the devil you know is always better than the unknown. This type of regulatory capture occurs within government, so it never occurred to anyone to watch out for it, but it has created the Deep State.

  • Over half of Chinese adults are now overweight. That’s more people than the entire US population

    Modern society makes people unhealthy, mainly because they are constantly running around doing bureaucratic tasks instead of being alive and being outside and active.

  • Breonna Taylor statue smashed in California weeks after installation

    He said he was “devastated and enraged” that it had been destroyed, but announced on Monday that he had raised enough money to rebuild the statue in bronze.

    Smash your own statue, and get given enough money to re-cast it in bronze. The guilt shakedown continues.

  • EU-China investment deal done and dusted

    According to an internal European Commission paper which DW gained access to, the deal, known as the Comprehensive Agreement on Investments (CAI), removes barriers to foreign investments in China for certain EU industries, such as new energy vehicles, cloud computing services, financial services and health, the Commission said.

    The EU wants globalism: bureaucrats want a single market so that they can abolish culture and rule for the sake of perpetuating a system, and this knows no nationality. They would be perfectly fine with abolishing Europe and turning it into a Chinese vassal territory because they believe they, personally, would continue to rule it.

  • COVID: Special privileges for the vaccinated?

    Frank Ulrich Montgomery, current president of the World Medical Association, and Thomas Mertens, virologist and head of Germany’s Standing Commission on Vaccination (STIKO), have suggested that people who have been immunized against COVID-19 could one day use a vaccine “passport” to get access to flights, restaurants, concerts, and cinemas.

    How to backdoor compliance: do it the Costco way. Anyone can buy a hot dog and a Coke, but only people who paid for the special card get the good stuff in back.

  • Covid: UK surge in cases an ‘extreme concern’

    Like every society of intelligent morons, we have created a situation here in the West where we have luxuries, and that means large staffs of slightly dumber people to do lots of meaningless work so that we can enjoy those luxuries. Did we need ten thousand restaurants per city? COVID-19 is spreading through low-cost minority labor. The elderly die because that is who works in those care homes. The hospitals are full because people want free medical care and welfare, and you get it by coughing on a slide at which point the Tik Tok twerknurses will find something enough like COVID-19 on it to get you into a bed. The whole thing is a shakedown at this point.

  • New US dietary guidelines: No candy, cake for kids under 2

    Most Americans fall short of following the best advice on nutrition, contributing to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Much of the new advice sounds familiar: Load your plate with fruits and vegetables, and cut back on sweets, saturated fats and sodium.

    They get it partially right. Fruits are mostly sugar. Unsaturated fats will give you fatty liver disease. Saturated fats (in delicious meats), vegetables, nuts, berries, and raw grains will do all that one needs. It might make sense to avoid recent additions to our diets, such as corn, soy, and potatoes.

    The biggest sources of added sugars in the typical U.S. diet are soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages, desserts, snacks, candy and sweetened coffee and tea. These foods contribute very little nutrition, so the guidelines advise limits.

    Sugar is cheap. They add it to everything to keep us consuming. We think this is great because we hope to similarly hoodwink others the same way. What happens when you get a whole nation of people trying to win the lottery, knowing that it means certain doom even if they win?

  • New rules to tackle ‘wild west’ of plastic waste dumped on poorer countries

    The rules, which come into force on 1 January, aim to make the trade more transparent in order to allow developing nations such as Vietnam and Malaysia to refuse low-quality, difficult-to-recycle waste before it is even shipped.

    How about instead each nation produces its own stuff and destroys its own waste, leaving nothing behind? We can go back to bottles, wax cups, and paper bags instead of endless plastic.

  • Nearly half a million people may have had Covid-19 in Wuhan, study shows. That’s almost 10 times the official figure

    A study sponsored by the New York State Department of Health, for example, showed that by the end of March, one in seven New York adults had Covid-19 — about 10 times higher than the official account. In August, another study found coronavirus antibodies in more than 27% of the 1.5 million New York City residents tested.

    All the figures are wrong mainly because most people who get this virus shrug it off with no problem. China faked its figures in order to make the virus seem more devastating. If you reduce the number of infections, the percentage of deaths starts shooting upward.

