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  • Erdogan says Turkey cannot handle new migrant wave from Syria, warns Europe

    Humanity suffers from a problem that will end it. Many of us are fairly bad people; the others, in response, have become prone to excessively cater to what they see as the “good,” which in fact is tolerance of the bad so that the group stays together. The third option, a benevolent xenophobia plus enlightened self-interest, seems to have escaped our notice, mainly because it would require individuals to change instead of relying on “social change” and “progress,” which are wholly external. Do we grow up, or self-destruct? We are all Jim Morrison now… anyway, the most of humanity that has minimal self-actualization, maturity, intellectual honesty, competence, moral clarity, and vision beyond the short term always swamps the few with a clue. That is the essence of dark organization and Crowdism, where the few take over from the rest because they can swindle them by pretending to be “good” (which in fact is not good at all, but an abuse pathology of tolerance of bad that we call “equality”) and then the Crowd defends them and creates an echo chamber that amplifies their reality-denial until civilization crashes. These people have crashed their own civilizations and, cluelessly always looking for the easy option, want to gangrush into the wealthy areas and live there, despite the obvious fact that doing so will destroy everything that made those areas good. Nature seems cruel until you realize that she always produces the best result, where humans always produce a mediocre result, and the natural response here will be to let the thriving areas separate from the rest and send away anyone incompatible with their thriving. Although that seems impossible now, as the current system heads toward full collapse, it will soon become possible.

  • Pope Francis Has Migrant Crucifix Installed in Vatican

    The twenty-first century will become a time when we realize that 95% of our problems can be solved by removing things from the past two-and-a-half centuries. For example, the church thinks that its future consists of appealing to the many out there, so that it will have the numbers, but what has always made it thrive was its connection to centers of power through innovation and productivity. It is alienating those. If the pope wants it to survive, he needs to discard the recent confusion and go back to the idea of moral guidance and hope for the citizens of Europe. He will not because conventional wisdom — trend-following, and usually wrong — says that he must increase the number of warm bodies. That will lead to an impoverished and unstable church which will rapidly be assimilated by local traditions. In the long term, this is good because the idea of a universal religion is toxic, even if that religion has benefits. People need religions from their own people that express their cultural/genetic inclinations.

  • Survival camps cater to new fear: America’s political unrest

    The “great division” that they see is in fact simply people pull away from Leftism. We are not divided, so much as many of us are refusing to go into denial just to go along with the system and its aims. The important point behind that eludes us, but it can be seen as defections from a dying system that has wrecked a once-prosperous civilization. We went along with it as long as it was conjecture, but now that we see its results in a transformed and miserable America and Europe, there is going to be a massive pushback. As democracy craters in pollution, ethnic warfare, debt, and economic collapse, the revolution will depose not just the Left, but result in the ethnic relocation of those who are not from the national culture.

  • Bureaucracy as a weapon: how the Trump administration is slowing asylum cases

    When the Left makes it impossible to revoke laws and administrative agencies, government has a time-honored solution, which is to sabotage the process behind those laws and agencies. Trump applies a “pincer strategy,” as mentioned here before, which is to raise the cost of coming here while reducing the benefit to being here. That encourages the flow to slow, then stop, and then reverse. After that, we can eliminate the Fourteenth Amendment, Civil Rights code (§ 1980), and legal interpretations like “disparate impact.” That will allow freedom of association, at which point the natural tendency toward ethnic separation will make it less advantageous to be foreign here. If we are thinking clearly at all, we will support mandatory reparations-with-repatriation to ensure that we do not simply screw over minorities, who are also victims of diversity just like us.

  • We’ve just had the best decade in human history. Seriously

    Everything peaks before the fall, and if you only look at some but not all factors, you might conclude that we are doing well. We should look instead at the combined factor of how actually happy and positive about the future people are, and we will find out that people are existentially miserable, in dark doubt of the future, and have been this way for centuries. We have to end that or it ends us. To end that, we need to restore stability instead of social mobility and altruism, which seem to be a variety of mental parasitism that induces us to self-destruct.

