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  • Instagram influencers are often white, and now the brands that pay them are getting pushback

    The rainbow herd wants to force every company to hire the diversity. That way, the wealth can be spread in the class warfare methods (socialism, entitlements, big government) favored by the Left. However, this deprives the majority of their own culture. We are going to need parallel societies, one for each ethnic group, to fix this “problem”; the difficulty with that is that the instant these parallel societies become unequal, we are right back where we are. It’s time to separate everyone. Diversity does not work.

  • Historic Asset Boom Passes by Half of Families

    Why have the good times not returned? We are still paying down the Clinton recession and the failed Obama economy leading to a 40% loss in the buying power of our currency. The middle class is struggling under Obamacare bills, and has survived on credit card debt, which will trap them in permanent poverty at a one-fifth interest rate. You can see the end goal of socialism here: make everyone dependent on the system so that they can be controlled. All unstable humans seek control, which is a fatalistic adaptation of power-seeking behavior, since it believes that we cannot achieve something actually better and must focus instead on being more socially-acceptable so that conflict does not fracture what we already have. Strong humans seek the ability to produce, create, improve, nurture, and accumulate wisdom. Until we shift to a social model that rewards strong humans instead of weak ones, we will not only live in poverty but the kind of misery that like a background headache makes everything impossible to enjoy but does not rise to the level of overt and recognizable agony, so people just grin and bear it.

  • University lowers entry score for female applicants in male-dominated courses

    How do we achieve equality? Take from the productive and give to the unproductive, which means lowering standards. What happens then? Society regresses to the mean, which has now been lowered by bringing more of the lower-performing into the field with the higher-performing. At that point, good behavior is no longer rewarded, so it goes away, and you get incompetents and grifters. This is what all egalitarian systems like democracy, socialism, unions, universalism, and utilitarianism do. We must beat this mental virus that is destroying our minds because it is also destroying our civilization.

  • Moldova’s Jews feel an anti-Semitic backlash after a corrupt Jewish politician flees to Israel

    Theodor Herzl observed the Dreyfuss Affair and immediately realized that strong national identity, rooted in ethnicity, is necessary; anyone with more than one organic identity is suspect and in times of crisis, will be blamed. This is one of the many reasons that diversity does not work, cannot work, and never will work, no matter how much the Left cling to it as a means of “proving” their grand unification theory of equality.

  • Italian lawmaker insists new government end migrant racism

    Italian voters panic and run to the Left, at which point the Left sets up shop and resumes forcing its agenda upon them. We need freedom from democracy for anyone to get anything done, and independence from the precedent-based, rules-oriented systems that we have, because these do nothing but tie the hands of leaders who might fix systemic problems based in bad policy designs.

  • Jim Mattis: Duty, Democracy and the Threat of Tribalism

    All Americans need to recognize that our democracy is an experiment—and one that can be reversed. We all know that we’re better than our current politics. Tribalism must not be allowed to destroy our experiment.


    Dear Santa Claus,

    All I want for Christmas is for tribalism to destroy democracy, diversity, and equality.


  • The #MeToo Backlash

    Leftists do not understand cause and effect; they understand only effect, and they think that if they change effect, they can change cause (this is the classic logical error; if A->B, then not necessarily B->A). When women complained about sexual assault, Leftists figured that they could change this by giving women the power to destroy men with an accusation. As it turns out, this did not address the root cause of sexual harassment in the workplace, which is the mixed-gender office in which we appoint proles to be leaders, but instead “edited” the effect by allowing it to be punished after the fact. Seeing this risk, men have started avoiding women whenever possible. With any luck, this will further break down the office environment and lead us to shift toward a better way of doing work, since most of what happens at “jobs” involves managing the job itself and not doing anything functional. That bores us, we stop breeding at replacement rates, and everything goes down the flush hole after that.

  • Panera is losing nearly 100% of its workers every year as fast-food turnover crisis worsens

    Many companies are losing 100-150% of their workers every year. If you want the origin of our minimum wage crisis, look at this situation. The workers are unreliable, which means that much of the labor cost does not involve wages but training, benefits, and other add-ons mandated by government. You can see why our forefathers adopted the system of manorial feudalism; proles are both unskilled and unreliable, so you need to strap them into jobs that they can do, pay them little, disenfranchise them, ignore their opinions, and throw as much income as you can into providing for their pensions and health. This may not be a problem much longer, since employers are embracing automation despite worker agitation because customers prefer automated kiosks that get your order right every time, involve no human interaction, and have low risk of disease, contamination, and someone spitting in your food compared to scatty minimum-wage labor. “The workers” have held the West hostage for several centuries now, and if we can replace them and exile them, we might have a chance to survive. Misanthropy is only a conspiracy theory until you realize that the bell curve applies to both intelligence and moral character, and that “the people,” “the workers,” and “the poor” are statistical fictions and euphemisms for the lower half of that bell curve.