  • Trump administration declassifies unconfirmed intel on Chinese bounties

    The Trump administration is declassifying as-yet uncorroborated intelligence, recently briefed to President Trump, that indicates China offered to pay non-state actors in Afghanistan to attack American soldiers, two senior administration officials tell Axios.

    It is the Samson Option: he is going to release information that shows how bad things are until his adversaries are revealed for what they are, at which point Trump will have the public will to vault himself into office. Congress listens to public rage and panic.

  • Cuban migrants protest at Mexico border, seeking entry to U.S.

    Cuban migrant Rauvel Tejeda, who has spent nearly as long in Mexico under the same circumstances, said he was tired of poor treatment by Mexican police, and wanted “a little bit of help” from both Mexico and the United States.

    Your country failed, so you want to make your problem our problem? No thank you; go back home and fix your own countries.

  • Pentagon Slams Biden For Claiming That His Team Is Being Denied Access To Information

    “But as I said from the beginning, we have encountered roadblocks from the political leadership at the Department of Defense and the Office of Management and Budget. Right now, we just aren’t getting all the information that we need from the outgoing administration in key national security areas. It’s nothing short, in my view, of irresponsibility.”

    Perhaps this entire election is simply a Chinese intelligence operation. Whatever Biden gets, goes directly to Xi, probably with a per-page fee paid to Hunter with kickbacks to the big guy. Even if Biden gets yeeted out of office in a few months, he can funnel enough information to China to let them destroy the USA further.

  • Israel spy greeted by Netanyahu after flying to Tel Aviv

    Mr Pollard was arrested in 1985 and given a life sentence after pleading guilty to selling US secrets to Israel.

    He said he had been frustrated by the US withholding key intelligence from its staunch ally.

    Israel initially denied Mr Pollard had spied for the state, insisting he had worked with “rogue” officials. But in 1995 Israel granted him citizenship, and three years later it officially recognised him as an agent.

    We have to expect that every group works in its own interests. Just because we are befuddled by the Big Lie of equality does not mean that others share our sickness, and it is destructive of us to insist they join us in marching into the abyss.

  • Four-day week would be affordable for most UK firms, says thinktank

    Although many companies are struggling with the lingering impact of the UK’s deepest slump in more than 300 years, Autonomy said that even under its “worst-case” scenario, a four-day week would be affordable for most firms once the initial phase of the Covid-19 pandemic had passed.

    At most jobs, you could get everything you need to do accomplished in a one- or two-day workweek. Ninety percent of what we do at jobs is window dressing, pretense, CYA, and make-work.

  • China clamps down in hidden hunt for coronavirus origins

    A bat research team visiting recently managed to take samples but had them confiscated, two people familiar with the matter said. Specialists in coronaviruses have been ordered not to speak to the press. And a team of Associated Press journalists was tailed by plainclothes police in multiple cars who blocked access to roads and sites in late November.

    One wonders what they were hiding. If the disease has been kicking around in their population since 2012, it is really “just a flu.”

  • Argentina Senate votes to legalize abortion

    Liberalization means relaxing standards. When everyone is finally an impoverished perpetually single slob living in a favela, we will finally be equal and Utopia will have arrived. In the meantime, abortion shows us pure individualism: killing another for the sexual convenience of the self. It is moral and intellectual regression. It would be easier, safer, and saner to end most casual sex.

  • Zoom Shared US User Data With Beijing

    Former Zoom executive Jin Xinjiang worked with Chinese authorities to provide data on users outside of China.

    Court documents say this allowed Zoom to keep market access in China.

    Expect this with all American firms. China has 1.4 billion people, so the shareholders will demand it. “What, why are we turning down all this profit?” they will cry. Consequently, our movies are censored to avoid offending the Chinese; our Big Tech is essentially enslaved to them; any equipment made there phones home to Xi. Every company will want to be in China, and China is going to exact the same demands from all of them: do as we say, and give us all of your data if we ask.

    Note this:

    Although Zoom is based in the United States, its software is developed in China.

    When Zoom usage exploded during the pandemic, China tightened control.

    The CCP demands all communications companies censor speech it deems unacceptable. Anyone who fails to comply gets blocked from the massive Chinese market.

  • Ritalin can lead to alcohol and drug use

    Further research on use of the anti-ADHD drug discovered why students take Ritalin without a prescription.

    Characteristics of such users included predisposition to excessive drinking, drug use and prevalence in non-normative behaviors.