  • Here’s how China became the world’s No. 2 economy and how it plans on being No. 1

    China wants to take over the world. Is that “racist”? No, because every group wants to take over the world, because for any group unless it has total control it is at the mercy of others, and those can be counted on to act in self-interest and to attempt to destroy it. We are in a race, now. Whatever group gains total control is going to exterminate all the others.

  • Netanyahu accuses ICC of anti-Semitism in pursuit of war crimes probe

    One must like Netanyahu. He basically said that Hitler was correct about diversity being doom and that the solution was a strong Israel for all Jews and only Jews. That latter statement is pure nationalism and offends the international Left, so they want to destroy Israel. Is this “anti-Semitism”? No, it is typical diversity thinking. They do not hate the Jews for being Jews, but for being successful and wanting to stay that way instead of giving us their wealth and going downhill to the same civilization destruction as the rest of us are pursuing under emocracy. When you let the Crowd take over, they favor what their emotions tell them, which is an exclusively personal view that ignores the bigger picture, nuance, and time. To the individuals out there, all that matters is that someone else has something they want and they “feel” they should have it. This is the nature of emocracy; it always leans further Left in order to justify taking over from the naturally competent, since most people are not naturally competent and are offended that others have higher positions in the natural hierarchy that emerges during times of natural disaster, war, famine, recession, and so on. Emocracy also targets any group that rises above the rest. This shows us the dark underside of humanity that it must outgrow and breed out, namely its tendency to desire control instead of paying attention to what works.

  • Muslims businesses targeted in aftermath of protests

    Diversity explodes in India as it becomes clear that Muslim terrorism will divide the nation. From self-preservation, the Indians decided to exclude Muslim immigrants from citizenship, and this provoked days of riots. In turn, those riots provoked retaliation. The only way out of diversity is a clean break where you take everyone who is not of the national founding ethnic majority and repatriate them elsewhere. This is also kindest to them and most likely to preserve their lives.

  • Lawmakers vote to let foster care agencies turn away LGBTQ youth, parents

    The culture war continues. People — normal, productive, functional people — want a society based around the chaste heterosexual nuclear family that also does not allow homosexuals to get beat up by bullies. The Left wants to take that to a bad place, and so the showdown expands from the local level just as it did in the 1820s-1850s period when (white ethnic) diversity first fragmented America.

  • George Soros and his ‘rented evangelicals’ outed by Christian leaders

    Conservatives are easy to subvert. Just appeal to their careers. They will take the money, preach the message, and comfort themselves with the idea that they are advancing the “moral high ground” where because we all barbecque on July 4th, we are somehow a nation with a culture, even if all we share is political ideology and market socialism. To your average conservative, that is “muh values” and those are more important than having a functional genetically-unified group, which history shows us is the only way to have a successful civilization. Straight to the third world we go! Those who obey the System get to have nice salaries and live in comfortable gated communities, in exchange for their obedience to a lifestyle which wrecks their minds, bodies, and souls. Humanity loves to self-destruct because ultimately, the solipsistic individual resents everything but itself and is possessed of an impulse to destroy.

  • The little-known, parasitic mistletoe stunting B.C. trees

    Parasites form one of the most successful groups in nature. They succeed, that is, until they manage to kill off the host, and then they die. What distinguishes the parasite is a loss of agency, that is it no longer exists for its own improvement, but only to live off other things. Its niche consists of the dreams of others which it approaches with a pathology like that of Oppositional Defiance Disorder or any other rebellion. If you do not smack them down, parasites destroy everything good. Nature uses them to test that which is rising to see if it is serious about surviving. Then again, we wonder if our species has the will to resist its own inner parasites.

  • Trump is remaking the federal judiciary

    Every now and then, someone notices that Trump noticed that “legislating from the bench” has dominated American politics for two centuries and is highly destructive, and in response has been systematically filling the benches with originalists — those who support the natural rights agenda of the Constitution, not the Civil Rights agenda of the Fourteenth Amendment — in order to restrain and revoke many of the abuses perpetrated by Leftist judges in the past.

