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  • Made in Pakistan food packets, military equipment recovered from hideout of 5 killed terrorists

    Muslim Pakistan gets caught aiding terrorists in Hindu India. The only solution is to deport all Muslims to Pakistan. Diversity does not work. The two sides will exterminate each other if they do not escape the diversity death cycle.

  • Over 55,000 Poles return to Poland during Flight Home campaign – ministry

    Poles are slowly realizing that diaspora living is not for them and that they do not belong in the UK and US, but in Poland. This will make a revitalized Poland with a strong ethnic population that will naturally push out foreign groups. Anti-diversity policies like this represent ultimate sanity.

  • Hollywood Reporter Editor Matt Belloni Steps Down Amid Debate Over Editorial Independence

    According to one insider, Satchu and Wiczyk have pushed the editorial staffs at its publications to not run stories, to spike unfavorable stories about friends and to overpromote Valence-owned businesses like Dick Clark Productions.

    Your press is controlled by advertising, which is in turn controlled by those who buy products, which thanks to entitlements like social security, public education, obamacare/medicare, and welfare, consists mostly of underclass people with low IQs.

  • Another AfD politician’s car set on fire in Berlin

    The Left senses that it has lost grip on the population just like in Poland during 1989 and Russia in 1991. They will become more desperate before the end. When we win, we cannot repeat the mistakes of the past; we must deport all Leftists and their families to Venezuela.

  • ‘Extremely rare’ bird photographed in Wellington during lockdown silence

    When the needless human activity fades away, nature returns in its resplendent glory. Stay home, but not because of the coronavirus: discover real life outside of the neurotic “mature adult” activity of pointless make-work jobs, neurotic compulsive shopping, and pursuit of whatever trend or fad the crowd favors at the moment. Death to the herd.

  • Czech Embassy In Moscow Attacked After Prague Removes Soviet Commander’s Statue

    Russians rage because the last time they were relevant was the Soviet Union and they traded it for blue jeans, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Metallica (at just about the point Metallica also followed a crowdist arc and decided to make bouncy proto-nu-metal for gormless participants, instead of cutting-edge speed metal). Russia must make war, allied with China, in order to have anything but a slow decline into subsistence farming, which would actually make sense because Russia consists of the peasants of Europe who took Asiatic wives.

  • Brazil minister offends China with ‘racist’ virus tweet

    “Geopolitically, who will come out stronger from this global crisis?” he wrote on Twitter Saturday.

    “Who in Brazil is allied with this infallible plan for world domination?”

    In the original Portuguese, his tweet substituted the letter “r” with capital “L” — “BLazil” instead of “Brazil,” for example — in a style commonly used to mock a Chinese accent.

    Based Jew Abraham Weintraub points out the obvious: China has milked this one for all it is worth. They are dishonest and manipulative and we cannot trust them.

  • Fossil teeth yield oldest genetic material from extinct human species

    Apparently there were human ancestors in Spain 800,000 years ago. This gives more credence to the theory of parallel evolution of humanity in Asia, Europe, and Africa, with the backflow heading into Africa, confusing geneticists into the “Out of Africa” theory. We are different; deal with it.

  • Some lessons can’t be learned at home, local educators say

    “Those times spent sitting in their desks in a classroom and taking part in the school experience are essential as they learn how to participate, and how to get along with others and they learn what’s expected of them,” said Mary Duty, a retired teacher who spent more than 30 years in classrooms in the Waco Independent School District and whose daughter teaches elementary students today.

    Without public education, we would have far fewer Leftists. It functions as a gift job program for Leftists as well as free daycare for the proles so they can send their wives to work and afford “luxuries,” 90% of which end up in the landfill within the year. Jobs are our religion in this society but they are killing us.

  • US prosecutors allege bribes in 2018, 2022 World Cup votes

    Everything is fake. When you create social mobility, people view public office as a sinecure, or entitlement to make money from their power. Consequently, the bureaucrats across the West have been accepting bribes — many of which are legal, like honoraria and quid-pro-quo hiring of family members — in order to get enough money to escape the disaster society they are creating.

    “Meyer Wolfsheim? No,he’s a gambler.” Gatsby hesitated, then added coolly:“He’s the man who fixed the World’s Series back in 1919.”

    “Fixed the World’s Series?” I repeated.The idea staggered me.I remembered, of course, that the World’s Series had been fixed in 1919, but if I had thought of it at all I would have thought of it as a thing that merely happened, the end of some inevitable chain.It never occurred to me that one man could start to play with the faith of fifty million people — with the single-mindedness of a burglar blowing a safe.