    Good thing we have been handing this out like candy. Our kids can now bypass watery beer and trash compactor weed and go straight to pharmaceutical-grade pill abuse.

  • Leaked Documents Show How China’s Army of Paid Internet Trolls Helped Censor the Coronavirus

    They ordered news websites not to issue push notifications alerting readers to his death. They told social platforms to gradually remove his name from trending topics pages. And they activated legions of fake online commenters to flood social sites with distracting chatter, stressing the need for discretion: “As commenters fight to guide public opinion, they must conceal their identity, avoid crude patriotism and sarcastic praise, and be sleek and silent in achieving results.”

    There is the Leftist playbook:

    1. Do not mention it.
    2. Remove it where mentioned.
    3. Call anyone who mentions it a racist.
  • U.S. cyber agency says SolarWinds hackers are ‘impacting’ state, local governments

    The hacking campaign, which used U.S. tech company SolarWinds as a springboard to penetrate federal government networks, was “impacting enterprise networks across federal, state, and local governments, as well as critical infrastructure entities and other private sector organizations,” the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said in a statement posted to its website.

    NSA got caught sticking backdoors in hardware; what if they did it in software, too?

  • UAE deal shows Arab-Israel conflict starting to come apart before our eyes

    The historic agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel is a direct continuation of the profound changes in the Middle East that have been quietly taking place in recent years. The Israeli-Arab conflict is starting to come apart before our very eyes, and Israel finds itself in a place of honor in the moderate Sunni camp against the extremist Shiites.

    Trump just changed diplomacy by turning people away from ideology, which they previously believed was the best way to motivate their people, to prosperity, which requires them to spend more time on internal organization and productivity. We even see some signs of this in North Korea. This shows us turning from the ideological century that was the twentieth to the function-based century that is the twenty-first. The long nightmare may finally be ending.

  • Unions see opportunity as new generation of organizers emerge amid pandemic

    As the pandemic has dragged on, workers from companies as diverse as Indigo Books and Music, the National Post, Vancouver’s Turning Point Brewing and Matchstick Coffee, and Ottawa’s Superette Wellington cannabis dispensary have joined unions this year.

    Workers are workers because they are not able to be leaders. When crisis hits, they do the human thing and scapegoat those in power. Then the unions bring in high costs, organized crime, violence, plant shutdowns, and other things hostile to business. After that, the jobs move offshore. Wash, rinse, and repeat. The workers never learn, and the only ones who get rich are the unions.

  • Chinese economy to overtake US ‘by 2028’ due to Covid

    Although China was the first country hit by Covid-19, it controlled the disease through swift and extremely strict action, meaning it did not need to repeat economically paralysing lockdowns as European countries have done.

    The US economy, by contrast, has been hit hard by the world’s worst coronavirus epidemic in terms of sheer numbers. More than 330,000 people have died in the US and there have been some 18.5 million confirmed cases.

    Democracy cannot act as quickly as a dictatorship. This is why dictatorships always win in the first moves. Once democracy gets mobilized, people tend to step aside and step in line out of fear, at which point the systems become fundamentally identical.

    However, consider that some of this is statistical nonsense:

    The NBS statement did not say how much the revision would affect the calculation of the 2020 growth rate. However, by creating a lower base for that calculation, the revision could potentially result in a larger increase for this year than otherwise would have been expected.

    Clever Chinese! If you lower your starting score, your ending score appears higher.

    Increasingly it looks like the Chinese goal is to destroy Western economies:

    Australia’s economy has been badly hit by escalating trade tensions with China — and it’s possible growth might “never return” to its pre-virus levels even when the pandemic is over, according to research firm Capital Economics.

    Beijing has for months been targeting a growing list of imported products from Down Under — putting tariffs on wine and barley, and suspending beef imports.

    Many signs however suggest that China is imploding:

    China has started importing Indian rice for the first time in at least three decades due to tightening supplies and an offer from India of sharply discounted prices, Indian industry officials told Reuters.

    Tightening supplies? Any permanent civilization which cannot master agriculture is doomed, and socialist societies traditionally fail at agriculture, since people tend to either work for themselves and the corresponding reward, or slack off when commanded by others to work hard for little reward. Perhaps more of the Chinese figures are fake than we think, and this desperate election theft is their last gamble at seizing power and militarizing their people before the implosion begins.


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