  • In Australia’s drought towns, angry residents rely on charity, not government, for water

    Charity works because it is localized and motivated by those who want to do good. Government agencies are first and foremost jobs/careers in which people succeed by taking few risks. Not surprisingly, charity thrives where government fails.

  • Islamist extremists holding Sharia trials and grooming young Muslim inmates in British prisons

    Every ethnic group acts in its own interests. These “extremists” would not exist if they did not have broad support from the rest of their group. Diversity is so, so over.

  • EU Court: Unauthorized Sale of Used eBooks Infringes Copyright

    Digital files do not break down and lose value like physical books, which in the eyes of this court presents a challenge to industry. Wait until they apply this same ruling to the software on your gadgets and limit the resale there. Government and industry hit their peak during the Baby Boom but now are finding their margins narrowing, which is a problem since they are basically a jobs program to keep the circular Ponzi scheme of market socialism afloat. A crash is coming, not because of anything we did, but because of what we cannot do. We cannot bring zombie mass consumerism back to life; it has run its course and failed.

  • ‘You’re not welcome here’: Winnipeg couple told they ‘look like’ thieves, asked to leave Winnipeg craft store

    People notice that certain groups commit more crime and want them out of the store so that productive, normal people can enjoy the place. If they admit too many of these people, the productive normal people go somewhere else. Somehow, the productive normal people can never express this at the ballot box, which is where they need to put on their big boy pants and have their say, even though the truth is always unpopular because it is not as simple as emotion, ideology, and short-term benefit.

  • Hazardous green ooze found seeping onto Michigan highway, causing road closures

    Local business decides to dump a highly toxic material on the freeway, causing a public health disaster. In this we see the tragedy of the commons playing out yet again, since each person wants to succeed as much as possible and therefore will ignore rules, common sense, and morality in order to do so. As the Earth becomes toxic and people die of industrial diseases, maybe we will reconsider social mobility.

  • Lost Ethiopian town comes from an ancient empire that rivalled Rome

    Aksum was basically the real-life Wakanda. We know little about it because it failed and those who came afterwards kept poor quality records. In the meantime, African people need to know about the great successes of their past, and to emulate them. Aksum resisted Western domination but imported Western experts (as well as others). That works better than diversity.

  • ICE Agents Arrest Former DACA Recipient in West Covina

    After eight years of Obama, Americans are surprised any time the law is actually enforced.

  • In the age of smartphones, Japanese schoolchildren’s eyesight is worst on record, health ministry finds

    Anything external that we can rely on becomes a replacement for our internal abilities through a process called degeneration. This applies to technology, sure, but also to government aid, socializing, and even the written word. Our ancestors had better memories, eyesight, and ability to think independently. Perhaps civilization is a trap, and we need to limit the civilizing process at some point so that we do not over-domesticate ourselves into little fat blobs dependent on gadgets for meaning. Or is it too late already?

  • UK’s number of doctors per capita is one of lowest in Europe

    When you offer socialized medicine as a free service, people treat it like the post office. That rising demand makes it expensive, and costs are cut. The sub-story here is that the UK uses nurses to do most of the work that doctors normally would, which means that many things get overlooked until it is too late. Oh well, a dead patient is more money for the rest of them.

  • Queen Elizabeth mixes puddings, and sends message of continuity

    We need a message of continuity of our own society. We have certain roots, and we stick to them going into the future, improving on them but not changing them in quantity, meaning making them into another quantity like a caste-mixed, ethnically-mixed, or racially-mixed society. Heritage is important.

  • France’s Macron says colonialism was ‘grave mistake’

    He probably both speaks the truth and much confusion. Colonialism was inevitable; had people thought further into the future, they would have realized that it was also a death-trap. However, at that point Europe had fragmented into many competing states, and so in order to compete, one needed colonies. Just like compromise, working within the System always destroys us, but so does resisting the System. We need an escape from this endless competition.