  • ‘Read the room’: Cadbury’s new chocolate bar encouraging ‘diversity’ causes outrage

    In democratic societies, one succeeds by deferring to the echo chamber which tends to pursue trends because it fears anything invariant, consistent, and uncompromising like reality and nature. Instead, people flock to whatever seems to bend the rules, calling this form of disinterested apathy and narcissistic selfishness “cool,” simply because it means that the visions of themselves in their minds gain more power and those terrifying reminders of reality, including the potential of natural selection, are reduced in power. Consequently companies chase the cool — a great satire of this can be found in William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition, probably his best work of actual literature — and they are hoping that the SJWs are the new iteration of hipsters, hippies, beatniks, beats, and Bohemians, which means that the rest of the human monkeys will imitate them in an attempt to be “cool.” In the meantime, you cannot please anyone, and people simply want to have some areas of life like candy bars to be free from political propaganda. However, in a diverse society, everything is political, because everything consists of special interest groups (women, homosexuals, minorities, lower classes) trying to find leverage against the majority so that they can take over. Unity works, diversity does not.

  • FBI’s James Comey broke rules with Trump memo, says watchdog

    No surprise here. A job is the task you are hired for plus the far bigger task of keeping everyone in the workplace happy. It falls on you to do this so that you do not rise above the group and notice something that they do not, like — for example — a sea change brought on by the stagnation and failure of the postwar liberal democratic order. This “swamp,” or permanently entrenched bureaucracy, rewarded people like [[[ JAMES COMEY ]]] who were willing to invent rationalizations, excuses, and justifications for doing whatever the power structure demanded. They knew Trump did not collude, enrich himself, or cheat on the election; however, they needed a plausible argument that he had so that they could wage political war against him. Trump laughed it off and pulled the oldest trick in the book: ignoring the focal point (Comey/Mueller), he shifted the background, mainly by re-arranging the federal bureaucracy in order to break up the dominance of the swamp. All it takes is about 20% of the upper management to be unwilling to agree to the Leftist agenda of the swamp and their little scam unravels. Quite possibly many people will face prosecution in the future, but as we have found it, it requires changing the bureaucracy first because otherwise it will fail to prosecute them or worse, deliberately bungle the prosecution so that they go free and can never be tried for that crime again.

  • Warsaw, Washington agree on locations for new U.S. troops in Poland: minister

    Still think Trump is Putin’s lapdog? America just situated its military forces on the Russian border, which always drives those old Asiatic chess-players into an apoplexy of paranoia. Some paranoia is legitimate, but what these people have encountered will force them to fight shadows and illusions, much as the West is destroying itself by chasing after the specter of a symbol (“equality”) which because it does not exist, can only serve as a front for various real threats. In reality, the West simply wants to check Russian expansion into Europe because Asiatics and Asians have been trying to dominate Europe for millennia, and crushing Western Europe would do that. Eurasia could have made themselves heroes by choosing the West over the East, but they had a revolution instead.

  • BJP Minister Accuses Indian Muslims of Backing Pakistan on Kashmir

    Dual loyalties again. Indian Muslims may have some loyalty to India, but they have a greater loyalty to those who share their religion and kinship as partially-Arab remnants of Islamic invasions into India. The only solution is to separate the populations, and under the Hindu Nationalists, India is heading in this direction. Perhaps the West can learn from this wisdom.

  • Rotherham child sex abuse: Six men convicted

    The BBC even showed the pictures. That seems a change. It seems that change is on the wind, and people no longer want to hide from the failure of diversity, but to see it revealed plainly so that we can stop bleating out “diversity is our strength” any time people of immigrant origin sell our daughters into sex slavery.

  • Roman Polanski Compares His Rape Case to the Dreyfus Affair in New Interview

    Polanski draws parallels between his own story and the Dreyfus affair.

    Actually, this one is straightforward. He drugged and then had sex with (“absent consent”) a young girl.

    Instead, a few minutes later, Geimer said, Polanski began having intercourse with her, while asking her if she was on the pill and when her last period was.

    She testified that he then asked, “Would you like me to go in through your back?” Then, he started performing anal sex on her.

    Geimer testified that Polanski closed the door before she could reach it, took off her panties and began intercourse again.

    It really has nothing to do with your being Jewish, Roman. You are both Jewish and a pedophile, and you are trying to use linear thinking — I am Jewish, therefore I am a victim — to deflect from the fact that you are also a pedophile rapist.

  • Democratic candidate ejects conservative journalist to make black students ‘comfortable and safe’

    Democrats cannot handle any alternate views to egalitarianism because they see these as competing views because egalitarianism is not necessary, nor found in nature, thus is wholly conjectural. That means that any reminders of reality interrupt the experience and cause it to seem extraneous, which then debunks it. For this reason, they eject journalists from Breitbart so that there can be no perspective other than The Narrative.

  • Wave of child sex abuse lawsuits threatens Boy Scouts

    Stage one was to force the institution to accept sexual liberation, meaning that promiscuous, atheistic, and homosexual men had a “right” to be scoutmasters as well. Stage two is to then sue the organization for the behavior of the men that it admitted, since it previously filtered these out as too high of a risk of pedophilia. Now the organization will be served up on a platter of public opinion, sliced through accusations without proof, and divided up to be served to the have-nots. This is how Leftism consumes everything in its path: first by corrupting it, then by blaming it for the corruption, and finally by taking everything that it has. They did the same thing to the aristocracy, American culture, and European Christianity.

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