    “How did he happen to do that?” I asked after a minute.
    “He just saw the opportunity.”
    “Why isn’t he in jail?”
    “They can’t get him, old sport. He’s a smart man.”

  • Millennials, Burdened With Debt, Are Now Facing an Economic Crisis

    Generation X got skipped because we responded to an oblivious Right bloviating on the greatness of the 1950s and a fawning Left which wanted a hippie global village with apathy and cynicism. Millennials inherited the attitude from Boomers, who themselves got it from the flappers of the 1920s. They are System Men, for the most part, and when the system lets them down, they have nothing in mind but socialist revolution.

  • YouTube tightens rules after David Icke 5G interview

    5G panic is just metaphor. Like PizzaGate, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Satanic Panic, the dancing sickness, tent revivals, and Black Friday sale fights, it simply assigns a physical object to represent an unknown cause to an invisible but discernible problem, much like all symbols do. The cause in this case is not the coronavirus, but the utter ineptitude of government agencies, private industry, science, politics, and other institutions to deal with it in anything like a sensible matter. We now have two sides, one of which says it is merely a flu, and the other which claims it is the new Black Plague and Great Depression rolled into one, so we had better rush straight into Full neo-Communism (free markets funding free stuff) if we can. Add to this our uncertainty over the radiation effects of 5G and our distrust of the Chinese source of most 5G gear, and we have the basics of a truly wonderful symbol. In reality, Late Stage Democracy is simply failing as usual, the Chinese are pursuing their usual empire and downfall, and 5G is just an attempt to give an industry which has not invented anything real in thirty years a chance to sell more junk to morons buying it with government entitlements money. Censorship is our future as Leftists try in vain to control the raving crowd they have created.

  • Government’s testing chief admits none of 3.5m antibody kits work sufficiently

    Nothing but bungling, all the way down. Government like all meritocracies appoints those who are good at being obedient to the system, and those do not deal with unknowns lest the result risk their careers. Not only that, but they are not actually intelligent, being mostly good at applying memorized procedure and avoiding the appearance (which is, in itself as taken in a moment, a symbol or pornography as Thomas Pynchon said) of impropriety. In addition, industry has become burdened by unions, laws, and high taxes, which has produced a “me first and death to the rest of you” attitude, amplified by diversity since no one has anything in common at this point, and so people are making profit and planning to flee to Swiss clinics instead of doing the roles that their jobs ostensibly intend.

  • Online grocery services struggle to meet spike in demand

    More utter bungling. You tell everyone to stay home; how do they get food, water, and supplies? No one could think that far because the stuff that they memorized in bureaucrat graduate school did not include this as one of the examples.

  • Doctors threaten to leave Alberta after government cuts to fees

    Doctors disappointed that society did not write them a blank check, you see. Community? Well, saying that word in press relations causes people to write you more checks. Beyond that, it has no meaning and they do not care. Bungle, bungle, bungle.

  • Medicine shortage looms over coronavirus-hit Europe

    In the land of Bunglor, all was bungled. The bureaucrat-tyrants wanted to kick the proles upstairs into wealth, so they allowed unions and high taxes and wrote tons of little rules, at which point labor became expensive and so manufacturing went abroad. This means that the instant that anything interrupts the constant flow of traffic, the medicine goes away. Everyone stands around staring or pointing fingers. This multi-bungle shows exactly what you get when peasants pretend to be kings.

  • Hundreds of abandoned animals die at Pakistan pet markets

    Humanity, what is wrong with you?

  • Not selling booze and tobacco during lockdown ‘harmful to addicts’

    The only way to get through this society without assaulting people on a daily basis seems to be some kind of intoxicant. Most string out on coffee and wine, with only the real dark types choosing tobacco or drugs, but heck, weed is legal now in many states, so you can just be semi-wasted all the time. Of course, the righteous bureaucrats — who will never pass up a chance to enforce uniformity since this enhances the power of the bureaucracy — immediately made these things hard to get, so people are bugging out even more than usual.

  • Zoom’s security backlash points to bigger threats in coronavirus-led telecommuting wave, experts say

    Bungle, bungle, bungle. As usual for peasant Reich symptoms, we will have lots of video chat apps, none of which work particularly well or are ruled by tyrannical baristas, like Microsoft’s Skype which banned me for reasons unknown and never would give an answer why, only “we are too busy to respond.”

  • Government prepares for township relocations to stop spread of coronavirus: report

    Having bungled society to the point where most of it consists of ghettos, government follows it up with another bungling attempt at social engineering, removing some of these ghettos to remote areas so that if the virus hits, they will all die without interrupting lunch in the bureaucratic quarters. The ineptitude is staggering.

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