  • Muslim woman wins payout after claims she was forced to strip and remove hijab for prison photo

    Another shakedown. Everyone must remove their clothes for booking, and remove their headgear for the inmate photo. However, some groups get special accommodations in order to avoid lawsuits like this, despite being treated “equally.” This shows us how egalitarian thought always leads to diversity and then civilizational suicide.

  • 650 demonstrators stop neo-Nazi NPD gathering in Lower Saxony

    Our new virtue consists of signaling our obedience by censoring and removing any thought outside of the idea that everything is fine and we must just keep on carrying on, never stopping to think if the results of our actions match our intentions.

  • GOP Senate quietly removes white nationalism from new requirements to screen military enlistees

    We see the headline which does not match the story in the wild. In reality, they expanded the screening requirements to include all forms of “extremist and gang-related activity.” Nobody wins here.

  • Tigers Extinct in Laos

    Plants and animals suffer for the human tragedy of the commons. An appetite for bushmeat means money, and so people set thousands of snares, killing off wildlife, at the same time human settlements expand. When nature decides to remove us, we will not be much mourned.

  • Young Labour members point to shift away from Corbynism

    The Left went far Left because, having realized all of its objectives in its moderate form, it had nowhere else to go but full Socialism. This terrified the remaining functional people who know that socialism is a death sentence not just for your economy but your society. Now the Left shifts to the center, which will force the Right further Right in order to differentiate itself. If you hate the Uniparty, you support this, because this way actual alternatives exist. In the long term however it means that emocracy is consuming itself.

  • Chinese researcher accused of trying to smuggle vials of ‘biological material’ out of US hidden in a sock

    China continues scheming for world domination, and if they get a chance to develop a weapon that wipes out everyone but ethnic Chinese, they will not hesitate to use it.

  • The employment green card backlog tops 800,000, most of them Indian. A solution is elusive.

    The pincer strategy advances. If you cannot easily get a green card, you will stay back home because it is more profitable there, especially as America descends into chaos.

  • Chinese pig farm jams drone of crooks spreading African swine fever

    To find the bottom of the bucket of human depravity, you will have to go deeply and probably will find only an infinite abyss. Criminals extort money from farmers by threatening to release meat infected with African swine fever onto their farms by drone. Like most criminal ideas, it is clever until you realize that it involves minimal profit in exchange for massive socialized cost and most likely, jailarity in the future.

  • Mossad’s Failed Operation in Djibouti: Revealed

    Gripping story about how Moscow attempted to bring Ethiopian Jews to Israel for safety, but bureaucratic bungling scotched the event. I guess people can stop saying “open borders for Israel” now.

  • Cancers strike veterans who deployed to Uzbek base where black goo oozed, ponds glowed

    We benefit to remember that the last great “we’re all equal” orgy of unreality ended in environmental holocaust. The same will be true when we conduct the postmortem on liberal democracy, which will show up to 60% of our populations being relocated elsewhere and a massive cleanup of the landfills, toxic waste dumps, and rotting ghettos of a formerly prosperous land. Equality: not even once.

  • ‘Gay gene’ ruled out as huge study shows environment is major factor in homosexuality

    Humans seem to have trouble with the idea that homosexuality can have multiple causes. Some people seem born gay; the babies look different, their brain scans reveal thinking of a type with traits from both sexes, and they have higher mortality even if you remove lifestyle consequences from the picture. Other people are molested young, or choose homosexuality simply because heterosexuality can be whack at times. We continue our quest for a society that can both protect its functional, productive majority and avoid horrors happening to minorities. One starting point might be to have as few minorities — political, lifestyle, ethnic, religious, racial — as possible.

  • Tottenham 0-2 Chelsea: PFA wants inquiry after alleged racism mars match

    Humanity in the West is like a drunk man punching himself in the face for calling himself a racial slur. It has become beyond tragic, beyond comical, and now just reeks with the stink of a mental health ward.

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