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Trump Builds An Invisible Border Wall

Visualize the two types of border walls: one is visible, ugly and a barrier to wildlife, and the other is invisible but even more effective.

Right now, Donald J. Trump sits on a field of victory without showing any inclination of abandoning future fights. He has slipped in under the radar of his opposition, hit strategic points that they carefully hid, and has revitalized a country by avoiding the mistakes of previous Leftist leaders.

Sometimes he faces criticism from his own base for his apparent failure to “build the wall,” a massive project on the Mexican border. He has recently dialed back the urgency of his plans to build a wall in order to keep the midterm elections as low in contention as possible:

President Trump has privately agreed with congressional Republicans to delay the fight over funding for his border wall until after the November midterm elections, despite his public statements expressing a willingness to shut down the government over the issue, an administration official is telling The Wall Street Journal.

“The president sees merit in having this battle after the election,” the aide said.

In the meantime, he has focused on building the invisible wall.

We can see that wall by identifying the reasons Mexicans come to America: they want the free social benefits, the more stable streets and neighborhoods, the benefits of due process and low corruption, the higher wages, the more stable currency, and to escape the violence of their own country.

Of course, they are re-enacting the old fable about the goose that laid golden eggs, because the more of them come here, the less those benefits are present. Social benefits are collapsing, street crime and corruption are increasing, wages are falling, and violence is increasing as diversity collapses.

Trump as a good businessman sees that the constant influx of labor will do nothing but lower wages, to which the proles will respond with demands for more social benefits that the society cannot imaginably afford, and the demographic wave of third-world immigrants will change America to a minority-majority that always votes Left.

As things stand now, no one will get what they want, but Trump sees that the invisible wall consists of two parts. First, he will reduce what immigrants come here to receive; second, he will increase stability in their home countries so that there is less reason to leave.

This pincer strategy — raising costs, reducing rewards — will prove effective because it targets the decisions that make it a no-brainer to come over to the north. After all, Mexicans are paying between eight and twelve thousand dollars to coyotes to bring them across the border.

Trump can reduce attractors by removing affirmative action, having the courts re-interpret Civil Rights law to avoid conflict with freedom of association, and depleting or removing social benefits, including ensuring that they do not get to illegals.

He can increase resistance by negotiating new contracts with Mexico that encourage labor to stay in Mexico, destabilize cartels and other forces of corruption, and require Mexico to upgrade its stability in order to take advantage of trade benefits with the United States.

Trump has taken steps to this end by packing courts with conservatives, cutting back the American Leftist bureaucracy, savaging the media, and beginning slow but steady assaults on affirmative action and compelled association in the courts and legislature.

This “invisible wall” does not make headlines but it is designed to avoid doing that because as soon as the Left gets wind of it, they will obstruct it. Instead, like a master of ceremonies, Trump has us all focused on the physical wall while behind the scenes, the invisible wall goes up silently.

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